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Confessions of a She-male Toilet slave.

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This is a short story about my first wife, about the day the World changed for me. When we married she was bi and a swinger, an older woman (40), and lot's of fun, I was young, barely 18, we swung all around town, her and her pretty boy. As soon as she got into my ass it was her friends using me, not her sharing her 'toys' with me... By the time we split up she was living as a hardcore biker dyke, and I was chained in a k**die pool in the basement serving as a human toilet, urinal, cum dump, and fist hole for whoever she saw fit to use me. If she would have let me get some once in a while, I might have stayed with her.

One Summer day I was sent out to run errands errands by my wife. I was dressed fem for the 'day', wearing denim hot pants, leather sandals, a wife beater, bright red lipstick and a do rag over my pixie haircut. I turned a lot of eyes, one set was attached to a dirty old man who wanted to take me to the Howard (porno house) and suck him off. I settled for a booth at the bookstore across the street, I pissed him off cause after taking his load there were three more guys waiting in line to get sucked off. I was almost out the door when the last dude took out condom and slipped it over my hand, I fingerfucked him out of several tasty the last one weak and watery, haha. I drained the poor boy, but lost track of an hour and was running late getting the errand's done.

When I returned home, (late), the living room floor was covered with plastic and there was a k**die pool in the middle of the room. For a minute every gangster hit I saw in the movies ran through my head and I thought I was a goner. In the bottom of the k**die pool there was a wooden cross with eyebolts at each end and the middle. I felt a partial relief as I thought 'the kink' was on, the party goods I picked up on my errands, getting me out of the house for the day, it was adding up. Wifey came in and asked what took so long, I lied about what i did that day, thinking I got over. She said things were cool cause her friends were running late anyway.

I was 'ordered' to strip by wifey and told I was getting a reward for my good job while we waited. She shackled me to the cross, blindfolded in the pool, and I waited there for what seemed for hours, but were just minutes. Soon there was activity and people were showing up at the door. I knelt there shackled ass up in the air, being ignored, a feeling of dread anticipation started to creep over me.
When the blindfold came off I was in a room with my wife, five of her girlfriends and a keg of beer. In the back of the room was that guy I sucked off, who, I was told by my wife was a friend of hers and instructed to entice me into the Howard where there was a reward waiting for me... (my wife and her girlfriends were set up there for a scene, when I failed to show up they spied on my activities that day) I was berailed by my wife and her girlfriends for lieing, dressing like a whore, being a pron booth cockslut and cumdump.
I had been tested, she said, and found wantin'.
A funnel gag was fitted to my mouth, "I want to show all my girlfiends what a good, cute little urinal you are. We're having a party and we don't want to have to walk to the toilet. You will serve us in that capacity and for every drop of piss you spill you will get lashed with the cat-o-nine", she was no longer my wife, my Domina told me.

Shackled, I watched as the Women started to drink and converse among themselves. One by one the Ladies relieved themselves and I had to struggle to keep the funnel from overflowing. I drank and drank and drank piss till it felt like my bladder was about to burst when I was catheterized.The catheter was connected to a reservoir and pump, from the pump the tubing led to a balloon enema catheter. She stuck the enema catheter in my ass and inflated the balloons to their maximum, She flipped a switch and my urine was pumped from the reservoir into my ass.
As the hours (minutes) dragged on the Women got drunker, their loads of piss got bigger and bigger and the lashes (and piss) rained down my back. One of the Ladies walked in with a cooler, "look what we have for you" she said. I looked inside the cooler and it was filled with ice and in it a collection of dongs and a speculum. All I could think of was the load of piss up my ass, I was cramping and having trouble drinking piss and the lashes rained down on my back. I groaned as my guts churned with piss as I was grimacing in pain from the piss enema being pumped in me. I tried to stop the flow of piss out of my dick but the catheter prevented me. My Domina looked at me and said, "you pathetic worm, I thought you could do better. It looks like I'll have to relieve you". She removed the funnel apparatus from my gag and inserted a 3/4 inch plastic tube into the mouthpiece. Stepping on my head She pulled my ass up into the air. She uncoupled the intake from the piss reservoir to the balloon catheter and attached the tube leading to my mouthpiece. A small dribble of piss ran down my crack, She grabbed and twisted my balls and gave them a sharp tug,"you know I don't like messes" She scolded. "Yes my Domina", I whimpered through the mouthpiece of the gag. She flipped me over on my back and my legs were tucked up against my chest, my guts starting to cramp again. I knew what She was doing... cleaning and stretching my gut for the nights activities. My Domina was too cruel to just take me to the tub room an administer a typical colonic. I haven't been abused in front of Her friends in a long time, and She was showing me off. She reached down and took hold of my feet, pulling my legs open causing my gut to wrench, my torso lifted off the floor to relieve the cramping and Her boot came down hard on my chest, flooring me.
"You fucking worm", She scowled at me,"you don't know what you've got coming". She knelt with one knee on my thighs with Her boot still on my chest, reaching down She started massaging my abdomen, relieving the cramp. Her hands kneaded expertly, like they had done so, so many times before, and I lay there wallowing as Her massaging fucked and loosened my guts. The cramps subsided I was relishing the feeling of the liquid flowing back and forth in my gut, having no concept of time. Her voice snapped me out of my bliss.
"You have five minutes to empty your ass". I felt piss was dripping from my dick, the catheter was removed. I tried to catch the piss in my hand and my balls were twisted violently. Her boot left my chest and She put her other knee over my abdomen. Her hand released my twisted sack and turned a valve on my mouthpiece while simultaneously kneeling down on my gut.
Piss flooded my mouth, the pressure forced piss to dribble out of my nose and I choked as I tried to keep up with the flow of gushing liquid. After about a minute of frantic swallowing I managed to clear my nose and catch my breath. The apparatus was designed to let me breath, but it wasn't easy, the level of breathing difficulty being adjustable and turned all the way down.
By now the pressure had completely subsided and I had to suck on the pipe to clear my ass. I wriggled around, trying to get all the piss to drop into the pipe, a couple of times I would cramp and a small shot of piss would fill my mouth. All I was getting was air as I sucked on the pipe when my Domina came back in the room. She tugged on the tubing and the ballon catheter popped out of my ass with a gurgle and pop. I lay there gasping holding back the urge to puke when a bucket was put under my face. I puked up the stomach full of piss I was holding. My guts were cramping asI lay there, the room watching me. Once or twice someone got up and relieved themselves on my back and face. The guy from that afternoon, who enticed me into this mess came over and stuck his dick in my face. Sorry boy, I owed your old lady, if I knew what was coming i would have warned you, haha. The sarcastic bastard rubbed his cock on my face and said that was one dick I won't forget for a while, and said his goodbyes to the Women and took off.

"Time to open him ladies!!!" my Domina instructed her friends. The Women filed back into the room. The cooler was brought out and one by one they took turns driving the frozen dongs into my ass. Warm piss rained down on my back, burning my whipped flesh, while my ass was being pounded by the icy dongs. I had no feeling in my rear but I could see the Women were grabbing handfulls of ice and stuffing it into my ass. I felt the cold creep deeper and deeper into my body as more ice was being crammed in.
"Here bitch, this will open you up for some more". As cold as my ass was, when the icy speculum invaded my ass and was spread open I screamed out loud in pain. I lay there whimpering, buns up, as more ice was stuffed in as the speculum expanded my asshole. One of the Women took a dong and pushed it in through the speculum squishing the mass around in my gut, driving me to a numbing ectasy.
I lay there sobbing, blowing bubbles with my face pressed to the bottom of the piss filled pool. I felt like I was going to pass out from the pain as I felt a warm trickle down my insides. Piss was dribbling down amongst the ice and creating a hot/cold sensation I had never felt before. One by one the Women pissed into the speculum and soon sensation started creeping back into my ass and I felt another explosion of pain. The speculum was slipped out and a warm hand explored the inside of my ass. More gentle hands explored my ass, probed, stretched, and kneaded my opening. I was unshackled, cleaned off and put in a sling and the Women took turns fisting me. One by one they filed by me, each Lady took a turn inserting thier arm into me.
My Domina had worked long and hard opening me up, and loved to show it off. She let me watch the expression on her friends faces as they slowly inserted their arm past their elbows up into me. Years ago I had been the subject of countless demonstrations, traveling with my Mistress as she taught and showed her skills. Once each Woman had inserted thier arm into me they took turns fisting me in every way possible as the night gradually turned to day.
When the Women got tired I was plugged appropriately till they rested and resumed fisting me. I knew the routine,,,my hole would not be allowed to close until my Domina was finished with me. One, two, three days,,, I wonder how long till the beer runs out I thought. When the Women got bored with fisting I was lifted out of the sling and put on my hands and knees and footfucked one by one, round and round the room till I lost count on how many times I crawled from Woman to Woman. Finally my Domina strapped a huge plug inside of me and put me on my back. "When you have finished cleaning all my friends you will be allowed to leave. You will leave the plug in until tonites training, I have a special gift for you." Tonight... I would have to wear that plug all day!
One by one the Women squatted over me as I licked out and cleaned their dirty pussies and assholes. All the time those Ladies were fucking me they were fucking themselves too and the mingling tastes of all the juices and flavors drove me wild. My ass burned from the huge plug up my ass, all I wanted was to get it out of me. While I was servicing the Ladies I wasn't thinking about that plug, now that I was alone all I could feel was the burn of my sphincter around the base. I looked at the clock, six hours to training...I squirmed and tried to relax and only the thought of what was yet to come, the punishment I would recieve if I let the plug out kept me going. The hours dragged on and as training time approached I positioned myself on the gyno table and waited for my Domina. She arrived with what looked like a small black knobby football in her hands. "I had an inflatable stretcher made specially for your ass" She told me. She unhooked my buttplug harness and I struggled to keep the plug from popping out of my ass, losing a plug was call for extreme punishment. I tried to stay slack as She eased out the plug, working my sphincter from the inside out. As the plug was crowning She jammed some of her fingers alongside it. She pumped the plug in an out as She worked more and more fingers in along the plug. "I can't find a plug big enough for your sloppy ass" She said, "it'll take some work for you to accept the stretcher." Soon She had the fingers from both hands alongside the plug as She worked it in and out of my ass. "Now relax" She said, "don't fuck this up, I'm pulling it out". I had to put all my focus on keeping slack, if I clenched down or spasmed I would be punished and the plugged pushed in for another try, or worse. As the plug was pulled out I felt my asshole open up and gape.
For the first time in hours I felt the cool touch of air on my insides. "What a beauty" my Domina said as She held a mirror for me to see. My ass was gaped into a huge hole. She put the mirror down and pushed the training plug in and out of my ass. My rosebud was rolling over the crown of the tool getting swollen and redder, on one stroke without warning She dropped the plug and grabbed the stretcher and rammed it home with all Her strength. I screamed as the knobs rolled my sphincter and thought thank Goddess it's in. This thing was SO huge there was no way it would pop out, I relaxed into the stretch. My Domina grabbed the end of the football sized stretcher and pulled on it, trying to yank out the giant plug. As I resisted Her pulling the plug only got sucked deeper and deeper into my ass. It rested there with only the small end sticking out. She walked to the table and picked up some tubing and connected it to the end of the stretcher that was sticking out of my asshole. A switch was thrown and a humming sound filled the room. The football in my ass started to inflate, elongate and deflate with a regular rhythm. "I'm just figuring this machine out" said my Domona as She turned a knob. The stretcher vibrated as it pumped my ass open and shut. "The instructions say only a half hour at first, so I'll set the timer" She told me. She turned a knob and said "I'll be back in a while, I have to pick some people up and I don't want you fucking around so I am going to shackle you to the table". There was no cheating out of this session, my arms were strapped with leather cuffs, my legs tied to the stirrups.
As I lay there all I could think about was the pulsating, expanding football in my ass. The machine was good, it would inflate and deflate and push out my sphincter with a smooth rhythm all the time getting larger and larger over till it reached it's limit and the cycle started again. The first few times it had expanded I was floored with the sensation of fullness, I dared not cry out. Once I had thought the punishment was over, that my ass could get no bigger, the machine would increase the size of the stretch. The timer's buzzer went off but the machine kept running,,, where was my Domina? Was She watching me? Waiting to see if I cry out? I knew better than to struggle in my bindings, that was another cause for extreme punishment. There were times that my Domina bound me with thread to train me to not resist my bind, She loved to take one silk thread, wrap my arms and legs and let Her friends have at me to show off. I took a lot of beatings but the training has paid off. I lay there strapped to a table with a stretching machine running amuck in my ass, pumping larger and larger. Each minute felt like an hour as I would fade in an out of my awareness, the plug waking me up each time it reached the maximum size of it's cycle.
I passed out and when I came to my Domina was standing over me with the stretcher in Her hand. I could feel my ass hanging open, slack and dripping. She pumped up the stretcher to it's maximum size, turned on the vibrater and fucked my ass with it. It slid easily into my hole, the knobs rolling over my swollen rosebud as She pulled it out. She patted me on the head and told me I was a good boy and that She had some special friends for me to meet. She told me that I had gone as far as I could opening my ass and that it was time to start a new "project". She ordered me to get out of the sling and kneel on all fours in the center of the room. I felt my rosebud flop around as I walked, cool air entered my gape giving me a soothing feeling. I caught a glimpse of my hole in a mirror and thought what the fuck is that! My rosebud had stretched onto "asslips" that looked at least five inches long and were flapping around sticking out of my asscrack. "Loose labes, just like a good bitch's pussy should be" (my wife would say).
As I knelt the Women entered the room, they all had huge strapons hanging down to thier knees as I looked up at them. "You like to suck cock so much, it's time to start working on stretching your throat" my Domina scolded. I didn't like the sound of Her voice, something was up, she was pissed. When I looked up She had a strapon heading for my mouth. "I'm going to warm you up for my friends", She told me as I gagged. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head up, jamming Her dong down my throat repeatedly. Behind me I felt fingers pulling and tugging at my asslips. "We should pierce these fuckers" somebody said, as my asslabes werre pulled out 4 clamps were attached to each side of my hole, weights were hung and dangled and swung, mstretching the sjkin even more as my body swayed from the violent throatfucking I was recievong.
One by one, over and over my throat got fucked. Little by little the dildos pushed further into my throat. Each Woman's rubber dick was a little bigger than the last, over and over they fucked my mouth till the last and largest dong slid easily down my throat to the base. "The bitch is ready!" one of the Women shouted to my Domina. I was led back to the gyno table and strapped down on all fours buns up. I couldn't see it but I felt my gaping asshole hanging open, wights swing forward and back, jingling. I only wondered what it looked like. I knelt there on all fours waiting... my mind slipped into the memory of the last time I sensed that my Domina was pissed at me.
A couple of months earlier I put my mouth on the penis of one of my Mistresses "objects" during a party She was hosting. My punishment came quickly and severely. First I was ordered to dress in my sluttiest outfit. I was blindfolded, fitted with a funnel gag, shackled to the floor on all fours and bound with a gaff to hide my dick. A ring from the gaff was chained to the floor to keep me from bucking.
The call had gone out. One by one, in pairs and groups, men were showing up for a free piece of ass. Some would leave and come back with more friends. I was gangfucked all night long, forced to eat all the sperm I was fed. Guys were hanging around watching, drinking beer, when thier need arose they were told to urinate on me. I could see my Mistress watching and photographing the scene, two of Her amazon girlfriends stood guard over me with cattleprods in case any of the men got out of hand. One reason I was so happy to accept my punishment is that my Domina cared enough about me to not let me get hurt. Not by any man that's for sure. I started to dribble piss out of my dick and I was fitted with a foley catheter and my piss was collected for recycling into the cum funnel. I don't know how many guys came in my ass, I was getting filled up and cum was dripping down my thighs to a small puddle. My Domina scooped up the drippings and fed them into the funnel. When the funnel was drained it was disconnected from my mouth gag and a hose connected between my ass and my mouth. I knew this drill, I sucked the huge load of hot come into my mouth and swallowed, a small thin dribble of cum dribbled out of my dick as I spasmed in orgasm. I can't say things ended well, my Domina saw I was enjoying the ride alittle too much. After She ran off the cocks I waited to be released and take my licking.
"It seems my choice of punishment was wrong, I can see you enjoyed it too much. I'll have to come up with something special for you..." She didn't punish me any mopre that night, but I was thinking, if 'something special' was what I was in for.


Back on the gyno table one of my Domina's girfriends came over and they set up a sausage stuffer on the table in front of me. She clamped the device to the table with a C-clamp, another fitted my head harness with a gag that looked like a mouthpiece connected to a pipe nipple. My mouthpiece was attached to the output of the sausage stuffer and my head was locked in place so I couldn't move it.
It was all piecing together in my mind...Part of my normal duties was to serve as a toilet slave and urinal for my wife, the ultimate expression of submission said She as She instructed and trained me to the task. All I could see was the opening of the sausage stuffer in front of me. One of the Women stood over me and pissed on my head, some of Her salty nectar dripped into the stuffer and I eagerly swallowed it down. I suddenly had an idea of what was coming and the thought filled me with a fear I can remember to this day. As a toilet slave I had been trained to clean my Domina's pussy and ass with my mouth when She was finished wiping. A task I took to with eagerness, I would do anything to have my mouth on Her asshole. I had never been ordered to eat a load of shit before, I figured it out just as my Domina's load dropped into the hopper of the sausage stuffer. The sight of Her shit pushing out of Her asshole had me mesmerized for a moment. She filled up the bottom of the stuffer and topped off her dump with a dribble of piss. Slowly She pushed the plunger of the sausage stuffer down and Her vile waste was forced into my mouth and down my throat. I gagged and some shit spilled from the mouthpiece to the floor. I could not tighten my throat to stop the onslaught of shit, I now knew the reason behond the throatfucking I recieved. A cat of nine tails lashed across my back and balls. A strand hit my gaping asslip and the pain floored me, "Every time you spill or puke you get lashed bitch!" Puke dribbled out of my nose as more shit was forced down my throat. A steady hail of lashes rained down my back as I gagged and choked and puked. "Every time you suck a cock this is what I want you to think of slut!" my Domina scolded. She hated me sucking cock, I should have known better than to cheat. I tried to apologize, whimper, moan, cry out the words "never again Mistress", but I was gagged with shit. The plunger was lifted up and I was able to suck some air in through the funnel opening and catch my breath, all I could think about. She stood there looking at me, "had enough?", She scolded.
I whimpered as She demanded "Tell me what cock tastes like bitch!"
"Shit", I whimpered through the funnel.
"Lesson learned" She said as she stroked my head. Her hand traveled to my ass, removed the weights and felt my gaping hole and abused rosebud. "I am extremely impressed that you didn't clamp your ass once tonight. From this day we'll forget about your little cocksucking adventures", Her smooth hand caressed and massaged my asshole, soothing it. She stood there for awhile stroking my ass, thinking.
"These Ladies travelled all this way and took their time to help me train you and I can't let them leave full. I think you've suffered enough but I want you to serve as these Ladies toilet as a personal favor to me". I tried to nod my head but couldn't, didn't, need to. There was no NO as a slave. Two Women stood over the hopper back to back and dumped their shit into the sausage stuffer. I groaned as the smell rebuked me. My Domoina was steadily pumping Her meaty fist in and out of my ass with one hand, pulling and pinching my swollen and gaping asslips with Her other. At the peak of Her torture of my ass She would put her mouth on my rosbud, sucking, licking, biting my asslips stretched around her arm. My Domina's fist passed up into my colon and She was slowly working her arm up my ass past Her elbow.
"I can feel the load of shit churning in your stomach" She whispered to me. As I sat there waiting for the next load to be forced down my throat a fugue overtook me and I came to the realization that it was my duty to enjoy what was happening to me. All of a sudden the smell wasn't so bad. One of the Women took hold of the plungers handle, she looked down at me and told my Domina "The little shitslut wants it!, Look at her eyes" . She rammed down on the plunger part way forcing a cylinder of shit down my throat. Instead of fighting the flow of shit I swallowed and sucked as hard as I could. All I could think about was my desire to please my Domina and Her friends. My gut was wretching as I fought to keep my punishment, my reward, down. When the hopper was emptied I was unshackled from the table and the apparatus was removed from my head. A long breath of air was all I was thinking about. Bits of shit and puke were dripping out of my nose it was so hard to breath. I was finally released and my Domina carressed my head above the basin and forced Her fingers down my throat causing me to puke up the vile waste in my stomach. She straddled my head and pressed her sweet pussy up to mouth. "Drink", She said, "swallow every drop" as She delivered a load of Her piss into my mouth. Once again she gagged me and forced me to puke. Each Woman sat on my face and gave me a final load of piss that my Domina forced me to vomit up.
"Aside from teaching you to stay away from the cock I want you to learn to not be afraid of a little shit. Sooner or later you will be faced with a shitty mess and most likely nothing you ever will encounter will equal what you have been through today. Today you got a lesson you will never forget".
I thought to myself, 'have I forgotten even one of my Dominas punishments?' I relish in the memories of all of them, relive them at every waking moment, if She only knew,,, She probably did.
Today is the last day you will ever be required to serve as my toilet attendant, I will use one of my other 'objects' as my asswipe from now on".
I looked up at my Domina as She stood over me telling me this. Gazing at Her asshole, I was already thinking about putting my mouth on Her hole and tasting Her again. When I heard those words my heart dropped into a blackness...

"My sweet toy", She said, "why the sad face?" "Let's clean you up and get you dressed, I'm not finished with you by any means." She walked over to a cabinet and selected a plug for me to wear, it was 5" football shaped tool with ridges and a port for an enema hose, easy to wear and keep in. I sat down on the plug, it slid ineasily, the ridges rolling my sphincter as they passed. I got up and walked to the shower, happily cleaning off the remains of the day. As I washed a seperate hose attached to my plug slowly filled my ass with clean cool water, as my gut filled I switched hoses to a drain hose and emptied myself, repeating the process untill the water ran clean from my ass.

Since my Mistress hadn't picked out what She wanted me to wear, I chose my largest set of breastforms and encased them in an shiny black bra, I donned a shiny black miniskirt and bustier set, fishnet thigh highs and black ankle high boots. I made up my face and fixed my pixie hairdo with a black ribbon. I walked into the living room where my Mistress was waiting, watching video from the night that was taken from the many cameras that were set around the room. That's how She caught me those many years ago, videotaping me at my sluttiest and nastiest, holding me blackmail to Her whims and servitude. It didn't matter, I fell in love with Her, in love with Her abuse and use. I was happy because She was masturbating to the video.

I walked to Her and She took my cock into Her hands, massaging it into an erection. My cock engorged and I fought the urge to come, drastically. She took my cock into Her mouth, into her throat to the base in one motion. She swallowed repeatedly, massaging my cock, driving me crazy. "You're so good", She said," I want your cock in my ass".She laid me down, spitting on my cock and straddling it. Her ass slid over my glans and slowly sunk to it's base. Her sphincter grabbed my shaft and She started pushing down with Her colon, massaging my cock. Her ass gyrated as She pumped, Her rosebud engorged around my dick from Her pumping and pushing. I felt a warmth and She rose up off me, my cock covered with her shit.
"Oh my, looks like I had a little accident", She said. She reached down and grabbed a handfull of Her shit, as I waited for what I longed for. I watched as She put the shit in Her mouth, tasted and swallowed, something I had never seen before. "Once a shitwhore, always a shitwhore, She said to me. "That's fucking tasty", as She reached over and rubbed some of Her shit on my lips. "You're such a good toy, I didn't "learn" as easily as you, but I had five stepbrothers and a stepdad breaking me in." She reached down to my cock, encircling it with Her fingers and pulled off another handful shit. She put it onto Her mouth and bent over me, putting Her mouth to mine and spitting Her mouthfull of shit into mine. I worked my tongue, tasting the sweet treat from Her mouth as She said "don't be greedy, share". I spit the shit back into Her mouth and we swapped and swallowed the bits untill it was gone. She put Her ass to my mouth and squeezed out a nice load into it, quickly spinning around and grabbing a mouthful with Her mouth. My cock was throbbing so hard, i knew if I touched it it would explode. I was 'holding' a two day load... we swapped and swallowed, She pissed alittle into my mouth and we swapped Her piss and spit. "Now for my desert" She said. She took my cock into Her mouth, cleaning and sucking, Her fingers pinching my cock. "Come to me" She said, and I exploded into Her mouth as She swallowed. She spun around and gave me a mouthful of my cum, I swished it around my mouth and swallowed eagerly. She jumped on me, pushing my shitty cock into Her dirty asshole, pumping. "Come to me again my toy", She said, and I exploded into Her ass. She pumped and squeezed me dry with Her tight agile asshole, then spun around and put Her hole to my mouth. I opened my mouth as wide as possible and put it to her hole as She relaxed Her sphincter dropping her hot shitty cum into my mouth. I lay there with my mouth wide open, a recepticle, as She dipped her tongue into my mouth and took a taste. "Give it to me", She said as I spit the load of nshitty cum into her mouth, small bits of her shit pushing through my lips. We swapped the load of cum and shit until it was gone, swallowed. My cock lay flaccid, white cum dribbling out, contrasting with the dried coating of shit and sperm. My Domina bent over my cock, licking it clean. "I had to do this to all my stepbrothers when I was coming up. Once, sometimes twice day. Good fucking training". She licked and cleaned and soon my cock was hard and throbbing again.

She massaged my cock and balls, pulling on my sack. "You know, I've been thinking about your feminization, and the next step for you. I'm going to take you to a Doctor friend of mine tomorrow. I have two procedures planned for you." She tugged on my balls and started playing and tugging with the buttplug clenched in my tightened ass. She like to pop that out of my ass as I came, and I like it too! "We're going to give you a sphincterectomy, so we can proceed to the next level of your anal destruction, and we're going to castrate you." I heard the words but it took a while to sink in. I wanted it, I could only go so far on hormones. I knew the ramifications and wanted them. I was in such a bliss that I lost track of the plug pumping in and out of my ass, my cock ready to explode. "Feed me", my Mistress said, and I exploded into her mouth. She swallowed my load and whispered, "Enjoy that orgasm, it'll be your last for a long, long, time... After tomorrow your not gonna be my little boy toy anymore, you're gonna be my babygirl, with all the perks. Once we get your ass trained and formed into a proper bucketcunt, we'll get you some titties. I want you to nice have big ones."
I got along well with my pixie hairdo and "Twiggy" look, with my itty bitty titties, but I was getting older and below the belt I was a gaping, hung whore. I like wearing my breastforms and I wanted real tits to 'match' my hole.

I fell asleep in my Mistresses arms, dreaming of "my" new body and how I will please Her with it.

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