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Giantess bones a Midget

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“Giantess bones a Midget”
[Here's a drawing I did showing the relative size of Steph next to me. She easily dominated me]
Giantess bones a Midget

Stephanie and I are the sole file Clerks in our Hospital Department.

We work down in the basement of Cedar Sainai Hospital, In a huge room filled with massive Filing Shelves which are each as big as a full-sized wall, and each sits on huge metal-rolling-wheels which can slowly move along a track so as to open up a space to get into the shelves to do filing.

We are sort-of an unlikely looking pair of co-workers.
Starkly contrasted.

I’m a “midget”…well technically I’m just a really small man, reaching about 4ft 11 inches, if that, & not weighing more than 100 lbs. –I basically have the body of an 11yrs old male.
In stark contrast to my tiny frame, Stephanie is massive. Not, so necessarily “obese” as she is just a giant woman with proper proportions.
She’s 6 ft. 3 inches
Her double-F Cup breasts, the size of gargantuan watermelons, are all natural,
and her booty gives a new meaning to the term “Badonkadonk”.

All told, she’s got to weigh t least 235 lbs. with her giant frame & that huge butt she’s got.

[this is a drawing I did Of Steph -- this is what she actually looks like from my recollection]
Giantess bones a Midget 2

So yeah, we’re a bit of an interesting contrast in “reversed Stereotypes”

Well anyways, the story I’m going to here tell, happened late at night one night, Steph and I both had to stay late to catch up on backlogged filing of patients Data Records.
And Stephanie…well…you’ll see how it goes down.
Let’s just say I was an unwilling accomplice in a brutal act of enforced fornication, for lack of a better term.
In plain English, Stephanie TOOK ME. She took me right there in that filing room.
She overpowered my tiny Man frame with the brutal, primal force of a huge, horny, 250 lbs. woman who had a wet, aching pussy and needed to take my seed at whatever cost.

I thought she was just joking when she slammed and locked the door at 2 AM and glowered at me with a lustful & Spiteful look on her face.
I was just sitting at my desk sorting away on my papers and, feeling her gaze on me, I looked over by the door and there she was, slowly unbuttoning her massive man-sized work-blouse, one button-at-a-time, down her chest.
“Get up Little Man.” She said.
“Ummm, Stephanie? What are you doing?”

She said “I know you’ve been masturbating to me in the bathroom during your break periods, and now I’m going to teach you how to properly respect a working colleague.”
(Keep in mind I’ve always been a nerdy shy virgin who never wanted to have sex, especially not with some massive gorilla of a woman)

“No, Stephanie” I quipped.

“GET THE FUCK UP!!!!” she roared at me!
Her eyes were blazing with fury and power, and I knew it was too late.
She lumbered over to me and grabbed me by the nape of my neck and hoisted my body clean up out of my chair.
I was shaking now “s-s-s-s-s-teph-a-a-a-a-nie, n-n-n-n-no, p-p-p-p-p-p-p-please. P-p-p-p-p-please don’t d-d-d-d-d-o this.”
Ignoring my pleas, she dropped off her blouse behind her.
Then she forcefully unbuckled her work-belt as the leather doubled back over on itself, making a loud whip-crack noise--“WHU-PAPP!”—she yanked it out of her huge pants belt-loops and unclasped her waist-catch.
She slowly worked her pantaloons down over her waist revealing her enormous bare hips. Slowly, sexily, she lowered down the pants below her thighs, revealing her crotch. She was wearing a jet-black G-string, with red-Rose & Dagger prints on the crotch-fabric.
It was puffed out in a lump with the pressure of her soft bush hair, and like a burgeoning afro, the hair was poking out every which way of her bush in tufts and lumps of soft pussy-hair.
I was slightly turned-on at the smell of her feminine Musk –an overpowering, pungent waft, like a fishy-sweet sex fragrance.
When I inhaled this pussy-scent deep into my nostrils, my legs went weak, although, being such a prude & a wimp, my dick stayed flaccid.
I continued to try and protest
“Stephanie, please don’t do this. I don’t want--” ...she covered my mouth with her huge, soft hand.
“Shut the fuck up, and do what I say and I’ll let you leave this room alive.”
Tears started streaming from my eyes, but I was resolved to it.
This was happening.
I was being “taken against my will” by a brute of a woman.
She unclasped her bra, dropping it to the floor, and she pulled the noose-string on the side of her panties, throwing them off to the side.
She stepped directly up in front of me and backed me up into the back wall of a Stationary-end Filing Shelf.
AS she walked straight into me, my top of my head barely even grazed the lower bottom of either of her enormous, sagging boobs.
I turned my head up, frightened, gazing up through the canyon between her two Breasts, to her face.
She scowled down through her tits at me and said “Take it off, little man. I’m gonna make you my little Pussy-Bitch.”
So I did as she said & removed my shirt and dropped down my trousers and my boxer-briefs.
Right away, Stephanie reached below my waist-line to cup my sagging balls in her enormous, man-like hands.

She jiggled and fiddled with my penis, sensually massaging and tickling the genitalia and taking care to slowly peel back my foreskin to rub my exposed mushroom-tip flange delicately with her probing fingers.
I looked up to see her face & observed she was licking her lips in satisfaction.
As she continued to fiddle with my cock in her left hand, locking eyes with me, she proceeded to slowly reach around my waist with her free hand and slowly came to rest it upon the exposed flesh of my bare ass, a twisted grin of sadistic pleasure on her face.
Now she could m***** and play with both my dick and my ass simultaneously to her filthy gratification.
She took her time with this double-ended hand-groping of my private parts…
occasionally building up a wad of saliva in her watering mouth and slowly, carefully letting it drip down in front of our torsos, onto my penis, as she rubbed it into my balls and the rest of my penis shaft, she was delicately man-handling.
“Stephanie--” I protested, “I really don’t think you should do this! You don’t have to do this to me, you know.”
“Shut UP Little man!” she snapped, as she pushed my back up against the wall of the shelving unit.
It was like a bear cornering a raccoon.
All I could see, smell & feel was a huge mountain of soft flesh in front of me, groping at my genitalia & my ass cheeks.
I felt the soft, blubbery weight of her breasts sinking down on top of my head and the smell of her pussy, wafting up in a cloud of noxious vapors all around my face.
We were both getting hot and sweaty now, being pressed together naked for 10 minutes, as she took her liberties with my private parts.
After she’d rubbed and fiddled with my balls plenty & my penis was standing straight up, she decided to play with me, being tiny, like a rag-doll.
She bent over in a sideways arch and, twisting her upper torso, she grabbed my hips reverse-wise and hoisted me clean off the ground while straightening up her torso – she’d flipped my body completely upside-down in front of her, and she was hugging my body tightly to herself. My feet were sticking straight up in the air, my butt was pressed back up against the wall-unit & my face was squashed directly into the globulous rolls of her belly – it was sweaty and sticky and salty.
My penis was directly in her mouth.
She had her huge tree-trunk arms wrapped around me like a bear hugging a sapling,
And she was bobbing her head forward and back, as my entire genitalia was being sucked and savored inside her mouth.
I couldn’t see anything but I could feel my balls & penis inside her mouth…could feel her long supple tongue, licking, slurping and jiggling my balls from the inside.
It was well-enough for my virgin sex fruit…
I felt a rush of warmth and sweet sensation in my loins!
I wrapped my arms around her belly to her back and squeezed tight against her body, as my penis squirted out what felt like sticky Yogurt.
The cum was still oozing out of my penis into her mouth & I could feel the tip of my dick being licked even more from within her mouth, her lips clamped down on my shaft, sucking my little pecker like a Slurpee Straw.

Stephanie was breathing heavy now, and smacking her lips.
“Mmm, mmm, mmm. Tasty, sweet, salty, gooey, Sticky Cum for Mama.
“Good boy.”
[Here's a drawing I did of Stephanie taking my virginity in the Hospital Filing Room]
Giantess bones a Midget 3

I felt embarrassed. Used. Ashamed.
She was just doing whatever she wanted to me, like I was a piece of meat; a sex-trophy for her to lick & suck & fuck & play with and satisfy her b**stly whims.
I cried and whimpered as this gargantuan flipped me back over and put be back down on the ground.

“OH, CAN-IT you wimp!” she said, as I curled up in a little ball on the floor like a lost little boy & hid my tears in my hands.

She ignored my please & desperation and then pulled on her panties & blouse & dress-pants and walked out.

The end.


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