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Rachel, my whore daughter.

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My wife & I had been married for 6 yrs, she already had a daughter from a previous marriage,Rachel.She was just 18, long dark hair,beautiful eye's & a gorgeous tight body. She knew how good she looked & how she could use this to embarrass me,she knew in her mind how much I wanted to fuck her, and used this to her advantage. Often leaving bathrooms door open while showering, walking round in underwear, smiling at me when she gets her own way when I've said no.
My wife had booked a weekend away with the girl's, Rachel couldn't go with her,as she was at an 18th birthday party on the Saturday. My wife had told her she was to dress properly for it & be home by midnight.

Friday came & went, my wife left for her trip, Rachel was home by 11pm & the day brought no problems. However, Saturday was a different matter. At 4pm there was a knock at the door, it was Rachel's friend Amy, a tall 18yrs old blonde, looked a lot older. She was also a tease,as she passed me she purposely brushed her firm breast against my arm as she kissed my cheek.
"Hi Micky,Rachel in her room" she says as she passes. My eye's followed her walk past me & head for the stairs, her tight arse fighting to stay in the little black skirt she was wearing. Her cheeks moving side to side as she climbed the 1st stairs. I could have pulled my cock out there & then & wanked myself silly.

At 7 o'clock I heard them coming down the stairs, I turned my head to tell them to enjoy the night. I couldn't believe what I saw, Rachel was wearing black knee high boots,stocking's, a yellows & black short pleated skirt, what looked like a white vest top, showing all her cleavage, her nipples sticking out like she had been playing with them.

"I don't think so Rachel, your mum would go mad if she knew I had let you out like that" I said.
"You wouldn't say no" she replied laughing.
"I'm serious" I replied
They both just laughed as they headed to the door.
"You just stay in wanking to xhamster,see you later" she souted back to me as the door shut behind her.

So for the next few hour's I did as I was told, sat chatting to girl's on here, having the odd play looking at all the lovely girls on here,reading stories. Ha ha getting myself hard,frustrated & by 1am,angry as well. As Rachel was still not home & her phone was turned off. I eventually fell asleep around 2 am.

I awoke around 4.30am, the sound of the door closing got my attention.
"Over here young lady" I shouted
"I'm knackered,off to bed,see you in the morning."she shouts back.
I jump off the couch & grabbed her arm at the bottom of the stairs.
"I don't think so, I want answers, it's 4.30,12 o'clock you were told"
"What you going to do,tell mum" she laughed
"I will tell mum about you & how you wank over other women on xhamster" she snapped
"How do you no about that" I asked
she set off laughing
"What's so funny ?" By this time I was angry & worried. How did she no ?
" you have tributed on my body & Amy's, you fucking old perv"
I just didn't know what to do, I grabbed her by the hair & pushed her on the couch. My ipad was on the table.
"Right, get your profile on xhamster up now"
She began typing, a picture appears of a dark haired girl, just a slight bit of her face showing. I went on the pictures, all show tits,arse & pussy shots. No face pic's. Sure enough a video from me on there, I was mortified. Wanking over my step daughter for the world to see. Oh no, on Amy's too.
I started reading her profile, she prefers older men,has daddy fantasise, enjoys being sub.
Well this just made me hard instantly. She started laughing.
"Well as I say,mum needs no nothing, night daddy dearest" she says as she stands up.
I jumped up & grabbed her hair
"Sit down you little slut, I've not finished with you yet" I said angrily. Not knowing what to do next.I thought about it for a minute. I knew I had to punish her, she would have me round her little finger if I didn't.
"Right, over my knee, you are out of control,someone has to teach you"
She laughed "I'm a little old for that don't you think" she laughed. I grabbed her hair again & dragged her over my knee.Her hands were on my knees under her body, so she couldn't protect her ass cheeks. I brought my hand down firm on her left cheek, her legs kicked wildly as the sound of my hand echoed around the room. Then the right cheek, she cries out as my hand mark is left in printed on her red swollen cheek. I continued for 3/4 minutes, then noticed her pussy lips were glistening slightly. At first I thought she was getting wet, I then realised it was cum dripping from her. I grabbed her hair & dragged her off my knee.

"You little slag,who have you been fucking tonight?" I screamed
"Look at me you dirty little whore" I shouted
She slowly lifts her head,her beautiful eye's slowly looked into mine,tears falling down her lovely face.
"Come on,who's cock has been banging you tonight"
Through her crying she told me how she hadn't enough money to pay the cab she got at 1.30. The asian driver said he was taking her to the police station to check her name & address,so she could pay it on Sunday. Instead he took her to the cab office, where she had to suck 2 drivers off while one fucked her doggy style to pay the fare.
With this I pulled my cock out,by now it was throbbing. My sweet little step daughter was actually the local fuck whore.At least I know where her knickers had got to Wow.
"Suck this then Rachel, lets see what your 18yrs has taught you about cock" I pushed my cock into her mouth, she was still crying as her lips shut around my shaft. Her teary eye's looking up at me made me want to cum there & then.
"Deeper you little skank, I want it down your throat" I slapped her face firmly
"Open your mouth wide & keep it open" I grab her hair & pull her head towards me, her nose stuck on my groin, my cock deep in her throat, she tried pushing away. I pull her tighter, causing her to gag & cough. Slaver runs from her nose, tears down her face as she hits my leg with her fist.
"Don't you arse hole" she cries.
"My turn to laugh at you now slut. I laughed as I slapped her around her head.
"Get on your knees & lift your skirt up" I demanded
I stripped off and got down behind her, I slid two fingers inside Rachel's pussy, I could still feel the cum inside her, so hooked my fingers, dragging it out onto my fingers.
"Here, eat this asian cum before daddies cock enters you" her head dropped down, I grab her hair yet again & drag her head back.
"Open your mouth now bitch"as she did I stuffed my cum filled finger down her throat, making her gag again.
I return to her rear & push the tip of my cock just inside her.
"Push back my little princess" I laugh as her arse slowly pushes back, my foreskin pushing back with her, my throbbing shaft slowly getting devoured by her 18yr old pussy. Occasionally slapping her arse & wetting my finger & rubbing it around her butt hole.
"Tell daddy what a whore you are" I got no response, so I hit her arse hard.
"Fuck me daddy, I'm a whore & need punishing, please daddy, I will be good in future,promise daddy.
I fucked cute little rachel for the next 3 hrs, over the couch, kitchen table, bed & in the shower. I never entered her back passage,want to save that for when she I really naughty. Of course the end cum shot ? Well by the time that was ready, Rachel was begging her dad for it.
"Please daddy,cum in my mouth for me, I want to taste what mummy taste, please daddy"
Well, she had been such a good girl the last few hours, how could I not.

That afternoon, her mum cam home.
Hi, had a brilliant time, shattered now. How was your weekend together ?" She asked.
Rachel looked over to me.
"Great mum, think dad & me got a lot closer with you away. We are going to be spending more time together, we have a lot more in common than we thought" she said smiling.
I find I am constantly telling my wife to get out more, can't wait to get Rachel alone again, also trying to get Amy to come over & join us. All three of us are still on xhamster, If you come across them, just let them no what beautiful little young sluts they really are. I do & look where it got me. Thanks for taking the time to read & hope you enjoyed.

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