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My Best Friend's Mom Sucked Me Off And Fucked

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This is a true story with the names changed.

So this all started a while ago when my friends parents got divorced. They moved apart from each other, and their mom needed help moving in to her new place. I offered to help since I was almost always at their house anyway, and I started to notice his mom would always like check me out and say weird stuff to flirt with me. His mom was pretty hot. Brunette, Brown eyes, pretty great body, with about 32 DD tits and a sweet ass you could eat off of. The problem was, I wasn't much to look at, so I guess thats why she never actually did anything. I was like crazy overweight from college, I had lost my six pack and everything. Eventually though I busted my ass and dropped all the weight and got my form back. That's where our story begins.

So my best friend decided to have a BBQ one weekend and he obviously invited me with a ton of other people. We all show up and are having a good time, going in the pool and what not. So I go inside to change into my bathing suit (everyone else is out back). I come out of the bathroom with no shirt on, and see his mom in the kitchen, with her night robe on. "Oh hi, Natalie. How are you?" I asked. I had yet to see her, and she hadn't seen me without a shirt on since I got in shape. She turned and I saw her eyes widen. I smirked a little but tried to hide it.

"Oh! John, how are you? Wow... you look great. Been working out I see?"

"Oh you know, just trying to get back to my football shape." I leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. She "accidentally" turned and I kissed her on the lips. So transparent. But I wanted to play the part. I pulled back and said, "Sorry Nat! I didn't mean to..."

"Oh no, it's alright. So what's your training regiment? You have to tell me! I desperately need to get into shape too!" She began gently touching my pecks with her finger, tracing it down towards my abs.

"Oh don't be crazy! You're gorgeous! You don't need to change a thing!" She was now tracing her finger along my abs with staring at them. Her jaw was hanging open slightly, and she was on the verge of drooling.

"Really? You think so?" Her finger was now stopped at the top of my bathing suit, which was basically the only clothing I had on.

"Absolutely. You have a body to die for Natalie. Any guy would be lucky to have you!" She looked up at me and smiled.

"Uh, can you help me with something, John. I needed something moved, but you know how lazy my sons are." She continued smiling.

"Of course." I followed her out of the kitchen towards the front of the house, then down the hallway to her room. We went inside and she turned around to face me. She opened her robe and dropped it to the floor, exposing her silk red panties and her massive tits. My dick instantly sprang to life, but I still wanted to play it off. "Oh my god, Natalie, I'm so sorry." I made a half hearted attempt to cover my eyes. She pulled my hand away and put it to my side, then grabbed the fast growing bulge in the front of my pants.

"Really? Your cock seems to disagree."

"Well... I did say you were attractive..."

"You did." With that she dropped to her knees and continued rubbing my cock through my suit. "You know I've thought about your cock since we met, but first I was married, and then I just didn't have the courage. But now, you're too hot not to do anything about it." I smiled, but before I could respond, she pulled my suit around my ankles, springing free my eight inch and now stiff cock. She audibly gasped at the sight of it. "Oh my god... It's so big..." She stroked it twice, but then I guess figured she'd go all in and just jammed my cock into her mouth, sucking it ever so gently. I exhaled in pleasure at the feeling of her warm mouth going up and down my shaft. I grabbed her hair into a pony tail and began to guide her up and down my dick. She had no problem with that, and seemed to enjoy me taking control. So I pushed my luck a little.

"You like that cock in your mouth?" I asked. She wouldn't pull off, and just moaned a loud 'mm-hmm' while continuing to inhale my cock. I pushed her head down a little farther, and I felt my head poking the back of her throat. She was taking it all the way and not gagging, I was fucking amazed. I let her go and she pulled back, sucked it up and down twice more, then pulled her mouth off my shaft and sucked my balls into her mouth while continuing to jerk my dick with her hand. She swirled them around, popped them in and out, and licked them all the while. Finally she traced her tongue back up my shaft and shoved her head back down on my waiting cock. She continued going up and down the shaft as I moaned with pleasure, and she swirled her tongue around my shaft. She finally pulled off and continued jerking while staring up at me and smiling. I wanted to push it even more, and see just how dirty this hot mom was. "That's a good girl." I said. Her grin grew six times bigger and she slammed my dick down her throat, really going all the way to the base of the shaft. I almost came right there, but I wanted to enjoy this a little longer. She was now looking me right in the eyes and gobbling my cock at the same time. It was crazy.

She kept going up and down, until finally she pulled off and looked me square in the eyes. "I want you to cum on me."

"Yeah? Where?" I asked.

"All over my face." She said determined. My mind was fucking blown. This hot mom was down for fucking anything!

"Yeah? Prove it." She slammed my cock into another deepthroat, but this time, she kept pulling up and slamming back down. She was fucking her own face with my cock, and I was fucking loving it. Up and down, up and down, and the whole time her throat was just slamming the tip of my cock. I couldn't handle it. Then she pulls off, gasping for air, and looked up at me, almost upset.

"Your dick is too big. I can't breathe." I just grabbed the back of her head and shoved it onto my cock again, and just held it. She tried pulling off but I wouldn't let her. She tried at least three more times, but I held her there. Finally I let her go, and she gasped for air, her saliva covering my dick from base to tip. She breathed heavy. "I want you to cum for me." She said between gasps.

"How bad do you want it."

"I want it so bad. It's all I can think about!" Still out of breath, she pushed her head back onto my cock, sucking the upper half while jerking the lower half. She was really trying to get me to come. She began to move her head so her mouth was sucking in a twisting motion. She was a real fucking pro. It was really the greatest feeling ever.

"Yeah, suck that dick like a good girl." She didn't even fucking slow down. She just kept sucking away like it was her job. "You like that dick in your mouth?" Again she didn't even pause, just gave an 'mm-hmm' and kept sucking. "Yeah oh my god, it feels so good." I said to her again. She seemed to appreciate that because she sped up her sucking motion. She began pulling it out and popping it back in repeatedly, while staring up at me and rubbing my balls at the same time. Then she pushed her own head down and held it there, while staring up at me. Then she slowly pulled off, gently caressing the shaft with her hand as she went, until finally she went back down and returned to her original motion. It was very sloppy and wet, there was saliva everywhere, but I loved it. She pulled off and gave her mouth a break finally and began jerking. "You having fun?" I asked.

"Yes!" She said with a big smile.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"I want you to cover my face with your cum." She said it slow and deliberate. I almost lost it again, but I held on. I was having too much fun myself. She then licked all the way up my shaft, but this time with her whole tongue, and did it very slow. It almost took thirty seconds to get to the top. She then held it there a minute, and slammed her head down into another deepthroat. Pounding her own throat on my fuck stick.

"Oh, thats so nice," was all I could manage as she continued to devour my cock. Then she pulled her hands away and just sucked with her mouth. "Yeah, suck it!" I said. She bobbed up and down for a little bit before I said, "Yeah. Play with my balls now too." While sucking she used her hand to roll them around and just massage and play with them. Then she removed her hand and sucked them into her mouth, just licking and sucking on them. Finally she shoved her head down on my cock one more time before pulling off.

"Please cum for me." She almost pleaded. She really wanted my cum.

"Do you deserve it?"

"I do. I really do, please!" She pleaded. "I've been a very good girl! On my knees where I belong!" She continued. She was a total submissive whore, and I was loving every second of it.

"What do good girls get?"

"Good girls get cum all over there faces!" She sucked down again, bobbing up and down, and then pulled off. "PLEASE! CUM ON MY FACE!"

I grabbed my dick in my hand and pumped three times. The first shot came out and blasted her in the eye. She closed them in time. The next three massive globs covered her cheeks and forehead. The last two landed on her nose. She opened her eyes again. Her face was fucking covered, and I mean covered. She didn't pause to clean though. She just sucked it twice more, then hopped up and pulled her panties down. She then bent over her bed.

"You're not done yet. I need that cock in my pussy." I happily obliged. It was still soaked from her saliva so it slid right in. I pounded that bitch so fucking hard, I thought I was going to break the bed. I pumped and pumped, and she was fucking moaning, but still trying to be quiet so no one would hear. I started putting it in and pulling it out. Her pussy was pretty tight for an older woman, and it felt amazing.

"You like that cock in your pussy?" I asked.


"You're just a dirty little slut aren't you?"

"No. I'm your dirty little slut!"

"Well in that case, we need to change this up." I pulled my cock out of her pussy and square it against her ass.

"Wait! I've never done anal before!"

"Well theres a first time for everything!" I forced my full eight inches in. She tried to scream but nothing came out. I could tell she liked it though because she was whispering 'yes, yes, yes'. I think she was trying to scream but couldn't. I started slow, but then quickly worked it till I was pounding her again. Then I grabbed her hair and pulled her hair back, using it like a handle as I ravaged her asshole. I smacked her ass a few times as well, just to watch a little extra bounce.

"This is my asshole now. It belongs to me!" I said.

"Yes! It's yours and only yours! Oh my god, its fucking amazing!" She screamed.

The thing was, her asshole was so tight, I could feel myself about to cum again, already. I pulled out and said, "get on your knees again bitch. I have another load for your face." She happily dropped to her knees, and even started sucking my dick, even though it was just in her ass. She sucked real hard again, and I pulled out and stroked another huge load on top of the old one. Two globs landed on her chin, one on her forehead again, and another on each cheek. When I was done I exhaled, and she smiled.

"Thank you. That was amazing. I think you better go back out before they get suspicious though. Next time you're here though, we're doing that again!"

"Yes ma'am!" I was ecstatic.

I can't wait to go back over there...

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