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Girl Catches Mom Sniffing her Panties

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I have been observing my mother smelling my panties for many years now and have discovered that she is gaining sexual arousal from them. My mom began smelling them when I was in my early to mid teens, around about the time when I began to have sexual thoughts, which often resulted in me leaving a creamy liquid in my underwear. For years she would typically take them from the laundry hamper and just feel them with her fingers, followed by raising them to her nose and sniffing for awhile... but now it has developed into her taking my dirty panties and wearing them to bed and work.

A few months have past since I have witnessed my mom at it with my underwear.. and although I haven't been watching I know she is still doing it. It would really be hard to put down every weird event I have observed but I will do my best to explain one of the activities I have managed to see since my last entry. Well about a week ago I went and bought some new clothes for work, nothing out of the ordinary or fancy.. just some black skirts and pants, assorted shirts and a few new sets of underwear. I'm not sure if other girls are aware of their drawers, but I can tell if someone has been through mine, which I found had happened and my new panties were moved.. instinctively I knew it was my mom. I position my drawers so that I can fit stuff in better, bras on one side and panties on the other yada yada.. My bras were not moved at all, just my panties which I will admit made me a little upset because I had only worn them to try on at the store, they were brand new.

I don't normally care if she goes through my drawers or gets them from the laundry hamper, which I know she does on a regular basis but it just annoyed me this time for some reason. I bought three sets of new underwear two of which were black lace and one purple silk set. All three of the matching g-strings were moved so I picked them up to have a closer look, here were no stains (thank god) but I felt that the material had softened a little.. which tells me that they have been worn or at least tried on. I'm a bit of a whimp and ended up not getting up her about the whole thing and just decided to hide them away and forget about it.

I always tend to feel better about myself when I have new clothes, and at work I noticed I have been getting a few stares here and there. During one of the work meetings I even caught a female client looking at my boobs. It took me awhile to catch on until I realized that my boobs were straining my top, causing a visible gap between two of the buttons. The meeting felt like an eternity which only really lasted about 15 minutes, and for most of the meeting I felt really conscious of it, but flattered at the same time. It didn't take long until I started getting flustered with rosy cheeks.. it was only then that she knew she was discovered and stopped looking. I must confess that I was turned on by the sudden attention, and felt the burn between my legs.. and that familiar gliding sensation of my panties was present whenever my legs crossed. I could tell they were soaked.

I felt a strong need to masturbate and the constant throbbing was torture, but knew I couldn't until I was home. For those who still live at home with their parents I'm sure you understand how lucky you are to get time by yourself un-interrupted.. and honestly it is a rare occurance. My quiet time usually begins after my mother is asleep and I get the lounge room all to myself. Though I have really been avoiding doing anything in there since I was caught last... I don't know why, but I guess the embarassement is still lingering and it wouldn't be hard for my mother to work out why I am consistently up late in there. I don't consider myself a "heavy masturbator" as some would say .. I only really do it every second or third night, and often I don't reach orgasm.. sometimes I just rub gently until the feeling isn't as intense.

However, that night after work the burn was very strong and mom had a friend over for dinner, which only made matters worse with the extended waiting resulting in me becoming anxious and moody. When the house was finally clear and I had the lounge all to myself I began to reflect on what happened during the meeting, and I began to gently tap the tv remote on my puss while keeping a keen eye and ear out on the hallway. It's a weird way to get off I know... but it felt good. As I increased the pace, the shocks from the tapping would make my legs jolt occasionally. The tapping got rather noisy and not unsubstantial after long, so I put it down and undid the zip on my work pants and dug my middle finger underneath my panties, and began swirling firmly. The wetness cracked as I swirled.. with the direct touch of my finger causing me to let out a deep "Uuuhhhhhh.." type noise. The stimulation was so relieving that I could feel my orgasm approaching early... knowing that I would cum too quickly I tried to slow down against my body's will. But I was too late, I was already too close to orgasm that I could feel my toes flickering and the pre-orgasm tingle in my thighs and groin growing, I had to rub it out. I did my very best to remain silent as my orgasm hit.. but I couldn't, it was too hard. I grunted as my legs stiffened and spasmed, and my wetness crackled heavier and heavier as I rubbed through my orgasm. It was one of the fastest and most relieving orgasms I had ever had... I was so consumed in my masturbation that I didn't even hear my mother open her door to peep out to watch me, I snapped to look in her direction, but she closed her door and I knew I was caught... again. I quickly darted off to my room heart still racing and peeled off my work clothes chucked them on the floor and changed into pyjamas.

I eventually fell asleep to be awoken by a knock on the door, it was my mom saying "Sarah, are you awake?". I glanced over at the time and it was late.. I told my mom I was awake and she came in to tell me she's off to work early in the morning and was going to throw on all the washing now, and wanted me to put them in the dryer when I wake up. After telling me this she asked me if my work clothes on the floor were dirty and grabbed them with a few towels and left the the room. This just sounded all to familiar, I knew what she was up to. I opened my door carefully and tip-toed down the hall a bit to peek into the laundry, sure enough my mom was there throwing the towels in the wash with my clothes left to the side. After getting the washing on she peeled my panties out of my pants and stood there stunned. I knew there was a massive amount of wetness in my panties, still fresh from my orgasm earlier that night.. I could see it from where I was standing. My mom squeezed her puss with one hand briefly, then felt my panties with her thumbs and pressed them against her nose and lips, inhaling deeply with her eyes closed. After this she parted the lower part of her robe and put my panties on and got dressed for work.

I don't want to talk to her about wearing my underwear, it'd be too weird.. I'm fine with her smelling them because to some degree I believe it is normal, so I think the solution right now is to make sure I wash my new underwear and hide them when I am not wearing them. It's a really strange situation I know.. some of you may not believe what I am writing to be true, however, these accounts I have submitted are 100% real, and I just hope you all appreciate me sharing my story. I think there might be speculation on whether I get aroused when these things happen, and I guess I do. I suppose this is why I snoop around when she takes my underwear.

This is my last experience I will write about, because I'm sure these stories are probably getting a little old and repetitve so I would like to thank you all for reading them.. Please feel free to leave comments or thoughts about this, I'd really like that.

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