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No, we can't do this With just the towel wrapped around him, he exits the steamy bathroom. On his way to his bedroom, he hears his mother calling him. "Kevin, come give me a hand here." she shouts from her bedroom. What does the old woman want now, I want to get dressed he thinks to himself, getting a little irritated. He likes to get dressed immediately after his morning shower, before he does anything else. But as he has to walk pass her bedroom on the way to his, he might as well see what it is she wants. As he enters his mother's bedroom, he sees that she is standing with her back towards him with only her half-slip on. Ah, the bra again, he thinks to himself. Since he was a small boy, he always had to help his mother to fasten the clips of her bra at the back. When he was smaller, he didn't give it two thoughts, but as he grew bigger, he didn't like it so much any more. He loved his mother, but he really didn't want to be THAT close to her. And now that he is 28 years old he definitely doesn't like doing it at all. But she still insists on asking him. "Mum, let me first get dressed," he says from the door. "Just fasten the clips, Kevin. It will only take like eight seconds to do it..." she insists. He enters the room. He can see right through the sheer material of the slip that she is wearing a bright pink floral panty. It sits tightly over her soft, well rounded bum. Small rolls of fat are visible on the sides, giving her that plump, old woman look. His mother is 71 years old, but she still does everything in the house. She is very active and one would never say that she is that old. As he starts putting the little clips into the little hooks of the the stretchy band of the bra, her warm scent enters his nostrils. His mother is very clean on herself and everything around her. She smells like carnations and cinnamon. Standing that close to his mother, feeling the heat from her soft, plump body and getting her nice smell makes him think of his mother as a woman for the first time in his life. He and Jody had a hell of a fight two days ago and he told her never to return. He had already decided – even before the fight - that he was not going to take her back, no matter how much she cries when she cool down. They were fighting far to much in the last few months and he is really tired of it now. But for the past two days he didn't have a good fuck. And here he have a woman in front of him. A woman with whom he had been living his whole life. And she is standing inches away from his cock, wearing only her underwear. His mother has been a widow for twenty years now. Since his father died, he never saw his mother with a man, which means she didn't have sex for a whole twenty years. He will be doing her a favour if he fucks her. He can feel that his penis had also already taken that decision for him as it had already started filling with blood, swelling out to its full size.. For a cock a cunt is a cunt, doesn't matter whom it belongs to. With the decision taken, he unhooks the bra and let it fall to the floor, exposing his mother's breasts in front.. At the same time he unhooks the towel and suddenly he stands with his upstanding cock against the nice soft plumpness of his mother's slip covered ass. "Kevin, what the hell are you doing..." his mother exclaims. He gets a good grip on her from behind, while pressing his strong cock even harder against the softness of her ass. God, it already feels so fantastic good, and he didn't even arrive at the flesh yet. His hips starts moving against her from behind. At the same time he starts feeling her big, soft breasts, moving it like dough in his hands. His fingers move over the huge nipples, stimulating it. He knows that his mother's brown nipples each lie in a big brown stain on her soft white breast. That was where he sucked his milk from when he was a baby. Today he will suck it just for pleasure... "Kevin, what the hell are you doing..." his mother reprimands him now in a strict voice as she tries to get out of his grip. "Don't worry Mum...I will do everything..." he says as he kiss her in her wrinkled neck, blowing hot air over the sensitive skin. He knows this wakes up the fires of hell in any woman. But this will be especially nice for someone who didn't feel the strong touch of a man for so long. "KEVIN, stop immediately..." she says as she now desperately tries to get out of his grip. This makes the plumpness of his ass move even more against the stiffness of his cock. He grinds his cock up and down the smooth slip even harder now. "I can feel that stiff thing of yours on my behind. We can't do this...I AM YOUR MOTHER, for god's sake..." she says as she struggles against his much stronger arms. "Wait Mum, this is so nice. I am not even in you, yet, but already I can feel the extreme pleasure." "No, Kevin, stop this...we can't do this...we cannot do stuff like this, I am your mother..." she says desperately. "Oh, oh...Mum...it feels so good..." He let the tip of his tongue dart all over her neck. He lightly blows hot air over her ear and whispers. "Lift up the slip Mum..." "No, Kevin, stop this..." she says. He can hear the uncertainty in her voice as the pleasure also starts eating into her, he imagines. When she reluctantly move her hands down to the slip and slowly starts lifting it to expose her panty covered ass to him, he knows that she is under his control. "We shouldn't do this, baby...please stop now..." He holds his cock away so that she can lift the slip and then he feels the heat of her plump, cotton covered behind on the naked sensitivity of his cock. With the slip gone he feels the warmth of her body radiating through the cotton. And her ass is so soft and well rounded that it already fills his cock with enough pleasure. She is also slightly moving it, making it feel alive. He move his cock to the crack of his mother's still panty covered ass and start moving it in and out. He can hear the old woman starting to breath faster and harder. "Please, Kevin...stop, baby, before it is too late...uh..." While his hands still work on her breasts and his tongue in her neck, he moves his hips lower down, to get his cock between her legs. Right there where her pussy is. He moves his one hand down from the front and moves the panty hem away so that his soft cock can slip in. He feels her even helping him, by slightly opening her legs, while still in the standing position. He doesn't put it in, but just rub the swollen cock head over her smooth outer lips. He feels the heat and moistness radiating from his mother's most secret place. This is the place he arrived in this world from 28 years ago and within seconds he will return there. "Oooooh, Kevin, no, what are you doing...please stop, baby...we must stop...oh, god..." Pure pleasure takes total control of him now and it moves through his body like a cold shock. He feels how the tip of his cock - out of its own accord - start to slip into the moist warmth of his mother's slit. The vagina also plays a role in this, by moving down and it almost feel as if it is sucking his cock into the hot tunnel. He moves slowly, but strongly, holding his mother tightly from behind as his cock digs deeper and deeper into the soft folds of his most secret place. Doggy style like only a human can do it. "Oh, Kevin..." He feels her hips slowly starting to move in time with his. She not only moves it up and down to take him deeper, but also in a slight circular motion, making him even more horny than he already is. Her movement sent electric hot sensations through his whole body, each one exploding in his head like a nuclear bomb. This makes him lose all reason. He pushes his very erect and hard cock all the way into his mother's cunt, from behind. He starts moving in and out, hard and strong, his sensitive cock rubbing against the sensitive flesh of her inner vagina. There is no stopping them now. "oh, Mum, it feels so good ... I can't help myself ... I can't stop, even if I wanted to ... I am going to fuck you today, Mum ... I never planned this ... but will fuck you today ...I'm going to fuck you so good...ah..." "Yes, baby, I feel you inside me...fuck me, baby...fuck your own mother...I want it...fuck my pussy..." the words bubbles from her mouth now. For the first time in his entire life he hears his mother swearing. He never even knew that she knew all these words. His stiff cock is making his mother swear, God... There breathing is in unison now, hard and fast as he pumps his mother from behind. He is still moving slowly. He loves his mother and really don't want to hurt her. Her canal is so tight. Almost like a virgin. I must be because she didn't fuck for twenty years. But, always being practical, a thought suddenly flashes through his mind. He has been so single minded about fucking his mother, that he never thought about the neighbours. They live in a semi-detached house with super thin walls. What if the neighbours hear them?
We are Moaning Too Loud He takes his penis out of his mother immediately. He sees her hips still moving up and down, looking for his pleasure giving rod. "What?" she asks and turn to look around at him. "The neighbours. Let me put on the radio, before they hear us." he says as he walks over to his mother's remote and switches on the radio. Sweet jazz immediately fills his mother's room. She is still standing there with her chubby body with the little fat rolls, waiting on her son to continue fucking her. He kiss her on her mouth while at the same time rolling the pantie completely from her hips. He watches as she steps sweetly out of the fluffy pink material. For the first time in his life he sees his mother's most secret organ. The pubic area is covered with a light bush of hair. He didn't even know that the pubic hair also goes grey. His mother's pubic hair matches the hair on her head. The difference being that the pubic hair is much more sparsely and he can see the red, very wet slit right through it. He lightly pushes her towards her neatly made up bed. He let her softly land on it manoeuvring her on her back. He lies down next to her, with his body half over hers. He starts kissing her intensely on the mouth like one kisses your lover. He always loved his mother, but today he has a new sort of love for her. Definitely not the love one has for his mother, more the love that one has for your lover. And he is going to love her today. And from today, every day for as long as she lives. He feels how she kisses him back still a bit unsure. Her arms comes around his body and she starts hugging him as their tongues intertwine in their mouths. God, she didn't have sex for twenty years and now she is going to give her all... His hand is at the same time working her already wet pussy. His cock already tasted it and he liked it. He knows that he will fuck his mother everyday from now on. Why would he need a girlfriend, with whom he always have trouble of some kind or another, where he can fuck his mother without any trouble at all. And on a continuous basis. He let his fingers goes into the slimy moistness of her old cunt. A seventy one year old cunt. He never thought about it before, but he really thinks now how sex would feel for such an old person. And then the total perversion - on top of that - of getting fucked by your own son. It is so fucking unnatural, so fucking perverse. These thoughts makes his already hard cock even harder. He feels the heat coming from his mother's cunt and he wakes up even more pleasure in her pleasure place with this finger. When he finds her clit where the big outer lips meet and starts rubbing it lightly between his forefinger and thumbs, she starts to moan hard in his mouth. He feels the pleasure trembling through her whole body. At the same time her hips starts moving strongly up and down. Her clit must be really sensitive. "OH, KEVIN... FUCK ME BABY... FUCK ME... PUT THAT BIG COCK OF YOURS BACK IN MY CUNT... I WANT YOU IN MY CUNT, BABY... PUT IT BACK IN KEVIN...OH, MY GOD... YOU BELONG IN ME... YOU CAME OUT OF ME, SO YOU BELONG IN ME... I WANT TO FEEL THAT BIG COCK IN MY CUNT..." she exclaims as her breath washes hotly over him. He feels her hand searching for his upstanding cock. She finds it and masturbates it lightly, while guiding it at the same time to her over eager cunt. He gets up from her and she pulls his cock towards her, while opening her legs as wide as she can, there where she lies over her bed. She brings his cock up to her slit. He feels the heat - like hell fires - washing over his cock. He pushes in and then starts fucking his mother with the bed creaking under them. "OH, GOD, MUM...IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD...YOU HAVE THE BEST PUSSY...FROM NOW ON I WILL FUCK YOU EVERY DAY...GOD...GOD...GOD..." "HARDER BABY...FUCK YOUR MUMMY HARDER...OH, THE PERVERSION...MY OWN SON IS FUCKING ME...IT FEELS SO fucking GOOD...BABY..." The loud jazz music drowns out their moaning and the creaking of the bed. He moves up and down into his mother, while her hips grinds strongly up into him, matching him in tempo and power. He feels how his huge swollen dick goes deeper and deeper into the soft, warm folds of her secret place. He feels his cock-head bumping against the opening of his own mother's womb. He is fucking the vagina that gave birth to him 28 years ago; how perverse can one get? God, what if she gets pregnant, flashes through his ever practical mind. How will she explain it? Can a seventy one year old woman even get pregnant. Just to make sure he must just not cum in her and pull out before the time, flashes through his mind as he grinds away into his mother. He fucks his mother hard and strong now, with her arms circling around his body, holding him tightly to her as if she wants to force him back into her body. "MY GOD...MY OWN c***d IS FUCKING ME...IT FEELS SO fucking GOOD...FUCK ME HARD, KEVIN...FUCK YOUR MOTHER IN HER OLD CUNT...FUCK MY CUNT HARD..." Kevin feels the pleasure eating into his head. His cock is swollen to full capacity and deep in his own mother's eager cunt. There is no greater perversion, no greater wrong than this. Then there's a knock on the front door... He feels his cock going limp from shock. If someone discover him fucking his mother there will be big shit. He can't afford something like that. He will be the mockery of everyone who knows them. He will go to jail. What if someone heard him fucking his mother and had now called the cops? What if it is the cops knocking on the door. As he gets off his mother plump, but now sweaty body, he sees that her hips are still moving up and down. The pleasure must now really be eating through her. "No, Mum. Put on your gown and check who is by the door. What if someone heard us?"
Who the Fuck is at the Door "God, no..." the old woman says as she gets up and hastily starts putting on her pink fluffy gown. While she goes to the door, Kevin runs to his own room and closes the door behind him. Luckily it is not the police. He hears it is the next door neighbour, his mother's friend. What if his mother tells her what happened. He knows his mother love to talk and can she talk a lot? What if his mother tells the neighbour what happened, not realizing the consequences? The neighbour, aunt Emma, is the news source of the neighbourhood. If you want to know about anything in the neighbourhood, you just go to her and she will tell it to you in detail. And she doesn't even wait for someone to ask her about something, she will tell you out of her own. He was always astonished that she can know such a lot of things and in so much detail. She's an encyclopaedia for their neighbourhood knowing about everything. If she finds out that he is fucking his mother, it will be "front-page" news for her. Everyone will know about it into the smallest detail. God. He and his mother could just as well have fucked on national television, because if aunt Em knows about it, everyone else will also know. God, how could he have been so irresponsible. He really hope she didn't hear anything. He was so concentrating onto getting that unthinking cock of his into his mother's hungry cunt, that he never considered aunt Em listening at the wall. If they ever do it again, they must do it in his room. His room is not connected to the next door house and aunt Emma. But on the other hand, should he and his mother continue with this...fucking? It is so damn unnatural. So something that people just don't do...it simply doesn't belong in the lives of normal people. That is why he has been living with his mother since he was born and never thought about having...sex with her. Why did he suddenly decide to have sex with her today. And his mother is an old woman. Although she is very active, what if she had a heart attack while he was fucking her? How would he have explained it? He don't even want to think about it. Today must be marked as the most irresponsible day in his live.
I Can't Stop myself He is still naked when his mother enters his room after having gotten rid of the neighbour. "It was auntie Em. She just wanted some sugar." his Mum says. She stands there looking down at him. Kevin smiles as he sees her opening her gown and then allowing it to fall to the floor. As his eyes goes over her plump body, all the previous thoughts leave his brain as his cock takes over once more. For a cock a cunt is a cunt and it doesn't care who that cunt belongs to. "Are you alright with this, Mum?" he asks as he pulls her naked body to him. "Off course..." He positions her on his bed and kneels between her legs. He move his face into her chubby legs, towards her cunt. He smells the hot muskiness of his mother's cunt as he starts licking it. He can taste that she is still very hot. It almost burns his mouth. And everything is very smooth, because of the fluids oozing from her vagina walls. Age doesn't matter here at all as his mother is as wet as a young girl. It must be the idea of her own son fucking her pussy that made her this excited. He licks the cunt good, while she grinds her hips up into his mouth. But she goes really mad when he lightly sucks on her clit. "OOOOOOOH... PUT IT BACK IN BABY... PUT IT BACK IN... I CAN'T WAIT... FUCK ME WITH THAT HARD COCK OF YOURS. FUCK YOUR MUMMY..FUCK ME..." He feels the hot pleasure moving from his cock through his whole body until it seems to explode in his head, making him feel a little drunk. Her hastily turns her around so that her well rounded ass are towards him. Her holds onto her old, wide hips. Then he enters her from behind. He rams his very stiff rod into her soaking wet, burning hot cunt. He starts fucking his own mother with a vengeance. "GOD...GOD...GOD...OH, HELP, ME....IT FEELS SO GOOD...FUCK ME, KEVIN...FUCK MEEEEE..." she screams out of breath as he starts fucking her very hard, doggy style. Her huge ass grinds wildly against his in and out pumping, as his cock goes deeper and deeper into her. His old bed creaks noisily under them. "MUM... OH, MUM... OH GOD, I AM FUCKING MY OWN MOTHER... I CAN'T BELIEVE IT... I AM FUCKING MY OWN MOTHER... YOUR CUNT IS SO fucking WARM... I WILL NEVER TAKE MY COCK OUT OF THIS WARM CUNT... I WANT TO STAY IN YOU FOREVER AND EVER MUM... OOOOH..." "YES... FUCK ME... FILL ME WITH YOUR SPERM, KEVIN... SHOOT YOUR JUICE IN YOUR OWN MOTHER'S CUNT... OH MY GOD... MY OWN c***d IS FUCKING ME... AND I'M ENJOYING IT... PUSH THAT THICK ROD DEEPER INTO ME, BABY... PUSH IT DEEPER..." All this was so fucking perverted it made his cock grow even more. And he was so stiff, if felt as if his cock will burst. The bed was creaking rhythmically like a drumbeat. He could feel his sperm starting to accumulate in his balls now for the final act. He knew he was not going to last any longer. He wanted to fuck his mother forever, but nature wouldn't allow that. One time or another he would have to ejaculate. But he didn't want to cum in his own Mum's cunt. That would have been just too perverted, even after everything that they have already done. He just didn't feel comfortable cumming in the old woman's pussy. What if she gets pregnant? He could feel his white hot sperm moving through the tubes like an express train. He will pull out and shoot his seed all over her big, round ass. Then he would rub it into her soft flesh with his hands. That was the only thing he could do. He just couldn't ejaculate into her. He would have to pull out. He will have to... His cock is moving furiously in and out of her now, while he just holds onto the huge fat rolls But when the final act comes, he has no control. His in and out moving cock is fully in control and it won't allow him to pull out. He pushes his cock as deep into her as he can when the sperm explodes from the little slit in his cock. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.... AAAAAAAAAAH" he groans out as he holds onto her hips to give him leverage so that he can keep his spurting cock deep in her pussy. "OOOOH... OOOOOH... KEVIN... I FEEL IT... GOD, I CAN FEEL YOUR HOT SEED SHOOTING INTO ME. IT IS EXPLODING ALL OVER MY WOMB... GOD...IT IS SO fucking GOOD AFTER ALL THESE YEARS..." she breaths like a cow on heat as she grinds her soft hips even stronger into him, taking him as deep as it will go. His cock is still spurting stream after stream of white hot, sticky cum deep into his own mother's womb. He can feel the stuff washing into her, filling all the crevices and folds of the vagina. "GOD MUM... I SHOT MY LOAD IN YOU... OOOH..oh, god... I came in my own Mum's pussy... oh god, that was so fucking good... oh, Mum..." He has committed the ultimate sin. There is no turning back now. He falls over her, as his cock slips limply out of her vagina, bringing a stream of white hot sperm from his overfilled Mum. They roll over and lie in each other's arms on his bed. Both too out of breath to talk or do anything else. When she catches her breath his mother kisses him on the mouth and says: "You are my man now. It is only you and your father who enjoyed my body. You are the only two men who ever fucked me. And I liked it. We will fuck from now on as much as you want. You must fuck me until I die one day...can you do that for your old Mum, Kevin...mmh, baby, can you do that?"

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