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Seduced Mom with the Help of Stranger

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This is Kumaresh from Chennai and I would like to share my true experience with you all. I lost my father when I am studying 10th standard and we were suffered very much financially but somehow managed with the help of my grandparents and my mom unable go for any job since she is very innocent and not have much exposure to outside world. This makes life very difficult and I managed to join college after my 12th standard where my lust for my mom started.
My mom name is Padma and her age was 39 at that time. She was medium in height and skinny with no sign of boobs but has very well naval and legs. She is average looking and homely.
My age makes me desire for sex and girls and I was introduced to internet and porn sites by friends and I started watching those regularly. I use to go net café whenever I get some money and watch porn pics and videos and masturbate in toilet when come back to home.
One day when I am watching porn in net café, I was taken to different sites and I have seen a video title mom and son where elder women and young boy having sex which aroused me to the most then I started searching for more porn of mom and son which changed the way I look my mom. When I go back to my home I started looking my mom with lust and went to bathroom to masturbate where I could see her used cloths hanging. I smelled her cloths especially bra and panty and masturbate thinking of her. I started masturbate by imagining like fucking her and looking for the opportunity to fuck her in real.
I got a friend in internet chat in which he is chatting about his i****t experience and we got introduced and I shared my desire for my mom with him. He told me he is 22 years old and having sex with his own mother (false statement which I came to know later) and promised to help me to seduce my mom. He told me expose my cock accidently and told me to hug my mom suddenly etc. for which I told back this will not work for sure and end up in problem. He asked my mobile but I don’t have mobile phone and hence he gave me his number as asked me to call his mobile. I was scared to talk about this hence I didn’t do that on the day and gone back to home. But the same time I don’t want to miss the opportunity and thus I called him next day while coming back from college. He recognized me very well and his voice seems manly which not looks like 22 years guy’s voice and he suggested to meet directly and discuss and told me that he has some very good plans and asked me to wait in the same place I am calling from and asked for my identification as well.
After 20 mins, a 35-40 year old with decent formal dress approached me calling my name and I was completely confused thinking who this is. He introduced himself Sundar and started talking about the chat and I am completely afraid and tried to walk but he apologized for proving wrong info in chat and told me he will help me definitely. He then invited me to his car to discuss and he started asking about my mom like her age, sizes and my desire. He asked me to take him to my home so that he will see my mom and think about the right plan but I denied that I cannot do it now and left the car saying some other day.
After couple of weeks my mom fallen sick with viral fever and got tablets from the nearby government hospital and doctor told it will take 4-5 days to become normal and advised to take complete bed rest. So I took leave and got some money from the relative who visited home to see my mom and gone to net café and find this guy online who pinged me and asked whether he can come to my home. I told not this time since mom is sick and he suddenly told me that this is the right opportunity which make my cock erect. I asked how and he told me that this can be a start and soon I can have sex with my mom and he told that he will come and meet my mom has a doctor. He also advised me to introduce him as my friend’s father working has a doctor and I agreed considering there wouldn’t be any problem and provided my address to him.
I went back to my home with excitement and told my mom that my friend’s father who is women health specialist is coming now to see you with free of cost considering out situation.
Mom: I already gone to hospital and they gave me tablets
me: But government hospital treatment will not be good ma and takes time to become normal. Also I didn’t ask my friend instead he himself told his father to help us.
Mom asked me which friend and I managed with some names and she told me to go and buy some milk to put some coffee when doctor come to home. I could see him searching for address when I go out and he too saw me and parked his car nearby. He looked like a real doctor with his formal dress and smiled at me. I asked him what’s than plan for which he replied let’s see how it goes and assured me the soon I can enjoy sex with my mom.
We both entered inside the home and mom tried to get up from bed but he told mom not to wake up and gone near to the bed.Mom requested him to sit in the nearby chair and thanked him for coming and helping us thinking he is real doctor. Mom use to wear saree all the time and it was dirt and not proper since she is sick and bed rest and he signaled me to go out of the bed room but I didn’t obeyed. Then he took me to the hall and told me plan will not work if I am there and told me to look inside through the door side.
Then he went inside and asked my mom about the health problems and started looking at the tablets provided by govt. hospital and asked mom how she feels now
Mom: No improvement sir. It is still feverish, knee pain and back pain. Doctor told it will be normal in 4-5 days
Sundar: But this medicines is for normal fever and yours looks like viral fever
By saying this he dragged the chair and gone close to mom and touched her chin and head to check the fever. Then he asked mom where the pain is.
Mom: Both knee and rib bones and neck sir
Sundar then started pressing mom body below breast asking whether it’s paining here. Mom looks little shy but managed assuming he is real doctor and told unable to find any pain spots but its overall paining. He then kept his hand on mom left breast looking at his watch saying counting the heart beats. Mom was completely discomfort but didn’t say anything. My cock started to erect with this activities and I am curiously watching for the next action and waiting for the fucking session. Now he told mom to show her knee joints to inspect and advised to raise the saree for proper inspection. Mom was struggling and he then himself raised the saree above knee and it was a most erotic moment looking into my mom shiny thin legs and then he pressing my mom’s bare knee joints.
Mom: Sir where is my son
Sundar: I sent him to buy some medicines and he will be back in another 15-20 mins
I was confused why he is lying but curiously watching the best awaited moments in my life.
Sundar: Madam, please don’t mistake me. Your breast is very small and not in normal size which leads you to breast cancer in future and that’s the reason for you to be skinny as well which makes you fall sick often.
Mom believed all this and scared completely with this comments from Sundar with fear of what happen in future
Sundar: But madam, nothing to worry since this can be easily resolved by doing some physiotherapy exercises. I will teach you how to do this now and you can do yourself daily for 3 months
Mom was bit relaxed now and agreed to do so and Sundar asked mom to remove the blouse to start with exercise. I was eagerly looking there but mom was silent without any action and looking at Sundar
Sundar: Madam, I am a doctor and this is a treatment and hence no need to worry. Also you can cover your breast with some soft cloth may be saree
Mom: But what to do if my son comes back and he might think bad about us
Sundar: Madam, It will take some time for him to come and this is simple exercise and can be done quickly
For my surprise mom started unhooking her blouse and covered with saree pallu. Now mom blouse opened and just covered with saree cloth but the breast and nipple is clearly visible.
Sundar: First I will do it with my hands and please follow carefully then I will teach how to do it yourself
He placed both his hands in both the boobs and started folding softly towards up. Mom closed her eyes and I could see some excitement in her face.
Sundar continued doing so with saree on top of boobs and mom kept her eyes closed and he shown his thumps up to me and I completely excited. He then removed the saree and directly pressing the boobs and no reaction from my mom and the eyes remains closed. My cock is standing seeing some stranger pressing my mom boobs and I started to go in to see closely. Suddenly shaking his head telling me not to come inside now and I just stopped.
Then he took mom’s hands and kept it above her boobs and told her to do the same. Mom started doing it just for a minute and took the hands off from her boobs but eyes still remains closed. Sundar smiled at me and he kept his hand again on mom’s boobs and started pressing softly. Mom breathing little heavy which is clearly visible from her bare open chest and Sundar continued pressing mom’s boobs softly.
Now Sundar and I understood mom’s interest and he kept mom’s hands on her boobs and told her to continue the exercise. But mom simply closed eyes with her hands on boobs but no action.
Sundar: Madam, Please continue this. Let me go out and send your son to some distance shop to buy something when he comes back so that we can finish the full exercise without any disturbance
He just came out and we both went outside. He told me it’s almost done since my mom was living alone without sex for almost 3-4 years after my dad’s death but she will not cooperate if I am there. I was shocked since then how I can sex with her and he told I can hide myself in the same place but he will tell mom that he sent me again to shop and it will take another 1 hour for me to come back so that mom will assume I am not in home. Also he told me that he will start doing sex with her and asked me to come all of sudden while he doing and hence I can black mail and start my sex life with my mom. Idea looks excellent and we both entered the home where I hidden myself in the same place and Sundar went inside the bedroom and mom kept her hands on boobs without any action with eyes closed.Sundar: Your son just came (mom opened her eyes) and I sent him to buy some other medicines which is available only in Sairam medicals which takes atleast 1 hour for him to come back.
Mom closed her eyes again and took off her hands from the boobs. Now Sundar started the action again and he slowly started pinching her nipples. He then smiled at me and takes his mouth near boobs and started licking mom’s nipples. He slowly took the entire nipple in his mouth and started sucking. I am surprised to see my mom allowing all these and she still remains calm and eyes closed and my cock is standing straight with pre cum on it. Sundar now sucking mom’s right breast and pressing the left boob slowly and he started coming down to mom’s navel and playing with his tongue.
Now he kept his finger on mom’s lips and tries to insert it inside her mouth and mom slightly opened her mouth to take the finger inside but her eyes still remains closed. Now Sundar taken the finger out and licked it and then he went down to mom’s knee and started kissing it. He is slowly kissing and moving upwards and same time trying to lift the saree and skirt up. Mom cooperating by lifting her back up and he lifted the saree and skirt till upper thigh and I am early waiting to watch her pussy. He again gone back to mom’s foot and started sucking mom’s fingers on both the legs and again slowly moving upwards and finally reached the pussy area. It was a bush with lots of hairs and hence the pussy was not clear for me but he started licking and kissing mom’s pussy and mom started moving her legs wider but her eyes still remains closed.
I lost my control and went inside the bedroom but Sundar told me to go out and wait but I showed him that mom’s eyes are closed and I signaled him no problems hereafter. I took him away from mom and I placed my hands on her boobs. I felt an electric shock in my body and feel like Cumming and I started sucking her boobs and nipples like an a****l. I was touching all over her body from boobs, stomach, legs and thighs and smelled her sweet pussy which is covered with bunch of hairs. What a smell my god. Without wasting time I quickly stared licking my mom pussy and Sundar tried to kiss her in lips. Now mom realized two mouth actions in her body and opened her eyes and shocked to see licking her pussy. She suddenly pushed my head and joined her legs and covered her boobs with hands and closes her eyes by putting her heads down.
Sundar: Madam, what happened now and this is common now days after all you are a women and we were men.
Me: Mom. It’s nothing wrong mom; since I know how you suffered after dad’s death and I will mistake this and will keep this secret. I want you to be happy mom.
Sundar take off mom hands from her boobs and started sucking boobs and then I moved her legs wider and touching mom’s pussy with my fingers. Sundar now trying to take off mom’s blouse completely and I started removing the saree and skirt around her hip. Mom co-operating with closed eyes and i could understand she is feeling shy to open her eyes. Now Sundar started undressing and took his cock out. He took his cock near mom’s mouth and kept it in her lips. Mom opened her mouth and he slowing pressing it inside and started shaking slowly. I too undressed myself and kept my cock on mom’s hands and told her to shake it. What an amazing feels that is and I was in heaven where I feel like Cumming and hence I took my cock away from her hand. Sundar now taken his cock out and going towards the pussy and I then inserted my cock in mom’s mouth.
Now mom slowly started moaning and moving and Sundar trying to insert his cock in mom pussy. I could hear the moaning sound louder when he inserts his cock inside mom pussy and started moving. I moved away and watching this fucking session where Sundar is pushing his big cock in mom’s small pussy and she is moaning with sexy reactions in face. After around 5 minutes fucking session Sundar unloaded his hot sperms inside mom’s pussy and lied down on top of her and kissing mom lips for some time. Then he moved away and sat on the chair and it is going to be my session now. Mom opened her eyes and tried to get up but again close her eyes when I go near her. Now I started pressing her boobs madly and licking all over her body.
I thought to try some of my porn videos and hence I place my finger in her ass hole and try to insert my finger. But the finger was not going inside and Sundar told me to apply some oil. So I just applied the coconut oil on both asshole and in my finger and stated pressing my fingers inside mom’s asshole slowly and mom was moaning even more louder now and moving her ass. Now I am feeling like Cumming anytime and I don’t want to do it in the pussy because it was already filled with Sundar sperms. So I inserted my cock into my mom’s mouth again but sitting on top of her boobs and started shaking. Within few shakes I exploded my load in mom’s mouth and she pushed me away and spit cum immediately. I was in a heaven with first time sex and that too with my mom with full satisfaction and Sundar asked me how is it. I said great and thanked him and we both dressed up and came out allowing mom to get up to clean her.
Seduced Mom with the Help of Stranger

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