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Lucky Bitch (pussyboy doggy slut)

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Lucky Bitch (pussyboy doggy slut)

Story about a sissy pussyboy who becomes a dog bitch.

Some mornings the smell of cum is so thick in the kennel that it could knock
me on my ass--if I wasn't already on all fours with a fat dogcock jerking
and spurting inside me. On a good day I'll take on a half dozen or more
mutts. On a very good day, my owner, Ed, comes by to watch me get dog fucked.

I'm used to being watched. Ed pimps me out every chance he gets. I've taken
on the chief of police (a mean fucker), half the force, two of Ed's
horse-hung brothers, his hunting buddies, and of course all their horny
fucking dogs. I do parties, private shows, even done a couple of flicks Ed
sells on the quiet to help pay for my kennel fees and my kibble.

Hell, whether someone's watching or not, it doesn't take much to get me to
spread `em. Not like the first time, when Ed fucked me raw then held me down
while that big mastiff of his doggy ****d my fuckhole. Funny how it only took a few minutes
of screaming before I learned to love that dog. Two days later and I've got
my own cage in the K-9 Unit Kennels and all the cock a hot young boy could
want. Yes sir. I am one lucky bitch.

Of course when Ed sees me take his dogs up my hole, that's the biggest turn
on of all. He usually comes in around nine. That's somewhere around the
fourth dog, so I'm pretty well in heat, whimpering, and slick with dog fuck
slime. The dogs who've already dumped their loads are back in their cages,
licking their spent balls, lapping at their still-oozing dicks, or dozing
contentedly. The others are up on their hind legs, barking and clawing to
get at the bitch. I love the way those dicks slide out of their sheaths,
pointing up through the chain link and dripping hot juice onto the concrete.

Ed takes a seat in front of me and lights up a cigar. Sometimes he pulls
that big cock out of his uniform trousers and lets me suckle at it, but not
enough to make him come. He knows its tough for me to suck dick proper with
a pussy full of dogdick. Besides, he's on patrol in about an hour, and he
likes to work with his dick hard. That way he can come back in the afternoon
and throw me an angry, vicious fuck. In the mornings he just likes to watch.

"How's that feel, bitch," he says, looking me over with that shit-eating
grin I love.

"Mmmm. It's so good sir. Thank you for letting me get doggy fucked today master."

"How many you service so far, faggot?"

"Three, sir. Dakota, Apache, Loki, and now Tango."

"You're not working hard enough boy. Shouldn't take you that long to get
three damn dogs off. Maybe I need to find me a fresh bitch."

"No sir. I'm sorry sir. I'll try and do better."

"How long Tango been riding that sloppy pussy?"

"Sir, about 10 minutes sir."

"He tied with you?"

"No sir. Not yet sir."

"Why the fuck not? You think you're too good to take Tango's knot, you sorry
piece of faggot ass shit?"

"Sir, no sir. I'm sorry sir."

"Don't be a fucking cock tease boy. Give that dog your sissy fuckhole, all of your assmeat ****hole."

I lean forward and press my cheek against the cold concrete. The smell of
urine burns my nostrils as I reach back with both hands and pull my asslips
further apart, gaping my cunt. Tango gives a little jump. His happy yelp is drowned out by
my scream as the knot tears through my ass.

"That's my bitchboy. Make me proud," Ed says, to the dog. "Fuck that stupid bitch
hard. Breed that fucking bitch."

Tango fucks like a jackhammer and cums like a fire hose at 4-alarm blaze. So
much of his watery ballsnot is being pushed up my boypussy that my belly
swells like I'm carrying his litter.

"Damn, that dog can fuck. Can't he boy?"

"Yes sir. Thank you. Thank you for letting him tie with me."

"Just make my dog happy boy. Just take that fat fucking dogdick like the
horny bitch you are."

My body is flushed with pain as Tango's fat knot tears apart my hole, but he
just keeps jamming his hot shooting dick harder and faster. The pressure is
so great that his cum starts to squirt out and dribble down my legs, cooling
as it does.

"Don't let that go to waste," Ed demands. "Lap it up."

I reach back and scoop the runny dribbles of dog cum from my legs and suck
it from my fingers, savoring the salty mixture that tastes like distilled
dogsex. Tango just digs that fucking hole deeper with his dick.

"Looks like that clit of yours is getting hard boy. Tango making you feel

"Yes, sir. So good."

"Look at me bitch. Smile for me while you take my dog's fuckmeat up your sissy fuckhole."

By now my growls and whines of pleasure are echoing off the kennel walls.
Tango's drilling, spurting cock is so insistent and the pain of his giant
cockknob is so great, that my dick starts shooting rhythmically and

"Oh, no. Please no." I cry out as jizz streams from my cockhead.

Now that I've cum, the pain is a thousand times worse, and I start clawing
my way across the floor to try and escape that huge fucking dogcock. Ed
laughs as he gets up from his chair.

"What's the matter, bitch? Had enough? Too fucking bad. You've got three more
dogs to go, and I bet Tango's got another half-hour of fuck left in those
big balls." He gives the dog a pat on the head. "Don't ya boy?"

The next day began like any other, with six big police dogs unloading in my ass,
a couple of horny officers creaming in either end, followed by a nice nap
curled up in my cage. Then everything went wrong. It started innocently
enough with Ed poking me in the ribs with his boot.

"Wake up bitch. Get that ass up in the air."

I quickly roll into position and push my ass up to meet his cock. A part of
me is still dozing, but a big smile creeps across my face as I await my
master's fuck.

"That's the way boy. Wag that tail for me. Show your master how happy you
are to see him."

Still sleepily dreaming, I twirl my ass from side to side, enticing this
stud to breed me.

"Looks like my bitch is in heat again. Never known a bitch as horny as you

"Yes sir. Please fuck your bitch. I need your man cock inside me."

Ed obliges and buries his pole up to his balls in one solid lunge that makes
me squeal.

"Oh, baby. I love fucking an ass all juiced up with dog cum. Love the way
this hole just eats my cock up."

"Thank you sir. Thank you for feeding me your man cock."

"Fuck boy. Your back is all scratched and torn. Looks like a fucking highway
map. Just look at these two deep cuts."

Ed stops pummeling my hole for a minute to examine the red crisscross of
gouges on my back, sides, and thighs. His fingers probe the two deepest cuts
just below my ribs where the dog's dew claws always bite into me.

"Looks like those damn dog's have been holding on for dear life. You weren't
trying to throw them, were you bitch?"

"No sir. I've been treating the dogs real good sir. I promise."

"Well, in that case, I've got a surprise for you son. Here boy. Here Panzer"
As Ed calls out, I hear the click clack of paws running toward me. I turn my
head just in time to get a face full of dog slobber.

"Aw, ain't that sweet. Looks like Panzer missed you."

Panzer is the big mastiff that took my cherry--so naturally I'm happy to see
him. It's pretty obvious how Panzer got his name. He's built like an army
tank and has the biggest gun you've ever seen. He comes up to about my waist
(when I'm allowed to stand in his presence) and must weigh at least 140
pounds. His head is as big as mine. He's also a vicious, sadistic fucker.
Panzer used to be on the force, but he couldn't be controlled, so they were
going to put him down or neuter him. Ed decided to retire Panzer instead,
and now they live together. If I wasn't giving that dog my pussy regularly,
I know he would probably rip me apart on sight. But still, the way that dog
fucks, I can't help but love him.

"Don't be coy, son. Give Panzer a kiss."

I open my mouth and let Panzer's wide, flat tongue swipe around inside. It
tickles when he flicks the tip against the top of my mouth. I can't remember
the last time I've been kissed while getting fucked, so I naturally enjoy
being frenched by Panzer while his master fucks me.

Panzer's smart though, and not much for foreplay. He sees that Ed is getting
a piece of ass, so he wants a piece too. He jumps up, and his front paws
come down hard on my shoulders. When that big spotted dog dick starts
pushing its way towards my mouth, I know there's no stopping it. The
mottled tube is rapidly sliding out of its short hairy sheath and the tip is
already pulsing and dripping dogslime. I have to turn my head at a painful
angle to accommodate him, but Panzer doesn't care, he just wants my lips
around his dogcock. I reach my tongue out and lick at the arrow-like end as
Panzer dances around on his hind legs, trying to spear it up inside me. I
reach up and cradle his furry balls, softly kneading them and weighing them,
wondering how much cum they're making just for me.

I can just picture master and dog facing each other over the body of their
bitch--each one smiling at the other as I whine and pant beneath them.
Panzer's dick hits the mark and soon I'm gagging on quick spurts of salty
dog cum as his prick jabs further down my throat. Meanwhile, Ed's plowing
away with short, frantic strokes, just like his dog.

"Oh baby," Ed says as he jams his cock back and forth. "Gonna feed that
hole. Gonna shoot it up inside my bitch. Pump it full of sweet fucking
manseed and breed my baby right."

When Ed starts shooting off inside my cunt, it's like a burning river
searing my guts. He always pushes in hard, so his seed will go deep, but
this time he pulls it from my hole and scoots around to my mouth. His cock
is still spewing as he lifts Panzer's leg and shoves his dick in beside his
dogs, giving me the unique experience of sucking off both dog and master
together. For a few minutes I get to savor the different flavors and
textures of their dicks and it feel so good to know how much I am pleasing

After a few minutes, Ed slaps my ass hard and calls out: "Panzer, mount."
Out of horniness, not obedience, that giant, muscular b**st obeys. He trots
around to my ass, gives it a sniff, and a few seconds later I can feel his
long red snake sliding up and down my ass crack searching for a fuckhole. Dog's
have a very high body temperature, and Panzer's fur is soon damp with my
sweat as he covers me. His back paws are clawing at my calves, and his front
paws have me in viselike grip around my waist. But still he can't bury that
bone. With each pass his cock leaves a trail of cum that slicks my crack.
Not wanting to see Panzer suffer, Ed casually reaches forward and takes his
dog's cock in hand. Panzer growls, and I know he's showing Ed his teeth,
instinctively trying to keep the bitch to himself.

"Here ya go boy. Stick it here buddy. Fuck the bitch. Fuck it."

Ed aims that dog dick and pushes me back on it. I let out a scream that
fills the room and starts the other dogs wailing in their cages. My arms fly
out and I start grabbing at Ed's legs, trying to pull myself up and away.

"Don't go anywhere boy. That dog's just getting started. Just wait for the
knot and then you'll be feeling fine."

Ed's right. In a few minutes I can feel something like a hot billiard ball
slamming up against my pussylips with each frantic fuck thrust. I know
better than anger this dog, so I give a push out with my ass muscles.
Panzer's dogknot pops through my abused ass ring and he starts squirting and

"Yeah boy, give the bitch a good fucking. Fill her up. Fuck the bitch raw."

Ed's commentary only makes me hotter, and I start sucking and licking his
balls and dick as Panzer ****s my cunt.

"Damn that's hot. Ain't it Panzer? Fuck yeah. We sure are gonna miss this
boypussy, aren't we boy."

Suddenly my joy turns to confusion and fear. Even as Panzer is hunching and
climbing up my back, filling me with his doggie cum, I have the presence of
mind to ask. "Sir, what do you mean you're going to miss this boypussy?"

"Well, son. I made a deal to sell you to the Chief of Police this morning.
He made me a pretty fair offer. This here's just a good-bye fuck. Panzer
wanted one more shot at that sloppy boytwat and I didn't have the heart to
disappoint him."

"Oh, No, Sir. Please don't sell me. Please sir. I'll be good. I'll make you
happy. Please don't make me go."

Panzer's cock is now twitching and shooting like a geyser and the constantly
increasing pressure on my tender pussy is making me wince and grit my teeth
in sweet agony.

"Look boy. You've had your chance around here. These damn dog's can't get
their rocks off on their own. And you're too damn slow. Hell, the other day
Apache got dick drool all over my fucking car. If you'd have finished him
off earlier in the morning, that wouldn't have happened."

"Please sir. I'll wake up earlier. I'll do anything.."

Just then I scream as Panzer steps off my back and turns. His knot it now
pulling away from me as he tries to walk out of my cage with me attached.

"Shut up bitch. Panzer, stay."

The pain in my ass subsides slightly, but I'm still trapped and unable to
speak coherently. Unable to plead well enough to save my ass.

"Look bitch. Your time is up in this job. Everyone on the police force is
saying what a lousy kennel cunt you turned out to be. Hell, sometimes you
don't even let the dog's tie with you. You're just a lazy bitch."

My hole is practically vibrating from my sobbing, which I am sure adds to
Panzer's pleasure. Every few seconds his cock gives another little jump and
I can feel more cum squirting inside me. I can't believe it will be for the
last time.

"But Sir. Please Sir. I love you."

Ed chuckles a bit and starts to pull up his pants. Panzer's knot finally
slips free and he turns to lick at the river of cum draining out of my
gaping pussylips.

"You love me, huh?"

"Yes sir."

"And you love Panzer too?"

"Yes sir. I love Panzer.

"Well then, tell Panzer you love him. Maybe you can convince him you're
worth another chance."

"Oh, please, Panzer. I love you so much"

At the sound of his name, Panzer comes around to face me. He licks my mouth
and I can taste his cum and my assjuices.

"Please Panzer. You were my first real fuck and I love being bred by you.
Please give me another chance."

Panzer just keeps licking my tear-stained face, then forces his tongue
inside my mouth, smearing my palate with tears, cum, and drool.

"Well. That sounds pretty good. I mean, it sure looks like Panzer is fond of
you. Let me think on it."

"Please sir. Please don't sell me to the Chief of Police. I'm begging you."

"All right bitch. Just to show you what a good man your owner is. I'll try
to work something out. The Chief owes me a big favor, but I wasn't looking
to call it in just yet. But, I suppose I could. Of course he really did have
his heart set on you. He keeps calling you `the pick of the litter.'"

"Please sir. Please don't sell me to him."

"Well then. Here's what we'll do. You go with the Chief tonight, and give
him the best time of his fucking life, and tomorrow I'll tell him the deal's

"Oh no. Please sir."

"That's the deal son. Take it or leave it. Look, I could go out and find me
another kennel bitch in two seconds. Horny little faggot boys are falling
all over me all day long. Most of `em would give their left nut to be fucked
by such fine, pure-bread a****ls all day. If you really love me, you'll do
what I fucking say."

"Yes sir."

"That's my bitch. You go home with the Chief tonight, and Panzer and I will
see you tomorrow. But the Chief had better have a fucking smile on his face
in the morning."

"Yes, sir. I'll make him feel good sir. I’ll do anything he wants."

While watering the dogs and locking up the kennels for the evening, I can't
keep dark thoughts of the Chief of Police at bay. I hear his truck
approaching and a terrified chill runs down my spine. It reminds me of a
winter night just two short years ago.

It was cold as hell and I just couldn't get a ride. After an hour freezing
my ass off on the highway I see the light from someone's backdoor. No one's
home, and besides, in this weather no one's going to come out to see me
sleeping on their enclosed porch. I'm just getting comfortable--pulling my
jacket around me as I huddle against the back door--when it swings open from
my weight.

I step inside, where it's warm, figuring when the owners come home I just
quietly slip back out. The next thing I know, I'm in the bedroom. According
to a watch on the nightstand, it's late. 11 o'clock. The front door slams.

I jump under the bed and try to convince myself I'm safe. I mean, no one
ever looks under their bed, right? Then I hear a noise that turns my blood
to ice: the jingling sound of a dog collar.

"What's the matter, boy?" a man's voice calls out. "What is it? Where ya

The next sound I hear is a low, angry growl from a very large dog. The light
turns on.

"Whoever you are, come out slowly and keep your hands where I can see them.
Move it asshole or I'm sending the dog in there to pull you out by your

As I slowly crawl from under the bed, I'm shaking all over and nearly
pissing myself with fear. There in the doorway is a monster of a big black
dog, snarling and growling with every tooth in his head gleaming in the
light and thick ribbons of drool pouring from his lips. His front legs are
straining from the effort of holding himself back, as if at any second he's
going to lunge for my throat. Beside the dog is a mountain of a man, mid
forties, with short salt and pepper hair and a handlebar mustache. And a
uniform. A cop.

"Well, well, Panzer," the cop laughs. "Looks like we've caught us a tender
little chicken. How the fuck did you get in here, boy?"

"Sir, I was cold and the door was open."

"The fuck it was boy. Hands on your head. Turn and face the wall, asshole."

I start to cry as the cop begins to frisk me.

"Fuck, Panzer, have you ever heard such a crying little baby? How old are
you boy?"

"Eighteen sir," I reply.

"That' so? Too bad. Guess we'll have to try you as an adult then."

"Oh, please sir, I just came in to get warm. Please don't arrest me."

"Tough shit son. Now hold still."

"Please sir. I didn't take anything."

Just then his hand touches my ass, and I feel something strange. It's the
watch. I must have stuck it in my back pocket when I dove under the bed.

"What the fuck is this? You lying piece of shit. You fuckin' thief."

The cop reaches around my waist, grabs my belt, and with one hand throws me
to the ground. His pins my arms behind my back as he kneels across my body
with his full weight.

"You fucking thief. You know what we do to thieves in this town?

"Please sir." I cry out. "Please. I didn't mean to."

"I said, `Do you know what we do to fucking queer ass little thieves in this

"No sir. Please stop sir."

"We fuck them good."

"Please no. Stop. Please let me up. Please don't."

With the weight of his body bearing down on me, the cop makes short work of
my clothes. He literally tears them from my body. The last bit of clothing
to go are my briefs, and as soon as he's shredded and discarded them, the
cop begins slapping and beating my bare ass. I yell and struggle, trying to
get out from under him, but I'm pinned and that damn dog is guarding the
door, snarling and barking like he can't wait to rip into me. The cop's
fingers begin probing my asshole.

"Please sir. Don't do that. Please. No one has ever. Please stop."

"You mean you've never had a cock up this sweet silky hole of yours boy?"

"No sir. Please let me go. Please stop."

"Oh, baby. A fuckin' virgin ass. This is too good to be true. Now we're
gonna have us some real fun. Here Panzer. Mount."

The next thing I know the dog is on my back. I can feel the softness of his
fur against my sides, the heat from his body, and the moist scent of his
rank dogbreath. The cop has one massive arm around my torso, just under my
armpits, and is squeezing me so tight I can hardly breath. Worst of all, the
dog is humping at my ass like a maniac.

"Get him off. Get him off."

"That's right boy. You're gonna get him off."

"Please make him stop. This can't be happening."

"Hold still boy. You're gonna love getting dog ****d. Old Panzer here is the
hardest stud in six counties. Hung like a bull and always leaves his bitches

Just then, Panzer rams his cock inside my virgin hole.

"Oh fuck. What is that? What's happening?"

"Panzer just took your cherry. That's what's happening boy. You just lost
your cherry to my dog."

"Get it out. It's killing me. Make him stop. Please."

"Sorry son. That wouldn't be fair to poor old Panzer. You wouldn't want him
to get a case of blue balls would you?"

"Please, make him stop."

"Don't worry bitch. It'll be over soon enough. If you want to really speed
things up though, I'll tell you how."

"Oh, please. Anything. Just make it stop."

"Well, son. Here's what you do. Give a big old push out with those ass
muscles. That should send Panzer right over the edge. Be over before you
know it. Go on. Give a push."

In my ignorance and desperation, I begin pushing out. That's when it
happens. My hole is ripped apart by a giant dogknot, and we're tied.

"Oh fuck. He's killing me." I scream.

The cop lets go of me as I try to claw my way across the bedroom floor.

"Poor stupid bitch. Panzer just made you his bride. Got you tied tighter
than a drum. Fuck that's hot son."

Now the dog's thrusts are shorter and faster and his front legs are gripping
me in a sharp vise. My sobbing is wordless and desperate. I become too
exhausted to fight, and stop struggling beneath the giant. I bury my
tear-stained face in the floor as Panzer pounds and squirts his hot dirty
dogcum up inside me.

A few minutes pass and I realize the cop has left the room. When he returns,
he's on the phone.

"No. He's here right now." The cop winks at me.

"Panzer's got him nailed to the floor. Yeah. He screamed and cried at first,
like they all do. But now he's loving it. You should see this horny faggot
taking that big ol' hunk of dog dick. His ass is up in the air and I swear
he's grinding it. Hell yeah, this boy needed breeding. Hold on. I'll check."

The cop reaches underneath me, fondling my cock and balls.

"Yup. His little boy clit finally got hard again. And he's purring like a
contented kitten. Oh, fuck. Hold on. The fucking faggot just shot off in my
hand. That's disgusting. Here bitch, clean this off."

I lick the cop's fingers, cleaning them of my spew. When I'm done, he wipes
his hand through my hair.

"Yeah, you're right. Now that Panzer's turned him out, this sloppy boypussy
is gonna be craving dogcock 24/7. Fuck, it's gonna be hard to keep this
faggot out of the neighbor's doghouses. Come on over if you want a piece.
He'll probably have his legs spread all night."

The cop puts the phone down and grabs a handful of my hair. He pulls me
across the floor with Panzer still hung up inside. I am entranced by what I
see in the full-length mirror.

Above me, Panzer's big black head is held high and his nose is pointing
toward the ceiling. His dog tags are glimmering in the light and jingling to
the tune of his frantic fuckthrusts. His head is slightly turned, and I can
see his eyes are half closed in an expression of pure exctacy. His nostrils
are flaring and his flat red tongue is hanging out to one side. The foam
coating his jowls expands and contracts in time with his heaving, and
silvery streamers of saliva drip down onto my back.

Without shame, I stare directly into my own eyes. I have never seen a look
of such erotic bliss before. Behind my head I can see the smooth white
globes of my ass, covered by the hairy haunches of my big stud and proudly
upturned to receive his fuck.

"Talk to my fucking dog you faggot. Tell him how much you love his dick."

"I love the way you fuck me Panzer. Please don't stop. Don't ever stop."

"Tell Panzer to **** that pussy. Tell Panzer to breed your hole."

"Panzer, please **** me. Please fill my boypussy up with your doggy cum. Make me your sissy faggot doggy bitch."

The cop is now down on the ground in front of me, clicking away with his

"Look at me bitch. That's the way. Keep that pretty face up. Smile, you
dirty dogwhore. Smile for daddy."

My eyes roll back and a deep growl of pleasure rumbles up from my balls. The
camera flash blinds me just as my cock begins jumping and squirting.

"Nice shot, bitch. Gonna frame that one and put it on the mantle. Maybe keep
one in my wallet for when folks ask to see my dog."

Gradually Panzer's fucking slows and soon he is laying on top of me while
his swollen dogknot subsides. When it finally slips free I hear a river of
cum gurgling and draining from my gaping asslips.

Breathlessly I utter the only thing I can think of: "More."

"What's that faggot?"

"More. Please, Sir. More."

The doorbell rings. The cop smiles and slaps my ass.

"This sure is your lucky day bitch."

The cop gives me a swift kick in the ass with his boot, which sends me
sprawling onto the floor.

"Get the door, faggot. Don't keep our guests waiting."

I try to stand, only to have the cop push me to the ground again.

"Fuck, you're a stupid bitch. As long as you're in the presence of my dog,
you stay on all fours. I want to see that boypussy sticking up high in the air and ready at all
times. Now move."

As I crawl out of the bedroom and into the living room, my ass cheeks rub
sensually against each other, slicked and lubed with Panzer's still-warm dog
spew. The bell is buzzing angrily. I open the door--my whole body flushed
with shame and excitement--and in steps another man in uniform and two more
bull mastiffs.

I do a double take when I look up at the man's face. He looks exactly like
my new master, except clean shaven.

"About fucking time, faggot," he says as he strolls right past me without
looking down. "Shut the door bitch. You'll freeze our fucking nuts off."

The cop and his twin slap each other's backs as the dogs roam around the
room. Panzer comes out of the bedroom and growls, but soon the three are
sniffing each others asses and getting on fine. It's clear that Panzer is
the top dog in this pack, which gives me a strange sense of pride.

"Thanks for calling, b*o," my master's twin says. "So, this is the new
kennel cunt. How'd you find him, Ed?"

"The stupid fuck broke in here. Prowling around for cock, no doubt. Panzer
gave him a good fuck, but the k**'s still hungry. Think your boys can help
turn this dogpussy out by Monday morning, Bull?"

"Aw, Ed. That runty mutt of yours can't fuck for shit. Surprised he could
even get it up." Bull looks over at me and points to the floor in front of
him. "Come."

I crawl to him and await further instructions. My master speaks first.

"Boy, I want you to meet my brother, Bull. He just got married and his
frigid bitch wife stopped putting out." My new master punches Bull hard on
the shoulder. "Ain't that right b*o."

"Fuck'n right."

"So, son. You're gonna roll over like a good dog and spread those legs. Bull
needs to empty his big nuts, and if you do him real good, he'll let you play
with his dogs later."

While Ed talks, Bull is undressing. Soon he's down to his boots and a dirty
jock, and I'm on my back with my feet in the air. He kneels between my legs
and begins to pull his jock to one side.

"Here ya go, baby. Now, don't get scared."

I look down just as his gigantic cock strikes against my thigh. It must be
over ten inches and accompanied by the biggest pair of swinging balls I've

"See, baby. I've got a nice meaty bone for my brother's new bitch. Give me
your paw, boy. I want you to feel how hard it is."

He places his cock in my hand and my fingers explore his nuts and gently rub
the exposed cockhead. It's solid as iron and burning to my touch.

"That's the way baby. Now show Bull where you want this big boypleaser."

I line his cockhead up with my greasy hole and close my eyes in fear.

"Look at me boy. I want to see your eyes when I ream you. Tell Bull what you

"I want you to fuck me sir. Please."

"You want Bull to fuck that sloppy pussy baby?"

"Yes, please fuck my sloppy boipussy, sir."

Ed calls out from the bedroom, "Just stick it in the bitch and get it over
with. You'll be done in two minutes anyway."

When Ed says this, I see a look of anger in Bull's eyes and in one violent
thrust he drives his dick ballsdeep into my quivering hole. I scream.

Bull leans in close to my face as he piledrives that giant log.

"That's the way, baby. Squeal for me. Squeal like a stuck pigslut. I want my
smart-ass brother to hear how much you love taking my fuck. Tell me you love
it. Tell me you love my cock, you fucking horny bitch."

"Oh, sir. I love it so much. I need your cock in my pigcunt. Please don't stop."

"Louder bitch. Let's make that master of yours jealous."

By now I am squirming and crying in ecstasy as Bull's big cock punches its
way back and forth through my hole.

"What a slick slot you've got son. Lathering up my cock real nice. Let's see
if we can't tighten things up a bit though."

Bull reaches down with his left hand and takes a hold of my ballsack. He
gives a long, slow squeeze and my cries become higher pitched and more

"That's better. Give your little fagboy nuts some loving and this pussy
clamps right down."

Soon Ed comes out of the bedroom to find out what all the commotion is
about. He's in just a jock and boots too, and I am struck by the
similarities even in their muscular bodies.

"See here Ed? I bet you've never fucked a boy this good. Listen to him whine
and beg for more."

"Bull, you're a stupid fucker. This here's a cheap dogwhore. He's just
making all that noise so you'll think he's enjoying your half ass fuck."

"Naw, Ed. This boy's got a sweet asspussy that loves to get tickled by a real
man's cock. Every time I hit his shiver spot, he groans and his little
boyclit pulses jizz. You've got to try this sissyboy fuckhole, b*o."

"All right. How `bout we have us some fun, just like prom night."

"Man, we never made it to the dance. Fuck, we never even made it out of that
girl's driveway."

"I remember. Left that horny slut on her front lawn, still fingering her
pussy and begging for more cock. Best double date she ever had."

Although I don't understand what they're talking about, it's clear we're
changing positions. Bull reaches under my arms and swings me up as he lays
back on the floor. In a second I'm straddling him, his rod deeply impaled in
my ass.

"Lean forward, baby. Ed's gonna give you a treat. But you have to lean

I do as I'm told but start to put up a fight when I realize Ed is kneeling
behind me, his own huge cock pointing at my already overstuffed ass.

"No. Stop. You can't You'll break me wide open."

"Lie still bitch," Ed says. "This slack cunt of yours can take anything.
Fuck, boy, if I want to drive my 4 x 4 up your hole, all I want to hear from
you is `faster please.'"

Despite my thrashing and screaming, Ed soon has his cock lodged up inside my asshole,
rubbing along his brothers as I get double fucked in my boicunt.

"Damn, b*o. You were right. This hole is hot and sweet. Feels good wrapped
around my dick. No wonder Panzer seemed so happy."

"This is one of them holes that the more you feed it, the hungrier it gets.
Now let's give the bitch a hard ride."

Even as I thrash and scream, the two big men push and pummel, bludgeoning me
with their dicks. Ed's tool makes the deepest strokes--the searing pain
bringing tears to my eyes--while Bull twirls his from side to side,
expanding my sphincter beyond human limits. Soon Ed's body has me pressed
down against his brother's broad chest, which is slick with sweat and my
dribbling juices. My balls are squeezed between us, causing me added pain
with each thrust. My mouth is just a few centimeters from Bull's lips and I
instinctively try to connect mine to them. Then I feel a hard swat to my

"Don't get all queer on us boy. Nobody wants to kiss a dirty dogwhore.
There's just one faggot in this room, and it's the one getting double
fucked in it’s sissy pigcunt ****hole."

Ed's hand reaches out and takes a hold of my hair. He uses it as leverage as
he plows my hole.

"Take that fuck, you dirty little slut. Take it bitch," they repeat over and
over as they fuck me senseless.

In a few minutes I feel Bull's body tighten beneath me. His back arches and
my ass is flooded with hot jizz.

"That's the way, boy. Take my brother's load."

"Oh, baby. Milk that load out of those bull balls. Let the bull bread your
pussy. Suck up that seed with your pussy. You ready b*o?"

"Hell ya. Here it comes bitch."

Ed's body stiffens and he jabs his cock in deep and unloads. I can feel his
muscles quake as he pumps me full. The sensation of two slick cocks rubbing
up and down in my silky, dripping hole feels like heaven, and I am wishing
they'll never stop.

Then, as I look up, I see the three dogs sitting patiently in the kitchen
doorway with three tails wagging behind them and three red dog dicks poking
out in front. A big smile creeps across my face. They're brothers too.

By the time Ed, his brother, and their dogs had finished fucking me, the
light of the morning sun was creeping into the house. Ed pointed to a
blanket on the kitchen floor and Panzer trotted over to it, turned twice and
laid down.

"Better get some shut eye," Ed said with a yawn, scratching his chest and
then absentmindedly fondling his balls. "Damn, I can already feel the jiz
building up in my nuts again. And as for you, little bitch, now you've been
breed by dogs, ain't nothing ever gonna be the same again. Couple hours from
now you'll wake up with an itchin' hunger and you'll be beggin' for another
fat dogknot squirting up your pighole. Gonna be like that from now on."

I curled up on the floor with Panzer, d****d my arm over his hulking body,
and gently fondled his fat balls while he drifted off. As we slept, I could
feel Panzer give an occasional little jump or yelp in his sleep. I knew he
was dreaming the happy dreams of dogs: chasing squirrels, gnawing a bone,
and burying his knot in a randy bitch. I slept soundly, proud that I had
pleased my new master.

Now, two years later, I have let him down. How different is the feeling
now--a feeling of failure mixed with pain and humiliation. How different was
that contented sleep two years ago from this one as I lay on the hard
concrete floor of an empty warehouse, my abused ass pulsing with pain, my
own tender boyballs plugging my pussy, holding back the gallons of dogcum
inside. How did I come to this?

When the Chief of Police arrives, I am buck naked as usual and have watered the dogs, groomed them, and said my good-byes. I know that if I displease the chief, this will be he
last time I am permitted to serve them. I hear his police cruiser on the
gravel drive outside the kennel, then the car door slam, and the crunch,
crunch, crunch of his boots approaching.

The kennel door swings open and the Chief slowly pokes his head in. A smile
spreads across his face as he spots me in the dim light. I have seen this
look before--the sadistic grin, the menacing twinkle in his shark-blue
eyes--and I know that it always precedes a vicious night of fucking and torture.
He tilts his head down almost playfully, and I see the shadow of the huge
bulge between his legs. He is hard, in anticipation of the nightmare that
lays before me.

"Oh baby," he says slowly, letting the words drip from his mouth like
poisoned honey. "If you only knew what was in store for you tonight, you'd
shit where you're standing. Of course all you've got up that boypussy is
some slick-n-salty dogcum, but still, you'd shit for sure."

He turns away and starts walking back to the cruiser.

"Come," he barks, and I obey.

We drive for an hour, and the only sound is his occasional chuckle. Each
little laugh is followed by a quick look at me--his eyes scanning my slim,
hairless body which shivers from the cold and the fear of this night.

We are not alone. In the back of the cruiser is a giant of a dog, a Great
Dane known as "The Monster." Every few minutes Monster's tongue comes
darting through the metal grate between the front and back seat. It runs
over my shoulder and the back of my neck, which is damp with cold sweat.
This is not a playful gesture. Monster can taste my fear. He's getting off
on it. With each swipe of his tongue, my fear grows, and I know without
turning to see, that Monster's big dick is growing too. Soon he is
scratching at the metal, eager to fuck.

"Good thing we're almost there," the Chief says. "Another few minutes and
Monster would be chewing through those bars to get him some pussy. Settle
down, Monster. You'll get a crack at this horny little bitch soon enough."

The cruiser turns off the highway and down a darkened street bordered by
ministorage units. At the end of the road he stops, hanks the horn twice,
and the gate of a 10-foot chainlink fence slides open. A warehouse sits in
the distant darkness ahead. I expect the Chief has chosen an empty warehouse
in the middle of nowhere so my screams will go unheard. Then I realize with
a start of panic that the parking lot is full.

We step outside and the silence of the night gives me a feeling of
overwhelming dread. I hear the quick bark of a dog from inside. This sets
off a chain reaction as the night explodes into a cacophony of howling,
mewling, barking mutts--as though the warehouse is overflowing with them.

I run.

The Chief doesn't say a word. He doesn't give chase. I have the sensation
that I can escape. I will escape. I know it.

I am twenty yards from the fence when I hear the car door open. I turn and
see Monster in full gallop. I throw myself at the fence, but quickly fall
back to the ground. Monster is on me before I can take hold and start to
climb again. His body covers me and his bared teeth are an inch from my

"Don't move bitch," the Chief calls out as he approaches. His footsteps are
slow and ambling, and his voice is unconcerned. Monster is growling in my
ear, and his big dogcock---hard from the chase--is jabbing sharp and hot
into my back.

"Monster, stand down."

Monster steps away and sits. The Chief walks up, grabs my ass with one meaty
hand and pulls me back. His other hand reaches down and unzips. In one quick
lunge that big cop cock breaks my sissy fuckhole open.

"Fuck that's sweet. Damn, I love it when they run. Fear makes a naked sissy boyhole
even tighter. Don't it Monster?"

The Chief is now pumping madly at my cunt, his palms slapping my ass and his
thrusts pushing me forward into the fence. My fingers take hold of the
chainlink and I start to climb again.

"That's it, boy. Go on and try to get away. Just gets my dick harder."

Soon he has pulled me upright, and my feet start climbing the fence. His
hands tug me back down onto his pole and his hips hunch into me faster and
harder. I'm now off the ground, suspended on the fence, impaled on that big
cock and still trying to get away. The fence bulges outward under my weight,
bending and flexing as he fucks at my tight cunt. Gradually I stop my
struggling and give a satisfied groan with every gutwrenching powerpunch to
my boypussy.

"Fuck yeah. Got you primed now bitch," the Chief says. "Shoulda fucked this
hole before we left. You needed a good fucking, didn't you boy?"

"Yes, sir. I needed your cock so bad," I whine. "Fuck me harder, sir. Fuck
me good and hard."

"Don't you worry boy, I'm gonna make you feel every inch of this big'ole
copcock. Glad I get a shot at this pussy before them horny mutts stretch it
all outta shape. All them dog's gonna fuck you wide open. Who's my bitch,

"I am sir. I'm your doggy fuckbitch."

"Prove it faggot. Fuck yourself."

I grab the fence and pull myself up and off that meaty cock, then slide back
down, feeling the length of it churn through my pussy.

"That's the way, you fucking whore. Fuck yourself on it. Bury that meat bone.
Ride that dick down."

Soon I'm bucking and grinding, jumping and twitching, flopping around on the
end of that dick like a bitch trying to take the knot, greedy for the prized
seed building in my stud's balls.

"Fuck yeah. Tight fucking whorehole gripping 'n milking my pole. Treatin'
your daddy right now boy. That's the way daddy likes his boy. Ride that cock
for daddy. Give your man that boipussy. Gonna shoot it up inside and make my
boy happy. Ready for my load, boy? Beg daddy for it."

"Please, sir. Please feed me your load. Please feed my pussy. Oh daddy, I
need it so bad. Fill my asscunt with your fuckslop."

My hands let go of the fence and I lean back, so just my feet entwined in
the fence wires and that big hard dick hold me up. The pressure on my hot
twat is immense, and I start squealing. Suddenly my cock starts to shoot.
Long ropes of come shoot out into the night, spraying across my legs and
through the fence. The Chief fucks harder the more I struggle and quake.

I'm now wailing and groaning and, in an instant--just as my eyes start to
roll back and my body feels weightless, electric--the Chief begins blowing
off inside me. Its a long, hard cum. The kind that's stayed bottled up
inside a man's balls for too long. The kind of cum that a man can feel down
to his toes and makes the hairs of his pulsing ballsack stand on end. The
scorching stream of cum boils and sprays in hot bursts. I fall back onto his
cock as he buries his seed.

When he pulls out at last, I fall to the ground. I hear him take a breath as
he grabs me by the hair, pulls me up, and turns me to face him. I avert my
eyes when I see his wild, angry look.

"Now you listen, and you listen good, you sorry piece of faggot ass," the
Chief says through gritted teeth. "I paid a pretty penny for this sorry
cumhole, and I don't mean to be disappointed. This little puppy party is
gonna make me a fair pile of cash tonight, if you don't fuck it up. You
listening, bitch?"

"Yes sir."

"Now, here's what you're gonna do. You're gonna turn around a walk back
there. Go on inside and march to the middle of the floor. Doesn't matter
what you see or what you think, you just go to the middle of the floor.
You're gonna get on all fours, reach back, and spread open that boipussy sissy faggot fuckhole. And if you don't, I'll just let Monster tear your ass apart right here, and then open
them big warehouse doors and let all them other dogs gang**** you on the
spot. You understand me boy?"

I nod.

"Say you understand me boy!"

"Yes, sir," I whimper. "I understand sir."

"Now go."

I walk back toward the warehouse alone in the dark. The heat is rising from
the concrete, but it does not warm me. The dogs are still barking--an angry,
vicious sound. I swing open the door.

I can discern dense crowds of men in the darkness and dozens of dogs
straining on leashes. In the middle of the warehouse is a circle of light. I
walk toward it obediently. As I do, a hush falls across the room. Even the
dogs give up their howling when I step into the light and get down on all
fours. I place my head to the concrete floor. Reaching back with quivering
fingers, I spread my ass cheeks and pull my pussy open. A trickle of cum bubbles up and drips to
the floor with an audible splash. The room is utterly silent as though every
creature inside has taken a collective breath.

My pussylips wink once involuntarily, hungrily. The anticipation is
terrifying, exhilarating. I do not know what the night holds for me, but I
do know that at any moment someone will unleash a dog.

There's nothing like a hot load of cockjuice in my hole to get me ripe and
randy. And thanks to the Chief's hard fuckstick and that big shot of
ballsnot he blasted in me, I was horned up right good. With my ass sticking up high in the air and
shining in the spotlight and my pussy winking and belching out cop cum, I was
ready to take on every mongrel in the room. The two dozen or more dogs out
in the darkness didn't know it, but they were about to tear into the
sweetest most eager boytwat they'd ever plowed.

I knew if I made the Chief happy tonight, my master had agreed to take me
back home to the kennels in the morning. But it was more than the promise of
deliverance that had me wagging my tail and stiffening every cock--human and
canine--in the room. Fuck, I needed it bad. What was taking so long? Where
was all the dogdick I'd been promised? I should have been tied by now with
some humping mutt squirting and shooting inside.

"Gentlemen," the Chief announces as he steps into the spotlight with a
microphone in hand. "Gentlemen, welcome to the First Annual Macomb County
Dog Show."

The crowd starts hooting, joined by a chorus of barking and yelping. I look
up and am startled to see a man with a video camera just a few feet away. He
scans from the Chief down to me. I avert my face, only to spy a projection
screen to my right, displaying in huge scale my small white body. I can see
the red flush of desire spreading across my pale neck and shoulders.

"As promised, tonight you will watch this lowly sissy pussyboy dog bitch perform feats of
depravity so vulgar, so lewd and obscene, that it's sure to give you a
permanent 12-inch hard on. To put a fine point on it, my friends, this boy's
gonna get doggy ****d and doggy breed, hard. And you fine gentlemen are gonna watch every furious, frantic, furry fuckthrust up close--closer than a flea on a dog's nutsack. This sissy faggot dog bitch is such a pussyboy slut pig that he’s going to beg to be doggy ****d and fucked."

The crowd cheers again, but I can hear some deeper, distrustful voices of

"Gentleman," the Chief continues like a huckster at a county fair. "Let me
assure you, this is the horniest, nastiest dogwhore you've ever been
privileged to witness.You can travel from Tijuanna to Timbuktu, and you'll
never see a dog-and-boy show like this. Why there's nothing you can't throw
at this pussy that it won't swallow up and suck dry. Just look at how hot
the little faggot is, wagging his tail and fingering his sloppy twat."

The projection screen shows a close up of my fingers slipping and sliding
through my well-creamed cunt. The sight of my own puckered pussylips just
makes me hotter. Knowing I'm finally going to have something meaty up inside
there makes me shiver in anticipation. The camera magnifies every goosebump
and the few downy boyhairs on my bare ass.

“Lets here from the sissy dog slut," as the Chief holds the microphone down to my head.

I know what I have to do to please the Chief, so I reply “Yes sir, I’m nothing by a sissy faggot pussyboy dog slut. I want to get doggy ****d and fucked in my boipussy asscunt and my twatmouth. I want all of my sissy fuckholes to be stretched open with big hard doggy dicks and filled with doggy fuck soup. Make me a sissy dog bitch.”

“And now, without further ado, let's introduce our first competitor."

On cue, a man in jeans and a baseball cap steps forward with a full-grown
rottweiler healing obediently at his side. It's a beautiful b**st, and I
can't wait to take his fuck.

"What's your name, buddy, and who do you have here?"

"Name's Jim. This here's Giant."

The Chief chuckles. "Well, that's just fine, Jim. But I don't know if I'd
call that dog a giant. I've seen plenty of bigger rotties in my time."

"That may be true, Chief, but I've bet you've never seen anything like this

Jim reaches down and picks up Giant by his forepaws. Between Giant's legs
hangs the biggest set of nuts I've ever laid my eyes on. They are truly
obscene: plump and swollen. Each one must weigh three pounds. They look like
two softballs in a sack. The dog is downright hung. The camera zooms in for
a close up, and Giant's balls are projected as big as basketballs on the

Now, if you know anything about me, you know I'm crazy for a big set of
nuts. Watching a hefty pair swinging and swaying between a dog's hindlegs
gets me hard every time. And Giant's enormous nads are enough to make a
hungry dogslut like me start salivating on the spot.

"Fuck Jim. What the hell has that mutt got down there. That just ain't

"Giant's got a gift. That's for sure. And when he starts popping off, stand
back. Those bad boys pump and shoot like a power washer. He can scour the
paint off an old chevy when he starts a' cummin'."

"Like what you see, faggot?" the Chief asks me. "Wanna give `em a kiss,

Jim walks Giant over to me and lifts his front legs. I'm now face to face
with that beefy set. The crowd has grown silent and, as my tongue slips out
between my lips and tickles the underside of the fat sack, I can hear a
communal gasp out in the darkness. A few distinct voices can be heard.

"Fuck, that's disgusting."

"That really is one sick pussyboy puppy."

"Man, that's so fucked up, licking doggy balls."

I don't pay them any mind, as I'm consumed with the pleasure of lapping at
Giant's nuts. My tongue sweeps and sways underneath and around each one. The
soft skin gives warmly to the pressure, and I can feel Giant's dick poking
upwards, hotly against my face.

"Gentlemen," the Chief announces. "What did I tell you? This boy needs it so
bad he's licking the sweat off a dog's balls. Any man here who ain't getting
hard must be blind or dead."

A hot drip of Giant's precum dribbles from the tip of his dick, running
slickly down my cheek.

"OK boy," the Chief says as Jim pulls Giant away. "Time to meet the next

Into the spotlight struts a tall black man in an orange silk shirt and tight
jeans--a long bulge snaking halfway to his knee. He's wearing a brown fedora
with a matching orange feather and rings on every finger. When he smiles,
the light catches the glint of a diamond in his tooth. He's a caricature of
a pimp, and he seems to revel in the role. He gives a whistle and out from
the crowd steps a Great Dane. It's sleek and muscled and mean.

"Name's Jiz. This here's P-Dub," he says with a tilt of his head toward the

"P-Dub?" the chief asks.

"Pussy Wrecker. Bitch hold'n out, P-Dub take her down, hit that shit, raw."

I can't see what P-Dub has between his legs, but if it's anything like the
meat his master is packing, he's gonna turn my hole inside out. Fuck, that's
gonna feel good.

I let out a little whimper of disappointment as Jiz and Jim disappear with
their a****ls into the darkness. In the crowd there's money changing hands.
Bets are being placed, but for what?

"Word of advice, boy," the Chief says as he backs away. "Whatever happens,
don't move. Keep that sweet ass up high and that head low. But don't fucking

A bell rings out like the start of a prize fight and all hell breaks loose
around me. P-Dub and Giant race in from either side growling and snarling. I
can see only bared teeth and eight legs flying and twisting in a violent
blur as they spin and roll inches from my crouching body. First Giant is on
top, pinning P-Dub down, then the Dane breaks free and leaps toward my ass.
Giant is on him in a flash, knocking him back.

Giant bounds forward, rushing toward my backend and griping my sides hard.
P-Dub recovers and throws him off. They're now rolling on the concrete, and
I'm frozen with fear. Suddenly Giant is on his back. His head is thrown to
the side and his legs are spread so wide those big balls hang down to touch
the floor. It's a sign of surrender.

That's all P-Dub needs.

He's on me, buried to the root and already fucking. It's a ramming,
slamming, dick jamming dogfuck. He's throwing it so hard and so long that
he's pushing me across the floor with the point of his dick. Just what I
like. Just what I fucking need.

There's whistling and stomping and all out hollering as P-Dub wrecks my
cunt. Shit that feels fine. This big stud has no idea what a real bitch can
take--what a horny dogwhore like me really needs. I brace myself against the
concrete and push back. The men don't know what I'm up to, but the Chief
sure as shit does.

"Here it comes, men. Just like I told you. Little faggot's sucking up that

Fuck yeah. I push back hard and it pops in like a fist full of hot lead. My
pussy closes down and grips it tight. P-Dub ain't gonna get away, that's for
damn sure.

Money is changing hands and I know the Chief is pulling in the cash. By my
count its under three minutes and I'm tied. No one else would have fucking
bet that.

P-Dub's rubbing and bumping up against my sweet spot making me hornier and
hungrier. Giant is still cowering on his back off to the side, and those
bullballs look too good to pass up. I grab him by the leg and slide him
towards me, burying my face in his furry sack.

Soon Giant is up on his hind legs pushing a fat red-tipped dick towards my
lips. It slides in like a warm knife through butter. More money is changing
hands as I take a dog at each end.

I know what a stud likes, so I grab hold of those nuts and give `em a
squeeze while he humps my mouth. He's hot for that. Giant pushes in further.
It jams past my palette and down into my throat. His dick is getting greasy
with jiz and his jumping and hunching is working up a froth around my
stretched lips.

At the other end, that huge Dane is giving me a thorough assthrashing. Hot
cum pours up through my bowels in rhythmic pumps, slicking my insides and
giving P-Dub a smooth ride.

Soon Giant's knot is swelling and ramming against my teeth. He's whining and
crying for it, but I can't let him in. I wrap my fingers around the knot,
holding on for dear life, but they're all slimy and slick. He breaks

My jaw opens in a jerk and I'm stuffed, gagged with hard dogmeat.
Frantically I try to dislodge the big bulb with my hands, but he's hung up
tight. And now he's spewing. Shit, Jim was right. I can feel each massive
shot blasting against the back of my throat. It's like swallowing a garden
hose on full force. I'm gasping and flailing like a drowning man, but my
mouth keeps filling as the dogjiz runs in rivers from the edges of my lips.
My fear makes me tighten up, squeezing down on the Dane's dick. Fuck, that
makes him happy.

Every man and b**st in the room--and probably every one in a ten mile
radius--is hard as steel. The catcalls and whistles subside and a chant
starts in the crowd. It grows louder, filling my ears the way Giant is
filling my belly and P-Dub is flooding my guts.

"Breed the bitch. Breed the bitch. Breed the bitch."

P-Dub and Giant are rutting like maniacs, jackhammering my hole--bearing
down hard and bouncing my body back and forth between their dicks. Damn
that's good. I feel my boyballs tighten and pulse, and great shots of cum
start spewing from my dick. A roar goes up from the crowd. The Chief is
taking in huge wads of cash.

Giant and P-Dub aren't done yet. They keep fucking and spewing until I
almost black out. Giant is the first to pull out, and the Chief is right
there. He grabs me by the hair, pulling my head back so the camera can zoom
in on my swollen jaw and puffy distended lips. My face is coated in canine
cum and my eyes are streaked with tears, but still I'm smiling. A pool of
dog jiz has puddled up on the concrete and I dip my head and start lapping
it up.

"Who's a horny dog whore, boy?"

"I am sir. I'm a horny dogwhore."

"Tell me what you want baby."

"More cum, sir. Please. More fucking doggy cum. Fill my pigslut sissy asscunt with more doggy fuck slop. I want to be doggy ****d sir."

P-Dub pulls out, not even waiting until his knot is soft. He jumps
back--taking half my ass with him--and pops free. The Chief grabs my
asscheeks and spreads them wide as the cameraman zooms in. Cum gurgles and
drains out of my aching hole in torrents.

"Think you're ready for round two, boy?"

"Yes, sir. Please. I'm ready. I ready."

"Poor stupid bitch. You don't know what's in store for you."

I must have lost consciousness around the tenth or twelfth round, and in the
foggy confusion, I am aware only of the continual announcement of breeds, a
constant growling in my ears, the pain of sudden impalement, and an agony of
humping and hurt. I awake with a jolt as an alsatian tries to pull himself
free. His knot is still a brick-hard bulb, but his dick has unloaded and has
no more use for my hole. After an eternity of tugging and tearing, he
finally comes unstuck, and I see stars sparkling the air of the darkened

"Let's hear it for Mack," the Chief calls out to the crowd. "Finally, a dog
who knows how you treat pussy. Pound it hard, pump it full, and pull it off
your dick as soon as you cum."

My body is burning so hot that the dogslime running from my hole no longer
cools as it slops down my thighs onto the concrete. My boytwat is itching
with hunger and desire. I know what it is to need fucking, to ache for
it--and I now understand the insatiable cocklust of a bitch in heat.

My eyes scan the darkness, searching the crowd for an a****l that can really
fuck. I spy a huge dark form to my left and start crawling toward it. The
a****l sees the ravenous look in my eyes and turns away. I spot another
large b**st and watch as his tail dips between his legs.

"Looks like our young pup wants to be the alpha male," the Chief says.
"Thinks she can fuck her way to the top of the pack. Sorry, bitch, guess
it's time to take you down a peg."

The Chief let's out a whistle of two short blasts, and I swear the floor
shakes as a huge, pale dog, the size of a pony struts confidently into
the light. He faces me, and I immediately and instinctively drop my head.

The Chief whistles again, and the dog circles the crowd, coming to a stop at
his feet.

"Gentlemen, let me introduce you to a rare breed, an Argentinean fighting
dog, Demonio Diego de Cordoba. That's Diego, the demon of Cordoba. He's got
a very special talent that will become apparent pretty quickly. Diego,
andate. Andate la puta."

Diego rushes to cover me and knocks the breath out of my body as he plunges
his demon dick inside. Although he's a large dog, the biggest I've had
tonight, I'm still surprised by the heft and girth of his tool and the power
behind it. A low vibrating moan rumbles from my gut as Diego hammers away.

I reach back to fondle his balls and feel the hot tool drilling into my
hole. Diego's cock feels as wide around as a beer can. His balls are full
and flop heavily back and forth as he fucks me. The cameraman steps around
to my rear and zooms in to get a close-up of the penetration. Diego's cock
is purple and glossy looking, with a smooth silvery sheen. Soon I feel his
knot expanding grotesquely, and the movie screen confirms what my hand and
my ass are already telling me: Diego's knot is larger than any that has ever
invaded my ass and is still growing. I look out into the crowd and see the
Chief grinning.

"Gentlemen, what did I tell you? Diego's got the biggest knot of any dog
you've ever seen, and the biggest one that's ever been lodged up this boy's
butt. If it doesn't rip the bitch wide open, he's gonna be hung up tight.
Hang on son, you're in for a hell of a ride."

The knot starts to break through. I watch on the screen as it disappears
inside and my pussy closes up around it. My screams fill the warehouse.

The Chief steps forward. "What's the matter, baby? Not such hot shit now,
are you faggot?"

"Please sir. Please. It hurts so bad. I can't take any more. Please. It
hurts. It hurts so bad."

"Of course it hurts, boy," the Chief says adjusting his big dick in his
uniform trousers. "That's what makes it so fucking hot."

My cries become higher pitched and breathless.

"Listen to that men, that's the sound of a sissy pussyboy in love. That's the sound of
a bitch with a big bone buried deep and loving it. Take that dick, boy. Give
that dog your pretty pink pussy."

"Please. No. Please. Stop. Stop. Please."

"Naw, Diego's not gonna stop faggot. He's not gonna stop fucking for a good
long while." The Chief starts to laugh sadistically. "Something I didn't
tell you boy. Something you should probably know."

"Please make him stop. Please. Please, Sir."

"What you don't know boy, is that this damn dog's been chowing down on
Viagra for three days. He's so fucking horny his dick's gonna stay hard all
night. And I bet your boyhole ain't ever gonna be the same again."

There is no pleasure for me in this fuck. I'm at the mercy of an a****l that
will not stop and doesn't know or care how his bitch is suffering beneath
him. His knot continues to grow, stretching my pussy beyond its limit, and
his forepaws are gripped tight around my waist as he humps it deeper.

The crowd moves in closer, and I'm surrounded by men and dogs. I look up,
pleadingly, hoping for at least one man in the crowd to take mercy on me,
for at least one who will save me from this eternity of pain.

A man kneels down at my side and lifts my chin up.

"Smile, bitch."

A sudden flash blinds me, and then another man comes forward to kneel beside

"Smile pretty for the camera, faggot." Another flash. The men are having
their photos taken as Diego powerfucks my pussy, like hunters posing with
their quarry.

Each man takes a turn having his photo taken, a grotesque souvenir of the
night's festivities. And still Diego continues fucking, oblivious to the
drunken laughter, the taunts, and the thrashings and cries of the unlucky
boyhole he is breaking apart with his demonic dogcock. His jiz is squirting
and shooting up inside me, squishing out in hot streams with each
long-dicked thrust. As the last men step forward and the last photos are
taken, Diego is still fucking ferociously, but he's no longer juicing my
hole. He continues dry humping me for what seems like hours.

The raucous laughter and howling of dogs grows quieter. The party is
breaking up. Soon only the cameraman and the Chief are left to watch as
Diego finishes ripping into my sloppy twat. When Diego's knot finally
subsides, he slips from my hole with an audibly wet thwack. My legs are
shaking and cramping as I drop to the floor, exhausted and spent. The
warehouse becomes dark, and there is only the sound of cars and trucks
growing more distant---and the soft sound of my sobbing.

When the warehouse door open again, the morning light pours in, illuminating
the figure of a man. I lift my head and squint into the light. If I had a
tail, it would be wagging right now, as I recognize my master, come to take
me home.

"Hey baby, did you have fun while daddy was away? Did my boy have fun
playing with all them dogs?"

"Oh, Sir, I'm so happy to see you."

"And I'm happy to see you too, boy." Earl walks around me and lifts my body
up with the toe of his boot. "Been working hard, and you know how horny that
makes your man." Ed unzips his uniform trousers.

"Oh, please, no. Sir. Please. I'm so sore. I can't. Please Sir."

"Shhh. Now you just hush, boy. Daddy's got some candy for you. Nice hard
cock candy."

"Please sir. Please."

I feel the blunt end of Ed's cock at my hole. "Give daddy some pussy."

Ed drives his cock inside with a hard thrust. It feels like a fire in my
hole. He takes a few slow strokes in and out, making me feel it's length and
power in every inch.

"Shit, boy, this is one sloppy fucking cunt. What the fuck did you do,
swallow a whole pack of dogs?"

Ed takes a few more jabs and pulls out. "Ain't never gonna get my rocks off
this way, bitch. And you're squirting dogjiz like a fucking fire hose. Gonna
have to tighten things up a bit."

He reaches underneath me and starts fondling my balls, which are slick with
dogslime and sweat. He squeezes them solidly.

"Hold tight, bitch. Daddy's gonna put this runty little sack to use."

With one hand Ed begins lifting and twisting my nuts, and then to my horror
begins pushing them toward my hole.

"Gonna pack these in and tighten you up, faggot."

"Oh, please, no. Please stop. Oh, please."

"Hang on baby, Ed's almost finished. There ya go baby."

My master doesn't give me a moment to adjust to having my balls packed into
my pussy before he plunges his dick down hard, sending me reeling.

"Never had you're nuts busted, baby?" Ed grunts as he fucks me. "Makes your
master so happy, makes my dick so fucking hard. Take that dick, baby. Make
your man feel good. Make your man feel fine."

When Ed has finished he zips up, gives my ass a slap, and starts to walk
back toward the open door.

"Please Sir. Don't leave me here. Please Sir. You said you'd take me home."

"I know what I said, bitch. But the situation's changed. Found me a new
kennel cunt. Some faggoty bitchboy hitchhiking on the interstate last week.
Panzer's been tapping his ass regular every day. That boy's a natural, I
tell you. He's started your old job this morning, down at the station now:
ass high, tight, and full of dogdick."

"Please, Sir. Please take me home."

"Quit your crying, bitch. The Chief's gonna treat you right. Hellfire,
tonight you're gonna be having a high old time, I bet"

"But, sir, I can't take anymore. All those dogs . . . it's too much. I can'
take it."

Ed lets out a short laugh and turns back toward the door. "Not to worry,
son. You're done with them dogs for a while. Tonight's your lucky night.
You're gonna get acquainted with the rest of the police force. The mounted


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