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Horny Son Fucks Horny Mom

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Horny Son Fucks Horny Mom
Horny Son Fucks Horny Mom 2
Hye friends, this is sandeep from Maharashtra. I m posting my first experience on ISS how i fuck my sexy mom. M 23 yrs old living in village near d big city. I completed my Graduation & my father is govt servant so he often on tour very much. My mom Seema is housewife. She has a perfect figure 36 30 34.

We r 4 in our family myself, mom, dad & my elder sister swati who is 8 yrs elder to me. Now she is married with 2 c***dren & settled in nearby city. My mom looks so sexy with perfect figure & nice boobs. She used drink her urine & apply it on her hairs as a therapy when i m of 10 yrs old. My s*s & dad becomes angry due to smell & not used to go near her. But as i love my mom so much & am c***d at that time i used to go near her (even i also bother due to smell) & say to her ‘i am with u’. She held me tight near her & kiss my cheeks in affection. Due to dads job tours & away from home max of time, i found her in relation with one of our colony uncle for few yrs. But i kept quite always.

When i grew uncle’s visits stops to our home as i think its breakup between them. Since last 10 yrs she is in not in relation with anyone other than dad. When i studied in college, i used to surf lot on net. I watch lot of BFs on mobile & from friends mobile. I used read sex story book like haidos & kamuk & all when i am in school. I masturbates daily by thinking nearby aunties & relative aunties. Till that i dont have crush on mom & s*s. Later when i seen lot of BF about mom son & b*o s*s, & read max of story from this site, I found my mom & s*s in my fantasies to masturbate. Now a days only my mom & s*s r my masturbation queens.

First i have much urge to fuck my s*s. She is very hot & little fat & busty. Looks sexy. she is very friendly with me. I know her boyfriend who broke her virginity before marriage (s*s told me in our casual talk that she had sex only once with her boyfriend before marriage). So i always try to express my horny feeling to her that she is so sexy & hot. I feel sexually lot about her. She just smiles & tell me not think in that way, if somebody comes to know it especially your jiju then i will die. I also not force her anyway. I always try to visit her home when jiju is not home, but she is also clever. She always with her c***dren when i was there.

Then once when i was at home, my mom got call from s*s that her whole family is going on tour with jijus company tonight for 4 days & she needs her help to prepare snacks & packing as its short notice & she has to go to school as she is a teacher.

Then mom told me the problem & dad is also on tour for a week. So i said my mom lets get ready, we will go on my bike & i am also there to help you. Then she becomes happy & getting ready for move. She looks beautiful in red saree. I stunned to look at her & commented “wow, mom!!! U look beautiful”.

She smiled shyly & said “thanks”. Then my mind suddenly changes as its difficult to get my mom in village but at sisters place in city, no one knocks others door without reason like village. My mind starts to work with speed of bike & i prepared myself to try my luck & fuck my starved, hot, sexy & horny mom. On bike, that day i feel her touch sexily unlike other days. Sometimes her boobs touch made my cock to start movements in my pants.

I said to her on bike with plan,

“Mummy, can i ask u something???
She said ‘Yes, of course!’
Me: but please u dont get angry & have to reply honestly. Now i m grown up & mature enough. I can understand everything. So pl be frank & friendly with me.
(Mom little worried)
Mom: What happen sandeep? I know u r grown up. Do u want me to meet your girlfriend or what???
Me: its not like that mom. & i dont have gf.
Mom: then what???

Me: First, promise me that you dont get angry & answer honestly.
Mom: ok baba. Promise!!!
Me: Do u till use to drink your pee???
Mom laughed. What? What rubbish??? & slapped little on my back.
Me: mom u promised me. & u know it very well that only i m with u with ur smell of urine & even dad & s*s dont come near u…
She laughed again & said…

Mom: i know it beta. But why u asking me now???
Me: reply first…
Mom: No. I stopped it in that year itself when i started it. I read it in a book that it helps very much to fight against diseases & keeps you healthy.

Me: thanks mom. I also read it on net. Now i also drink sometimes my pee in morning but never applied on hairs…
Mom: ohhh. U naughty boy. U grown up much.
Me: Yes mom. I have lot more questions to ask u like that & u have reply that honestly to me. But now its didi’s home coming so i ask u later. Ok.

Mom: what else u going to ask??
Me: later mom. We have lot of free time here.
Mom: ok.
When we reach at sisters place its about 4 pm.

sisters all family needs to go to jijus office for some work regarding tour for about hour or so.

As soon as we reach. We took tea. s*s brief my mom whatever she needs in snacks & all left d place leaving my mom & me.
As soon as they left. My mom starts to do her job in kitchen & i am seating on chair there. She looked at me smilingly & asked.

Mom: what else u want to ask me???
Me: relax mom. We have much time. Ok. Then why u stop in that year itself.
Mom: because i feel so. & your dads hesitation. I do it occasionally when i urge to do it till now but very less.
Me: wow! When u feel urge to do it???
Mom: (smilingly) shut up! U non sense! Dont ask mom like that…
Me: ohh.. Mom i grown up now.

Mom is standing near gas of kitchen cooking something. I reach near her from behind & hugged her from back. She shocked sometime & trying to push me away.

Me: what mummy! I want to feel d place where i put my hands when i am k** (stomach). She relaxed some then. I put my both hands on her stomach & kissed her neck by saying:

“My sweet mumma!!!”

Mom: hmm… Today u show lot of love to your mom han???

Me: i always do mom from c***dhood. U know it na!!!!
Mom: ok. Leave me now & let me do snacks for your s*s.

I again sit on chair & ask her funny questions how she drinks? & how much. And about her young age… She also responded very much with smile…I showed her my cell…How to operate it & showed her some Hindi songs. She likes that songs. I made sure that she can operate cell very well.Then after some time i asked mom

Me: mom i am going to ask a little personnel question can i???
Mom: yah. Go ahead!!!
Me: mom pl dont angry & be honest. I did not feel odd by your answers. I can understand now everything. So pl.
Mom: ok baba. U can ask!
Me: Do you in relation with that uncle in our colony???? When i was k**.
Her smile goes away. She get nervous. & looked away from me with tears in her eye.

Me: i caught u 2-3 times but i kept quite.
I stand up & go to mom. Turned her towards me. She is crying with her head down.

Me: Mom pl dont cry. Its very natural if u do so. I can understand your feelings. I dont feel bad for it. U have ur own life & enjoyment. U also can do it. Sometimes for our pleasure we have to go against the society. & said lot of convincing words to her.

I wiped her tears. Kissed her forehead. Eyes. Cheeks.

I drink her eye drops & said mom you dont look good while crying. I want u to smile & happy always. & hugged her. She cryingly said, ” yes, i was. About 4 yrs. Then i not let her to come our home also. I m sorry” & hugged me tightly.

Me: dont be sorry mom. Its natural. I can understand. I dont feel odd for it. I know u also have ur needs. So pl stop crying now for my sake.

We hugged tightly. & parted. Then i wiped all her tears & made her comfortable. & said her to leave that all & smile now. She wiped her face again. Breathed heavily 2-3 times & feel comfortable. I poked her waist & stomach by saying smile, smile, smile….

She jerked her body as soon as i touched her waist & started to smile… I more poked her & she is laughing now…I hugged her tightly…She also hug me tightly. Thanks for understanding me. My naughty boy.

We hugged sometime & i kissed her cheeks & she returned it. & i say do your snacks quickly. Its time to arrive of my sister. She realised it & hurriedly turns towards snacks.

She then washed her face. Made it perfect. & get busy in kitchen. I also moved to hall… I again went kitchen after 10 mins. She is busy. She smiled at me. Then i asked her…

Why you not wear night gowns????
She said your dad didnt like that.
Me: ohhh…
Me: Now a days i also didnt find your bra & panties in bathroom or home.
Mom: (shockingly) What???

I dont wear them now days. But why u need to find them??? Or looking for them???

Me: Mom actually now u r very frank & friendly with me so i also have to tell the truth.
I used to smell them & kiss them!!!

She is little angry on me.
Mom: What???
How u think like that with me or my undergarments. U dont have shame to think like that.
Me: relax mom. I told u prior also, dont get angry pl. Its truth so i said it.
She said little angrily for what u doing that or what u do after that…???
Me: i masturbates

Then she laughs….
Mom: what??? U dirty boy. shame at least to tell it to your mom. U dont have to think or do it with your mom or her undergarments.

Me: sorry mom. & put my head down. Then she came near me & said its ok. But dont do or think it in future.& kissed my cheek. We hugged & i say ok mom. & kissed her back. She smiles naughtily.

Then we parted.
She done her job at kitchen. & we went to hall. We wait for my s*s. Then i ask her…
Me: Mom did u ever watch BFs???
Mom little surprised but prepares herself quick as we r very frank now…

Mom: 3-4 times but little little…
Me: how u find them???
Mom: Not well. But little nice…
Me: wow! Do u wish to see more???
Mom again shockingly looking at me…
Me: I have lot of BFs in my cell…

Mom: No. & i will get your cell & not let u to use mobile again!!!
Me: thats not fair mom. I ask u for your pleasure only.
Mom: ok. But dont watch them too much. It stimulates u & leads to masturbate & waiste your sperms. So dont do this very often my good boy!!!!
Me: it means i can do it less often han???
We laughed
Mom: u naughty dirty boy!!!

I went near her & kissed her cheek.
Me: mom! Will u do another favour for me pl???
Mom: Whats that now???
Me: U have to wear whatever i bring to u only tonight for my sake. & dont question me pl…
She thinks little & stands up & started to walk to Tv & says
Ok. I will do.

I was very happy & hugged her very tight from back & kissed her neck by saying ‘I love u mummy!’

She feel my erect cock in between her ass cheek. She then turned & hugged me kissing my cheek & said ‘I love u too my naughty boy!’

I started to kiss her whole face & neck. She little resisted & push me away with laugh & said ‘ u dirty boy, your s*s can come anytime & u do like that’.

Its green signal for me that after s*s left i can do it to her…

Me: Mom, i will give u my cell when i left to drop s*s at station. If u want to watch BFs. Then u can watch it.

Soon my sisters car stops at our gate. They all came happily. All started to pack their bags & mom helping them. Then i left the place by saying i will be back in hour or so. I went to lady undergarment store & buy two pairs of bra & panty which r pink & black in colour. & then went to cloth shop & buy one silky, soft & rich look pink colored nighty. I put it in my sack & came back home. We took our dinner. & after dinner i told my mom lonely that your dress is in my sack & mobile also….
She smiled at me & slapped little on my cheek. Then i left with jiju s*s & my 2 nephews to drop them at their company. Its about 20 mins one side journey & 30 mins i spend there to unload luggage & load it in travels & leave the place saying them bye!

I reached home about 1&half hour. My mom wears nighty & my cell is with her. (She told me next day that she watch 2-3 BFs fast. It makes her horny & she masturbates by her fingers watching BFs & imagening me. After orgasm she also made plan to get fucked by me. Then she shaves her pussy, armpits & take bath. She wears pink bra panty & nighty only)
As soon as my car parks in front. She just unbolts door & go in bed room. I entered house. Locked it from inside. I was also with my 3-4th & T-shirt.

Mom : wait there in hall itself. I am coming with your new dress.
Then i sat on sofa in hall looking towards bedroom door.

She opened door & i was stunned to look at her. She is looking damn sexy & young too. It makes me very horny & my dick stands erect making visible bulge in my shorts. My mouth opens wide by her stunning look. She makeups also very well. She tie her hairs with head itself.

She looked at my dumb situation & laughs & feel shy also.
Mom: dont look like that to me my dear son. It embarrass me!!!

I closed my mouth. Take a long breath

Me: mom u look really beautiful. U looks much younger in that nighty. You r so hot & sexy mummy. She laughed & came near me & hugged me tightly. & said thanks. & kissed my both chheks & forehead.

I also do the same. She again do the same with little hard kisses & said thanks for dress also. I also kissed hard at same places.

Me: for dress thank me here mom.

I put my finger on my lips. She nodded in no….I nodded in yes…She smiles & give a soft kiss on my lips. I trying to lock her lips bit she moves her lips away within second. Then i held her head in my hand & kissed her lips so hard. She not opens her mouth. & push me away. Till she is laughing. I pulled her close & started to kiss her cheeks neck ear & whole face. She resisted me by saying no, no, no… But laughing…& finally push me away.

We both looked at each other naughtily. & i again said ‘ mom, i dont believe on my eyes that u r that much beautiful, hot & sexy ‘

She smiles & moved to sofa & sat on it.

I sit near her. My cell is in her hand.

Me : Mummy, did u saw BFs???
Mom : yes.
nodding her head & smiling sexily. I kissed her cheek so hard & say yesss…
Me: how u find them now???
Mom : So exciting & stimulating!!!

I kissed her cheek again so hard.

She laughs little. Then i held her hand & take her to lockers big mirror. I made her stand in front of mirror & hugs her from behind so hard to make feel her my erect dick in her ass crack.

Me : look mom, how sexy you look in nighty. & kissed her neck & shoulders. She breathing heavily.

Mom : Thanks sandeep for all this. You made me feel better after so many days. I feel today that i am still young…
Me: its my pleasure mom. & of course you are so young…
Me: mom i want you to do some more favours for me pl!!!

I am kissing her shoulder neck & ear continually…

Mom: I will do whatever for my grown up naughty boy.

By hearing this I pushed my dick more harder on her ass crack. She moaned little. UhhHmmmmm…

Me: mom i want to see you in both undergarments only.
She pushed me away smilingly…
Mom: U naughty boy….Sit there on sofa…& dont move yourself untill i say so. If u disobey me. I will not do anything for u. And you have to do whatever i say only. Not more than that. Ok.

Me : ok.

Mom :Now sit on sofa & watch BF. I will come soon.

She went to bedroom for sometime & came back. I am watching my favourite BF. She came with her black pair in her hand.
Mom : dont move!!!

She come near me & put her pair on my thighs. Then she move back some steps sexily & ordered me. ‘first remove your shirt & banian’ I was so horny. I do it as she said. Then she removed her nighty & moves her body sexily moving around like fashion tv models…

Then she says remove your 3-4th. I do so. My dick is erect visible through my underwear which is already wet due to my first ejaculation. She noticed it & laughs.

Mom: poor boy. Now come with my black pair & unhook this one. No extra moves or i will stop it right now. She turned.

I was so horny. I went to her with bra. Handed over black pair & unhooked her pink bra. She smiles & say me just turn & look at the wall. I do so. She then wear black bra & said to me ‘ turn & hook it’

I do so. She handed over me her pink bra. Lets go sit again. I obeyed her coz i dont want to loose opportunity.

I sit & smelled her bra & kissed it.
Mom: u naughty. I dont ask u to do so. So pl just sit there.
Mom: remove your underwear first.

I obeyed. & hold my erect dick in my hands. & press it hard in ectasy.

Mom: remove your hands. Wow!!! Nice & big dick. I dont seen such a big cock in my whole life.
Me: thanks mom. Its all yours. My dick is jumping up & down.

She laughs at it & ordered me to turn back. She removed her pink nicker & wears black one.

Mom: turn now.and throws her pink nicker which is also wet on my mouth. I catch it & smell it & put wet part in my mouth. She laughs & moves her body sexily.

Mom: now in which dress u want me to see…
Me: without dress. Complete naked as like me.
Mom : dirty boy! U wants your mom naked. Ok. Then come & unhook my bra.

She smiles moving her body & her hands on her body. She turned. I went near her. My hands r shivering. As soon as i kept my hands on her bra. She held my dick in her hands. I shivered & trying to hug her. She stops me & reminds me the rule. I unhooked her bra. She then turned & get her pink undergarments & hang them on my dick one by one. Now her two bras & one panty hanging on my dick & she wears only black underwear.

I was already in heaven. I am looking my moms bare breast so closely. My mouth is watering. My dick oozing out pre cum. She then bend to remove her nicker & kissed top of my dick. It was unable to control myself. I didnt even imagine that my mom is so romantic, sexy, hot & horny. She then held nickers one end in her teeth & sits down on her knees.

Me: mom, ohhhh…. u r so hot & sexy…. Aaaahhhhh…

Mom hanged her last nicker also on my dick but with mouth. & she suddenly took my dick in her warm & wet mouth. I was in unimaginable state. She started to suck my dick. But its my control overs & out.

I just able to shout.’ohhhh… Mom u r so hot!’

But my love juices (sperms) already shoot so hard in large amount in my moms mouth. & for my shock, she not even waist single drop of it. She drinks all of it & continue sucking my dick. I was breathing so heavily & moaning also. My mom was the first women with whom i m naked & its my life’s first blowjob by my sweet cute horny sexy beautiful mom. I held her head for my support as i felt my legs shivering by this strong orgasm & moms best blowjob.

Me: I love u very much mom. U r d best mom on earth. I love u so much.
Mom is also breathing heavily. She took out my dick & kissed her so hard & said

Mom: but i love your dick. I love your sperms. It tastes like juices. I love it. I love size of your dick. I love u tooo my sexy boy…. I want these juices more & more. So dont waste them here onwards. Your moms mouth is ready for your juices every time.

By hearing this i was in seventh heaven. I also knelt down & started to kiss my moms lips so hard. She also responded well at this time. She also held my head hard & kissing back me so hard.

While kissing i started to press & squeeze her boobs & nipples. We r kissing like mad. She then stopped me. & breathing heavily. I realised that she is near her orgasm. I push her & made her to sit on sofa & i am on ground itself. I made her legs wide & took my face in between her thighs. Without wasting time to look at her clean shaved pussy, due to her last condition i immediately started to suck her pussy very hard. Mom started to moan heavily.

“Ohhhh… Aaahhhh!!! ooohhhh sssaaannndddeeeppp. You are my real boy. Aaahhhh!!!”

Her pussy is already wet & Her love juices are oozing. I sucked all which are outside & insert my tongue in her pussy and moved her my tongue 2-3 times. She is also at her extreme. She held my hairs so hard & pulling my face towards her pussy. She wrapped her legs around my neck moaning loudly & shouts…”beta…. Drink it”& her heavy orgasm started to flow in my mouth. I drank it all also. Its sort of salty but tasty. She is moaning so heavily. “uuuhhhh uuuuhhh ooohhhh aaahhhh”…

Her grip started to loosened. I was still busy in licking & sucking my moms sweet salty pussy. Now she is completely relaxed. & tapping my head.

Mom: my dear boy. U r amazing. I never ever have such a strong orgasm in my life. Its first time i came a lot & in my sons mouth. Its amazing dear!!! I love u so so so much. Her breathing also relaxes. Then i moved my face little back & having look at her old but beautiful, clean shaved, wet, just orgasmed pussy. She looked at me smilingly.

Mom: its that place from which u came out to this world.

I put my finger deep inside her pussy fast. She moaned in little pain “aaanh” & i asked

Me: this place???
Mom: yessss!!!

Me: i love that place. I love your juices. I love your pussy. I love u too too too much. & push my finger more deep in her pussy & removed it. & put it near her lips.

She smelled it first by closing her eyes, took my finger in her mouth & licked all her juices on my finger. At d same time i insert & removed my other hands finger & put it in my mouth.

Then she pull me up & said lets go to bedroom.

We kissed & she started to move but i stopped her. I lift her in my hands. & she is shocked. She then kissed my lips. I started to walk to bedroom lifting my sexy mom in my hands & sucking her sweet lips & tongue. I put her on bed & started kiss her whole body. I kissed pressed squeezed her mums. She gets heated up again & moaning, breathing heavily.
Mom: son first put your big dick in pussy & fuck her. She is waiting for your big dick so much. Pl fuck me first by your cock & then do whatever you want….

By hearing this i get positioned myself i. Between hee legs. She held my dick & guide him to her pussy. I started to move slowly. My dick entering in her pussy slowly. She is enjoying it. Its little paining to both of us but we are in heaven. While i start moving i also hold her big boobs with my both hands & pressing them.

Now its full of my cock inside her pussy. Its all lubricated now due to precums. And i increased my speed. She also supports me by lifting her hips. We r moving in rhythm with speed. We both moaning & breathing heavily. She then rolled me & started to ride my dick fast. I also fucking her from down. We are giving wild & hard strokes to each other moaning like “ohhh.. Aahhh… Ohhh yyeesss… Fuck fuck… Hard… Fast… Like that… Ohhh mom…ohhh my sonnn…”& all like that. Then i rolled her & we again in missionary. We both stroking so hard. Finally i feel her pussy walls tight against my dick. She hugged me tightly moaning loudly.

“Ohhh, my son u fucks wonderful”…

She came. I feel her juices around my dick. Its warmth & i also came in my moms pussy by giving last hard & deep stroke to her pussy.

We hugged tightly. Breathing heavily. Feeling like seventh heaven. Satisfied. We dont say anything & enjoying feel of satisfaction….

Our grip loosened but i lay on her in same position & my dick in her pussy for near about half an hour…

Next story in next part. Horny moms, sisters, aunties, girls & i****t lovers,,,
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Horny Son Fucks Horny Mom 4

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