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Punishment in Dubai (part one)

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This story is written by Jennifer, it is not entirely fiction but based on a recent trip I had to Dubai, the names have been changed to protect the innocent and the challenge is to decide what is fiction and what is not.

My assistant Tanya and I had been assigned to the UAE to collect data and video for a Television feature, we were to meet an older British couple named Charles and Penelope who lived there and they would help us get around and meet the right people. Once we met them they liked us so much they insisted that we stay with them in their Villa, saying it would be so nice to have some young people in the house again. After a couple of days getting settled in and organizing who we would be interviewing, Penelope invited us to a very exclusive dinner party where we could meet some influential local officials.

That night at the party I was introduced to the Chief of Police who was a little suspicious of what we were up to, but after explaining that we only wanted to show his country in a good light he relaxed and became quite a gentleman. As the evening progress Charles mentioned to me that it looked like the Chief of Police was taking quite an interest in me and warned me that he had a reputation of seducing young western girls. I assured Charles that I was not naïve but at the same time I was thinking that I would love for him to take advantage of me, so I turned on the charm a bit. Near the end of the evening the Chief asked me if I was interested in taking a tour in the morning of the Police Station and some of the Jails to show us and let others know that getting arrested in the UAE is not a smart thing to do. I jumped at the idea and he said he would send a private car around in the morning, when I said it would be just me because Tanya had other work to do he appeared to be very pleased knowing he would have me all alone.

In the morning I dressed conservatively in a long floor length skirt and long sleeve top, but it was still very feminine looking and hugged the curve of my bottom nicely. The car arrived promptly at 9:00 a.m. and a very official looking driver was standing holding the door for me, he was very polite and courteous towards me as I got in. Once at the Police Station we spent a couple of hours touring all the facilities and as we chatted I was becoming very comfortable and attracted to this man and understanding now what Charles had told me about him having a way with western girls. He finally took me into what he called the Punishment Room, it was a small court yard with a few sturdy benches that were obviously designed to secure a person down and on one wall was an array of canes and whips. It was a sobering vision knowing what must go on in here but the naughty curious side of me could not help but wonder what it would be like under the hand of someone like the Chief. After a few minutes he suggested that a demonstration might be in order and maybe I should lay down on one of the benches and he would secure me into position so I could fully understand what it would be like to be at his mercy. The Idea made me blush, which did not go unnoticed, and also made me tingle in between my thighs, so I quickly accepted his invite and proceeded to lay face down on a long low bench. He was very quick to fasten the cuffs and straps around my arms legs and waist and within mere seconds I was completely immobilized.

Kneeling in front of me he inquired how that felt and then asked if he could apply a couple of light strokes of a cane in order for me to get the full affect of the demonstration. I agreed that I needed to experience it all and of course a few light strokes of the cane wouldn’t hurt, would it? He smiled at me and stroked my hair then walked over to the array of canes, selecting a long thin one he then positioned himself on my right side. He stood there for a moment pleased with himself that his plan was coming together and admired how the skirt I was wearing hugged my bottom, he commented on how I had dressed conservatively today and appreciated the fact that I respected his culture. Then I could feel him tapping the cane on my bottom and asked if I was ready for a couple “soft” ones I almost begged him to start but was careful not to show too much enthusiasm. I heard the swish smack, then swish smack, and then a burning sting which made me wonder what he meant by “soft” but I did not want to let on that it hurt. He then suggested that maybe a couple a little harder would be in order if I was up for it to which I replied that yes harder would be fine since I hardly felt the first two. Well the next two were harder alright, swish smack swish smack, I had to grit my teeth as the cane sank into my flesh but I still did not want him to know how much it hurt. He knelt down in front of me and asked how I felt the demonstration was going and it was at that moment that I decided to take it to the next level. I suggested that the skirt and panties I was wearing seemed to be interfering with the effect of the cane and if he felt it was proper maybe they should be removed. He looked at me for a moment then went to unfasten some of the straps, as he undid them I raised up a bit so he could slide my skirt and panties off then he fastened me back into position. He stood there looking at the four welts that had raised on my bottom and knew full well that they had to have stung, he had a few girls over the years like this one who did not view a caning as punishment, always cooperative and willing to take more, and as he looked upon my soon to be chastised bottom he could feel his cock stiffening and becoming uncomfortable.

Now then Miss Jennifer, I think we need to demonstrate how a proper caning should be, don’t you agree. I was nervous and excited at the same time but felt that I could trust him not to do me genuine harm so I managed a weak “yes Sir I agree”. He wasted no time but immediately placed the cane on my now unprotected and vulnerable bare flesh raised it up and announced that a total of 18 strokes would be applied in quick order. I clenched my teeth and my hands and then they came fast and hard, whup whup whup whip whip whip smack smack smack, god I was on fire the strokes were coming so fast I had no time to prepare all I could do was howl ooooooooooowwwwwwwww swoosh whip swoosh whip whip whip whip whip, tears pouring down my face, moaning in pain, I lay there whimpering not realizing he had put the cane down and was stroking my face. I looked at him through tear filled eyes as he was asking what I thought of the demo so far, which could only mean there was more to come. I said nothing as he informed me that I would receive another 18 strokes but with the heavy cane, he whispered into my ear that the light cane whips the flesh but the heavy cane whips the soul, I just lowered my head onto the bench and waited. The first stroke of the heavy cane felt like it penetrated right through me and made a meaty thump, driving the breath out of me but like before the next 17 strokes came hard and fast. Whup thump whup thump I burst out pleading for him to stop but he ignored my cries for mercy, on it went until 18 full hard strokes had been delivered.

I was crying hysterically when he untied me and helped me up off the bench, I could not stand so he picked me up and cradling me in his arms carried me off to his office. Entering his office he stood for a bit waiting for me to stop crying and as I slowly came back to reality he asked if the demonstration had been educational, my reply was to wrap my arms around his neck and give him a long deep wet kiss. He knew what needed to take place next so bending me forward and placing me face down on his desk he pulled my hands behind my back to hold me down and as he stepped out of his pants he pushed my legs wide apart and thrust his fully erect and engorged cock deep into me. At that point he knew just how aroused I was as his cock slid effortlessly into my open soaking wet well lubricated vagina. I lay there pinned to the desk as his cock pumped in and out of me and his patience was wearing thin. He wanted to make this last but his arousal was too far gone as his blood boiled and his pulse pounded in his ears. I desperately wanted to rub my clit but with my hands behind my back I was helpless and completely under his control. He thrust deep into me and held it, and with his weight leaning on me I felt an eruption of hot cum pour in and fill my vagina to capacity, then a few short strokes and more cum burst inside me. His breathing was ragged and heavy as his orgasm subsided and as he pulled out of me a large amount of cum poured from my stretched pussy and spilled onto the floor. He leaned in close to my ear and whispered that he hoped I had found the first part of the demonstration educational and he expected me to be ready the next morning at 9:00 a.m. when his driver would pick me up for the next session. I was stunned and pleaded that I could not possibly take anymore whipping on my bottom but he laughed and continued with, oh no my dear not on your bottom, there is plenty of smooth soft flesh here to whip as he slid a hand over my back and up the inside of my thigh and then said especially here as he slid a finger through my pussy lips. Again he looked at me waiting for my acceptance, which I gave him with a simple nod.

He helped me get dressed and led me out to the waiting car, the driver helped me in the back seat but I had to kneel on the floor and rest my upper body on the seat. The driver must have felt some compassion for me because a few times he would ask if I was alright and if he could do anything for me, I told him that I appreciated his concern but I only wanted to get back to the Villa. As we drove into the garage Charles was standing there waiting for me, I could tell from the expression on his face that he already knew what had probably happened. He said nothing but escorted me up stairs to the main bath and said since Penelope was gone for the day would it be ok for him to help me clean up. I figured it would be alright but as I removed my skirt he was taken back by the harsh beating that I had endured and remarked that he had no idea that I had gone through that but added I told you he had a reputation. I felt a little sheepish as I looked at Charles and went on to explain that not only did I let him I also encourage him and in the morning I was going to be taken back there for more of the same. Charles just held me and while stroking my hair remarked, you are an unusual girl Jennifer you will have to tell us all about it. I then admitted that there was one more thing, Charles said what is that my dear and smiling I said I really need to cum which Charles replied, I am sure I can help you with that my dear.

End of Part One, Part two to follow about the next couple of sessions.


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