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mfm-Daddy and Uncle, outdoor sex

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"What're you two doing back there?" Uncle Billy said as he adjusted the rear view mirror to get a better look.
"Oh, Uncle Billy, we've got a very wet pussy back here." replied my dad as he dipped his thick fingers into my pussy juices, pushed past my clit and plump pussy lips, sticking his middle finger into my hole.
I sighed and opened my legs farther for him.
This wasn't the first time my father and I had fooled around in the past month since he'd been let out of jail but it was the first time he'd touched me. It was so hot and so wrong, which made it even hotter. Previously, the first weekend I spent with him at Uncle Billy and Aunt Jean's, I'd given him a handjob, his first contact with a female since his release. Never had I seen a man so grateful for cumming into my hand.
When he insisted on sitting with me in the backseat on our ride to the family reunion, I knew he was wanting some more attention. He'd mentioned he'd hooked up with a lady the previous weekend but also made a sly comment about how inferior it was to other recent experiences he'd had. His eyebrows raised let me know it was me he was referring to.
So I wasn't surprised when he started rubbing my breasts and telling me how hot I looked in my yellow bikini top and short shorts. I put my hand on his engorged (and growing!) package and began rubbing him through his shorts.
"Unnnn, Daddy" I sighed when he put his fingers inside my shorts and began to rub my mound.
That's when Uncle Billy asked, knowing full well what we were up to.
"Well, you're gonna have to do something about that, Bob. You gonna need some help back there?" He laughed at his own cleverness.
"No, Billy, I think she just needs her Daddy right now." His finger now deep inside my pussy. "Isn't that right baby?"
"Yeeeeesss, daddy" I moaned.
He finger fucked me while Uncle Billy watched, both men very turned on by my teenage moans and sighs, my bikkini top pushed to either side of my large chest, showing my heaving breasts. I released Daddy's cock from his jeans and he let out a grateful sigh. He shoved his fingers in harder as I wrapped my long slender fingers around his red cock.
"Make her suck you," chimed Uncle Billy from the front seat.
"shut up, Bill, we're almost there," was my Dad's reply.
"Are you a virgin, baby?" Daddy asked me
I opened my eyes and nodded. I was lying but I nodded, I knew it would turn him on.
He moaned slightly, affirming my secret knowledge.
"Lay down on your side, baby," he instructed.
"Oh yeah. Fuck are you gonna fuck her?"
"No, Billy, shut the fuck up" he answered. Daddy laid down behind me.
"I'm not gonna fuck you right now, baby. I'm just gonna rub myself on your pussy, make us both feel good." He separated my ass cheeks and placed himself between my legs and pussy lips, right up against my clit. He began to move his hips back and forth. Many boys had done this to me before and I absolutely loved it. His hot cock rubbed up against my ass, pussy opening and lips. Daddy played with my sensitive boobs, kneading and squeezing them hard. Before long I was cumming.
"Yeah, baby, cum on Daddy's dick. Mmmmm honey"
He continued rubbing after my climax and began to go there himself.
"Oh baby. Mmmmmm. Daddy's so ready to cum."
He fisted his cock for the last few moments, grabbing my ass and separating my ass cheeks.
"I'm gonna cum on that pretty asshole, sugar."
He loved to talk dirty
"Daddy's pretty little ass." and then with many grunts and moans Daddy began to cum all along the crack of my ass and pussy. When he was finished, he rubbed the tip of himself in his cum all along my crack. Uncle billy actually turned around for this part.
"Oh wow. Sheesh" Daddy sighed and sat up. "that was fucking hot."
"Thank you" "Fuck yeah, it was" Uncle Billy and I said at the same time, "My cock is hard as a rock" he finished.
"You're welcome, sweetie,I'm glad you liked it." Daddy replied to me and put his arm around my shoulders. "billy, your stupid ass is going to have to wait, it's just up here on the right"
I put myself back together as Uncle Billy turned into the driveway of the park.
We all got out and acted as if nothing happened. However, all four hours we were there, Uncle billy was looking at me and then looking down at his crotch. Idiot, as if I didn't know what he expected. Of course, I'd do something with him. It'd be hot to be with my Dad and Uncle at the same time. Also, I've heard from several women what a surprisingly good lover he was and had always wanted to discover it for myself.
"So where we headed?" Uncle billy asked as he started the car to leave.
"There used to be this little inlet next to the river that not many people know about anymore, let's go check it out. Baby girl here never got the chance to break in her new bathing suit."
"I vote she just takes it off." Uncle Billy added his two cents.
"Sure, I love to swim naked!" I commented and jumped out of the car as soon as we pulled in to the area near a long trail. It took only a few minutes to reach our clandestine area and I threw off my suit and shorts and jumped in. Uncle Billy was next and removed all his clothes, exposing a cock that was large and thick even though it was only half erect. Daddy was next, his strewn clothes showing his medium-sized beer belly and thick member.
My tits and pussy tingled with excitement.
We swam for a bit and of course, Uncle Billy started a splash fight with me while Daddy swam around. It only ended when he grabbed and tried to push me under jokingly. When I wouldn't go down, he moved his hands around and squeezed my breasts.
"Damn, your tits are big." He pushed his erection between my legs, "I like girls with big titties" He rubbed himself up and down my ass crack. I pushed my butt out so he could grab my tits harder and push himself deeper into me.
"You're a fucking slut, you know that?" His growling voice turned me on, making my nipples stand. "I'm gonna fuck you so hard while your Daddy watches." I rubbed my pussy up and down his dick.
"Would you like that?" I nodded, "Yeah, I thought so." he squeezed my tits harder, making the nipples stick out even more, "fucking slut"
He pushed me towards the shore line "Get up there and lay down on your side," He smacked my ass and followed me, his hands guided me to the shore. Daddy watched while treading water, probably getting very excited.
I laid down on the blanket he had put there earlier. He laid down beside me and began grabbing my tits again, kissing and sucking on my neck, back and shoulders, and rubbing his fully erect cock between my legs just like did had done in the car.
My pussy grew very wet. Uncle Billy placed his cock at the entrance to my vagina and pushed my leg up to get in most easily. My pussy was so wet and ready after a full day of being horny and his tip slid in easily. Once his shaft began to enter, his progress slowed.
"Fuuuuuck," He said, very horny, "Your daughter is fucking tight as hell" Daddy was approaching us, water dripping from his cock and balls. Heavens, he looked sexy.
Daddy laughed, "Well, she is a fucking virgin" he looked at me with horny admiration. Uncle Billy moaned at this recollection and pushed himself in harder.
I whimpered at this intrusion and lifted my leg higher.
Inch by inch, he pushed his thick dick deeper into my wet hole. Daddy watched us intently, rubbing his cock and ogling my body and Uncle Billy's cock inside of me.
"How's that virgin pussy?" he asked.
"Ohmigod, you have no fucking idea." Uncle Billy moaned. he pushed all the way inside my pussy, lifted my ass and pushed himself even deeper. he rubbed his hips up and down.
"Ohhhhhhh Uncle Billy" I moaned loudly. He began to fuck me slowly in and out. Daddy's hand on his cock picked up.
"Mmmmm baby" Uncle billy leaned into me, pushing his lips by my ear, "You like it, don't you, you little slut?" I moaned affimatively "mmmmm yeah. Fucking little whore" He picked up his pace, his face screwed up in an angry/horny face.
"Your daughter's a whore, getting pounded by her Uncle"
"Oh yeah, fuck yeah." Daddy answered, not taking his eyes off my pounding, "Fuck her, Billy," His hand fully fisted around his cock, pounding just as hard, "Fuck that virgin like a whore"
Uncle Billy pounded me even harder, making me put my hips fully on the floor. I began to scream in ecstasy.
Uncle Billy laughed in pleasure, "She fucking loud too, I like that" He slowed down a bit but made up for it in strength, pounding me harder and more deliberately, making me moan and cry even louder.
"Put your dick in her face," he told my Dad, "Make her suck it"
On his knees in front of me, I gratefully accepted my father' cock between my lips. I couldn't suck much because of Uncle Billy's hard fucking but Daddy appreciated my effort.
"Oh yeah, baby" he brushed my hair out of my face, "Mmmm, daddy likes this" he put more into my mouth and still jacked his shaft.
And quickly I came again for the second time that day. this time very loudly
"cum, you dirty whore. cum on Uncle billy's cock" he encouraged.
Uncle Billy fucked me faster and faster until finally he too came. Rolling of me, he smacked my ass again.
"Damn, girl, you've got the best pussy I've ever had." He stood up and gave my Dad a pat on his shoulder, "Your turn, Daddy"
"Uh, nah, you know, we gotta get back to your wife, she'll be expecting us for dinner." he replied, "Plus, I've got some plans for us tonight," He looked at me, "Something special." he and Uncle Billy gave each other a knowing look and they both nodded.
"Hell yeah," said Uncle Billy, making me wonder what the big surprise would be.
"I can give you a blowjob in the car, Daddy" I offered.
"I think I'll take you up on that one, sweetheart."
When we climbed again into the back seat, Daddy took out his beautiful cock and I immediately leaned over to begin my work.
As I sucked, he talked dirty about how hot it was watching me get fucked by Uncle Billy and how much he enjoyed watching me loose my virginity. He gently started to push my head down, pushing stronger after each time I came up. After a few minutes, he brought his hips to my head, pushing harder and faster. Just like Uncle Billy had done inside my pussy.
"Fuck that mouth" Uncle Billy encouraged. "Show that bitch who's boss"
After a few minutes he added. "I'm about to come back there and fuck that dirty bitch again"
Dad looked at him and smiled, thoroughly enjoying his oral treatment.
"I'm ready to cum," he said suddenly, "just wait right there, baby. Daddy's gonna cum soon, I want you to swallow it all."
"Fuck. Yes." said Uncle Billy, turning on the overhead light to get a better view.
Daddy jacked his cock in my face, making hot sex noises.
"Oh baby yeeeess" He began to cum long hot streams. the first hit my face until he grabbed my head and pushed me on it again.
"Fuck. Yes. Fuck. Yes." Uncle billy kept saying like a record track.
I swallowed and swallowed like a good girl while daddy said perverted things to me. I rubbed my legs together, wanting to get fucked again.
The rest of the ride, I actually got to notice the scenery I hadn't seen before and when we arrived home, Aunt Jean was concerned about what took us so long. Uncle Billy smoothed it over and we had a nice dinner.
"Listen,"Dad said at one point when we were alone, "I want you to come into my room tonight after jean and Bill head to bed. I've got something I want to teach you."
"Like what, Daddy? Wasn't your blowjob okay?"
"Oh baby, it was amazing. Seriously the best blowjob ever. There's...well...Daddy really enjoys anal sex and it's been a very long time since he's had some so...I thought maybe you'd like to learn. If you want to, that is."
"Anal? Like in your butt?" I feigned ignorance. I had never done it before but due to hanging around with a bunch of sluts knew full well what it was and had even tried it and enjoy it with a dildo once or twice.
Daddy laughed at my naivete, "Yeah, baby"
"Does it feel good?"
"Uhhh well...maybe not at first but you'll...get used to it...and might even like it after awhile...and well..." he rubbed the bulge in his pants and got a serious horny-man look in his eye, "Daddy really wants it from you"
I instantly got incredibly turned-on. Daddy wants to fuck my butt? My pussy and anus twitched.
As we all headed to bed, Uncle Billy said in a low sing-song voice, "Have fun you two"
We heard Aunt Jean as they entered their room, "why would you say that?" she had heard Uncle billy very clearly and her tone told of her annoyance with his idiocy.
Dad and I laughed to each other, amused and hang out in the hall awkwardly for a few moments.
"why don't you go ahead and come in?" he pointed to his bedroom door.
I nodded, getting nervous and excited.
When we entered the room, Daddy put his wallet on his dresser and pulled me over to a chair. He sat down and pulled at my leg, indicating for me to straddle him. I placed my pussy directly over the large bulge in his pants and he sighed when I sat down. He instantly began undoing the buttons on my shirt, mesmerized by my tits as he talked.
"You know, you're so fucking sexy. You like this, don't you? Fucking me and your Uncle. Cause if you didn't we...could...stop..." I was unconvinced by his tone but wouldn't want to stop anyway.
"No, I really like it. It's really hot and sexy"
"good." he removed my shirt and cupped my boobs in his hands, squeezing hard, pulling them closer to him. He moved his hip up and down, rubbing my pussy. His lips went to my ear. "Because I'm gonna fuck you so hard tonight, little girl"
I moaned in anticipation.
"I'm gonna cum inside of you. Cum inside that virgin little ass" I rubbed my horny pussy back and forth. Wanting what laid beneath so badly.
Daddy grabbed a handful of my ass and pushed my hips down harder, moving me back and forth over his erection.
"I need you to be quiet, though, baby. So Aunt Jean won't hear. Can you do that?"
"Uhhhhh" I looked around, not sure if I could really agree to that.
"I'll tell you what, I'll give you the chance to be quiet and if you can't, I'm going to have to put my hand over your mouth." He pushed his hips up, signaling to me that putting his hand over my mouth while fucking me was not something he was against. "If that doesn't work, I'm going to have to gag you with a tie or something, okay?"
I nodded my head, eager and nervous for this adventure to begin.
"Okay." he smacked my ass

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