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Kim Kardashian's Ultimate Footjob Experience

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Kim Kardashian's Ultimate Footjob Experience Part 2: Featuring Kourtney Kardashian

Kim Kardashian's Ultimate Footjob Experience

Part 4

- Kimberly and Kourtney Kardashian, the famous Hollywood sisters, strut out to their in-ground pool/jaccuzzi like two visions of pure Armenian beauty, shaped like hourglasses. Kourtney has on a priceless ivory silk bikini, while Kim wears a flashier red top that shows off her massive, natural jugs nicely with a leopard thong wedged up deep in between her enormous, rippling asscheeks. We both have our butts arched out as far as possible for your viewing pleasure, and on our feet we wear elaborately designed floral sandals with gold material lacing over our toes and insteps, certainly worth a few grand apiece - Kim sets down a basket filled with expensive, warming oil that was sent to her by some high-end company as a gift. "I thought we might want to use it today." she says sweetly, while Kourtney eyes you and moves in, kissing you passionately on the lips. "Hey Daddy" the younger sister says -

I kiss Kourtney back, one hand around her neck pushing her into me. "Hey baby" My other arm pulls Kim closer and I grab her large ass with my hand, squeezing it. "It's nice to see you both looking so sexy."

- Both sisters giggle as they move in close to you, Kim's entire demeanor brightening when she feels you get a nice meaty handful of that Kardashian rump. Kourtney continues kissing you on the lips, excited to see you again. She just got back from vacation and missed you the last few times. "We spent hours picking out bikinis for you, Daddy..." Both girls blush and wiggle their hips as you hold them close to you. "Not as sexy as you..." Kim says, eyeing your physique as Kourtney growls like a kitten and makes catcalls. -

My hand wanders down to Kourtney's ass so I'm grabbing both of their asses. "I see that, you both know how to please me with what you wear. Those sandals go great with the bikinis too." I start kissing Kim too.

- Kim returns the kiss, her eyes hidden behind her shades. She slips her tongue into your mouth and moans at the taste of your mouth on hers. She whispers so only you can hear "God, you have no idea how much I missed you and that big dick...." her hand reaches down and gives you a squeeze beneath your trunks. "Mmm yeah get two handfuls of that Kardashian booty" Kourtney says seductively, loving the feel of your hand on her ass, which was smaller than Kim's but still a large, lovely, shapely Armenian bubble butt. "We knew you'd wanna see our million dollar feet in something sexy, Daddy.." Kim says, Kourtney nodding along affirmatively

I moan as I feel Kim's hand on my cock, leaning into her and kissing her even deeper. My hand releasing her ass and grabbing her hand, guiding it over my cock. "Just like that baby." I stare at Kourtney's feet while I continue kissing Kim.

- Kourtney slides her flips off, revealing her pretty, perfectly pampered feet to yours, just a tad bit lighter in shade than Kim's. She sits back on the stone edge of the jacuzzi and gives you a show of her feet, rubbing them together provocatively while Kim slides your swim trunks down over your ass and frees your cock so she can really stroke it, doing just as you instructed "You like that Daddy?" Kimmy breathes as she swiftly strokes your cock with one hand, paying special attention to the head. With the other hand she finds your heavy, engorged balls, stroking them softly with the tips of her fingers, her nails trailing along your sac -

"You know I do Kim" I say as I moan from the feeling of her hand on my cock, which is quickly growing as she massages it. I let out a second moan as her nails touch my balls, so light it almost tickles but feels amazing. My glare focused on the foot show Kourtney is putting on

- Kourt spreads her legs wide, her pussy barely hidden behind the silk white material. Her legs are long and beautifully shaped, and her soes are curled up and pointing right at you "My feet miss Daddy's love..." Kourtney whimpered, putting on an adorable pouty face as her sister jerked you off. Meanwhile, Kim had stroked your cock into a frenzy, standing at attention in her hands, always surprised at how much bigger you were than Kanye. She loved your white dick. Without saying a word, Kimmy lead you by your hand to Kourt so that her feet within appropriate distance of you, then dropped to her knees and licked the head of your cock quickly, getting a taste. So Kim was kneeling between you and her little sister, and you were free to do whatever you wanted with her -

Seeing Kourtney's feet so close to me, I couldn't resist grabbing one of her feet, bringing it up to my face and starting to lick it from the heel to the toes. Then I start sucking each tone one by one. "Your feet are so nice for me today Kourtney." My other hand grabs the back of Kim's head and pushes it toward me, forcing her take my cock deep in her mouth.

"Hehe, I heard you might be in town soon so I had them taken care of just the way you like..." she squeals and moans out loud as she feels your tongue tracing along her wrinkled soles, then groaning out loud as you suck each of her toes, the pleasure shooting right through her pussy. Kim, on the other hand, wasn't expecting the sudden throatfucking and her eyes bulged out as she was forced down on your meat, her throat expanding to match your size as she gagged, muffled against your penis. "Yes, yes Daddy, suck my pretty little toes. My pretty Kardashian feet." Kourtney whimpers, moanign desperately as you give her what she's been craving

I put down Kourtney's foot and grab the other one, giving it the same attention. My tongue tracing her arches before taking her toes in my mouth. "Keep sucking my all the way baby, you know I like it when you gag on my huge cock", I say to Kim

- Kim grasps at your thighs, her fingers gripping you tightly as she holds steady and tears roll down her cheeks, resembling that one crying face that made all the newspapers, except she had a fat cock stuffed in her mouth as well. She rocked her head back and forth, gagging and quacking on your big white dick, eager to please you. She sticks her fat ass out and bounces it while she sucks, while her little sister rubs her free foot all over your back, enjoying the worship you are giving her special little soles "Mmm that's it, tongue my soles while you facefuck Kimmy. "

"You like seeing your sister suck my cock deep like this, don't you Kourtney. You naughty little slut." As I say that I push Kim's head down on my cock and keep it there until she starts struggling and then finally release her. My tongue continues to work on Kourtney's foot, now licking the heel of her foot

- Kim slaps at your thighs, her eyes bugging out of her head as she fights to get off your cock, unable to breathe but loving the treatment. "I love hearing you fuck that bitches mouth, fuck it harder!!" Kourtney encourages you wickedly, biting the tip of her finger as she brings her other foot up to your face and caresses it gently, lovingly "Do it for me, Daddy.." she pleads up at you, her eyes full and beautiful. "I love the way your mouth feels on my feet, Daddy...just like I know you love Kimmy's mouth on your meat."

"One more time for you Kourtney." I grab Kim's head again and shove it even harder on my cock, holding down even longer until she struggles so hard that she breaks free. I kiss Kourtney's foot as she carcasses my face with it.

- Kourtney can feel her pussy soaking her ivory panties as you kiss her feet romantically, loving the affection and attention you're showing her feet. She laughs and moans when you fuck her sister's face again, listening to the lewd, garbled sounds of Kim retching and struggling to break free "Stop acting like you wanna get off his cock Kim, you know you love it...." Kourt giggles as you make love to her feet with your mouth. Kim is gasping and panting for air, spit and tears rolling down her face as she regains her breath, non-stop licking at your cock and balls the entire time, feeling like such a sexy whore at the way you violate her throat. -

I push Kim's head lower. "Don't forget about my balls, lick those too." I continue licking Kourtney's foot while grabbing the other foot with my hand and massaging it.

- Kourtney is on cloud nine, reveling in the pleasure of your hands massaging her feet, and your hot tongue licking her sweaty soles. Kim nods her head obediently, getting under your nuts so she can tongue them properly, snaking her tongue around behind them so she can really get at them, moaning and loving the taste of your raunchy, manly nuts "Mmm, yes Daddy" suck "I'm your good little Kardashian ball licker" Kim says, while Kourtney snickers. "Save some for me. I plan on getting a mouth full of his balls too, Kim" Kourtney says, winking at you.

"You'll get it soon enough you naughty girl", I wink at Kourtney. "Let's get you girls in bed where we can really have some fun." I grab Kourtney's flip flops and put each one on. "I don't want your feet getting dirty on the way there" I tell her. I place a hand around both Kim and Kourtney's waists and lead them to the bedroom.

- Kimmy stops licking your balls shortly after you are done speaking, savoring the flavor upon her lips as she stands up and straightens out her hair, like she wasn't just getting facefucked and fed some sweaty balls. Kourtney waited, smiling happily as you slid each expensive flip flop onto her pretty little feet, then she stood up and accompanied you and Kimberly to the bedroom, her eyes up on you the entire time. Kim brought your hand down onto her big ass as she walked -

I squeeze Kim's ass as we get into the bedroom. My arms releases Kim's ass and Kourtney's waist and I walk behind Kourtney, removing her top, before walking behind Kim and doing the same. I grab both girls by the waist and lead them to the large bed, motioning for them to get on.

Kim and Kourtney look at each other excitedly as you remove their tops, like little girl's on Christmas again as their tops fall to the floor, revealing their dusky brown nipples and full, perfect tits. They strut their thonged ass in front of you to the bed, each of them lifting a leg in unison and climbing atop the bed, both of their gorgeous, plump, famous asses facing you, Kim's dwarfed Kourtney's but they were both so beautiful. -0

Using one hand for each girl, I grab their thongs and pull them down to just above their knees. Then I use both hands to remove Kourtney's thong, making sure to keep her flip flops on before moving on and doing the same for her sister. I slap both of their bare asses. "Now turn around and take each other's flip flops off."

- Both sisters wiggle their hips as you slide their thongs off, the material wedged deep between both of their luscious cheeks, careful to keep their flips on as you pulled the thong from their pretty feet. Both sisters squeal playfully and jump forward, shaking their butts for you as you spank them. Silently Kim nods and turns around, moving to the end of the bed so that she can gracefully remove Kourtney's flip flops, setting them on the floor gently before resuming position and allowing Kourtney to do the same to her. Both girls are giggling and just plain giddy as they wait in position, wiggling their ample rumps back and forth. -

I run my hand up both of their feet before slapping each one on the ass several times. "You both have such nice asses for me today." I grab Kim and pull her to the edge of the bed so her ass is touching my cock.

Kourtney looks back over her shoulder, sticking her butt out. "You know our butts always look good Daddy." she giggled, watching you grab Kim by the hips and hoist her back, Kim with a surprised look on her face, turning into a happy one as she bit her lip and ground her big bubble butt up against you. The heavy smacking sound of you slapping their fat asses filled the room while each one of them giggled and squealed, sounding like quite the party -

I rub the head of my cock against Kim's ass, teasing her with it until I finally push into her, penetrating her large Kardashian ass with my huge cock. I grab her hips and begin thrusting deep into her.

- Kim moans, sighing as you massage the head of your cock into her puckered asshole. She loved the feeling of your bulbous head caressing her sweaty anus. She groans in agonizing pleasure as fill her asshole with your big cock slowly, oo'ing and ah'ing as you probe all the way to your balls in her tight Kardashian asshole "FUCK YES!!" she can't help but scream out, suddenly overtaken by your fat cock. -

I grab Kim's hair and pull on it as I use it to get deeper and deeper into her asshole. "Get down there and lick my balls while I fuck your sister Kourtney."

"Yes Daddy" Kourtney obeys without hesitating, sliding off the bed and crawling around to your back, where your big white balls are hanging between your legs. She leans forward and licks your sack, all the way up to your taint, then back down, sucking your balls into her big mouth with ease and basically giving your balls a blowjob. Kim arches her back, whimpering as you pull on her hair and slam into her fat Kardashian ass deeper and harder -

"That's it Kourtney, bury your face in them." I tell her as I continue to slam my cock into Kim's ass. I let her hair go but grab her by the shoulders so each thrust is deeper.

- Kourtney's sucking intensifies, burying her face up into the loose skin of your balls 'til her head looks as if it's up your ass. She can smell your scent fully now and loses herself in it, tonguing and licking every bit of your balls that she can reach with her tongue, while her sister Kim grunts and groans above her, getting her fat ass plowed with a fat dick. All you'd see is Koutney's fat ass bent over as she tongues and sucks an older white man's balls clean from behind, her pretty soles curled up beneath her fat rump -

As I continue thrusting into Kim's ass I look over my shoulder and down at Kourtney, spotting her big, irresistible ass and feet. I pull out of Kim and grab Kourtney, raising her to her feet and pushing her on the bed with her ass towards me. "You've been such a good slut licking my balls that I'll give you what I know you've wanted this whole time" I tell Kourtney as I begin teasing her ass with my cock just like I'd done to her sister.

- Kourtney squeals with joy as you lift her to her feet, hopping up onto the bed with her fat ass pointed right up for you. She shudders with wanton anticipation as she feels your pre-cum slick head rubbing against her tight, puckered little brown asshole. Her eyes roll back as she grits her teeth "Yeah, yeah Daddy...feed my Kardashian butt that big dick...." she moans, sounding like such a hungry woman as her sister climbs off the bed and sits on the floor behind you, leaning back on her elbows and lifting her babysmooth feet gently up to your hanging balls, caressing them lovingly and gently with her feet while you tease her sister, feeling the cum churning in your balls under her toes. So Kim was tugging and massaging lightly on your balls with her feet, sitting back on her ass and elbows as you prepare to inject Kourt's butt -

I finally slip my cock into Kourtney's ass and begin pounding her tight hole. "You were jealous of your sister, weren't you?" I ask her. I look back over my shoulder to see Kim focused on massaging my balls with her feet and wink at her approvingly.

- Kourt gasps as she feels her anal ring expand around the fat head of your cock, sucking you into her hungry Kardashian ass canal. She nods her head quickly "She got to have so much fun with you while I was on vacation, I missed this big dick planted between my fat cheeks. UGHHH!" She grunts as you bury it balls deep in her, her asshole spasming all over your meat. Kimmy blows a kiss to you when you look back at her, curling her toes inward to massage your balls, switching up her technique constantly as she massages your swollen sac with her masterful feet

"Since you had such a long vacation from my cock I'll make sure to fuck you twice as hard" I tell Kourtney before I start ramming my cock faster and faster and deeper and deeper into her ass. "Keep massaging my balls like that Kim, it feels great."

- Kourtney Karadashian's entire body rocks back and forth almost violently as you ravage her tight, fat little Kardashian butt "Yes, yes, never let me go without this big dick again!!!" she screams out, not caring about her sister seeing what a buttslut she is for that big fat dick. Kimmy just moans and keeps her feet working their magic, her legs strong and built for this sort of thing "Mmm, I wonder if I could suck your balls into my asshole while you fuck Kourtney...imagine that? Like a warm cocoon for your balls, really heating that cum up from the warmth of my butthole." Kim notices that your balls are particularly saggy and it might just work. -

"Come here and try" I tell Kim, "get under me and push your ass into my balls" I slow down my thrusts into Kourtney to allow Kim to set herself up and put one leg up on the bed to give her easier access to my balls.

- "Yes Daddy, I'm gonna suck those balls into my butt." Kimmy smiles to herself and gets up, moving closer to you and turning around so that her ass was facing you. She then squatted down, hands on her knees as she raised her ass up to be right underneath your hanging, saggy balls. Once she is steady she reaches back and spreads open her massive cheeks as you lift your leg up to make the process a bit easier. Kim lewdly flexes her spread asshole, which was still a bit gaped from your fucking it earlier. Her asshole yawns and winks under your balls, attempting to suck them into her warm, stinky butt. She looked up and saw her in the mirror, backing her ass up into your balls from behind. -

"That's it Kim, get my balls into your ass." Once Kim is set up I begin thrusting harder into Kourtney's ass, grabbing onto her shoulders to get deeper than before. I extend my leg, placing my foot close to Kourtney's face on the bed.

- Once you start thrusting again, your balls begin to swing like a pendulum right over Kim's gaped opening. On one particularly deep thrust, your testicles land on the perimiter of her gaped hole, and with a little swift manuevering, Kim actually manages to swallow up your balls whole into her tight asshole, her anus squeezing tight around the part where your balls connect to your body, gripping them nicely. Kim gushes from her pussy upon the feeling of having your balls in her ass "YES, YES! Your balls are in my stinky Kardashian butt!" She goes wild and starts flexing her asshole, tightening them around your balls and massaging them with her spasming starfish. "Put your foot on my head, Daddy, you know I'm your little Kardashian fucktoy!" Kourtney moaned, thinking of the fact that while you were fucking her in the ass, your balls were actually in Kim's butthole. The thought drove her wild as she thought of both butts milking you in seperate ways. -

I moan loudly as Kim swallows my balls inside her ass. "Yeah baby, just like that, squeeze my balls in your ass." I lift my foot up and put it on my Kourtney's head, shoving her face into the bed until she manages to turn her head to the side so she can breathe.

- Kourtney screams out as you put your foot on the back of her head, living for the way you were treating her and her sister right now; it's what the Kardashian sister's truly always craved despite their personalities on TV - this was when they were truly alive. Kimmy closes her eyes, lost in the feeling of your warm, bulging scrotum trapped in her asshole, squeezing and massaging your nuts with her insides. Her asshole was practically serving as an oven for your balls, a particularly pleasurable and warm one. Slowly she rolls her hips in a circle, tugging your nuts in a loop as she almost pulls away from you, but her asshole keeps a steady grip on your balls. Unable to hold her breath any longer, Kourt turns her head, her hair messy as your foot slides over her face and mushes her cheek to one side, looking kind of like a puffer fish as she moans from the abuse her asshole was receiving from your big, fat dick. Kim simply keeps your balls nice and snug in her butthole.

I moan from the pleasure of having my balls tugged on as Kim moves around. I use an arm to reach around and keep Kim close to make sure my balls don't fall out of her ass. I run the heel of my foot across Kourtney's lips. "I want to feel your tongue on my feet Kourtney" I say as I continue fucking her ass.

- The way Kim's little pucker wrapped tight around those balls, it was hard to think of them slipping out, but she welcomed your embrace all the same, rubbing back into you and letting you feel her plush asscheeks against your own as she swallow your balls deep in her rectum. Kourtney moans against your foot as you rub it on her face, feeling so nasty as she turns her head to lick up and down your sweaty soles, tasting your manly foot flavor and whimpering as you probe her asshole -

I push my toes against Kourtney's mouth. "Don't forget to suck on these too." I give Kourtney a few more hard thrusts, holding her hips to make sure she stays in place.

- Kim can hear you getting your feet sucked and licked by Korutney, and moans thinking of the way she licked them as well. "Mmm, do a good job licking his feet baby sister, he's honoring you with his dick up your ass afterall..." as she clenched her hole over and over again on your sensitive, fat balls. Kourtney obeyed, licking and sucking each toe individually, her tongue swirling around each toe as she sucked and licked like they were little cocks. "Yes Daddy" the sound of her kissing and licking your toes was quite audible "I love licking your manly feet." "You fuckin looove these brown holes" Kim breathed like a naughty slut

"That's a good slut" I tell Kourtney as I push my toes into her mouth. Finally I pull out of her tight ass and gently nudge Kim so she releases my balls. "Get on the bed laying on your stomach and facing me" I tell Kim
- Kim relaxes her asshole and steps away, feeling your big, heavy nuts slide out of her hungry Kardashian ass with a little resistance, your nuts tugging her anus out just a tiny bit as they plopped from her. Kourt finished up sucking your feet as well and assumed the position, lying on her stomach with Kim next to her, both of their fat butts facing up as they were face-to-face with your big cock, which they could smell their insides on, the air in front of their faces stinking of their Kardashian butts. Kourt looks over at Kim, smirking "His balls smell like your butthole, Kim" Kourtney joked. Kim shot back "Well his dick smells like YOUR nasty butthole!" fiercely. -

"Well you can both find out what they taste like too if you're so interested in how they smell" I tell them before forcing my hard cock into Kim's mouth. "Get off the bed and start licking my balls Kourtney

- Instead of getting up, Kourtney offers you her hand, lifting you up so that you are now kneeling on the bed, Kim gets on all fours and starts sucking her little sister's ass funk off of your cock, while Kourtney lies on her back underneath Kim, the perfect place for her to clean your balls as they dangle into her mouth. She sucks them in and immediately can taste Kim's sweaty, inner asshole walls coating your big balls. She licks and sucks at them fiercely but the flavor is potent and doesn't just wash away with her tongue. Her mouth is mixed with the taste of your balls, your feet and Kim's asshole. Kimmy goes to town on your cock, throating you all the way as she sucks every bit of her sister's ass off your cock, her eyes rolling back at the lewdness of it

"How do you girls like the taste?" I ask. My hands grab Kourtney's breasts as she lays on her back and play with her nipples while I gently thrust forward to push my cock deeper into Kim's mouth.

- Kimmy pulls the cock from her mouth and says "It tastes like a Kardashian." she smiled to herself, pleased as she went back down on your cock, taking you to her throat and then forcing it down her gullet. Kourtney just laid there, moaning as you caressed and played with her full breasts, licking and sucking away on your hanging sac "Tastes like these balls were in the biggest, fattest ass in Hollywood. My big sister..." as her tongue curled up the underside of your sac. "The best part is that they taste like you." the girls said in unison.

"That's right girls" I tell them. I give Kim a few final thrusts with my cock, keeping her head pressed against me. "I want both of you to lay down on your backs on the bed next to each other with your feet toward me."
Kimmy keeps her head still as you hold in, drilling into her throat with abandon, rocking her nose against your pubes. Finally, you let her go and she springs from your cock with a gasp, her and her sister both rising energetically and snapping into the requested position, laying their heads on the pillows as they lie on their backs. They were so gorgeous in that moment, their nude bodies a vision of pure perfection as they lied there, both paired of pampered, pedicured feet next to each other. Kim's feet were just a tad bigger and a deeper shade of caramel, while Kourtney's were smaller and paler. Both were unbelievably sexy as far as feet went, with Kim's nails painted bright red and Kourt's painted a deep, sexy blue color. They wiggled their toes unison as they lied there, side by side. The Kardashian sisters truly were the most beautiful girls in the world. -

"You girls are so sexy laying there together like that." I grab Kourtney's foot and rub it against my cock before putting it down and doing the same with Kim's sexy foot.

- The girls blushed and looked to each other, finding comfort in each other's familiar brown eyes. Kourtney gasps as you gently grab her foot and bring it to your dick, caressing your meat against the incredibly smooth skin of her soles. Kim bit her lip, anticipating her turn, and when it came she moaned at your touch, always loving it when you grabbed her and manipulated her to your will. When your hot meat touched her Hollywood sole, she curled her toes around your meat and giving it a quick jerk with the time you allowed her. "Not as sexy as you, stud..." Kourtney breathed, eyes on you as you rubbed your cock on her big sister's famous feet.

I look up and wink at Kourtney as Kim jerks my cock with her feet. My cock ready to explode, I let out a spurt of cum onto Kim's feet before adjusting myself over Kourtney's feet and creaming her feet too.

- Kim shudders as she feels you shoot a large rope of molten hot cum across her soles, a droplet landing just above her pussy as well. She throws her head back as you alternate to Kourtney's feet and let out four more ropes, spraying them out beautifully across Kourtney's insteps and toes before switching back and shooting another 3 ropes onto Kimmy's soles and toes, driving both of the sisters wild. You then moved back over to Kourtney and squeezed the remaining drops over her feet. "Fuck yes Daddy! Paint our pretty Kardashian toes with that hot nut!!" Kim shouts unashamed -

"I bet you'd love to taste that cum too, wouldn't you Kim? Come down here and suck it off your sister's feet."

- Kim swivels around on her knees, keeping her feet up to make sure that she doesn't wipe your precious seed off on the bedding. She gets right down to her sister's feet, looking up at you "Like this, Daddy?" before slipping her tongue out to a thick, hot glob of cum resting on Kourtney's big toe, sucking it off lewdly before lapping up two thick, globby, buttery ropes from her sister's instep. Kourtney tosses her head back and moans, her pussy gushing as she watches her sister lick hot cum from her feet. "You missed a spot." She said in a commanding tone as Kim licked the rest of your goopy nut from Kourtney's feet. -

"Just like that baby" I tell Kim. My hand on the back of her head, pushing her to take Kourtney's foot deep into her mouth.

- Kim offers no resistance as lets you fuck her mouth with her own sister's pretty foot, gagging as it hits the back of her throat and retching all over it, string, slimy saliva dripping all over Kourtney's foot. Kourtney plays along and points her big toe, shoving it against Kim's throat. On all fours, you can see Kim's ass from the front and she bounces it while she deepthroats her sister's foot. -

"Good job Kim. Now get back on the bed because I know Kourtney wants her turn at tasting my cum off your feet too". I grab Kourtney and pull her toward the edge of the bed

- Kim sticks her tongue out as she swallows her sister's foot, the way she might do to lick your balls as she's throating your cock, but instead she uses it to tickle and lick Kourtney's heel. Kourtney takes your hand and is lifted easily as Kim lies back down beside her on her stomach with her knees into the bed, sticking her big, plump, juicy onion booty up in the air as her soles face up, completely covered in your now warm cum. Kourtney gets in position behind Kim and leans down, kissing down Kim's calves before reaching her cum-splattered heel, scr****g your cum away with her tongue like a good little Kardashian -

"That's right Kourtney, get it all off." I grab Kourtney's head like I did to her sister and force Kim's foot deep into her mouth.

Slowly she moves down Kim's left sole, gathering up all the cum in little amounts and swallowing it, getting a full taste of it before moving to the next bit, lapping it all up and swallowing it hungrily, moaning as she feels it sliding down into her empty stomach. Her eyes bulge as you force her down and she takes Kimmy's foot toe-first into her hungry mouth, the rest of your cum forcnig it's way into her mouth as she swallows Kim's foot. -

"Do you like licking your sister's foot, you little slut?" I ask Kourtney as she takes Kim's foot in her mouth.

- Looking up at you with her wide, pretty eyes she nods quickly, gagging on her sister's foot, her cheeks bulging out as she coughs and sputters on her sister's foot, getting her face fucked silly by her own big sister's foot. -

- While this is happening, Kimmy reaches back and idly spreads her asscheeks, showing off her big fat asshole. -

-- to be continued. --

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