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Caught Being Naughty by my Aunt

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I enjoy being naked. When I'm alone that is. When my wife goes away for a few days, if the weather is nice, I spend most of my time nude. I water the garden, hang out in the house cooking and cleaning, and just generally hang out undressed.

Recently when my wife was gone on a trip for a week, I was laying on the couch naked of course, watching a spanking video on the flat screen TV. I had my lap top connected to the internet and plugged into the TV. I was was enjoying the video and just sort of fondling myself, not really masturbating.

At this point I should mention that I shave from my mid thigh to my neck. I keep all the pubic hair off my penis, testicles, butt, butt crack, upper thigh area, stomach, and chest. It makes me feel younger and the smooth feeling is really great. My wife loves it too.

So, I'm laying there on the couch, enjoying the warm summer morning. I didn't hear the front door open. Next thing I know, I hear my Aunt Joyce's voice.

My Aunt is an attractive woman in her late 50's and takes really good care of herself. She has a terrific body and great boobs that she usually reveals by always wearing outfits with lots of cleavage. My mother had said my aunt was the free spirited wild c***d of the family. Sometimes I would fantasize about her as a young teenager.

“What exactly are you doing”? She said in a matronly tone.

I quickly sit up trying to hide my self with my hands the best I could. “Nothing” stammered out. I'm sure my face was beet red.

I didn't know what to do or say as she looked at me with her arms folded across her chest. “Please stand up” she said in a firm voice. As I stood up, she told me, “Put your hands by your side and stand up straight” as I was still trying to cover myself. I had a erection and that was totally embarrassing me.

“Well I see you're watching porn and bare-assed naked. A spanking video no less. How often do you lay around nude and watch this sort of thing?”

I stammered out a half-assed “I dunno.”

She laughed saying “ you need to be more careful and keep your doors locked. What will Jeanie think when she finds out what you do while she's away?”

“WHAT!” I said, Oh please don't tell her. She won't understand, please. You won't tell her will you?”

“Why shouldn't I?” I caught you naked, watching spanking porn, and playing with yourself. And what is with all your hair shaved off? It reminds me of when you were just a toddler, come to think of it, you liked to run around naked back then also. Not to mention you look like a little boy without the hair.”

“Aunt Joyce, I beg you please don't tell her. I promise I'll never watch porn and lay around naked ever again. Please? I'll do anything you want, just don't tell Jeanie. Okay?”

I was feeling totally awkward standing in front of my Aunt. I wanted to just die.

“Anything?” She asked with a suspicious smirk.

“I dunno, but please don't tell Jeanie okay? What are you going to do?” I said as I felt almost faint not knowing what she had in mind.

“ Well for starters I think a good old fashioned over the knee spanking is a good place to start,” she said.

“Hey No! You can't do that! I'm a grown man!” I protested.

She starts laughing her ass off and says, “You certainly don't look or act like a grown man now do you? Well suit yourself, I'm calling Jeanie right now.” she starts to reach in her purse for her cell phone.
“Okay, okay, stop, don't call her. I guess I'll take the spanking, but that's fucked up.”

“Well now we can add swearing to your list of things to be punished for.” She then sits on the couch and commands me to lay across her lap. As I lay down, scared shitless I might add, she makes sure my penis is pinched between her thighs.

“It must be 30 years since the last time I spanked you. I used to watch you while your parents were at work and you got spanked numerous times as I recall.”

She then begins to spank my bare bottom with her hand. Not too hard at first as she alternated between each cheek. I could feel my ass warming up and the longer she spanked me, the harder the swats got. I was beginning to feel the pain now and I started squirming and beg her her to stop and that I had enough and learned my lesson.

“I'll stop when I'm good and ready and not before. Now shush and take your punishment.”

She finally stops after about 15 minutes of this. “Stand up and go get your 2” wide black leather belt and bring it back to me.” She said this very sternly and frankly the tone of her voice kind of scared me. I didn't dare argue or plead for mercy as I felt that wouldn't do any good and I fact might make my situation worse.

I went in my bedroom, got it, and brought it back to her. “The hand spanking was your punishment for me catching you naked and watching porn. The belt will be for you disrespecting me by using the 'F' word in front of me.”

“I'm so sorry Aunt Joyce, I promise I'll never cuss around you again. Please don't spank me any more. My bottom really hurts.”

“It's supposed to hurt! That's what spankings are all about! No, like I said before, I'm not going to stop until I'm good and ready to stop. Anymore protests from you and I'm calling your wife.”

“Alright” I said totally defeated.

She told me to get a towel and lay it on the couch. I did as I was told and then she said, Lay down on the towel on the couch. We don't want anything to stain the couch now do we?”

“No, I guess not Aunt Joyce.”

Once I'm laying on the couch, She placed her left hand on the small of my back and she proceeded to wail on my ass-cheeks with the belt. Each stroke really hurts and I began to let out whimpers, but I never protested because I knew she would make good on her treat to call my wife. Her swats just kept on coming and it seemed as if my spanking would never end. By now, my butt cheeks hurt so bad that I thought I was going to die. Finally after what must have been 15 minutes, she stopped. I was actually crying.

“Oh how cute! Your ass is cherry red!” She took out her phone and took a picture of it and showed it to me. “My god, I had never seen a butt so red!” She said while laughing.

Here, now sit up little man. She sat next to me and pulled me to her breasts with her arms around me and comforted me while I was sobbing.

I tried to get out the words how sorry I was but I could hardly speak with the sobbing. “There, there” she said while caressing my skin. “I know how it is, I will never speak a word of this to anyone.”

“Thank you,” I finally was able to say. “I love you so much Aunt Joyce I don't ever want to disappoint you ever again.”

“Aww, how sweet of you to say that. Now on to the next phase.”

“There's more?” I stammered.

“Oh yes! But the next phase won't hurt, It might be a humiliating though. Stand in the corner over there while I go to my car and bring in a few things.”

“What are you going to do now?” I asked.

“Just wait, you'll find out soon enough.” And out the door she went. In just a few minutes she came back in and had a large canvas bag.

“The elderly gentleman I take care of is incontinent and can.t feed himself. You little fellow, are in luck. I just happen to have everything I need.”

She opened the canvas bag and took out what looked like a large diaper, some sort of ointment, and two baby bottles.

“Come over here and lay on your back on the couch.” she said as she patted the towel with her hand. I went over and laid down. She then picked up both of my feet and legs and put them way over my head. “Here, hold your laegs for me like a good little boy while Auntie takes care of you.”

I was so humiliated with all my privates including my anus totally exposed to my Aunt. She started to apply lotion on my sore bottom, butt-crack, testicles, and penis. It smelled like the stuff used for diaper rash. I felt really good as she liberally applied it. Next, she put the diaper on me making sure it was good and snug,so as to not leak I guess.

She went into the kitchen and it sounded like she was washing the bottles. In a few minutes, she came back with one bottle filled with milk and the other with water. She sat on the end of the couch and had me lay so I was cradled in her arms at her breasts. She first put the bottle of warm milk in my mouth and instructed me to suck on the nipple. I did and drank the entire bottle in maybe ten minutes or so. Next she had me suck on the nipple of the bottle of water.

When I was done with the bottles she got up and removed her dress. She was wearing only sexy little panties under her dress and no bra. I really think her panties had a wet spot in the front. I didn't dare say anything to her about it though. She sat down cradling me in her arms and placed one of her nipples on my mouth and instructed me to go ahead and nurse on her. I began to nurse her like a baby. I could tell she was enjoying it, She had leaned her head back and closed her eyes. She switched breasts and had me suck on the other one for a while. Eventually she had me stop and by this time I had a huge erection hidden in the diaper I was wearing.

She got up and refilled both bottles with water. She fed me both bottles and I felt like I really had to pee. I told her that and her reply was:

“Babies pee in diapers, not in toilets. So pee when you have to.”

She went and got a blanket and laid it on the living room floor and had me get on it. I was laying on it a drinking another bottle of water she gave me.

After a few more minutes I couldn't hold it back any longer and peed in the diaper. It was warm, but I was humiliated again. Somehow, my Aunt knew I had peed and came over to check the diaper.

“Aww, you peed your diaper” she said. “Well let's just change it shall we?” Again, she lifted my feet and legs up over my head and had me hold them in place. With that, she removed the diaper. It was completely soaked. She folded it up and put it in a plastic bag. She opened a box of baby wipes and completely cleaned me up. She put them in the plastic bag also and took it to the kitchen trash can. When she came back, she reapplied the ointment.

“Awww, you look so cute and maybe a little excited?” I got a hard on again from her putting the ointment on me. She started to lovingly caress my balls and penis. She actually stuck one of her fingers in my anus moving it in and out while she stroked me. I was panting and breathing hard all the while she is doing this to me. In no time, I exploded and was pumping out cum more than I ever had. She let me just lay there for a few minutes before cleaning me up and putting a new diaper on me.

She took me back to my room, had me lay on the bed and she stuck my thumb in my mouth and told me it was nappy time and I was to go to sleep. She said she would check on me in a little while. She kissed me on the forehead saying, “ sleep tight sweet boy.” She closed the d****s and shut the door. Before I fell asleep, I could hear the TV and I assumed she as watching a porn video. I was exhausted after all I had been through and I fell right to sleep.

I woke up probably and hour later with her gently stroking my hair saying, “Wake up little man.” She no longer had her panties on. She was completely naked. She also had no pubic hair. She looked really smooth there like maybe she has her vagina waxed.

She checked the diaper tp see if I peed again. I did, but I pooped also. “Oh my!” She said. She led me back to the couch, laid me on my back, and put my feet and legs over my head again. She removed the diaper and cleaned me up again.

“I think we won't put another diaper on you.” Let's have you stay naked. How does that sound?”

“Whatever you want Aunt Joyce.” I said. “Aunt Joyce, can I ask you something?”

“Yes of course you can dear. Go a head and ask me anything you want.”

“Why are you naked also?”

“Ha! Great question! Like you, I also love to be naked. I saw you look at my bald pussy, I also like to be clean shaven because it makes me feel younger and the smoothness feels wonderful! This is my little secret also. In fact I suspected you would be naked while Jeanie was away. Last time she was away, I came over to see how you were getting along. You didn't see me, but I saw you and you were naked. I didn't quite know what to do and I didn't want to invade your privacy, so I left. This time however, I wanted to have a little fun at your expense. Even if you had locked the door, I have a key your wife gave me.”

“Did you watch any more videos while I was sleeping?” I asked.

“Yes I did! I found a few that were about Aunts spanking their nephews and MILFs spanking young men. I also watched a couple of adults being diapered and treated like babies. They were exciting, but spanking and diapering you was oh so much better than watching it!” Continuing she said, “I ended up masturbating and relieving myself. I could never make love to you because that would be so wrong. I might let you get me off by fingering me in the future though.” Well, I better be going now. Be a good boy while I'm gone okay?”

As I watched her get dressed I said, “I will try Aunt Joyce. I'm really sorry I was such a naughty boy and thank you for spanking and treating me like a baby. I really deserved it.”

“Awww it's okay, I love you too. Come here and give me a big hug before I go...”

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