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My mom birthday

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My dad called me last week to meet him at local coffe shop and have a coffe with him.
At the coffee we ordered medium cups of coffee and began our conversations about my mom coming up birthday celebration .

I want to have erotic celebration for your mom birthday. We have planned to celebrate her birthday in the first class Hotel, and we are going to have threesome. At first your mom disagreed,but later she changed her mind and ok with having another man in the party, not to fuck her, but to eat her pussy. I want to watch your mom getting fuck as well.

You see, your mom never had her pussy eat in her life. I won't do it, because the primary function of pussy is to discharged dirty liquids, and to fuck.

I have problem to find the person who can doit. I post on Craiglist, and received many response. I have interview all of them men's, but choose none of them, few of them willing to do it for free, some with cost. We talking about over $1000 at night .

Tonight is your mom birthday celebration, so I have decided to have you to be the 3rd person. Your mom didn't know about this, and will see happen next.

This is my plan. I want you to be at the hotel lobby at 10 PM. When I call you, you come up to the room, and you need not to say anything, not unless she ask. Second you have to disguised you tone of voice, so she won't recognize you.

At the mean time your mom eyes will be blindfold, while you eat her pussy, so she doesn't you.

And will see what happen next. Any question ?

No, dad.

Saturday night at 9:45 PM, I was already waiting in the Hotel lobby patiently and exited. My cock was extremely hard as rubber bat ready to hit home run .

At 10:23 PM, my cell phone rang.

Come to the room mike, mom blindfold and ready for her dessert.

I rush up to the 11Th floor and went to suite #110. Oh my god. The room is beautiful . Jaccusi in the middle of the room, wet bar and the glass windows covered 1/2 of the room with curtains wide open, and you can see the City lights.

My mom lying naked, blindfold in the middle of beautiful King size bed.

Dad introduced me to her as Roy.

Hello Roy,......I am Jocyce.

I said hello back.

Can I call you mom, instead other than your real name? Is it ok Jocyce, so it won't be to personal.

You can call me what ever name you like. As second though I would like to call you son, if it ok with you.

As mine,as well.

Perfect, so we are an i****t family......, hehehe. Jocyce laugh.

I climbed to the bed, and spread her legs wide open. I brushed her pussy hair slow and gentle back and forth for a second with my palm

I stick my middle finger slowly inside her pussy, and pull it back.

You are extremely wet

Yes, son. It's been wet thinking mommy pussy it is finally going to be eat and fucks with 2 different cocks.

Please start eating mommy pussy, mom spread her pussy wide with her both hands.

I stick my tongue inside her awaiting pussy whole and began licking it up and down, up to her clitoris and repeats

Less than a minute. Mom began to moaned...........

Ooooooh my god. It feel so good son. Please don't stop. Love your mommy..........

Oooooohhhhh George ( she called my dad name), Your son know how to please my pussy.

Ooooohhhhh son, mommy Cummings . I continue eat her pussy and her cumms. Mom going wild. She hold on and pulled my hairs and screams.

I eat my mom pussy at least almost 1 hour non stop. The bed spread under her butt wet from her pussy juices.

Mom drank at least almost a bottle of water (16 oz).

I Finnaly stop eating her pussy, as she told my dad to fuck her and me laid down next to her for a break.

George, please fuck me. My dad stick his cock in her pussy and began fucking my mom.

My moaned and moaned........

Son, would you like mommy suck your cock while your dady fucking. When he comes, I want you to fuck me, and I suck your dady cock until is hard again and fuck me again, and suck you again until you cock is hard, and fuck mommy again ............, oh my god. My pussy is in heaven George.

George, can I take off this blindfold .

Sure you can honey, not until our son stick his cock in your pussy.

Ok George.

Son, let mommy suck your cock.

Mom grabbed my cock and pause. Is this really your cock son? Mom follow the lenght of my cock from the tip to the base and my belly.

Oh my god........, you cock is long and big son. I don't think will fit inside me.

George, did you see how thick and long your son cock.

Yes, I can wait that thing in and out your pussy.

Yes I know, you want to watch your wife screaming, moaning and crying getting fuck by stranger.

You have been wanted to have threesome for ouiet years, Finnaly is here.

Come here son, put you big bad cock in your mommy mouth.

I shaved my cock in her awaiting mouth. Mom hungrily sucking and licking my cock.

My dad Finnaly comes, and we switch. Dad know have his cock in my mom mouth.

And I'm ready to put mine inside my mom pussy.

Wait son, mom said. Mom cover her pussy with her both hands.

George can you please un blindfold me. I would like to see our son cock before he put it in side his mommy pussy.

My heart beating fast. Dad look at me and said with his lip sing, don't worry.

Mom than un blindfold .

Mom look at me, and shocked .


Honey, is this some kind of a joke.She raised her self up and look at my dad disbelief.

It is ok, as long as no ones know.

No, George. It is not ok! He is my son and your son.

Mom was just about to get up from bed. Dad pushed her back down.

Dad look at me and, said do it, while both of my dad hands holding my mom down, so she won't get up.

Mom still have both of her hands covered her pussy whole.

Son, please don't fuck your mommy, I beg you or I will scream.

Dad than covered my mom mouth with his cock and holding her down

I removed both of my mom hands from her pussy whole and stick my cock inside, slowly and deep.

Mom eyes were wait open. Dad take his cook off my mom mouth. He afraid mom will bite his cock off.

I have my cock halfway inside my mom pussy.

Son, please take it of.......................

Take what off mom?(playing stupid)

Take your cock out off mommy pussy please........

Each time my mom said please, I shove my cock more inside.....

Please (more deep), please.( deeper).

I Than stop pushing deeper, and began fucking my mom..........

Ooooooohhhhhh my god son, please be gentle.

Mom now going along with the program.

Kiss me son.

Mom tongue kiss me deep .

We stop kissing each time she reach her climax and cumms (orgasm)

I fuck her more than hour without Cummings

Ooooooooohhhhh mom I am Cummings

Yes son, please cumms.

I raised my buttock so I can pulled my cock. Mom gets hold off my butt chick and pressed it down.

Please cumms inside mommy son.

I pumped my cock faster and deeper, mom began to cry..............

Finnaly I raised my butt up high in the air and shoved back in deep Inside her pussy canal and explodes.

Mom bite on my shoulder as the hot juice from my cock sequirt heavily inside her.

I than collapse next to her .

Mom than told my dad to clean her pussy, over fill with both mine ad my mommy cumms .

Mom turn her head next to me, and kiss me passionately.

Mom than turn her attention to my cock. She lowered her head and began licking and sucking my cock.

My cock raise up and hard again.

My dad lying on the bed watching her.

Mom get on top of me, insert my cock in her lovely pussy and slowly lowered her body down and my cock deep inside her pussy........

Oooooohhhhh son, mommy pussy is in heaven.

George, get up please. George i want you to suck my breast, while we fucking.

Mom played with my dad hair and said............., you start all this. Thank you.......for this wonderfully birthday present.

Dad fall in sleep around 12 AM. Both me and mom went to jaccusi and continued on fucking.

At arround 8 AM breakfast arrived.

We ate breakfast, both me and mom went to shower we're I played with her breast and her pussy and we fuck again .

We are home, and we headed to the dinning table to have discussion.

I have wonderful birthday night and present, look at me an smile.

So, now we are home. What next, are we going to forget to what had happened last night?

Or we will continue what we are doing last night in the hote here in our house.

Honest the truth, mom said. Is hard to forget to what happen last night, especially when I was /or forcefully fucked by my son......... Hehehe( mom laugh)

My pussy it is just like forbidden fruit from this pussy, mom sit on the dinning table and spread her legs showing her pussy, that's were you coming from son, but your head was bigger than your cock.

Your dad was fucking this pussy every night so I can get pregnant and have you . And last night, the cock that came from this pussy, has returned and pounding, pounding this pussy until the juice of life cumms.

George, you my husband. You allowed my pussy that be long to you fuck by other man, which is our son.

You are the rightfull owner of this pussy. Are you going to keep it as is ( only you), or are you going to share it with your.son?

Well, do you enjoyed he fucking you? Dad said.

Mom smile, yes I do George.


L than Stood up ad approach the dinning, take my mommy clothes off and eat her pussy on the dinning table

Latter my dad join us and fuck my mom in the kitchen table .

Dad invite me to sleep in their bedroom . Mom look at dad............

Do you meant it?

Yes, after all my pussy is his pussy also

Every night before bed time, I fuck my mom at least 2t times

On the weekend, we set up air mattress in the living room. Both my dad and me fucking mom.

And we have new house house rules.all nudes. No clothes allowed

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