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Night of the Living Latex

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"Young women, do not go outside after sunset, there is a creature who means you harm on the prowl." That was the general rule for one small village. Such advice was ignored one night, by a 23 year old Maria, who recently returned home to visit the village she grew up in.
The creature in question was a symbiote, made of living latex. The symbiote noticed Maria passing it on her way back to her house. She stopped at a tree, looking at her phone for directions, when she noticed her mistake, it was too late:
The symbiote dripped itself onto Maria from the tree above. It bonded with the skin of her hand, and began to grow, enveloping up her left arm, and melting through the layers of her clothes to bond with more skin. Maria screamed and tried to shake it off, but she could not stop a sleeve of skin tight black latex hugging against her skin tightly.
"Get off me! now!" She cried.
The symbiote wrapped around her neck, bonding more with the skin, increasing its growth, and choking the girl, like a collar. Maria clutched her throat gasping for air, where the symbiote leaped to her right hand and enveloped that. She felt her arms be changed by the suit: excess fat melting away, leaving her arms slender.
Maria gasped "Please! Stop! It hurts so much...can't breathe!"
The living latex dripped down Maria's torso; when it enveloped her chest, she felt a thousand tongues and lips kiss and lick her breasts and nipples. She let out her first aroused moan, after the collar loosened around her neck.
"Ahh! No! I don't want to be a sex toy!"
The symbiote continued its conquest: tightening and mooring Maria's suited waistline and hips into the hour glass figure she'd always dreamed of.
Maria was finally broken as the living latex consumed in between her legs. It's blackness filled each orifice as much as it could, before turning rigid, and hard. Liquid pleasure oozed from Maria as the symbiote would not relent:
"Stop! I-...Nyahh!" Maria screamed after her first orgasm: "Yes! Oh god! Yes! More! Harder!" She succumbed to the drowning pleasure. The symbiote ravished her, feeding off Maria's sexual desires, which grew by the second. Her loins moistened and pulsated in desire, and her ass was reformed, moulded into two tight firm cheeks.
The living latex finally swallowed Maria's legs: they lengthened and stretched as Maria grew a few inches, and her legs became slender and strong.
"Yes, Yes! High heels, give me high heels! I need to be sexier! I- mmpgh!" Maria's screams of joy were muffled as the symbiote grew up from her neck and poured inside her mouth. Her entire head was consumed by the black shiny latex, which now filled her insides totally. Maria fell to the ground, forever moaning muffled, gagged by the same suit that pleasures her constantly.

From Night to Day

Maria had no idea how long had past, it could have been literally hours, before the latex hood of the symbiote peeled back. Her eyes faced up into the morning’s sky, a peaceful clear day awaited the small village. Maria slowly sat up, her head was pounding. Breathing heavily she rested her head in her hands. Slowly, a realisation came, she still wore the symbiote: its black skin-tight shiny layer covered her entire body still, up to her neck. Normally the symbiote melted away and burned up in the sun, hence its ruthless nightly prowl, but while attached to a host, while Maria wore it, it could survive the sunlight. The brunette slowly pulled herself up, groaning, as the signs of physical strain from last night began to show: both her ass and pussy ached tremendously, raw from having been both pleasured and stimulated for half a dozen hours. The catsuit seemed to respond and come to her aid, seeping some thick liquid around the sensitive areas, its cooling sensation caused Maria to sigh with relief. The symbiotes lustful intentions became apparent, as it entered Marias pussy again in the form of a black dildo, the liquid not being a kind of soothing cream, but lube, in reality. Maria whimpered, as she leant on the tree trying to stand up. The dildo filled her insides, but it gave no pleasure or satisfaction, simply stimulating numb muscles that had no energy left, nothing for the symbiote to feed on. Maria approached the small house where she grew up, its red bricks worn and discoloured from enduring the changing seasons for over fifty years. The student had to pack her things and leave quickly: she couldn't face anyone, not even her parents, while she wore the symbiote. Maria swiftly put some clothes over the living latex, her request for heels having been thankfully denied, so covering herself up was easier. Finding that it could no longer feed of Marias pleasures, at least for now, the suit retracted its dildo from inside her, but the soothing cream continued to seep into her. While on the surface it seemed to be a caring gesture, the symbiote was simply shortening the time until Maria was ready both physically and mentally, and it could feed on her arousal. As Maria clothed herself, she frequently glanced at herself in the mirror to check that the black latex was completely covered. However during this time, she saw her amazing new figure, one granted by the suit; Maria caught herself gazing at her reflection longer and longer.
Maria flinched, having heard a whisper in her ear: the voice was feminine and sultry, its words like silk and velvet, falling into her ears.
"You enjoyed last night...adored it." It spoke, taking deep breaths between each sentence: "You'll remember it fondly forever...Believe me, my pretty one, this is only the beginning for you."
Maria largely ignored the voice, rubbing her still pounding head in discomfort. The voice had a certain regal tone about it, it faded away for now after speaking its prophetic promises to Maria.
The student sufficiently covered herself, and rushed off back to her apartment in the city, cutting her visit to her family short. The train ride was thankfully uneventful, no one even suspected that she was neck to toe in sexy latex, and the suit itself had not bothered her with its libido either. Maria drifted off into sleep; she opened her eyes in her dream, and gasped.
The dreaming Maria lay on a giant red bed, covered in satin sheets; she was neck to toe in the symbiote suit, but it was different: a tight elegant choker was wrapped around her neck, and the suit had an opening in a 'V' shape, which showcased her impressive cleavage, the suit was adorned with bracers of spikes around her shoulders, wrists, ankles and on a thong shaped portion of the suit that went around her waist and in-between her legs, on her feet were a pair of 9 inch heels. Her appearance was not the most shocking thing; in the room with her was a harem of six other women, all incredibly beautiful. Two women clung on to Maria legs, intimately licking the soles and heels of Maria shoes. Two more had their arms around her waist, cuddling up to her, and resting their heads on both of Marias shoulders. The final two women were putting on a show at the end of the bed, intimately making out and moaning loudly for the entertainment pleasure of the others. All the harem were dressed neck to toe in a symbiotic suit, the same that Maria was currently wearing in reality. The rooms’ music was provided by the chorus of women all moaning and gasping, consumed by a constant orgasm-inducing ecstasy.
There, in the centre of the bed, was the dreamer, Maria, who felt the most pleasure of all: bought on by the constant orgasms and pleasuring of her harem by their own symbiotes, the harem girls themselves ravishing her, and her own suit. It was all so real, too real infact.
Maria pulled herself out of the dream, face red and breathing deeply, she didn't care for the scene she made infront of the few other people on the train, and she was lost in thought. She felt so alive, so aroused, so dominant...and she loved it.

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