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Tarzan and Jane: Amazonian Lust

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Tarzan and Jane had spent a week in the jungle, after their first meet, using everywhere they saw fit to fuck like a****ls. The jungle never seemed to be at such peace with every living thing within it getting laid. Tarzan took Jane to one of his favorite spots in the jungle. As they walked past the brush of the jungle Jane came face to face with a lagoon, who's beauty exceeded that of the safari an sunset. Throughout the week Jane had fully abandoned her clothes, claiming doing so to further her scientific research, but truly wanted to be fully accessible to whenever the moment struck for her to be fucked by her jungle god. Tarzan walked to the waterfall and began to bathe himself and cool down from the hot sun. Jane was stuck, she had been with Tarzan for a week now and have always seen him naked, but he still got her hot. Tarzan had the connection with the earth and its a****ls that Jane soon contemplated leaving her old life to begin a new entirely. Jane walked and met Tarzan under the water and began bathing herself. The water soaked Jane from head to toe, running down every crevice of her body. Tarzan enjoyed this, and began moving his hands all over her body. He squeezed her soaked breast and tenderly sucked on them. Jane continued to clean herself getting wet all in one. Tarzan laid Jane on her back and propped her pussy towards the falling water. Tarzan switched between tasting her pussy and letting the waterfall soak it. Jane could do nothing but orgasm. She loved the environment, the situation, the god she had been sent. She knew no greater feeling than the jungle fever.

Tarzan was stiff, ready to take her once again. He took her up in his arms and jumped into the lagoon below. After emerging Jane swam to a nearby stone and took hold of it propping her ass slightly above the water. Tarzan swam to her, planted his feet on the lagoon floor, and placed his hung 14 incher inside her. With a deep gasp, Jane thought in her mind, "Will I ever get use this?" The thought quickly left her mind as the dark brown hands covered hers and began to feel her pussy stretch once again. Jane was free floating in the water and had to push back on Tarzan not to be crushed between him and the rocks. His thrust still held the force, regardless of being in the water and Jane could feel every inch reaching into her stomach. In ecstasy, Jane moaned, Tarzan thrust harder exploring every part of her pussy leaving none of it unfucked. Tarzan took Jane in his arms and climbed the rock, dick still inside. He laid her on her back once more, and pinned her legs by her head. "Tarzan not hurt Jane." Tarzan slid his dick balls deep in her without stopping. Jane gasped leaving her stuck in pure pleasure as Tarzan drilled her pussy, his rhythm so smooth and rough Jane built up to such a orgasm, her eyes rolled into the back of her head. She came too when she squirted exploding all over Tarzan as he continued to drill her. Her body pulsed but Tarzan was not finished.
He slid out to taste Jane again, in love with her juices. He explored her and discovered Jane's asshole. He stuck his finger in her ass and removed it. "That hole is tighter than my pussy Tarzan. You want to fuck me there?" Tarzan instantly prepared to penetrate. Jane knew this would be rough but her body still squirmed from her orgasm that she didnt care. Tarzan stuck the head of his dick in Jane's asshole and was immediately astonished. He drew deeper into her, staying in sync with Jane's body language to stay pleasant. Tarzan learned two very important words while with Jane. "Fuck me." With the green light to go full force Tarzan began his signature jungle thrust, fucking her ass as he did her pussy. Jane was loving every second of his pounding, taking each inch like a good girl. Tarzan picked Jane up her legs around his head and bounced her on his dick. Jane held on taking it, kissing Tarzan as he filled her ass, Jane began to moan louder as he drilled deeper taking every inch.
Tarzan stopped. "You're not hurting me that much keep going." Tarzan pulled out and set Jane down, she began to speak but was stopped, "No Jane. We are not alone." Tarzan moved about the lagoon, searching for what he sensed was watching them. He took to the trees and was out of sight of Jane. Jane stood still horny and ready, her pussy and ass still feeling Tarzan inside her. From across the lagoon Tarzan emerged with another woman. Her brunette hair in a ponytail, still reached down to half her back. Her glasses and book bag gave way she was studious. She wore the same exploration outfit as Jane, but unlike Jane she wore underwear. "Sarah?"
"Jane! We've been looking all over for you! But I see now why you've been gone." She led with a smile looking down at Tarzan's meat. "We followed the becon you left but when we reached it you weren't there. We continued looking through the jungle for you and found your clothed s**ttered in different places. We know you like to go nude but we thought you were in danger."
"I appreciate you looking. I was in danger but I was saved by Tarzan." Sarah looked at the ebony god that stood before them, he began examining Sarah as he did Jane. "Sarah this is Tarzan, Tarzan this is Sarah." Sarah reached out to shake his hand and was returned by him placing his dick in it. Sarah hesitantly let go. "Have you been going around this jungle fucking Tarzan here?" Sarah blatantly put. Jane simply pointed to Tarzan's dick. "Good point but have you even tried to contact us? We need you back on base." Jane knew her responsibility but did not truly care. In a week, she had grown accustomed to eating, drinking, and fucking on a daily without any other worries or needs. Tarzan was still examining Sarah. He got to her chest and ripped her shirt off. Sarah gasped and moved to slap Tarzan but was caught as Jane was. "Sarah like Jane. Beautiful, but not faster than Tarzan." Jane walked between Tarzan and Sarah. "I'll come back on one condition. That no one knows about Tarzan accept you and I. At least not yet. We don't need every woman fighting to get his dick."
"From the looks of it he can fuck us all. But Jane-" Jane kissed Sarah to keep her quiet, and began squeezing her breast. Tarzan still holding Sarah's hand moved it to his BBC for her to stroke. Sarah did with no hesitation. Jane nugged Tarzan towards a rock to sit down. Her and Sarah continued to kiss and move their hands around each other. Grabbing breast, ass, and rubbing pussies. Tarzan was struck with two beautiful women playing with each other. Jane moved Sarah towards Tarzan and they both undressed her. "But the squad Jane." Jane pushed Sarah to her knees in front of Tarzan. She pulled Sarah's hair back and looked her in the eye. "It's not everyday we get a BBC so full of cum is it?" Sarah replied,"No ma'am." Grabbing Tarzan's dick and moving her head towards him, "Wouldn't you like to taste this cock before he's discovered by our squad? I'm sharing him with you willingly. The girls back home won't be so generous don't you agree?" Sarah's eyes never left his cock, "Yes ma'am, you're right."
"Then take his cock in your hands and taste it." Sarah took Tarzan's dick with both hands and began to lick and taste what her hands couldn't cover. She placed her mouth over the tip and began to suck his cock and take him down her throat. Jane moved under Sarah and began eating her pussy, Sarah was already wet from them kissing. "You're gonna have to be a good girl and take his cock like a champ you understand?" Jane slapped Sarah's round ass for confirmation. "Yes Miss Jane." Jane stuck her tongue deep in Sarah and fingered her pussy to prepare. Sarah was taking his cock deeper and deeper down her throat gagging but pushing to do better. Jane got up and pulled Sarah off of Tarzan's dick looking in her bluish grey eyes. "Now you've got to take his dick. Then and only then will you truly know why I've been out here with no contact."
The 3 moved to the shore of the lagoon, Sarah laid in the dirt of the shore, while Jane sat on her face lifting her legs. Tarzan got to his knees and slowly slid inside Sarah. A muffled gasp could barely be heard under Jane's pussy. " I know it's big and you've got a ways to go. Be a good girl I don't want to hear any whining." Jane buried her pussy and ass more on Sarah's face as Tarzan went deeper into the girl. His strokes made Sarah's firm supple breast bounce with every thrust. Sarah went from a muffled gasp of fear, to sweet moans of pleasure from the jungle dick she was getting.
Jane lifted up. "How are you doing Sarah?" Sarah gasped for air and from the strokes that she was speechless. "I thought so," Jane said as she lowered her dripping pussy back onto Sarah. Sarah clentched the dirt she laid on with nothing but pleasure going throughout her body. Jane moved to lick the spot where Tarzan's dick and Sarah's pussy met. Sarah moaned her body going wild, Tarzan began to thrust faster going deeper. Jane moved to kiss Tarzan, encouraging him to cum inside her. Sarah grew louder, taking dick she'd never taken before, not this big and thick, she was being stretched with every thrust. She tried to protest having Tarzan cum inside her but she did not care. All cares left her at that moment, she was in ecstasy. "I want you to cum inside her Tarzan." Jane turned ass to Tarzan, removed Sarah's glasses and looked into her eyes. "He's going to cum in you, and you are going to cum, and I want to see your face. Cum for me Sarah." Sarah was already building up from when he first entered her. Tarzan drew deeper into her, Sarah's face was struck with awe, thinking every inch he fucked her with was the last but was mistaken. Jane rubbed Sarah clit not taking her eyes off of her. Sarah looked back at Jane, Jane grinning knowing she wants to cum. Sarah couldn't hold it and cam all over Tarzan's cock. He keep going, intensifying every thrust for Sarah while she orgasmed. Sarah's mouth hung open from being impaled, as Tarzan blew inside of her. She could feel the cum blowing up inside her filling her womb.

Sarah took deep breathes as Jane kissed her from pussy to mouth. "Now you know." Sarah nodded in agreement."You want to taste your pussy on his cock?" "Yes Miss Jane." Sarah sat up and placed her mouth around Tarzan's BBC. Jane stroked her hair. "Do you still feel like going back?" Sarah removed her mouth, shook her head, and went back to tasting Tarzan, Jane, and herself. "Good. Because I don't plan to. In fact, if you found us the others can't be too far behind." Jane got up picked up Sarah's clothes and wrapped them in a stone. Jane then tossed the stone into the lagoon, and went back to Tarzan and Sarah. "The only thing you're keeping are your glasses. Clothes, watches, anything not of this jungle is out of sight understand?"
"Yes Miss Jane. But shouldn't we tell them we're ok and not to worry?"
"In enough time they will claim us missing. Then we will be free, until then they cannot find us or know of Tarzan. There's more to him than his dick. There's a human truth to him that we've got to find out, then we can share him with the world." Sarah frowned as she looked down at Tarzan's dick.
"Not in that way Sarah you know that. You're the only other one who can fuck him because we fuck around."
"I know."
Tarzan moved about again listening. "They must be getting closer. Let's go."
The three run into the jungle away from the lagoon. As they've made their exit a small squad from camp pulls up. 3 women, twin Indian goddesses, and a red head mistress examine the area. The mistress speaks, "Someone's been here. I know Jane and Sarah's pussy scent, but there's another smell."
The twins look to each other. "Smells like a man." One of the twins, "A big man at that."
"Set up camp here. We'll continue our search in the morning."
"What will you do when you find them?" one of the twins ask. "If they're simply lost nothing. If they don't want to be found, then they will be severely punished."

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