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Gangbang Mom with Friends

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My name is suneeth and I am a 15 year old guy studying in the final year
of school in hyderabad, India. During the summer season it is sweltering hot
and sweaty inside the house as we don’t have air conditioning. Hence I go
up to the terrace to study under the light next to the stairwell.

We live in a 4 storied apartment building and the terrace is shared by 36 other
apartments. We have about 24 such apartments in our area. There are lots
of young students in college and schools in our area and many come up to the
terrace to study, workout or simply for fresh air, as we are all in the same
income group and hence our living conditions are similar.

My Mom works in the Government school and has a steady 9-5 job and hence will
help me in my studies as she has a Masters degree. We have our own nook up
in the terrace which is hidden from others and we have a concrete bench to sit
under a light. There are some water tanks which hide us from the
neighbouring apartments and hence we can study in peace.

As this is a very important year in school and I have to take the
competitive exams for engineering admissions at the end of this
academic year, my Mom and I take my studies seriously and she gets information
from the internet and her other friends at work whose sons have scored well
in competitive exams.

My Mom avaniis 34 years old as she got married at 18(as is normal here in
India) and I was born within a year. For me she was MOM and hence I thought
she was like every other Mom's except that I noticed that grownup men would
behave like imbeciles in front of her and would smile widely if she just
looked in their direction. I guess she is pretty but for 15 yr old boy women are
just women and Moms are just Moms. My older friends always talked about
girls but I didn’t see what the fuss is about.

My house always had visitors and my friend as well as the older boys in
our area were all my friends and visited me often and let me hang out with
them even though I was a few years younger. I had a lot of friends
especially among the older teens of 18 or 19 who were in University doing
Engineering and Medicine. My Mom also encouraged me to make friends with
these boys and asked me to learn from them so that I will also get admission
with a scholarship in some good Engineering college.

My Dad was abroad in Dubai and my Mom stayed back because of her teacherjob
and for my education. I am the only c***d hence my parents wanted the best for
me. One night as usual we were studying on the terrace and we went down to
our apartment and had our supper and were back on the terrace even though
it was late at night and people had gone to bed (in this city people go to bed
by 930 or 10pm). My Mom was reading a magazine and I was busy studying
when we heard footsteps and saw that it was Arun. He was an 18 yr old
engineering student who was my friend and was well built as he went to the
gym to workout.

My Mom liked Arun as he was a studious and nice guy. He had a
skipping rope and started skipping and after 5 mins my Mom got up and
took the rope from him and started skipping as fast as he did. We were
impressed and my Mom said,” what did think about me? I was an athlete in
University". She then sat down on the bench and folded her legs. She was wearing a skirt and loose T-shirt. Arun then told my Mom that he can do a one hand push up 10 times and started doing them in front of her. He was looking up at my Mom all the time and took his time and did the push-ups slowly. He then came and sat
next to her.

I then got up and said that I can also do push-ups and started doing
normal ones in front of them. When I looked up I was stunned to see that I
could see my Mom's panties clearly as she had folded her legs and her skirt
was parted fully. I then realized why Arun was excited when doing his
push-ups. He looked at me and smiled and winked at me. My Mom was not
aware that her skirt was parted and she was fully exposed. She got up saying
that it was late and she was going to bed and Arun can help me with my
studies-which he readily agreed.When she left we both watched her leave and
for the first time I saw my Mom as a woman and noticed her sexy ass.
I realized that I had a hard-on and Arun also noticed that.

He immediately
commented that My Mom was hot and asked me if I saw her panty.
I told him that she was my Mom and we should not be speaking about her
in this way. He then pointed to my hard-on and smiled and left.
When I saw the look of lust in Arun's eyes for my Mom, I realized that
my Mom was really sexy. Arun was a popular guy among the girls as he was
handsome, tall and well built. He had a beautiful girlfriend but he
never looked at her the way he looked at my Mom.

That made my Mom all the
more desirable. From that day onwards I started masturbating thinking about
my Mom and tried at every opportunity to see more of her body.

My birthday was about a month after my friend Arun and I had seen my
Mom's panty when she accidentally exposed herself to us (read part1). After
that we had many of my friends(Tarun,Vijay,his brother Ajay,Karthik and
Sanjay) joining us on the terrace late at night and we all had push-up contests
and every one of my friends got glimpses of my Mom's panties as she
continued to wear her skirt fold her legs and sit on the bench.

She was unaware
that she was giving us a clear view of her crotch. When we guys met anywhere the only topic was about my sexy Mom and I also started getting into this and we
all now wanted to see more. The guys all discussed and analysed every part
of her body and included me in their friendly bawdy talks. From there it
graduated to fantasies about fucking her though all of us knew that it was
impossible. Once the guys knew that like them I also had the hots for my Mom,
they treated me as one of them and we watched many porno movies with the
theme being young guys with older women.

So when my Mom asked me to invite all my friends for my B'day party, I
invited this gang of older guys also. The b'day party was the usual tame
affair with cutting the cake and playing stupid games.

My Mom was pleasantly
surprised when my older friends helped her throughout the party and she was
laughing and joking with them. They in turn were hanging on to every word
she said and my Mom was flattered that these bright young Medical and
Engineering students found her interesting.

She did not notice that they
were getting nice glimpses of her body as she was wearing a saree well
below her navel and her blouse was held with strings with large open spaces
at the back. Her tits were big and her cleavage visible as the blouse was low
cut and the saree kept falling of her shoulder.

When all the young guests had
left and only my 6 older friends were remaining, my Mom sat down on the sofa
and stretched her legs saying that she was tired. My friend all gathered around her
and Arun asked her boldly if she had any beer for them as all the young k**s had left
and they were all adults left. My Mom looked at him strictly and said that they were
too young to drink beer. Sanjay laughed and told her," Aunty we all drink even hot drinks
at parties with our girlfriends and when we go to the disco. And the other
night Ajay puked on his girlfriend after having one too many." Ajay
immediately jumped on Sanjay and they started a friendly wrestling match on the carpet.

Arun immediately fell at my mother’s feet in Hindi filmy style and pleaded with her for
just one beer each and offered to massage her feet for her in return.
So saying her sat in front of her and caught her feet and placed it
on his lap and started massaging her feet.

My Mom laughed and tried to pull
her feet away but he held on tight and kept massaging it. She stopped
struggling and laughed at him and said that she does not drink beer and as
her husband is also abroad there is no beer at home. I immediately got up
and went near her and whispered in her ear that Dad had a stock of some
brandy bottles in his cupboard.

My Mom looked at me and at Arun and all the pleading smiling faces around
her and said,"Ok guys. I have some Brandy and you will all get only one
small drink each after which we will call it a day.ok?" The guys all started
pleading for a large drink if it was going to be just one and my Mom got up
and went to her bedroom to fetch the Brandy.

Everybody started jumping around and making noise and I went over to
the stereo and turned up the volume and we all started dancing and jumping
around. My Mom returned with a tray full of glasses and a full bottle of St
Remy's French Napoleon Brandy.

Arun offered to pour the drinks but my Mom
playfully slapped his hand away. She then poured 6 drinks and mixed Pepsi
with them and handed it to the guys. She handed me a glass with only Pepsi.
Arun immediately asked her where is her drink and she replied that she
rarely drank and that too only with her husband around as she got drunk
easily with just a couple of drinks. He said that is not fair if the hostess
does not join them and it is not polite.

All the guys started pleading with
her and I too joined in and she gave me a long look and laughed and
said,"Ok guys just one drink or else you guys have to carry me to my room."
She then poured herself a small drink and filled the glass with Pepsi. She
had a sip and then got up saying that she will get her photo album for the
guys to see.

When she left the room Arun got up and took the Brandy bottle
and poured some into my glass and also poured a stiff one in my Mom's glass.
He winked at me and said,"Let’s get your Mom drunk.Ok".
When my Mom returned with the photo album she found us sitting like
innocent boys and asked us to sit next to her to see the album.

there was a shoving match to determine who sat next to her and in the end
she was squashed in between 2 guys on either side on the sofa and two guys
standing right behind her sofa. Arun and Karthik were the lucky guys right next
to her with their thighs pressed against her.

I playfully jumped onto her lap
and turned and hugged her tightly and kissed her on her cheek and proudly
smiled and winked at Arun. My Mom was laughing and tried to push me away and
I was in heaven as I could feel her whole body against me and got a hard-on

I playfully kept hugging her and said that I was the b’day baby
and hence could sit on her lap. She hugged me tightly and said," My b’day
baby- you are very heavy and my legs are paining." I got up pretending to
sulk and sat at her feet and finished my drink. I was getting pretty high as
I was not used to drinking any liquor. Even the guys had just bluffed my Mom
and in fact none of them had any hard liquor and had only beer very rarely.
My Mom started showing us her College photos and as she was an athlete we
gat to see her in her shorts and tight tops etc.

She was extremely beautiful
and all the guys remarked that she was like Aishwarya the Miss world.
My Mom smiled and said modestly that she was not beautiful and that she was
getting fat. At that everybody said that she was just perfect and Mom blushed
and sipped her drink.Within 15 mins we had all finished our drinks and had seen all the
photos. My Mom then asked us what we should do. The guys immediately said lets
play a game. Actually they thought that she would now chase them away as it was
getting late. My Mom asked what game and they said lets play spin the
bottle. She said," Ok guys- I will change into something comfortable and you
can get the game ready and tell me the rules." So saying she got up and left
the room.Arun immediately whispered that another 2 drinks and she will be drunk.
So saying he poured her another stiff drink and filled the glass with Pepsi. We
all started making small slips of paper with the instructions and there was
a lot of laughing and shouting as all of us were a bit high.

When my Mom returned we saw that she was wearing a loose nighty with a
round neck and we were disappointed that we could not see any cleavage. We
expected her to be in her skirts and tight tops.

Arun handed her drink and she did not refuse. They asked her if they can
have a small drink and she immediately said," Ok guys, only one more
small drink for you guys. I don’t want you puking on my carpet." Tarun started
pouring the drinks and by the time he had poured 5 drinks the bottle got
over. We all turned and looked at Mom and she looked at us and said,"Ok. I
will get another bottle but only for one small drink for the last glass."
Saying this she went off to her bedroom and got another bottle of Brandy and
said that this was the last bottle and we have to keep it back for Rahul's

We all took our drinks and I had a Pepsi refill and we sat on the carpet in
a circle. This time everybody wanted to sit in front of my Mom and my
Mom looked at us all strangely and asked if nobody wanted to sit next to her. In
the end Ajay and I sat next to her as we were the youngest and Vijay was
lucky to sit in front of Mom. She folded her legs and sat but this time
nothing could be seen and we all started teasing Vijay and throwing some
chips and popcorn and whatever we got hold off. My Mom did not understand
what the commotion was all about.

She then asked us what the rules were.
We all explained that when the empty brandy bottle stopped spinning and pointed
towards a person, that person should pull a slip out of the cap full of slips and do
what was on the slip. She then clapped her hands and said,” that’s simple".
Arun then said," Aunty- there is a penalty for not doing what was on the
slip.” She looked at him smilingly and he said that the person will get
spanked on the bare bottom 5 times by a person of the opposite sex. Arun
added," Also I am the referee and my word is final”.

By this time my Mom had
finished her second drink and was quite high and squealed out loudly saying
that in that case she will get to spank all the guys as she was the only woman.
Arun quietly refilled her glass and handed it to her. She took it again
quietly and said,"I'm having a great time with you guys so I will have one last drink.

Arun then sat and spun the bottle which pointed towards Mom. The cap was
handed to her and she pulled out a slip which said -Kiss the person sitting
next to you on the lips for a whole minute.

She immediately turned and kissed me on the cheeks. When we protested she
said that she agreed to play with them as she thought that it was an
innocent game where you had to sign a song or something. Everybody told her
we are all adults and we don’t want to play silly c***dish games.

She then
inquired if the other slips also were of an adult nature and we all laughed
and said "YES". She then protested saying that she was a married old woman
who can’t play such games with k**s. Again everybody said that she was not
old and was only a few years older than Tarun who was oldest guy at 21. She
then turned to me and said,"Rahul beta (son), you are also in this with
these guys? What if your Papa (dad) came to know about this?"

I said," Its ok Mama-nobody will tell anyone and this will be our secret."
She then took a long sip of her drink and held her hand out palm up and
said." Beta promise, you will not tell your Papa (dad) about this." I
placed my hand on her hand and said,"I promise Mama".

She immediately turned towards me and held my face in her hand and
moved her lips towards mine. There was pin drop silence in the room and she
slowly gave me a kiss on my lips. I held her head and returned the kiss and
slowly parted her lips with my tongue and french kissed her.

She tried to pull
away but I held on and she relaxed and kissed back. Somebody pulled us apart
saying that the minute was over.Everybody started clapping and told Mom that
she was a sport and she also started smiling and finished her drink and asked
Arun to fill all the glasses and also give me a drink. The guys got busy and filled
up all the glasses and we all said cheers and had a big sip.

Now all the guys knew
that we were in for an exciting time with my Mom but were not sure how far she
will go.Arun again spun the bottle and it again pointed towards Mom. She squealed
and said that is not fair and it is someone else’s turn. But Arun the
referee said that it was just luck that it pointed towards her and maybe the
bottle liked her better as she was sexy. We all looked quickly at him for
his boldness which of course came from the liquor.

My Mom immediately got up and ran away to her bedroom saying that we were cheating and she did not want to play this game. We all ran behind her to catch her and sanjay who was the oldest guy there caught her and held her around her waist. All of us caught my Mom and she kept struggling playfully.

We knew she was drunk as she was not protesting and kept giggling like a school girl. While struggling we all fell on the King sized bed and pinned her down. I immediately jumped on her and sat on her back while the guys held her hands and legs. Arun said that my Mom deserves a spanking now as per the rules of the game and as we were 7 guys we all would spank her once.

My Mom started struggling and tried to get up. I turned around and sat on her back facing her bum. I immediately gave her a slap on her buttocks. As I was drunk also I did no realize the force that I used and she yelped in pain. Mom stopped laughing and then all the guys one by one gave her a nice solid slap on her beautiful buttocks. We let her loose and she got up and silently went to the bathroom rubbing her buttocks

We were all silent as we thought that my Mom was angry with us for spanking her bottoms so hard. We went to the front Hall and sat down and waited for her. we all finished our drinks thinking the evening was over when my Mom came back smiling and said" Ok guys lets continue playing." "Are you Ok Mom?"

I asked
"I'm fine."she said and hugged me."I'm having fun".Arun again spun the bottle and it again pointed towards her. This time Mom did not make a fuss and she knew by now that Arun could control the speed of the bottle and that everytime she will be the victim.She leaned forward and picked a slip from the cap and read it.
"You will be asked one question by all the players and you should answer truthfully. The referree will decide at the end if it is the truth and will decide the punishment if it is a lie.""Who will start first?" she asked.

Arun said," I will go first"."When did you first kiss a guy?"My Mom looked at me and the others and smiled and said,"On my wedding night."Karthik then asked,"When did you first touch a guy? Aunty, You know what I mean.""Yes.You mean when did I touch a cock?On my wedding night."We were stunned at her using the word "cock" so casually that Sanjay immediately asked her,"Aunty when did you first get fucked?"

"I got fucked for the first time on my wedding night."my Mom answered.Now we knew that the game had gone to a higher level with the use of words like "cock" and "fuck"."When did you first suck a cock" asked Vijay"Never"answered Mom.
I aksed her," Mom have you had any relations with anybody other than Dad?"
She answered,"No, except I kissed you today."
Ajay who was sitting next to my Mom asked her,"Do you shave?"
My Mom smiled at him and said,"yes I shave my legs."

"No.No." he cried out. "Aunty I mean down there," he said pointing at her crotch.
We all looked at where he was pointing and Mom was embarrased at 7 guys looking at her crotch and one of them her own son.She looked down at the ground and shyly nodded her head up and down and then added that,"its been a few weeks since"
Ajay persisted and asked,"So, now you have hair there."
She answered softly,"Yes". Then she turned and looked at me and held my hand and softly whispered in my ear," Beta(son), you will not tell your Papa(dad).No?. I nodded my head and she asked,"Are you enjoying your b'day party?.

I answered that it was the best party I ever had and she whispered that it was not over yet and squeezed my hand. In the meantime the guys had removed some slips that seemed too tame now as the game was moving to a higher level and now everybody were expecting more than when we started playing. Arun added some more slips and then spun the bottle. As usual it stopped and it was pointing towards Mom. She reached for the cap and picked a slip and gave it to me to read. The slip read "Kiss all the guys one by one for 2 mins each".

My Mom just closed her eyes and was resigned to whatever was happening and she was also now fully drunk. Though I had a hardon I felt bad for her and asked her if we should stop the game. The guys all looked at us and she did not reply but reached out for me and pulled me towards her and started kissing me.

The momentum pushed her backwards and she lay flat on the carpet and I was lying half on her kissing her. I slowly reached for her left breast and gently squeezed on it and she did not object. She stopped kissing me and then moved my head to her breast and reached out to Ajay who was sitting on her left and he started kissing her. Now we were 2 guys on her either side, one kissing her mouth and the other playing with her breast.

When she finished kissing Ajay she moved his head to her other breast and reached for Karthik who was now sitting right behind her head. He bent forward and kissed her and in the meantime I felt adventorous and had moved my hand to her crotch. Her legs tightened at first in a reflex action and I gently parted them and placed my hand on her cunt and rubbed it. She did not object but slowly spread her legs. Seeing this Arun lifted the nighty slowly and moved it above her waist and her panty was exposed to us. I immediately started playing with her cunt and Arun removed her nighty completely leaving Mom lying on the carpet only in her bra and panty surrounded by 7 horny young guys, one of whom was her own son.

Quickly her bra was removed by Karthik and Sanjay was tugging at her panty now to remove it. I held my breath and expected Mom to object to this but she lifted her buttocks off the ground and assisted Sanjay in his task and she was lying fully naked with her eyes closed.

For a moment all of us just looked in awe at the beautiful naked women lying in front of us and we knew that the best was yet to come. I quickly removed my clothes as I wanted to be the first to fuck my mother and I did not feel ashamed or shy that my cock will be definitely smaller than the other guys. I quickly lay in between my Mom's spread legs which had a number of hands on her cunt and a few fingers inside also. I kissed her and whispered in her ear," Mom ".

She opened her eyes to see her son lying naked in between her legs and looked deep in my eyes. She wishpered back,"Is this what you want?". I nodded and she gave a small nod and closed her eyes and my cock was nudging at the fingers on her cunt which were then removed to give my cock free entry into her wet cunt. I entered her gently and was surprised to find that her cunt was very tight.

I realized that she hadnt been fucked for a long time and also she had had only one c***d. There was complete silence and all the guys were watching this i****t fucking right before their eyes. I started banging into her and came within a few seconds shooting my sperms deep into her. That is when it hit me that there was a possibility of us making her pregnant today.

Also it hit me that my Mom who had never had any other man in her life was in a gangbang with 7 guys, one being her son.
I was shoved off Mom and Arun got in between her and in one smooth motion shoved his huge cock into her well lubricated cock. Now my Mom had many hands on her body and Arun banged away at her for a few minutes when everybody kept scolding him for taking such a long time.

Everybody wanted to have a fuck as soon as possible. Arun groaned loudly and shot his cum deep into her and rolled off. His place was immediately taken by Sanjay who had the biggest cock of all and it was at least 8" long and very thick.

My Mom groaned when he entered her and opened her eyes wide to see whose cock was so big and she spread and raised her legs wide to accomodate him.

She then wrapped her legs around his waist and the sight was so vulgar and exciting. I started getting a hardon seeing this so I placed my cock in her hand as she squeezed it to pulled me towards her mouth. She know it was me. She opened her mouth and I put my cock in her mouth and she started sucking it.

seeing this the guys got all excited and once I came in her mouth Arun took my place and shoved his limp cock in her mouth which sucked at it and he got erect.
This became the norm that after fucking her cunt, the cock would be placed in Mom's mouth and sucked hard again.

We all had another round fucking and cummimg in her cunt and her whole cunt and face was a mess with cum all over.
My beautiful decent Mom was turned into a slut by her own son and his friends

The next morning I woke up with a hangover and a throbbing head. It suddenly hit me that I had fucked my Mom the previous night. I went to the medicine cabinet and took a Saridon for my headache and after brushing my teeth I went to my Mom's room. I now remembered I was fully drunk last night and had puked in the bathroom and had been carried to my bedroom. I don't know what had happened after that.
I slowly opened my Mom's room and went in. She was still fast asleep with a light bedsheet covering her body. I went and lay down next to her and she turned towards me and hugged me and smiled. I hugged her back and looked into her eyes and knew that things were fine and my Mom was not pissed off at me. I slowly moved my face closer and she did not resist when I kissed her. Instead she parted her lips and french kissed me. She pushed away the bedsheet and I saw that she was fully naked. I immediately sat up and felt her body all over. She turned over contentedly and I ran my hand over her butt and massaged her beautiful butt. I knew that now we were lovers and I could have her body whenever I wanted. I slowly ran my hand in between her legs and she immediatelt parted her legs. I got undressed and lay on top of her and kissed her neck and cheeks. She had her eyes closed so I parted her legs with my knees and slid my hardon inbetween her butt cheeks. She was wet down there and I could slip my cock easily into her cunt from behind and I started fucking her. I whispered in her ears that from now on I will be fucking her when ever I want and she just nodded her head with her eyes still closed. I kept fucking her and came in her cunt and then lay still on top of her. We lay like that for quite a while and then I rolled over besides her and hugged her. She wrapped her legs on my body and both mother and son slept like that for a while.
The doorbell rang and I quickly rushed to my room and my Mom grabbed her Nighty and went to the door to let our maid in. I quickly had a shower and got dressed for school and came to the dining table for my breakfast. My Mom was in the bathroom and I quickly finished my breakfast and left for school. Before leaving I tapped on my Mom's bathroom door and she peeked out and I gave her a kiss on her lips and told her I would meet her in the evening.

After my Son had fucked me in the morning and left for school I had a nice long bath and recollected all that had happened last night. I was still in a daze and the sudden turn of events. I knew that now my life had completely changed and would be totally different. I was a bit aprehensive but I was also thrilled that I got fucked after such a long time and that too by 7 guys including my son. Till yesterday I was a decent lonely woman without any sex and overnight I was a slut who had been fucked by her own son and all his friends-at least most of them.
I had a nice breakfast and contemplating on what to do when the phone rang and it was Arun who wanted to come over. I said Ok and within 2 minutes he was at my doorstep. As soon as I let him in he started hugging me and I took him to my bedroom and without any small talk he had me naked and on my back. He quickly got undressed and got inbetween my spread legs and without any foreplay started fucking me. He banged me violently and came in me and got up and went to the bathroom for a wash. I lay on my back naked with his cum flowing out of my cunt and knew that from now on this is going to be my routine with 7 guys coming and fucking me whenever they wanted. I smiled thinking that at this age I had 7 young studs at my beck and call to service me.What more could any woman ask for.
Arun left immediately saying that he will be back in the afternoon along with Sanjay, Tarun and Karthik.He also said that the brothers Vijay and Ajay will be coming within 20 mins and he left. I told Arun that my door will be just shut and to tell the others to just walk in.I decided to lay where I was till the brothers came as I was feeling lethargic after all the fucking I had received.20 minutes late the brothers came and without any preliminaries got undressed and joined me in bed. I just laid back and let them enjoy my body and they sucked my breasts and fucked me one after the other and left.
I suddenly realized that I need to visit a doctor and get a loop (IUD) for contraception as I definitely get pregnant with all the young potent sperms being pumped into me. It was some how thrilling to know that I could even be impregnated by my own son. I decide to carry on fucking for some time without any contraception and would enjoy the thrill for the time being.
In the afternoon the 4 guys came over and I was in bed getting nicely fucked when the brothers also came and joined us and a little later we were all joined by my son who was eager to fuck me again.

This time all the guys just sat around us and commented that it was so sexy to see a mother a son fucking. I asked then if they fantasized about fucking their mothers and all of them said "Yes".

Anyway the afternoon session continued till evening and then I became all motherly again and strictly told them that they cannot slack off on the studies for fucking me. I said that from now on they will get their books and all of them will study for three hours and only then will they get one fuck each. Only during the weekend will they get unlimited fucking.
They all laughed and said it was a deal and also assured me that it is their responsiblity to see that my Son gets admission in the best Engineering college.

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