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Me And My Mami

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Me And My Mami
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I looked at her eyes. The white in them was smeared with red, as if she was trying not to sleep. She was lying in her bed, eyes half open. She had a sari on. Her pallu was held crumbled in her fist and it was wet with her tears. I was sitting at the foot of her bed. She wasn’t looking at me; she was looking at the bedroom door. I know what she would be thinking. There was a strange look in the eyes, fear and anticipation. She was breathing very lightly. Her crying had ceased.

It pained me! The pain in her beautiful eyes was piercing my heart, as if all this was my fault.

“And why not!”, a voice in my head said, “This is your fault! You could’ve stopped this from happening! You did nothing but stare at the scene!”

I felt bad; really bad! I felt the way you feel when you betray a friend.Her husband had hit her on the waist with his belt! And he had done this in front of the whole family. It was humiliating for her; and for us to see it.No one had stopped him; my father or my mother, no one.

“It’s their internal problem; we should not interfere. We should let them solve their own problems”, they said.

I touched her feet, just to make her feel better. She suddenly moved her glance from the door and looked at me. I think she saw pity in my eyes mixed with the guilt. A tear rolled out of her eyes. The sensual lips were transformed to an ugly smear of lipstick.I went near her head and caught hold of that tear on her cheek and rubbed it. She blinked; I had never touched her that way before. She smiled.

“I’m sorry, you had to see that”, she said.

“No, Mami! I’m sorry for not stopping that”, I said, “I swear to God, that will never happen again! Not till I’m alive”

She let out a chuckle.

“Silly boy”, she said. She had her hands in my hair.

She didn’t say anything for a while. Then she gulped and said, “Life isn’t that simple, you know. Sometimes we just have to let things happen. You’re parents are right. You should not interfere in our matters.”

“Hitting you with a leather belt is not an internal matter,” I was furious, it was evident from the tone of my voice. I was trying very hard not to shout. “First I could bear the way in which he used to criticize you and criticize every single thing you did. But when he starts hitting you, he is not hitting his wife; he is hitting my Mami, my friend! And I’m not going to let that happen.”

She kept on smiling.

“Where is he?” she asked.

“Your husband?”


“Must have gone to the terrace to smoke a cigarette; and to cool down a bit.”

“Where are your parents?”

“They ran off home!”

Her name was Neha. Her husband was, by relation, my mother’s brother, my Mama. But I never called him Mama. He was just some 6-7 years older to me. He was more like an older brother. But I didn’t respect him like an elder brother.He was a bully, he always had been. Even in our c***d-hood, he used to bully k**s smaller than him. I had thought that he would change with time, but he hadn’t.He was a marketing manager by profession and pretty successful at his job actually. He was pretty darned rich. He owned a nice house and all. My mother had found a perfect bride for her rich brother.Neha was a post-grad in commerce. She worked in the accounts department of an MNC.

Seven years ago

People were honking their horns, but I cared less! I went on cutting lanes at a speed of 60kmph on my bike on a busy street road. My Mama was going to get married the next day, but I couldn’t be present for most of the preparations because I had to stay in my college for some submissions. I hadn’t visited home for over a week, now I had to hurry back. I hadn’t met my would-be Mami yet! I was 19 years old back then.

The next day, after all the rituals and stuff, I was having ice-cream. I glanced towards the dais and saw that Neha Mami was sitting alone, my Mama was talking to my dad a few yards away. I took another cup of ice-cream and went to chat with Mami. She was a pretty lady, average height, average figure but she has a very pretty face. And more than that there was a liveliness in her eyes. You felt happy when you saw those eyes.

“Hi! You look tired”, I said. I pulled up a stool and sat beside her.

“Not really! I’m a bit bored. Just wondering when this ceremony will end”, she said.

I was hearing her voice for the first time up close. She had a very pretty voice. But the peculiar thing was the confidence in it. It was very feminine but it seemed so powerful. I liked that! I was happy for my Mama. I caught his attention, nodded towards Mami and winked.

Pretty wife with a good job and a sexy voice!


He smiled back.

“So you want the ceremony to end soon and your romantic night to begin, is that it?” I said mockingly still looking at my Mama.

She stared at me, surprised. She followed my glance and found that my Mama was looking at her, smiling.

“You’re naughtier than you look, Nikhil”, she said smiling. She was blushing.

“I know”, I said. I offered her the second ice-cream cup. She took it and started eating.

“So I heard you study in VJTI”, she asked.

I couldn’t think of anything else but her voice. It was filling my brain till the brim.

“Hmmm… yes… yes. I study at VJTI”, I said

“It is a very reputed college”, she said

“Yes, it is.”

“What stream are you studying?”

“Electrical engineering”

“Electrical, huh? Great! You’ve got a good future ahead. Make the most of it.”

While talking to her, I realized she’s very well read too. I mean, she had read most of the books I’ve heard of and she could talk about them like she was a literary critic.

‘One girl cannot have so many qualities in her’, I thought to myself.

Gosh, she’s just 23 years old! Just 4 years older than me! And she speaks like she’s 40! God bless my Mama!

In the first year itself, their marriage took the downward turn. My Mama did not like people smarter than him; he had kind of an inferiority complex. And Neha Mami was damn smarter than him. He tried to control most of the things in her life, even her job. Her company had offered to send her abroad. But Mama wouldn’t let her accept it. He convinced her to stay. But she was pretty conservative in all these things. Her mother had taught her one thing and one thing only: obey your husband; he’s your whole and sole.

Slowly, he started abusing her. It started with criticizing her driving, then cooking and then everything. After a year, that is all he did.I used to visit their house regularly. I knew to an extent that this was happening. Mama seldom ever did it in front of me, but I could sense the tension between the two.

Meanwhile, I got pretty close to Neha Mami. I used to share most of the things with her, about college, about my friends and their girlfriends. She knew that I didn’t have any girlfriends. I used to call her once in two days, just to share these things with her. And she was a good listener too. She always heard everything; and gave sound advice.I had talked to her on various topics from her favorite movies to songs and even about rights of women in Indian society. She had told me a lot about some of her friends who after marriage were just treated as cooks and they did not have any esteem in their houses. She used to tell me to treat the women in my life well.

She also urged me to do well in my academics. It was because of her insistence that I had appeared for the interview of a well reputed MNC and had got the job. It was a very good job and well paid too. Her voice and her advice had become integral part of my life.

But she didn’t ever open up to me about her personal life, her college life. I wished she did. I wanted her to share her sorrows with me. I wanted to console her, to solve her problems if she had any. I wanted to get inside her mind and know how she thinks, what she thinks about, what she really feels about me. I had not felt that way about any girl before. I didn’t think I was falling in love with her. I just thought it was normal. I was technically her nephew and almost her age so I thought of her like a friend. I swear to God, I did not think of any other relationship with her.

And I had no clue how much the state of her marriage was eating her from inside. She had become emotionally frail. I noticed it when she started taking more and more days off from work. But when asked she would say that the work is getting the better of her and she was feeling ill. And I believed her. I thought that if she had any problem she would tell it to me. But I was wrong.

That day, Neha Mami had called all of us for dinner at their house. We were in the middle of dinner when my Mama said something pathetic about the food that Neha Mami had prepared and in the process he said something pretty nasty which I’m not going to mention here. All I can say is he insulted her parent’s family.He had never said anything like that in front of us. It hurt Neha Mami a bit.

She said, “If you don’t like the food, you better leave. Don’t ruin the evening when everyone else is enjoying it.”

This was too much for Mama. A woman, smarter than him, who was supposed to be his wife, was speaking to him like he was a c***d in front of his sister, his brother-in-law and his nephew. He could not bear it.

He stood up with a jerk, removed his belt in a jiffy and hit the only part of her body that was exposed: her waist. She cried in pain, but he hit again. She ran into the bedroom, he ran behind her. She got inside and shut the door. He kept banging the bedroom door for a while, shouting like a maniac.

My parents were looking at each other, their faces expressionless. I was already on my feet. My father was holding me by my wrist.

“Why don’t you do something?” I looked at my mom and said. “Your brother is hitting his wife like a savage.”

“It’s their internal problem; we should not interfere. We should let them solve their own problems,” my dad said. He wasn’t even looking at me.

“Fuck that! If he kills her, then what are you going to do?”

My dad didn’t say anything.My Mama charged back in the dining room. There was anger on his face. He did not speak to anybody. He grabbed his pack of cigarettes and lighter lying on the table and left the room. My parents didn’t even try to talk to him.My father got up.

“I think we should also leave now,” he said.

Without another word, my mom got up and went to the living room. My dad followed her.

“You go if you want. I’m staying”, I said.

“Nikhil, don’t be an idiot. Leave them alone, they are more than capable of handling their problems!” It was my mom.

“Yeah, right! I saw how capable they are of solving their problems. You go. I’m staying. I’m not saying anything else.”

I didn’t wait to see whether they left or not. I went to the bedroom door and started knocking on it.

“Mami, open up. It’s me, Nikhil”

No answer.

“Mami, please, let’s talk this out. Don’t keep sulking on your own inside. You know you need a friend right now.”

I waited a few seconds. Then I heard the sound of bangles and ruffling of her sari. She was moving. The bolt of the door opened and I slowly pushed the door in.Till the time I opened the door, she was lying on the bed. She was silent. I sat at the foot of the bed.

“Let’s get out of here”, I said.

“I can’t, Nikhil. You know I can’t. He’s my husband, whatever he is like. I can’t leave him” This was a different voice, it wasn’t sexy anymore. She was sniffing while saying this. She didn’t seem like the confident women she was. I didn’t like this version of her. This was a woman who did not have control of her life.

“I’m not telling you to leave him. Just for tonight. He’s lost his mind, there’s no telling what he’ll do. Get out of here, okay? For tonight, and check in a hotel or something. You can come back in the morning”, I said. She had her hand in my hair and she had started caressing it.

“Go home, Nikhil. I can take care of this.” Her face was level. Her voice did not betray her emotions. Her lips were straight. She rubbed the lipstick off with forearms. But her eyes were still red.

“I’m not leaving till I know he’s not going to hit you again”, I said.

She didn’t say anything. She stopped caressing my hair. She had an odd expression on her face.

“Leave, Nikhil. I don’t want you to stay here. If he comes back and finds you still here, he’ll be mad at you too and then he’ll be angrier at me.”

“Why are you accepting this? Why do you not stand up against him?”

“Nikhil, there’s just some things that you won’t understand.”

“Then help me understand.”

She sighed. It was a sad sigh, a sign of surrender. It made me sigh.

“He’s my husband.”


“I have to accept whatever life he gives me”

I laughed. “That’s bullshit! I can’t believe you’re saying this. Neha Anand, the modern girl, the multi-tasking wife, woman of today is telling me that she is ready to accept any atrocities her husband will impose on her. What about all the discussions we had about self-esteem and stuff?”

I got up and was pacing the room. She was not looking at me. But I could see that she was thinking about what I was saying. She looked so helpless in her crumbled sari and the weird way she was curling on the bed. It looked bad! This was a woman I admired, an independent thinking girl, with answers to all my problems. Now, in this moment, she looked helpless!

I continued, “You were telling me about how people in our country treat women, like an accessory in the kitchen and how bad it was. You were telling me that I need to treat women better. And now look at you. You aren’t even treating yourself well. You are letting a piece of shit treat you like his slave and you’re justifying it by telling yourself that he is your husband. You know what? Whatever is happening to you now is partially your fault too. If you had stood up to him like you should’ve, you wouldn’t have been facing this.”

She jerked her head towards me looking at me with pain.

“Don’t say that”, she moaned. There was real pain in her voice.

“Well, why not! It’s true. And I’m really hurt that you didn’t tell me about this before. After everything I shared with you, you didn’t even feel like telling me a thing about this? Don’t you think of me as your friend? Don’t you think I’m worthy enough to share your problems?”

“It’s not as simple as that! You won’t understand this”, she said.

“I don’t care about what I don’t understand. So finally tell me, are you going to get out of here or not?” I said.

She smiled. It was a different smile; it gave a completely new expression to her face. It was a smile of soft resolve. She had decided something.

“If you really believe that your husband has the full right of undermining you, of humiliating you, go ahead and stay here. I won’t object. But if you believe in even a single thing you told me about how to treat women, get out of here”, I said. It was an ultimatum and she knew it.

“Okay”, she said with great effort and waited for a while and then said, “But I don’t want to go to a hotel. I’ll feel lonely there. Why don’t you drop me at your parents place?” her voice was stronger now, it was getting closer to her original sexy, confident version.

“My parent’s place? They don’t even care about what happens to you. I’m not going to let you go there”, I said. My voice had a hint of firmness which she had not heard before. Maybe she sensed this firmness in me. She didn’t say anything.

“You are coming with me. To my house. My room-mate is out of station for this week, anyway. You can stay there for a few days and till that time I’ll talk to Mama and sort this out.”

She kept mum.

“It won’t look good”, was the only thing she said.

“What won’t look good?”

“Me staying with you. People will misunderstand.”

“To hell with people! Do you really care what people feel? The only thing you really care about is how your husband will think about this. And do you really want to care about how he’ll

“Okay. Let’s go. Let’s go to your place.”

We were climbing down the stairs of their building. Her husband was nowhere to be seen. She was just behind me. She had a hand on my shoulder; I think she needed the support. I let her keep it. She had given me a small bag to hold in my hands. I guess it had a few of her clothes.

We sat on my bike. She kept a deliberate distance when she sat on my bike. But my bike was designed for having a girlfriend on the back seat. Her bosom kept touching my back.

On our way, I kept on thinking. What had I done today and why had I done this? I had never been proactive in my family life before. Why was I doing this for a woman who should have been supported by my parents, by her parents?

What was she to me?

She was more than a relative, for sure.

‘She was a friend’, I thought, ‘I had helped her like I would’ve helped a friend.’

But I knew that I wanted to be more than just friends with her.

Why was it that a woman who was pretty, confident, well behaved and progressive was treated like this? Why was it that a good girl got a life of a slum-dweller? She deserved more than this. She deserved a better guy in her life. My Mama, the savage, did not deserve a girl like her. She deserved someone better, someone who knew her worth, someone who’d understand her.

‘She deserved someone like me’, I thought!

Fuck! What was I thinking? She was four years older than me. She was married to my Mama for seven years! What would society think? What would she think of me if she knew what I was thinking?

“Where are you going?” she said suddenly.

“What?” I said. I was brought back to reality by her voice.

“You took the wrong turn”

“Oh, sorry!”

After a while, we reached my apartment. I kept her bag in the bedroom and pulled up a chair and told her to sit. I went to the kitchen and fixed up some tea. I glanced at the watch. The time was a little over 11 pm. I went to the bedroom and gave her the tea.

“You can go to the bathroom and freshen up”, I said. I couldn’t look at her directly. I was scared that if she stares directly into my eyes, she would know what I was thinking.

She got up, kept the tea cup on the bedside table and went to the bathroom. I was thinking what to say to her so that I seem normal, so that I don’t betray my feelings for her. She came out after a while. Her sari was all well again and her face was clear. Her face was expressionless; it felt as if nothing had happened. She didn’t have the glow she usually has but it was better than how she had looked lying in her bedroom.She came and sat on my bed across from me.

I immediately got up from the bed. I didn’t want to be sitting on the bed with her. I didn’t trust myself, what if accidently I spurt out what I feel like.

“You must be hungry”, I said, “I’ll go and make some maggi for both of us”.

While having maggi, I sat on the chair and she sat on the same spot on the bed. She was not looking up; she was staring at the bowl while eating.

‘This can’t continue’, I thought, ‘For how long will I not speak to her or look at her.’

I tried to break the ice.

“You feel okay now?” I asked casually.

She looked up nodding, smiling. She looked normal.

“For how long is this happening?” I asked.

She stopped eating. “Don’t talk about that please” she said.

“If it pains you so much why didn’t you fight it? Why didn’t you tell my parents? Why didn’t you tell your parents? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“It’s hard to explain, Nikhil. Please, let’s speak about something else.”

We kept mum for another 5 minutes. We finished our maggi. We were sitting there staring in space with our empty bowls in our hands.

Again I tried to start something.

“So, how is your work?”

“It’s fine” she said. Then she looked at me directly and said “I haven’t been doing too well recently. I haven’t be able to concentrate that well.”

“You will be now. If you don’t want to go back, don’t. You can stay here as long as you like. You can go to work from here. I will find some other place. You can continue living here.”

“You’ve been a great help, Nikhil. Thanks”

“No problem! It is the least I can do!”

“No, not only today. But every day, the only thing I looked forward to was my work and the calls I had with you. I liked speaking about something else other than my life.”
I realized that I was smiling involuntarily.

She continued, “You know the things that I told you about, to respect women and the condition of women and stuff; it was my revenge against my husband. I couldn’t stand up against him because… I just couldn’t. But I decided that I will not let you become like him, I promised myself that even if my life couldn’t be great, I’ll make a great guy out of you so that your wife could have a good life.”

I laughed.

“Great!” I said, smiling. “I would’ve given anything to help you and here you were trying to help my would-be wife.” She was smiling too.

“Nikhil?” she said.


“Why do you care about me so much?”

‘Fuck!’ I thought. ‘She knew, God damn it! She knew what I felt about her.’

“Because, you’re not only my Mami, you’re a good friend. I don’t like my friends getting hurt” I tried to keep my face straight.

She smiled and stood up and took the bowl from my hands and went to the kitchen sink.I followed after her. She was at the sink, washing the bowls. I stood behind her. She washed the bowls and kept them in the shelf. She turned towards me. There were tears in her eyes. She came near me and hugged me, sobbing.

“Thanks, Nikhil! Thanks for everything!”

“Hey, it’s okay! You need not say it.” I held her chin in my right hand and my left hand was on her cheek. I rubbed the tears. “You’re embarrassing me by saying it!”

She looked straight in my eyes. Her eyes were just a few inches away from mine.

Neha Mami was hugging me! God!

“You’re a great guy, Nikhil! I really feel safe when you’re with me!”

I sighed and said slowly, emphasizing every syllable “Leave him! Leave him… he does not deserve you. You deserve someone else, someone worthy of you!”

She did not say anything. She kept staring at me.

“Can I stay here for a few days? Till I get a place for myself”

“Does that mean you have decided to leave him?”

She didn’t say anything. She just smiled.

I said “Sure! Sure you can stay here. As long as you want! Go back tomorrow; get your stuff and the bedroom will be yours from today. I’ll sleep in the living room.” I was happy, satisfied. I knew she could be happy now, free of the burden of a failing marriage.

She smiled. I went inside the bedroom and picked up a mattress, pillow, blanket and proceeded towards the living room.She went inside the bedroom and closed the door. I assumed that she’ll be changing and then going to sleep.I took off my pants and slept in my boxers. I spread the mattress on the floor, switched off the light and laid down.It was dark but I could not sleep. Mostly I was thinking of what to do later. Clearly, I was in love with her! But I couldn’t dare tell her that and anyway, she deserved more than me! I decided to go by the plan.

She’ll stay here for a while and then will move out to her own place and our relationship will be the same: friends. Very good friends and that’ll be all!It disappointed me thinking about that, but that was it. I knew that was what was going to happen. She’s going through a tough phase of her life; the last thing she wants is her nephew to tell her that he loved her. It would complicate things for her, for me and for everyone involved.

I was just starting to feel sleepy when I felt my blanket moving. I woke up with a start. It was dark and I was sleepy, I couldn’t make out who was it but the person was trying to move my blanket. Suddenly, I gained my consciousness and saw that it was Neha Mami.

“Mami, what’s the matter?”

“I couldn’t sleep. I am scared.”

“Okay, then let’s sleep in the bedroom. We don’t have enough room here; you’ll have to sleep over me here.”

“I won’t mind that!” she said u*********sly.

Gosh! I couldn’t believe what she said. But I don’t think she understood the whole significance of what she said.And without warning she crept beside me in the mattress. She pulled my blanket over her and hugged me tight, digging her face in my chest.

I hugged her back.I could touch her bra strap. She had changed her cloths, she was wearing a night gown and it was very thin. I was getting a bit uncomfortable, but I did not let go of her.She felt my hands on her back and hugged me more tightly.

“I have never felt this before” she said.

“Felt what?” My heart was beating fast. I won’t say that I was getting turned on. It was more like I was getting more and more uncomfortable with our position.

“I have never felt this safe with another person before. You make me feel secure, you make me feel confident” Her head was still buried in my chest. I could only hear her muffled voice.

When she spoke the vibrations of her voice passed through my ribs.It felt awesome! I can’t explain to you how good it felt! I was getting more and more comfortable with the situation.

“I am supposed to feel this way about the man in my life! But I don’t!” she started sobbing again. “I feel more and more resentment towards him. I hate him, Nikhil.”

I hugged her tight and let her vent out all the anger and frustration.

“You have been more of a husband to me than my own husband, you know that?” she said.

I couldn’t believe my ears.

“What did you say?” I asked.

“You’ve supported me more than my husband would ever support me. And all these years I only had your voice on the phone and your visits to our house to look forward to. You’ve made me more comfortable about myself than anyone else. You’ve been more of a man in my life than my husband.”

‘Oh my god! Did she mean she was in love with me?’ I thought. Every single word she spoke was like a spark of heat than initiated from her lips and sent hot waves through my chest, calming my heart. I cannot explain that emotion, it was the best feeling in the world. People say you become weak in love. I was becoming stronger in her love.

I thought for a while and said, “You know husbands do a lot more than hugging when they’re sleeping with their wives in a blanket!”

She let out a chuckle. She lifted her face and stared straight into my eyes.

“I thought saying these things to you would be the greatest weakness in my life. But it required the largest amount of strength I’ve ever mustered” she said.

I kept staring at her, her eyes inches from mine, her lips trembling while saying the words. I imagined her words travelling from my ears to my brain. I could practically feel it because it gave the greatest pleasure I have ever felt.I took my face closer to her and touched my lips to her lips. It wasn’t a kiss, it wasn’t even passionate. It was just a test of her feelings. I slowly pulled back.I didn’t say anything. I waited for her to say something, staring at her beautiful face. This didn’t feel like a sin! I forgot everything. I forgot who she was, what was my relationship with her. The only thing I knew was that I loved this woman, deeply! I admired her! The only thing that was left was to express it to her.

No, it wasn’t a sin! It was an act of God… it was great… I was going to be with the woman I admired the most. I’m going to get the highest pleasure of the world from her.I waited for her to give a response of some kind. I don’t remember how long I waited, was it 10 seconds or 2 hours, I don’t know.

Finally she said, “I don’t know what else I want to do but this. I want to do this Nikhil. Please do this to me.”

“Do you love me?” I said.

“Yes… yes, I do! And I want to consummate my love for you, Nikhil. Please help me do it!”

Then I don’t know what happened to me. It was like I exploded in passion. I didn’t know from where I got the strength to do this.I lifted her and went under her. She was lying over me, her face close to mine. I could feel the heat in her body through the thin cloth of her gown.My heart was beating so fast I had lost sense of it. I grabbed her hair from behind and pulled her close and I kissed her.

It was not just the taste of her lips, it was the feel of her lips on mine, the moisture in them, and it was the feel of her body lying on mine and the fact that both of us were so hot.
My legs were intertwined in hers and my free hand was caressing her back over her bra strap. Her hands were in my hair and she was wriggling them like crazy. I kept on giving her small bites on her tongue while kissing her and I was guessing she liked it cause she was pulling my hair every time I did it.

Oh god, it was the most passionate thing I had done!

I pulled away and stopped the kiss but she kept pushing herself on me and was trying to kiss me again. I got hold of her shoulders and lifted her. I got up and lifted her on my shoulders like a fireman’s lift and took her to the bedroom.I threw her on the bed. I noticed a few of her gown’s buttons were missing. Maybe I was pulling at her gown too while kissing her.

I bolted the door and threw myself on her and continued the kiss. This time my legs were hanging down from the edge of the bed and her legs were free. She twisted her legs around my waist and held on, she was tightening her grip. Gosh! I’m sure she never did this so passionately with her husband. Her grip was so tight my back was starting to hurt.I pulled away, got hold of her legs and removed them from my waist. I stood up straight beside the bed and removed my shirt and vest and threw it on the ground and threw myself back on her. I grabbed her gown and pulled it over her. I smelled it and threw it away.

She did not stop me from doing anything.She wanted me as much as I wanted her. She was in her bra and panty. Both were black.Her body was just as fair as her face.The fan in the bedroom was switched off and it was a hot May night. She was sweating from all the hard work and so was I. I could see a sweat drop trickling in between her breasts. Man! It was a wonderful sight!

I lifted her by her shoulders and hugged her tight and carried her to the fan switch. She kept on letting out gasps from her mouth with every move I made.I pinned her back to the wall and switched on the fan. I was holding her tight, she was pinned to the wall and her legs were in the air. She looked into my eyes with longing.

I turned her around and pinned her face to the wall. Her breasts were pressed against the wall. She let out a huge gasp.

“Aaahhhh…………” It was sexy. It turned me on more.

I got hold of her bra strap and felt that her back was wet with sweat. I touched her strap with my lips and licked the sweat under it. She couldn’t take it. She was curling her back like an a****l in pain, gasping all the way.

“Uuuummmmmmmmmm… yes… it feels soooooo goooood… Nikhil”

I unhooked her bra strap and turned her to face me. Her bra was hanging from her breasts. I removed it and kept my hand on it and pinched the nipple. She had her eyes closed.

“This is it… ummmm… Nikhil… press it… aaaahhhh… harder… ooohhhh… I want this…”

I was kneading her breasts and started kissing her.I got hold of her and threw her on the bed again.I could still see the sweat droplets all over her body. I started kissing her face, her eyes, her nose, I bit her ear then her cheek.I went down, her neck had a great aroma. I licked it whole, sucking on it with my lips. I went further down, took hold of her left breast with my right hand and started sucking her right nipple. She was enjoying it.

“Uffff…. Ahhhh…. Yes…”

I was trying to take her breast as a whole in my mouth and in the process biting her there.

“Yes… that’s right… bite me… enjoy yourself… ahhhh…. yeeeeeaaaah”

I reached her belly button and dumped my tongue in it. I could taste the sweat on her tummy. I kissed and licked her tummy.

“Suck you wife, Nikhil… aaaaaaahhhhh… yes”

All this while she had her hands in my hair and she was pulling on them.I turned her over. I did the same to her back.I kissed the back of her neck, the area between her shoulder blades, her hips.She was moaning but her voice was muffled.I turned her back to face me and I removed her panty in a jiffy and digged my face inside the aroma of the bush. I started licking it like anything and she was going crazy. I’m sure she hadn’t done this before

“Oooohhh…. What are you doing to me… this feels sooooo gooood… lick me out… yes… eat me out… be a good husband and eat me out… aaaaahhhhhhh…..”

Her hands were in my hair and she was pushing me inside her womanhood. In a while she had her first orgasm. She loosened up a bit and said

“You made me feel like a virgin, love!”

“I’ll show you more” I said.

I removed my boxers and underwear and my manhood was in full glory. I massaged it a bit before I was going to have the pleasure of a lifetime.I started fingering her till she was ready again. She started moaning again

Hmmmmm….. hmmmmmmm… yes…. Hmmmm….

I stopped fingering when I felt her slit wet enough and kept my manhood on the entrance of the tunnel.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

“Yes… do it!”

I gave one big push and I was halfway in. She let out a big moan “ooooooohhhhhhhhh” and her body convulsed like she had been hit by something.I felt in heaven. I mean literally I was in heaven!I started pushing slowly first and then increased my speed.This was just my second time having sex and this time I was having sex with the woman I loved and this was much better than the last time. This was more passionate.

With every stroke I was coming closer to explode. My body had never known a pleasure like this!

She was having the time of her life too. Her gasps were short and more intense.


The tension in the muscles of my arm was killing me.


Both of us were drowned in sweat.

“Yes…. Nikhil… I’m enjoying this… pleasure your wife… yeeeaaahhh…”

She had both her hands on my chest and I could feel my sweat trickle onto her arms.


I lifted one hand and kept it on her breasts, kneading them while stroking her.

“Yeah… hit me baby… hit me harder… please”

Her breasts were slippery with sweat, her whole body was shining in its glory and I was sure so was mine.

“Yes… aaaahhh… Nikhil… harder please… please baby… harder”

I took my hands kept them on her cheek and was twisting her lips with my thumb, rubbing the lipstick from it.

“Yeeeeaaahhhh…. Harder… please… please… I beg you… please”

She took out her tongue and was licking my fingers.

“Hmmmmmm….. hmmmmm…. Yes…. ”

Finally when I was coming I increased my speed to inhuman standards and she was literally biting her tongue to stop screaming.I bent over, I licked her lips and tongue and continued my strokes.She was kissing me back. She was letting out huge gasps with each stroke.The breath of her gasp kept on coming in my mouth with each stroke. God… I thought, this was the best sex any one can have.

I came completely inside her. Then I lay on her, my head between her breasts. We lay this way for some time.Then she turned me over and gave me a nice blowjob. We slept naked that night.We stayed together for about a month. I asked my room-mate to find a new apartment and stay there till then. She used to go to work from my place and come back. She used to cook food for me and we used to go shopping together. It was like we literally were husband and wife. We didn’t inform anyone from my family that we were staying together. But I guess they knew.

After a month, she moved out and took an apartment near her work place. But we spend most of our weekends together.It has been 2 years to this incident. She has got her divorce from Mama and did not ask for any alimony. She said she didn’t need any money from a cave man.Both of us have not married. We are unofficially husband and wife. And maybe in a few years, we will move to a different city together, away from our families and live together and enjoy our love.
Me And My Mami 4

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