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African Honeymoon

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I first met Debbie when she was 16 years old. I am two years older. We married shortly after her 18th birthday. The honeymoon was meant to be an adventure holiday. It certainly was that. We got lost on an organised river tour. The water had been fast running and I realised we had be swept along, way off course. We were rescued by black men. They were dressed in tribal gear and had spears. They came alongside and one jumped aboard. They could not speak English. They seemed friendly enough and guided us back to their village. We were met by an excited group of men and women. One came forward. He spoke very good English. He called himself Joe. He said we had been very foolish as the river was high and fast and even the warriors did not go on the river at this time of year as crocodiles were gathering in the area to attack wilder b**st that crossed the river nearby. We were told that the men would stay off the river for the next three months. He said that they had seen us from the bank and had decided to save our lives, even though they put themselves at risk.

We were given a mud hut in which to rest. The English speaking man came to see us about an hour later. He said we were in the village at a very important time. Tonight was a feast and tribal ritual. Although sex was an important part of their daily lives as c***dren were the life blood of the tribe, that night was special when all the young women tried to get pregnant. He said that there was no marriage in their society and that there was no such thing and one woman for one man. The women would have several partners and vice versa. He said that if we did not want to be embarrassed we should stay in our hut until morning. Debbie readily agreed, but I must say I was disappointed although I did not show it. Sometime later Joe came to see us again and asked us our ages. He looked pensive and disappeared. Later he returned and said that the village elders had decided as Debbie was 18 she was of c***d bearing years and I was a man of the right age to produce healthy c***dren. Therefore it was not possible for us to stay in our hut. We had to attend the feast. Apparently all women between 18 years and 25 years in the village at the time had to go. It was the custom and any breaking of the rule would bring bad luck to the village. Debbie started to snivel, and said we were newly married and that she could not take part in such a disgusting event. I was horrified and implored Joe to intercede on our behalf. When he came back he said that the elders had confirmed that we had to attend, but did not have to take part. They had strict rules and no woman was required to have sex without her consent. So Debbie could refuse any advances. I did not need to approach any woman, even if I was allowed to.

He then told us what would happen. The women would be divided up into two groups. The most beautiful would be in the first group. The reason being that they were likely to produce the healthiest babies. All the women would parade before the elders whose decision was final. He dropped into the conversation that all the girls had to be bare breasted. The men would be divided into three groups. It was done purely on penis size. All those over nine inches were in the group known as the “Bulls”. All those over six inches were in group two. All those with cocks of six inches or under were in group three. He looked a Debbie when he said “cocks”. She frowned at him. He said that his tribe had especially large cocks. He knew that the average size for white men was about six inches, but in his tribe the average was nine inches. Debbie looked at me rather oddly. I was bright red. I knew I would be in group three as I have a tiny prick only about 4 inches long at best.

He went on to say that the first group of women (he referred to them as the “Queens” or “Mistresses”) could only mate with bulls. That bulls were allowed to mate will any women of whichever group, but as a matter of common sense usually fucked only mistresses. The use of the word fuck shocked both Debbie and I, but we let it pass. He said that the second group of males could only mate with the second group of women. That left the third group of men who he referred to a “sissies”. They were not allowed to mate with any women either during the feast or at any time later. It was believed that men with such small cocks would be unable to produce strong and healthy babies. Debbie was very nervous and said that she did not want to parade half naked in front of men.He said she had no choice.

It was beginning to get dusk when a sarong was brought for Debbie. She got changed. It left her breasts bare. I better describe her to you. She is 5 feet 10 inches tall (I am only 5 feet 6 inches). Long blonde hair (think Swedish); aquamarine eyes; Slim, with nice firm breasts – tennis ball size. Narrow waist. Lovely arse and long shapely legs. Not voluptuous, more a model type.

We went outside. The girls had congregated in groups. They were chatting animatedly and obviously very excited. There was a lot of giggling. The men were standing around ogling them. As the girls paraded in front of the elders they did their best to get into the mistresses group, by jiggling their naked tits. Many turned round and wiggled their arses at the judges. When it was Debbie’s turn I thought she would just go up and stand in front of the elders. I was shocked and a little put out when she did the same as the other girls. Jiggled her tits and wiggled her arse very provocatively. Everyone laughed. The elders had been pointing to the mistresses’ corral, before she had even got to the posing area.

It was then the men’s turn. We all stripped off. We all had erections. The women in both groups were jumping up and down obviously calling out encouragement and according to Joe making lewd comments. I was inevitably was put in the sissies group. I went to the pen with the other sissies. Some were crestfallen and looked very depressed. Others appeared turned on by the whole process. I was also told that we could have sexual relations with the women, but simply were not allowed to fuck any of them. Licking there fannies was perfectly permissible, provided they asked for it. It was impressed on me that I should not even think of fucking a woman, any woman whilst in the village as the punishment for a sissy doing so was castration. I was told that I was allowed out of the pen during the ritual, but only if I wore a male chastity device. The pen was controlled by two older women (still very attractive with big tits, but they did not qualify for the sexing because only those between 18 and 25 could take part). They told me through the interpreter (who was too old to take part) that sissies were treated very well by the tribe and I should accept my position and enjoy the evening. Joe said that the others were told the same and even the most depressed began to brighten up

The sissies’ pen was immediately adjacent to the mistresses’ corral and so I had a very good view of them, including my wife. She looked very nervous. Some of the mistresses had already removed their sarongs and were completely naked. I was so close that I could have touched them. I tried to attract Debbie’s attention, but she ignored me her eyes were fixed on the bulls. They had congregated in front of the girls and were displaying their enormous cocks to the women’s delight. Their cocks were huge. All were more than nine inches long, but many were as much as 14 inches long and as thick as a woman’s wrist. It was obscene. But the girls were shrieking with excitement and displaying their bodies wantonly. Things started to move quickly. A bull moved to a mistress who was openly fingering herself for the men’s pleasure. Soon they moved to a couch and he was fucking her. Soon all the bulls were mounting a girl. There were more bulls than mistresses so some were being used by more than one bull. Many of the sissies were openly wanking at the erotic sight before them. I was tempted, but controlled myself although I remained fully erect.

I suddenly noticed a few bulls in a group laughing together and pushing one of their number forward. Eventually he plucked up courage and approached my wife. He had a massive cock and was stroking it and waving it at Debbie. I could not attract her attention, even when I called out. Her eyes were glued to his groin and the obscene sight. I was relieved when she turned him down; although I then noticed that my hand had moved to my tiny dick and was on the verge of playing with it. One of the women who was minding the sissies was watching me and gave me a knowing grin. She again told me, through Joe, to enjoy myself and made a “wanking” motion with her hand. She added that there was no shame in a sissy enjoying the sight of other men and woman having sex. Joe who had also been watching me said lasciviously that he thought I might enjoy seeing my wife being fucked by a real man. I went bright red and suddenly realised that he was right. I tried to suppress the feeling, but it would not go away.

In the next hour I watched two other bulls approach my wife. On both occasions she turned them down. However, on the last occasion she clearly hesitated and had moved very close to the edge of the corral and so was very close to him. He walked away at an angle and she remained rooted to the spot staring at his swaying dick. She also had her hand to her mouth, with her index finger just inside her lips. Joe was at my side again. He said I looked disappointed. My erect dick was aching with the need to wank. I hesitated and quietly whispered that what he said was right. He said that my wife deserved to be fucked by a bull rather than by the tiny dick she was used to. I agreed. It dawned on me that she was not on the pill. We had been using condoms, but none were available for this little gathering. I didn’t care. He reminded me that we were stuck in the village for three months and that as a sissy I would not be allowed to fuck her. I was shocked, but even more excited. I was so turned on that I told him that I would go and speak to her. He said that a sissy was not allowed to speak to a mistress without her permission. He told me that although I could have a full relationship with her (other than fucking) I was subservient to her and could say or do nothing to her without her express invitation. But he said I should not worry that her resolve would break soon.

Shortly afterwards I saw Joe speaking to my wife. She looked over at me and then nodded. Joe returned and said that my wife wanted to speak to me. I started to walk out of the sissies’ pen, but was stopped. I was told I needed to wear the male chastity device. It was fitted by the woman minder. I went across and stood in front of my wife. I no longer felt like a real man and fell easily into the role of subservience. My wife stood upright her beautiful tits proud. Her nipples were erect. I started to speak, but she scowled at me. Sissies only speak to mistresses when invited she said regally. She said that as a queen she needed a bull and understood that I agreed. I confirmed the position. She said that in that case I should remove her sarong. I did so rapidly. She stood their naked as bulls started to watch and move towards her. Debbie said that she had noticed sissies licking the fannies of mistresses both before and after they had been fucked and she wanted me to do the same. I immediately dropped to my knees and started to lick her. Her cunt was sopping wet. It was divine. She told me to stop and as I scurried away back to the sissies pen a black bull took her by the hand and led her to a couch. I saw her lye back and spread her white thighs for him. The bush around her twat was neatly trimmed. She lifted her arse a little off the couch offering her cunt to the black bull. He had a huge cock, about 14 inches long. He put the great head at the entrance of her slit and pushed it in. She was so wet that it did not take long before she had taken all of it. I could see her fuck hole stretched obscenely around the massive weapon. He fucked her beautifully and in such a powerful way that I had no hope of matching. I realised that I was happy as a sissy and was content that I would no longer be allowed to shag her and that now she was only available to black bulls.

I had removed by chastity device and was openly wanking and encouraging my wife to get knocked up. After the fucking I was called forward by my wife. The chastity device was not fitted at the express request of my mistress. Her legs remained open and I could see the bull’s spunk seeping from Debbie’s slit. It ran down the crack of her arse. She pointed to her twat and I knew what she wanted. I dived between her thighs and started to slurp and lick her sloppy gaping cunt. I loved the taste of her bull’s cream mixed with her cum. I cleaned her devotedly. I even licked and cleaned her arse for her. She came violently and in doing so drove me over the edge. It was the best orgasm I had ever had and I spunked copiously for a tiny dicked sissy. Instinctively I ensured that none soiled my beautiful Debbie.The rest of the night was a blur. The bulls queued for her and she was fucked by about 20 men in the next twelve hours. She was insatiable. I managed three further wanks in the same period and endless wonderful opportunities to clean out her stretched cavernous twat.

The next three months were a delight. I happily carried on my submissive role treating Debbie as my queen and mistress. It was confirmed that she was pregnant and we decided to stay. She has now given birth to a lovely black baby. Of course I have not fucked her since the night before we set out on that fateful river journey. It does not matter I love watching her being fucked by a steady stream of black bulls and to see her so sexually fulfilled.

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