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it should be noted i am not the author....whitedog is..

Lucky Lotto
Chapter 1

My name is Tim and this is a story of how the lottery can change many lives. My wife Sara and I have been married for twelve years, she is thirtysix and I am fortyfour. I met her through a blind date and even though she was much more attractive than me what they day about opposites attract in our case was quite true as Sara had a very outgoing, agressive dominant personality compared to my meek, shy kinda wimpish personality.

For some reason we hit it off and I was in heaven, most young women of her awesome beauty wouldn't even give me the time of day but she actually seemed to like me. We dated a couple of times and right from the start it was clear she was in charge as she chose where and when we would go and cost was not really an issue with her as I flipped the bill. I had saved quite a bit of money up as I had been single all my life and never really dated and was quite frugle with money and even though at first I complained meekly about the cost of some of our dates I realized I might never again meet a woman like her and quickly gave in.

After two or three weeks she introduced me to her then seven year old daughter from her first marraige Lauren. Lauren was a spoiled brat and Sara was having a tough time raising her on her small salary as a secretary. After only two months I presented Sara with a nice sized diamond knowing her expensive tastes and asked her to become my wife. I was almost floored when she accepted and six months later we were married.

Right from the start it was not a traditional marriage as she treated me more like her friend and sometimes like her lackey but this worked well with our personalities. Shortly after we were married and moved into my house Sara decided to quit her job saying she wanted to be more of a stay at home mom. I was making good money as an accountant so this was no problem with me. What was a little strange though was that now that she was home all day it still seemed to be my responsibility to do most of the housework.

Evan though I would sometimes raised a fuss about it she would either get angry with me or pout, either way I would quickly back down, it was easy to see she had me wrapped around her little finger. As the years past Kimberly had become even more of a spoiled brat and never really accepted me as her step dad but treated me more like a nanny or housekeeper. There was nothing strange about it she had just become accustomed to seeing me do all the household chores while she and her mother did as they pleased.

By the time she turned fifteen and became very popular in highschool and afterschool activities I somehow even became responsible for cleaning her room, to this day I can't recall how that had happened it just did. Sara nor in her early thirties was reaching her sexual peek and even though we occaisionally had intercourse it was easy to see I could not please her in that way and she began to ask, actually demand that I go down on her more frequently. I would now lick her pussy for sometimes an hour several times a week, she had only once ever gone down on me and that was during our honeymoon.

As I was now reaching forty my sex life seemed to be limited to a rare handjob from her or even rarer fifteen minute fucking. It was within this year that I believed my wife began having affairs. She had joined a health club and a tennis club and as her already awesome body became even more firm mine was beginning to show it's age. A couple of times when I would come home from work our bed would be in shambles even though I made it every mourning after she went for her mourning jog. She would just tell me she had taken a nap and shrug it off and then tell me to remake the bed.

After eight or nine years I was deeply in love with her and I knew in probably a different way she also loved me so I just chose to ignore the wet spots on the bedding when I changed it and accepted her explanation of a nap. We had been living fairly comfortable on my salary but it was about this time that Sara felt she was going to win the lottery and had selected six numbers which she played regulary, if she ever forgot to play them she would get frantic and make me run to the store and play them before the drawing, more than a couple of times I was rushing to the corner store at 10:30 at night on lotto night.

Three more years went by and Kimberly now eighteen was leaving to attend college three hours drive away. This worried me because her and her mother were more like sisters than mother and daughter and they could talk for hours about anything. I still had a decient relationship with Sara although with us it had become more like boss and personal secretary as when we talked it was always about her and her day, as she would tell me about her great tennis match that day and I would listen or she would tell me about a wrinkle in her skirt and that I should take more care when ironing, or she would ask if I scheduled her massage appointment and so on.

I was worried that since Kimberly was leaving although only three hours away I thaught that Sara might seek out someone else she could carry on a two way conversation with, I just hoped it wouldn't be with the guy or guys I knew she was still having an affair with. I got the feeling she knew I knew of her affair but to this time she and I both chose to ignore it.

What I had worried about did indeed begin to happen a couple of months after Kimberly left, there were three or four nights that my pretty wife did not come home, she would call me at night and tell me she was staying with a sick friend but we both knew the truth, it was one of these nights that she also added at the end of our conversation that she had forgotten to get her lottery ticket and that I needed to run out and get it as the jackpot was $6 million.

It was a Wednesday night and I got to the store just before they stopped printing the lotto tickets before the drawing. I got home and as usual never watched the drawing as I put the ticket with her mail. The next day she called me at work screaming "I won, I won!, I told you I was going to win!" I became excited also, it wasn't an enormous amount of money but it was enough to live comfortably on, the only thing that was a little concerning was the way she kept saying I instead of we, but I had now become use to everything being about her.

I told her I would take the rest of the day off but she insisted I keep working as she had allot of running around to do but we would talk when I got home. When I did come home that night I was somewhat shocked to find that she had already been to see a lawyer and a financial advisor. After I gave her a big hug we sat down and talked in our usual way, she talked and I listened. I was really shocked when she wanted me to sign some papers that she said was just formality but as I glanced through it just to get an idea of what they were it was basically a prenumptual agreement stateig the winnings were hers and if anything happened to her they would go to Kimberly.

When I tried to question her about it she began to get upset and as usual I quickly back downed and signed them, what I didn't know is that the winnings had also made her greedy and that included in this was a clause stateing if we ever got divoraced for any reason she would also get 75% of my earnings for the rest of her or my life even if she remarried and if she died before me that Kimberly would get 50% percent of my income.

She also made me quite sad when as soon as I signed the papers she quickly grabbed them and said "I've got to go meet a friend who's taking me out to celebrate" I actually broke down and began to sob heavily, I thaught this was the end of us, I didn't even care about the money I couldn't bare to have her leave me and as I poured out my heart to her she smiled and gave me an affectionate hug saying "there there don't be so sad, I have no intention of leaving you honey, besides being a pretty fair husband your the best damn secretary and houseboy a girl could ask for" We both knew what she said was true but she had never actually said it before but her words of staying with me actually did comfort me as she wiped the tears from my eyes with my tie. "now if you can do me a favor and clean the house while I'm out it would make me very happy, I'm thinking about selling it and finding something alittle more luxurerious." again her use of the word I was not that strange and since she had been handling all our financial decisions for the past several years if she decided to sell the house that belonged to us that was her decision.

She comforted me for a few more minutes as I stopped sobbing and agreed to do as she asked and then she looked at her gold watch and said "I really have to be going honey" with that she looked in the mirror and fluffed long blonde hair and then checked her makeup before giving me a peck on the cheek and walking out the door.

Two weeks had gone by and we had several more discussions, she had decided it was best I kept working to keep in income coming in as well as our medical benifits so she wouldn't have to dig to deeply into the winnings. The house had already been put up for sale and she had begun her search for a new home. She hadn't even gone to the capital yet to get her check as that was going to happen later this week. She had in fact though started digging into the savings account to buy some luxery items for herself, as she showed me some new clothes and shoes she had bught along with some diamond bracelets and necklaces.

I was getting nothing oh I shouldn't say nothing she did buy me a palm pilot and pocket organizer but these were to help keep her appointments in order wrather then using the date book I had been using. When I came home from work on Tuesday night I noticed a bright red convertable BMW sports car in the driveway. I walked into the house and saw Kimberly and Sara on the couch chatting like girlfriends. Kimberly was very excited as she said "did you see the new car mom got me?"

"yes I did Kim, it's very nice" I replied stating the obvious

"yes it is sharp isn't it, not like that piece of crap you got me" She was speaking of a 2001 Ford Mustang that Sara had encouraged me to buy for her as a highschool graduation gift. The little princess was actually dissapointed with it because it didn't have all the bells and whistles like a cd player, leather power seats and it wasn't a convertable. I am sure it was a much nicer gift than most if not all of her friends had recieved but she did run with a rather snobbish group so maybe not, but it was a hell of alot nicer than the 1999 Chevy Malibu I drove. I was sure this BMW had every possible extra it could have in it.

"I got something for mom to" Kim continued and Sara proudly held up a gold necklace with a heart pendent which contained a picture of her and Kim. Sara loved her daughter greatly and even though this necklace was nowhere near as exspensive as the one she had just bought for herself I was sure she would treasure it greatly. What made it even more impressive is that she actually saved some of the big allowance Sara gave her to buy it.

"hey I got something for you to Tim" she went on with a vixen like smile, she never did refer to me as dad or even stepdad seeing me more as the family servant rather then a father figure. "it's in the trunk of my new car" she then winked at her mom and continued "it's three weeks worth of laundry, you know I just can't find anyone at school that can get my clothes clean like you can" she knew this was demeaning to me but she also knew or at least felt it was her right to have me do her laundry and Sara didn't seem to mind her treating me like this knowing full well I would take whatever the little brat dished out, afterall she was her daughter.

I stood for a moment as the two of them just went back to their chatter, I was wondering what she had meant about not finding anyone at school to do her laundry correctly, it would be just like the spoiled little bitch to have two or three nerds runnung around doing chores, running errands and doing her homework, which probably explained many of the good grades she was getting, Kimberly was much more of a partier than a student.

They mustv'e seen me call up in a daydream as Kim snapped her fingers in my direction saying "earth to Tim, are you in there, are you just going to stand there or are you going to get my laundry, there's allot of it and I have to go back to school tomarrow, and it all has to be ironed also"

"oh yes, sure Kim" I quickly snapped back to reality, I had forgotten what a little bitch she had become since her fiftenth birthday. I went to the $50,000 car and opened the door to pop the trunck and just as I had expected this car was loaded. The plush leather seats even had an electric seat warmer to keep her pretty buns warm on those cold days.

I pushed the button to pop open the trunk and when I walked around the back of the car I saw three large duffle bags, there was definitley three weeks worth of laundry there. I picked up the heavy bulky bags and headed back into the house. The two women who dominated my life remained chatting and laughing on the couch and they ignored me as I walked past them to the laundry room. I dumped the bags out and as I began sorting through Kim's blouses, jeans, panties and bra's I also found a few pairs of men's dirty underware and socks, no doubt belonging to one of her studly boyfriends, I thaught about questioning her about it as in some sense she was still my stepdaughter but I thaught better of it realizing it would probably lead to some embarrasment of me so I just included them with a load wondering if the guy they belonged to even knew or cared that while he was screwing her that her stepfather would be washing his soiled underware.

I had completed two loads and was ironing some of her blouses when Sara called out "Tim, let's take Kim out to dinner" I could have declined to go realizing I would be up quite late finishing Kim's laundry but I couldn't pass up the oppertunity to go out with my wife as it had been several weeks since we had been out together. The three of us got into Sara's new $60,000 Lexus I was delegated to the back seat as Kim and Sara were still cathing up on Kim's life at college. I sat in the back quietly as they continued their chatting and gossiping for the fifteen minute ride to the fine French resturant.

Sara pulled up to the valet parking, she was quickly adapting to the finer things in life her new wealth would allow her. The maitre'd greeted her obviously knowing her and seated us at a premium table that many people had to reserve for over a week, from the looks of a few disgruntled people in the waiting area who had probably saved up for awhile to enjoy their annaversary or something and probably had made reservations some time ago at this exclusive resturant I realized we had probably just bumped them from the table they were waiting on. I felt guilty about it as we waked past them but Sara and Kim thaught nothing of it turning their noses up with the feeling that their new wealth entitled them to such things.

Once we were seated in the crowded resturant I was amazed at the service as several waiters immeadiately attended to us, Sara ordered a fine wine and the wine steward ignored me as Sara was presented the cork and taste test. Sara and Kim seemed right at home in this establishment compared to my uncomfortableness and I even had to question Sara about several items on the menu. As we ate the conversation as always focused on the two women and even when Kimberly started up with the "umm look mom he's cute" when a handsome guy passed by our table, I continued my silence and just kept eating, Kim had started this about three years ago choosing to ignore the fact that I was already married to her mom as she looked for perspective mates for her attractive mom. What hurt more now is that lately Sara has begun agreing with her daughter saying "yes he is quite the stud isn't he"

The first few times she did this she would give me a wink like, just teasing, but now she didn't even acknowledge the fact I was sitting right across from her, there was nothing intentional about humiliating me it was just one of those little things that led me to beleive that she like her daughter no longer considered me her husband but more like her personal secretary and with mylack of backbone it was like I was just accepting it as a fact of life.

When we finished our dessert Sara layed down her gold card as I no longer even carried a credit card, Sara just gave me an allowance or grocery money when I needed it, as I said earlier she had taken over all our finances. The car was waiting for us and once again I pushed the seat foreward and climbed into the cramped back seat of the two door sporty Lexus. On the way home Kim asked her mom to stop for cigarettes, it was not something Sara who was very health concious approved of but she did stop at a convienance store and as it had started to drizzle Kim pulled a ten dollar bill from her purse and handed it back to me saying "Virginia Slims Tim" obviously she had no intention of getting her pretty hair wet.

The at ease way she gave her order made me even more sure she must have at least one lackey at college doing her bidding, probably more than one as I struggled out of the back seat not wanting to crunch my stepdaughter who was incovieniancing herself just enough to allow me to squeeze out. I returned with her cigarettes as the rain picked up and as I handed them to her she said "not menthol dummy, did I say menthol?" "oh no I guess not Kim, I'm sorry" I replied looking at my wife for some support from her daughters harsh tone with me but none was comming as I took the pack back and headed back into the store.

Returning with the correct pack this time I was let back into the car as Sara said "your all wet Tim, make sure you dry the seat when we get home, I don't want any stains on it" "ah ya sre Sara" I replied accepting the blame because her daughter had to have cigarettes. When we pulled into the garage they got out leaving me to dry the rear seat and when I walked into the house they were seated on the couch watching TV, I was again ignored as I knew what I had to do and got back to work on Kim's laundry.

At 11:30 I had finished the last of the ironing and everything including the guys underware and socks were neatly folded and put back into the bags along with some fabric softeners to keep everything fresh smelling for her trip back to school. The two of them were caught up in a late night movie, afterall neither of them had to be up early. I did the polite thing and waited for a commercial before saying "your laundrys all done Kim, have a nice trip back, I'm going to bed honey" and as I kissed my wife on her cheeck instead of getting a thank you from Kim she said "well arnd't you going to put the bags back in my car?" "sure Kim I was going to do it in the mourning before I left for work, it's pouring outside" I replied to her which was exactly what I was going to do, but the little spoiled brat came back with "I'd really rather you did it now just so you don't forget" again I looked to Sara for some support but once again she seemed to be ignoring the conversation and I knew if she wasn't going to have an opinion then Kim's orders would stand.

I trounced out into the pouring rain with the three heavy sacks and loaded them into her trunk and then went to bed alittle bit angry at the way my stepdaughter had treated me this evening.

Chapter 2 the prize pickup and a visit to Kim's college.

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