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My Big Sister

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I must say I never pictured this event happening to me in my lifetime, I mean I'm a pretty well rounded k** living in a quiet suburban town. Nothing big happens here, and I'm not some guy that's always finding himself in trouble, so getting bent over and fucked in my ass was the last thing I really worried about, unless I was gay of course, which I'm not.

But no, here I am at eighteen years old, a grown man feeling his ass burning as I try my best to sit comfortably at my desk. As the instructor goes on and on I find my eyes darting back and forth around the room, making sure no one looked at me or even so much as cracked a smile in my direction. If she told anyone I swear I'm gonna....no she promised me. She swore on our deceased father's grave that she wouldn't...wait why are those k**s laughing! A-Are they laughing at me?! I slap my hands on my cheeks to calm down, reassuring myself that there was no way in hell anyone knew about my secret.

Just thinking back to that day makes my spine chill, yet at the same time strangely excites me like no porno could, to think that my sweet innocent younger sister was capable of such heinous acts that could turn me on in seconds, well to put it bluntly it simply blew my mind.

Damn, now I'm starting to get a boner in during a lecture, come on Peter you can tough it out. Only....five hours left in school. Shit. I allow my head to fall on my desk as I shut my eyes, replaying the images that had been stuck in my mind since last week.

It was a hot Saturday afternoon, so I was content with lounging around in the living room while my older sister, Kimmy, was busy doing chores. After hours of doing nothing but flicking through the channels, I decided I would better preoccupying myself with....other things.

"Oh, Peter," Kimmy noticed as I began getting up from the couch. "Do you need anything?"

"Nah, I'm thinking about going to my room and taking a nap," I sighed. "I don't really want to get in your way and all." She gave me her sweet smile, which was enough to light up the darkest caves. My sister had always been such a sweet person, she's not like those big sisters that always look down on their younger brothers.

"Would you like a snack?" she asked me. "I know how hungry you get when you're hot."

See what I mean? The woman is an angel without wings or a halo. Since our father had died a long time ago and Mom worked an awful lot, she and I spent a lot of time together as we grew up. Even now I still find time for her, I can't count the numerous times I've lost girlfriends over her because I had always put her first. Whether it's canceling a date to watch a movie with her, or leaving my girlfriends high and dry whenever Kimmy needed me. Truthfully though, I hardly ever cared. All I wanted was to see my sister happy, and if a girl can't appreciate that, then I don't want to be with them.

Her entire life she's had a hard time finding any real friends, not to mention she's always doing all the housework and making sure me and Mom are properly taken care of before she even dares worry about herself. She happiest and the most content when she spends time with her family, so I try to make that happen as often as I can.

"I'm fine, but you look like you could use something," I said. "Take a break from your chores and rest, you'll end wearing your ass out if you keep this up."

"Peter...." I could hear that disapproving tone of hers.

"Oops, sorry," I shook my head. "Didn't mean that, sometimes this heat gets to me, ya know?"

"That's no excuse for bad language," she wagged a finger at me. "You curse too much, brother. It's one of your bad....habits."

"Come on, I'm not that bad," I grinned turning to face her. What I was greeted with was a beautiful, shapely woman with short blonde hair and bright emerald eyes. I gazed down the rest of her body marveling her many curves and large, luscious breasts, she was truly a fine young woman to behold.

Okay, so I may have a small sister complex, big deal. It's not like I was going to break into her room and **** her in her sleep or anything like that. Although, my fantasies about her are starting to get out of control, I should really start slowing down or else I really will do something I'll regret.

"Peter?" Kimmy asked, her face now inches away from mine. "Don't stare off into space, your face will get stuck that way."

I shook my head and chuckled before backing away. "Well I'm going to go masturbate," I half joked, smirking when I saw the blush on her face.

"P-Peter! Don't say such things to your big sister!" Kimmy whined.

"I'm just k**ding around," I laughed.

"Then why are you going to your room so quickly?" she asked narrowing her eyes. "And there seems to be something poking through your pants, if I'm not mistaken."

Damn, caught. If anything, that girl is definitely perceptive. "I-I've got homework to do," I told her quickly scampering up the stairs as she called after me "Peter! Don't you lie to me!"

I drown out her protests, quickly slamming the door to my room and locking it. In a flash, I was already stripped down to my boxers and sitting in my computer chair.

"Alright Ms. Champagne, what do you have for me to......wait a minute?" I furiously clicked the mouse. "What's going on here? Why does it say it's blocked?!" I began looking through my bookmarks page, clicking on all my saved sites and getting the same message. "This is insane! How could.....Kimmy."

If there was one thing I found irritable about my otherwise perfect sister, it was her habit of trying to 'purify' me. She simply couldn't stand the fact that I watched porn or the fact that I masturbated, she keeps telling me that those acts aren't 'pure' or 'dignified'.

"Wait a minute, I've still got my secret stash," I smirk, going under my bed and pulling out a dusty old box I kept from Junior High. I grinned and ripped it open, only to find it completely empty save for a sticky note.

"Peter, next time work on your hiding spots," I read, crumbling the note. "Damn her..."

I groaned and flopped back on my bed disappointed, knowing there would be no point in jerking off without any stimulation. I pondered going through Mom's room to see if I could find anything, but I remembered the last time I tried that I ended up getting grounded for weeks.

What the hell does Kimmy want from me? How the hell does she expect me to get through a week without firing off a few rockets? I'm still in high school, I need this stress reliever. She really needs to take responsibility for her actions....wait a second.

"That's it!" I grinned. "Since this is her fault she'll have to own up to it."

Quickly I opened the door to my room peeking down the steps, seeing my sister still doing her chores. "Alright, this shouldn't take long." I swiftly made my way toward the room across from me, which was her room.

I've hardly been in here, but anyone could tell this room belonged to my older sister. Everything was a hundred percent neat and organized, her favorite color (blue) is all over the place, and not to mention the entire room is filled with her wondrous scent. I grabbed a pillow and sniffed it, savoring the smell of my sister's hair.

"Damn," I moaned slightly before snapping back into reality. "Wait, I need to get what I came for. Ah, here we go."

I looked over to the basket where Kimmy kept the clothes she'd already worn and were about to wash, after a bit of digging and finally came across exactly what I was looking for. Kimmy's panties from just yesterday, I happened to know this because she only owns one pair of blue striped ones, and I happened to catch a glimpse of them yesterday. I brought the material to my nose and took a big wiff, god it smelled so fucking good, as if my face were right in between her legs right now.

"Eh?" I said looking at a certain stain on the front. "Is that....cum?" I grinned to myself. "Not so innocent, are we Kimmy?"

Suddenly I heard the sound of footsteps meaning she was heading up the stairs, knowing I couldn't make it out in time, I scampered into her large closet and closed the door shut just in time as she stepped into the room. Peering through the blinds, I watched as she took a nervous look around before locking her door.

"Hmm," I smiled. "Me thinks the lady is about to have a quick 'session', maybe I should bust her."

My big sister then quickly opened her drawer and pulled some sort of red material before plopping down on her bed.

"Hold on," I narrowed my eyes. "Those are my boxers, they've been missing all week. S-She can't be....."

My eyes shot open as she took a big long sniff of my dirty undergarments. She then gave the sluttiest smile I'd ever seen, better than any porno or magazine model could ever do. She then sighed and bit the front of the underwear running her tongue along it.

"Little brother, you taste so good," she moaned as her hand found her way to her large breasts. "I want your cock in my mouth, my little brother's cock that taste so good."

Cock? She's never said that word before, hell she's never even said the word 'darn' before, but hearing that dirty word slip out of her innocent little mouth, I just couldn't take it. I unzipped my pants and grabbed a hold of my already hard rod stroking furiously.

"Give me your cum brother," she moaned unbuttoning her blouse and slipping it off her shoulders, she then set the boxers aside and removed her bra exposing her luscious breasts. "Kimmy's tits," I groaned stroking my cock. "This is the first time I've seen them..."

"brother," she moaned pinching one of her nipples as she spread her legs open revealing her white panties under that short black skirt of hers. "Your scent is making me so hard...."

I hadn't even registered what I said, I just kept mindlessly and shamelessly stroking my cock at my big sister as she kept moaning. "Mmm, Peter! Suck on me!"

"God I want to suck your nipples so bad Kimmy," I moaned, I shut my eyes preparing to blow my load, however when I opened them to get one last look I noticed that her panties and skirt were now around her ankles. What I saw made me almost immediately stop jerking, right in between her legs was not a pretty, pink, wet pussy, but instead an enormous rock hard cock with a set of huge balls dangling below it.

"D-Dick!!!" I screamed losing my balance and falling right out of the closet, landing in the middle of her floor.

"Peter!" I heard my sister yell as I slowly looked up at her. I expected her to run away screaming and calling me a pervert, but she just sat on the bed looking down at me with her beautiful eyes. Her mouth then curved into a wide, sultry grin as she spread her legs a litter wider. "Hello there, Peter."

"K-Kimmy? That is you right?"

"Of course, don't you recognize your big sister?" she asked placing her index finger in her mouth. "Why were you hiding in my closet? Were you beating off? You're such a pervert Peter, beating off to your own slut of a sister."

"No you misunderstand!" I said waving my hands. "I-I was....uhm.....I....."

"It's okay," she giggled. "I don't mind, I've always dreamed about you whacking off to me." She then caught my gaze at her penis which was now slowly softening. "Are you surprised?" She stroked it a bit. "Your older sister has a cock attached to her body? Don't you have something to say?"

I did, I had plenty to say. But I couldn't, it was like something was caught in my throat. Not to mention that big beautiful cock of hers..er I mean....augh, what's wrong with me?! I have to call her out right now, come on Peter you can-

"Peter," Kimmy grinned seductively at me and grabbed me by the arm pulling me close so that her mouth was near my ear. "I want you."

"N-No!!" I yelled lightly pushing her away. "Kimmy! This...this isn't right! How? Why?"

"You want to know about my dick?" she asked looking a bit disappointed. "It's not that complicated, basically I was just born this way. Mom said it was rare but I wasn't the only one like this in the world."


"There are some big problems with this though," she said. "It's because of this I haven't had many friends, it's also because of this that I get so horny at the most random times during the day. My sex drive is fucking incredible, I can cum so much and so many times it's crazy." She turned back to me. "But I'm never ever satisfied. And you know why?"

I gulped and shakily asked "Why?"

"Because the only one that can satisfy me is you," she whispered. "In fact, you're the only one I can beat off to. Whenever I imagine your handsome face choking on my big dick as I face fuck you.....god just thinking about it makes me want to cum!"

"s*s," I said. This couldn't be the same Kimmy, my Kimmy. No, my sister is sweet, caring and pure. This has to be an imposter! Yet, I still feel even more turned on than I've ever felt when looking at her. "Uhm....h-how big?"

"What? This thing?" she asked, wagging her cock at me. "She's a beaut ain't she? All nine and a half inches of her."

She then turned to look at me with a gleam in her eye. "You can taste it," she said scooting closer to the edge of the bed. "I promise it's really good."

"B-But Kimmy I'm not gay," I said holding my hands up.

"And you won't be," Kimmy told me. "I'm still all female, I've had my periods and everything, I just happen to come with a little extra." She then gave me a desperate look. "Please, won't you do this for your big sister? The one who's always taken care of you?"

I looked into her eyes and then back to her cock which was beginning to come back alive, u*********sly I sank to my knees and grabbed it earning an audible moan from her. He was pretty thick, not even my hands could fit around the entire thing, I could even feel it pulsing as I began to squeeze it slightly.

"Please," she moaned. "Suck my dick."

I sighed, unable to refuse her, and took a gulp before replaying everything I saw in porn movies in my mind. Tentatively, I licked the head of it tasting a bit of her sweet pre-cum.

"Yesss," Kimmy hissed as I took some in my mouth.

She was still pretty soft, so I had to suck and lick on the arrow shaped head to make her harder. Once she was semi-hard I began taking the shaft down my throat, surprising myself at how much of it I was able to fit. Each time I bobbed, I took more and more of her thick monster into my throat until I had reached the very end.

"No gagging?" she giggled. "Well it's not as fun, but maybe you could hum a little tune? I know, how about that song from that anime I like? And could you look at me with those pretty blue eyes of yours?"

I groaned and looked directly at Kimmy while I hummed the song she'd requested, she moaned along with my tune while slightly thrusting her hips into my rhythm. The longer I did this, the more hit I took to my manly pride. Here I was, on my knees sucking a dick bigger than mine, and if that wasn't strange enough, it belonged to my beautiful older sister.

The question 'am I gay?' kept playing over and over in the back of my mind. I know being gay means you're attracted to the same sex or whatever, and, to be honest, I've never in my life been physically attracted to another male. Not to mention if what my sister says is true, then technically none of this is really gay....besides the fact that I'm sucking a real dick.

So maybe it's fifty percent gay.

"Oh yes," her voice tore me from my thoughts. "Oh....it's close Peter....."

I looked up at Kimmy and watched as she drooled out of her open wide mouth while playing with both her breasts. Sighing inwardly, I decided that this was my big sister, no matter what anyone thinks about this compromising position, to me she was a female and that was that. Telling myself this sort of put me at ease, however all of my constantly thinking did not prepare me for when Kimmy decided to take it up a notch and stand up, switching positions with me so that I was leaning against the bed. She then began to forcefully shove her meat in and out of my mouth, grabbing onto her bed for leverage.

"Fuck! I'm gonna cum!" she screamed as she kept pounding my mouth with all her force. "I'm gonna feel your mouth, little brother!"

She gave one final thrust shoving her cock as far as it could go down my throat as she let her seed spill in my mouth forcing me to swallow the enormous load, I've never tasted cum before but my previous girlfriends have told me it tasted salty and disgusting. However, Kimmy didn't taste at all like that, she tasted sweet, like candy really. I guess she wasn't lying when she said she tasted good.

"Sorry about that," Kimmy sighed pulling her cock out with a loud pop. "I lost control, I promise I'll make it up to you later. But first..." She reached into my pocket and pulled out a Trojan condom, something I always kept on me, and ripped it open rolling it onto her cock that was somehow still hard as steel.

"O-Oh shit," I said as my eyes shot wide open. "Kimmy you can't....no.....I won't be able to handle that!"

"I'll be gentle," she said stroking her condom covered cock. "I'd never hurt you Peter, you can trust your sweet big s*s right?"

"Kimberly," I said. She knew that I was dead serious when I used her real name. "I am not doing it, so you can just forget about it. I have to draw the line somewhere when it comes to my manhood."

Kimmy gave me her cute little pout face, that didn't work, then she gave me her serious mother-like face, that also didn't work. Finally her lip began to quiver as she bit down on it and covered her face in her hands. "Y-You think I'm a freak don't you?" she sniffed.

"That's not going to work Kimmy," I said crossing my arms.

All the sudden, my twenty-two year old sister was on her knees, crying like some toddler that wasn't getting any candy. "I thought you of all people would understand!" she shouted. "Now I don't have anyone! No friends and no supportive brother!"

I clenched my fist as she continued bawling in front of me, trying my best to hold on. Kimmy is a good actor, so for all I know these could just be crocodile tears. Then again, this could be real and I might end up looking like the jerk. "Damn it," I growled removing my shirt. "The things I do for you sometimes."

Almost immediately, she'd stopped her crying. "Really?!" Yep, it was all an act. "You'll let me fuck you?"

"Yeah," I sighed. "Just try to be gentle with that weapon."

"Oh, thank you Peter!" she said hugging me. "If you're up for it, I'll let you fuck me after."

That was the last thing on my mind right now, of course I was gonna get her back for this, but at this moment I'm worried about that massive tool that she's currently applying lube to. She then turned me around and forcefully bent me over the edge of her bed, slapping my ass in the process.

"I'm gonna love pounding this nice ass," Kimmy smiled as she removed my boxers and tossed them to the side. "Okay I'm gonna loosen you up now, with my size if I just go straight in I'm afraid I might kill you."

She rubbed her index finger around my asshole as I shuddered at how cold the liquid was, she then slowly began sticking it inside, I hissed a bit as she began twirling her finger inside soon she added a second finger and began slowly fucking me with them. "That feel good?"

"A little," I said.

"Well how about this?" she then suddenly pressed down on my prostate causing an audible moan from me and a sudden reaction in my lower regions. "Oh you got a hard-on from that?" she asked sounding happy. "You've got a cute penis brother."

Something about her saying my dick was "cute" slightly offended me, but I didn't think about it as she added a third finger and quickened her finger fucking. "You sure know what you're doing for a sweet innocent virgin," I informed her.

I've watched enough porn," Kimmy shrugged. "I'm guess I'm not so different from you, we're both huge perverts."

"Let's not forget Mom," I grinned. "I think she's worse than either of us."

Kimmy giggled and removed her fingers. "I think you're ready now," she said rubbing my ass. "Now, spread 'em."

"Where's this dominate personality of yours coming from?"

"I dunno," she told me rubbing her slick cock up and down my asscrack. "I'm just a dominate person, kind of surprising isn't it?"

"Yes, it is."

Finally, she'd had enough teasing and positioned her cock directly at her prize. "This is going to hurt," she told me sincerely. "But I promise it'll feel good."

"Just get on with it," I groaned as she began to push her cockhead against my anus. The first few attempts it didn't budge, but when she gave it a little more force a few inches of her cock manage to make it's way in, causing me to hiss loudly at the sudden pain.

"Hey now," she said rubbing my cheek. "It's alright, just relax yourself."

I felt as if I were being torn in two as she said there for a moment, not wanting to draw this out any longer than I needed to, I decided to get on with it.

"O-Okay, you can keep going," I announced.

She nodded and began slowly pushing the rest inside of me, slowly and tentatively. It almost felt like torture, each inch of that incredible b**st was like another stab of pain to my backside. I clenched the sheets and bit down on the pillow as hard as I could until I could feel her hips pressing against me, letting me know that all nine inches of her rock hard cock was buried inside of me.

"Oh God," she moaned, squeezing my ass. "You're so damn tight, I feel like you're about to rip my meat off."

I shook my head at her, noting that she obviously liked to talk dirty. It's probably a good thing though, everyone needs an outlet of some sorts and Kimmy being the person she is rarely ever gets to express her true emotions.

"Hey, I'm going to start now, okay?"

I nodded my consent, as she pulled almost all the way out and pushed back in, she repeated this action slow and tenderly allowing me to get a good feeling. Each time she did this, I felt less and less pain until it was almost entirely evaporated. By then, she had already built up a pretty good rhythm, but I wanted to feel more so I turned to her and asked that she picked up the pace, something she was more than happy to accommodate.

Now she was moving at an incredible speed, slapping my ass for her own enjoyment, our moans and the sounds of her slapping against me filled the room as she started to pound me into submission. I could only cry her name as she continued to slam inside of me harder, grabbing onto my hair roughly.

"You little slut," she growled into my ear, slamming her cock into me. "How does it feel to have your big sister's pole slamming in and out of you?!" Yup, she played the dominate part pretty well. "Yeah, keep up that squealing, bitch, I want to hear how much enjoyment you're getting from my cock."

"Jesus Kimmy, it feels so damn good!"

"That's what I thought," she moaned. "I knew you'd love this, I should have made you my little cockslut years ago."

I could tell she was long gone by now, she was acting like an a****l in heat and somehow I was enjoying every bit of it. Suddenly, she slipped her entire cock out of me, eliciting a disappointed groan from my lips.

"Done already?" I asked.

"Hell no," she grinned. "I just wanna try another position, I wanna see your face while I fuck you."

I nodded and lied on my back as she lifted my legs onto her shoulders and pushed her dick right back into me not even bothering to start off slow, as she kept fucking she grabbed my cock and began to furiously jerk me off also leaning forward and pulling me into a passionate kiss.

"Peter," she moaned slamming harder. "I'm gonna cum soon, get on your damn knees."

"Sure," I groaned.

She pulled out of me once again, ripping off the condom as I sank to my knees. She then began to furiously jerk off in front of me, her pre-cum flying all over my face.

"Oh shit," She moaned, holding my head in place. "I'm gonna blow my load all over your pretty little face, here it comes!!"

As she said this, a jet of hot liquid shot from her tip, flying onto my face. Following it were more streams of the sticky stubstance, as it covered my entire face. Eventually, her orgasm subsided, but she continued to stroke her now soft cock, before slapping it against my face.

"Just so you know, you're my little bitch now," she spoke, before slowly sinking onto the bed as if she had been completely drained. For a while, the two of us just sat there, neither one of us wanting to say anything, which was understandable considering what had just happened. "Peter?" I noticed the soft squeak in her voice, turning to look at her I saw that she no longer looked like a crazed sexual deviant, but instead was back to the normal shy big sister I had always known. "Um....I'm so-"

"Shh," I grinned hushing her. "No need for an apology, I enjoyed myself really. I'm a little sore though, you were kinda rough."

"Sorry, I can't control myself sometimes when I'm horny," she apologized her face remaining red as she averted my gaze. "Peter....c-can we do it again?"

"We can do it anytime you want," I told her. "You know I'd do anything for you."

"Oh Peter," Kimmy smiled leaning in and giving me a soft innocent kiss. "I love you, you're such a good little brother."

"Love you to s*s," I told her.

So that's that grueling tale, well it wasn't so bad now I think back to it. And hey, I actually come to like my sister's cock, though I could do without her little personality switch. Wait was that the bell? Yes! I'm heading straight home! Move, move out of the way freshman! No Brittany I don't wanna go out, move! Hey Paul! I'll talk to ya later, I got stuff to do! Running, running, running, running, running.....I'm home! Finally! Now just to open the door and....

"Kimmy!" I called walking into the house. "You home yet?"

I listened for her voice, hoping she was already upstairs and ready to go, but instead I was greeted with a much smoother and more mature tone from behind. "I sent her out for groceries." It was Mom, apparently she had come home from work earlier than I expected. "You seemed to be in a rush to get home, eh?"

"Oh hey Mom, I thought you had a meeting today," I told her setting my backpack down.

"I've got more important matters to deal with right now," Mom gave me a sly grin. I know that grin, and usually nothing good comes out of it. "Come here son, give Mommy a hug."

I give her a questioning look, wondering what was going on at the moment. Usually by now she'd be howling at me to get her some chips and a beer while she lounged around on the couch, in fact I've rarely seen her this active in my life. Something was definitely up here.

"Oookay," I said going into my mother's arms as she wrapped them around me. "Mom, what's this about?"

"This is nice right?" she asked intentionally pressing my face into her very large breasts. "Being so close to your mother, we haven't hugged like this in a while. You've been spending quite some time with Kymberly.....I'm growing a little jealous."

Jealous? She couldn't know what the two of us are doing...could she? And is it me, or do I feel a large object pressing against my thigh? "M-Mom? I asked releasing myself from her hug and staring at her. "Oh no....you can not be serious."

An unmistakeable bulge was trying it's best to burst from my mother's skirt as she stuck one of her slender fingers in her mouth and said "I want to spend some quality time with my little boy, just like Kimmy does." She slowly let her skirt up a bit allowing me to see the entire thing.


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