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The Adventures of Cheryl – Voyeur

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Cheryl slipped under the covers of her bed and turned off the lamp on her nightstand. She rolled over and closed her eyes while her mind began thinking about what she needed to do the next day. In the silence of the room, her thoughts were broken by a soft murmur. Sitting up in bed, Cheryl focused her ears on the sound.

The Adventures of Cheryl – Voyeur

“Someone is having sex.” she thought. The sound, although very faint, was undeniable. At first, she thought it was one of her roommates, but she knew Michelle was at the bar working and Rachel was visiting her parents in Ohio.

Cheryl climbed out of bed and opened her door. The sound wasn't coming from her apartment. She followed it back into her room and then realized it was coming from the other side of the wall in the next apartment.

Driven by curiosity and a growing arousal, Cheryl leaned forward and pressed her head against the wall. The sounds were much clearer now. She heard the familiar sound of of a man's body slapping against a women as he took her from behind. The panting and sighing of the woman was loud and close. Cheryl realized that her face was probably only a foot away from hers, separated by the wall.

It was so arousing to listen to another couple make love, especially because they didn't know she was there. Cheryl slipped her hand into her panties and began rubbing her mound.

The slapping sound increased in frequency as the man began pumping the woman harder and faster.

The woman was panting deeper and encouraging the man by moaning “Fuck me. That's it, fuck me harder.”

Cheryl couldn't believe her ears. Her hand rubbed faster with each moment; her pleasure was building.

“Don't cum inside me.” the woman breathlessly ordered. “I want you to cum in my mouth.”

“Holy shit!” Cheryl's mind screamed. She heard movement on the other side of the wall and could picture in her mind the woman moving into position to take the man's orgasm. He let out a quiet, but intense, moan as he came.

The image of this in Cheryl's mind pushed her over the edge. She threw herself onto her bed and buried her face into the sheets to silence her scream as she came.

Once she recovered, Cheryl pressed her head against the wall again. She heard the two laughing, talking, and kissing. She returned to bed dreaming about what she had just experienced.

Over the next few weeks, Cheryl kept finding herself listening to the wall, hoping to recreate the experience. She discovered that they kept a regular schedule. Every Saturday night between 10 and 10:30pm. Cheryl felt kind of wrong about eavesdropping on this couple, but couldn't resist. The couple was always trying something different. One night he tied her up and used a vibrator on her. Another night, it was anal sex. On another, they were role-playing and she was the naughty schoolgirl and he was the principle. It was better than anything on TV. Cheryl listened to every session with one hand rubbing her pussy, and the other covering her mouth to quiet her moans.

Try as she might, Cheryl never saw the couple. It was like they never left the apartment. She could tell from their voices that they were older, but that was all. It drove Cheryl insane as she tried to put faces to the sounds. It became an obsession.

On a Saturday night two months later, Cheryl stood nude in her room with her ear against the wall waiting to hear tonight's show. She heard their voices, but not as clear. They weren't in the bedroom yet. Cheryl listened intently and and heard the man say something unclear, but heard the word “balcony.” She thought about it for a moment and then it dawned on her they were going to have sex on their balcony.

Since Michelle and Rachel were gone, Cheryl slipped on a robe and went outside to her balcony. The apartment balconies were separated by a solid wall but if you leaned out, you could see the other side. As she quietly walked onto her balcony, Cheryl was dripping wet with excitement. Finally, she would see this couple make love. Her heart was beating rapidly in anticipation. Moving like a cat, she pressed up against the wall and listened.

From the other side, Cheryl could hear the soft, sucking sounds of a blow job. Mustering up her courage, Cheryl leaned out and peered around the corner. The woman was nude, seated on a lawn chair with the man's cock in her mouth. She was facing toward Cheryl at a slight angle so she could see his cock sliding in and out of her mouth. They were an ordinary looking couple, not ugly, just ordinary. Probably in their forties, and a little overweight, but at that moment it didn't matter to Cheryl. Her arousal was still strong.

She didn't notice it at first, but as she took in the scene, Cheryl noticed that the woman was tied to the chair. Each wrist tied to an arm and each ankle tied to the back legs. This kept her vagina exposed. Although she had heard about bondage, this was the first time Cheryl had witnessed it. She opened her robe and let her hand begin to play.

The man continued thrusting into her mouth, seemingly deeper as the moments passed. The woman sat passively and let him use her. Cheryl just watched, transfixed on the sight. It was a very warm summer evening and she was getting hot from the robe and the excitement. She pulled back and scanned surroundings. Only a few lights were on from the adjacent apartments. Feeling safe, Cheryl slipped off the robe and stood nude on her balcony. Exposing herself like this only added to the excitement.

Cautiously, Cheryl returned to peeking on her neighbors. The man had removed his cock, and was tying a gag around her mouth. Cheryl didn't understand why he did this, but as he started playing with her pussy, the woman let out a moan. The gag was to quiet her. He continued to rub her and her body responded. Her head fell back and her hips moved as much as they could. Her limbs struggled against the binds as he forced her to orgasm. When she came, her body shook and the chair bounced from side to side. With his free hand, the man put it over her mouth to muffle her cries of pleasure. Cheryl did the same with her free hand as she climaxed at the same time.

Opening her eyes as the orgasm subsided, Cheryl looked up at the couple and the woman was staring at her.

“Oh shit!” her mind cried out as pressed against her side of the wall. She had been caught. Her heart pounded in fear. She thought about everyone finding out about her voyeur fetish. How embarrassing. Cheryl stood on her side, too afraid to move. She listened and waited for the woman to alert her man that someone was watching. But after a moment, Cheryl realized no alarm had come. “Maybe she only thought the woman had seen her. She couldn't fight the urge to look again.

As Cheryl leaned around the wall again, the woman was now standing. Her ankles were tied together and the man was binding her wrists behind her back. The gag was still in and she was staring right at Cheryl. Her eyes gave Cheryl a reassuring smile. “She wants me to watch.” Cheryl thought.

The man pushed her down on her knees onto a cushion. Cheryl watched as the man slipped in to her from behind and began thrusting. The sounds coming from under her gag indicated she was enjoying the sensation. After a few minutes, he released her hips and grabbed the rope holding her wrists together. Her upper body lifted off the cushion and her eyes again met Cheryl's. Cheryl's hand was once again rubbing furiously against her clit.

Using both hands, the man pulled the woman's arms hard as he tried to thrust as deep into her as possible. He gave one final thrust and then released himself into her. His body shook and quivered without knowing that a strange girl was only a few feet away watching. About the same time, Cheryl's hand had completed its task. Her eyes locked onto the woman's as she came.

The man stood up and looked down on her. “You can sleep out here tonight.” he said as he nudged her over with his foot. And then he went inside, leaving her nude, bound, and gagged on the balcony. Cheryl looked at her and she returned the glance and smiled, then closed her eyes to go to sleep.

Cheryl woke up around 7am the next morning. The sun was already up. “I wonder if she's still there?” She quickly threw on a robe and went to the balcony. Peeking around the corner, there was the woman still bound and laying nude on her balcony asleep. If anybody on the adjacent third floor apartments looked out their window, they'd see her. Since there wasn't much she could do to help, Cheryl went back inside to shower. She again found her fingers working over her clit as she thought about the woman tied naked outside. Cheryl came when she stopped thinking about the woman and started imagining it was her tied up on the balcony.

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