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mature aunty my mom's sis

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I am 20 yrs old n doin my engg.i always fantasize mature plump women wid big ass.i am a great fan of big ass of married woman.so most of the time i search stories havin anal encounter of mature woman.

Let me come to the story now,this story is between me n my aunt who is my moms elder sister.she is a mature woman of 54 yrs old n is a widow.she has two sons one who is workin in abroad n other one studyin here in a college.let me tell about her she is a plump woman well built havin nice flesh in the right places.the most attractive thing about her is her big ass. Her figure is 38-34-42. She has nice white thighs n gud milky boobs havin full of life.from the age of 16 i wanted her ass but that time i was jus thinkin of seeing n touchin it rather than fuckin but after i started watchin some porn in the age of 18 i wanted to fuck dat big round mature ass.so i was waitin for my chance. I was lookin at her ass always and also had taken some snaps of her ass on the sari.actually my house s different but i was goin to my uncles house wer she was stayin. She was havin a small shop for living. So later uncle decided to build a new house for her to live.dis was my chance i thot i can see her again freely wen i go der.so a new house was built she was leavin with her son.in my vacation i was goin to her house to stay for some days always. Dey had two rooms a hall n a kitchen n the bathroom atached to her room n it had a window which was of glass pane. The glass was of the type v could see from inside to outside during day n reverse during nite.she was always bathing during nite so was waitin to peep thru the window but i had no chance due to her son. But one day evng wen v had gone to play her son had fallen n his leg had slight twist n he came home n slept early n since she was bathin only after 10 watchin her serials n al i was waitin for my chance n went n stood behind the bathroom near the window. Since it had a big compound over der nobody else can see me.after 10 mins she came to the bathroom n kept her clothes. I was very excited to watch her beauty now. Den she took her sari since she wears sari while goin to her shop she will be in sari till she goes for bath.she took her sari and den she touched her big milky boobs and left water to the bucket den first she took her petticoat which ladies wear under the sari n dropped it behind. Woww what a scene!!!! First time i saw her ass like that. She was wearin a red knicker. The knicker was holdin her very big round footballs. Wow what a scene!!! I was fainting but i realized the main parts are still to come den she took her blouse n her red bra i was surprised n thinkin wat a combination for a 54 yrs old lady.but il tell u wat the gorgeus boobs she had den she took her knicker n dropped it behind i saw her ass the ass i was thinkin in my dreams from nearly 3 yrs was in front of me. Wat a scene it was seein my aunty naked in front of me. Now only one formality was remainin to touch it n fuck it.

By now my dick was standin tall rock hard. After that i saw her goin n sittin in a indian style toilet for peeing bur since the window was behind i could see her ass only while she was peeing.i wanted to see this scene how a female pee comes out of the hole after that she washed her pussy and came for bathin all this time i was watchin her n she was facing me n il tell u her pussy was equally superb has her ass. After she finished her bath she wore a nighty without bra n knicker n first time i realised she s not wearin anythin inside in the night. This was it for that night quickly i went inside the house she came bathing i smiled n talked her n wished her gud night n den went to bathroom n took her knicker n smelled it wat a nice smell it had wid her nic aroma n den i started stroakin thinkin her n dropped my cum on her knicker n slept but i couldn sleep that nite was thinkin how to seduce her.this peepin continued for 2 days after that i went to my house but was thinkin bout her ass whole day n night n was searchin for some ideas to seduce her.

Then one idea stuck me n i started to read iss n after readin so many stories i got one idea. Since i knew she had leg pain from so many yrs since she is old she was applyin balm to her leg always.so then i thot of this idea n went to her house next day since i had vacation still one week. The next day evng i went der i was waitin for her to go for bath her son was sleepin she came from bath in the hall i was sitting n messaging she came n sat n v started talkin n den she asked me to get balm n i got it n gave it to her she made her nighty up n was applyin on her knees i asked if u don hv any problem il apply it n massage ur legs she slept on the sofa i made her nighty up till her knees properly n applied balm properly n started massagin n after 10 mins i made her nighty still upper now her milky thighs wer lookin great n i put balm n massagin properly like a massager den i started touchin it slowly for which she got aroused n was feeling it closin her eyes i made her nighty still upper now i could she her big dense bushy pussy she din kno it still i called her aunty she din respond i called her again aunty now she suddenly responded haan haan!!! I asked her wat happened y u got so scared suddenly, she din tell anythin. I asked her u din wear knicker today??? She got surprised n embarrassed n covered her pussy with her hand.. But i told i saw it…den i told y u din wear it n i also asked her u won wear it during nite?? She felt embarassed n den told me her knickers are all wet but i told her i saw some knickers in her room. She din reply. She felt embarassed again n din reply. I told her don be embarassed i have already seen it n i want to watch it properly. She said no its bad i won do that. I told her its your pussy n ur tellin its bad. I pleaded plz show me n she said my son s sleepin in the other room he may hear i told her come to the other room she din agree but finally she came n made her nighty up n i saw it n touched it properly i told her i want to kiss it she din allow me by sayin it is not good it is the place from i pee it stinks but i said i want to n kept my mouth there n then i inserted two of my fingers n started suckin it suddenly v heard some sound from the other room thot her son will come so i pretended sleepin n she ran to the other room but he din come it was noise of cat dropin a book.den she din come back n after sometime she was sleepin there below. My bad luck i missed my chance for that day.

In the mrng wen i got up she was alredy in the shop n her son had gone to college. I was waitin for noon i had my food n was waitin for her since she comes back in the noon n goes back to the shop at 5 in the evng. Always she used to come at 2 but today she din come till 3. Den later she came slowly i asked her y u so late today.she asked me smilingly u waitin for me?? Now i din reply. She asked me waitin for me or my pussy??Suddenly i saw her n she was smiling. She continued i am tired now v will do it in the nite il hv my food now.i asked her wat bout her son??? She said he had told me he has some camp from the coll for 5 days. I was very happy n den i went n kissed her n told u go n fresh urself il get food for u!!Den i bought food for her. She was havin it n den i went outside the house n came after an hour she was reading some magazines wan i saw it,it was porn magazines.i told her ur so horny very sexy. I love u so much!!!She said love me or my body.now i wanted her n kissed her n pressed her boobs but she said plz don do it now my son will come anytime.but i din stop i pulled her sari n took her to the room but shae said lets do it in the hall so that if he comes v will come to know.den i made her sit on the sofa wid the peticoat n blouse on i took her knicker n throwed it backside den i put her big thighs which were heavy on my shoulders n started playin wid her beautiful mature dense bushy pussy. I felt she is already wet down there. All this time i din even touch her ass which was my fantasy. Den i started suckin her pussy separated her pussy lips. Her pubic hair but i liked it simply bcoz i like nice hairy pussies den i ralised it was already 4 so i made her kneel on the sofa facing the window but she asked me u have seen me n sucked my pussy i want to do it for u n she took my shorts n underwear my dick was so strong n rock hard n she started suckin n dis went on for half n hour den i made her kneel on the bed facing the window again n made her peticoat above from behind n slowly put some saliva on her pussy n inserted it into her it was so tight since she was gettin fucked after nearly 15 yrs she had some pain so i was stroakin it slowly suddenly she saw her son coming so i took my dick our n put my shorts n took my cell n sat der in the mean time she took her sari n went to the bathroom but her knicker was der which i put under the sofa. She came out after some time. Her son told he s goin now so she prepared coffee v three drank it n he told don be afraid in the nite he is there sleep with him. He told this since she was very afraid in the room alone always.den he got up n went to get ready n den he packed the bag n he left for the camp n aunt went to the shop.i was waitin for the nite which is my first nite n aunts special nite coz she s gettin fucked after so many yrs.

In the nite she came but i was in the other house n wen i came i realised she was in the bathroom so i went to backyard n was peepin thru the window i looked at her she was very happy n she was washin her pussy ass properly today applyin soap properly i thot may be to impress me i guess??

After her bath she came to the room and i was ready for her since i had told her to wear a sari n come she came up wid a sari. I went near her n took her in my arms n hugged her tightly n den i was squeezing her bums which were very soft n spongy. Den i pulled her sari has i was rapin her then i went to her n pressed her boobs n bite them on her blouse once n den i took her blouse n bra wat a gorgeus boobs like two big mountains. Den i dropped her peticoat n inserted my both hands inside her knicker n was massagin her ass!! I was only in my shorts n was ready for action she took my shorts n touched my big dick n suddenly she went down n took my dick in her mouth n was suckin it so strongly my heart was beatin so quickly. To my surprise she was also fingerin my ass.i thot she liked my ass as well.den v made 69 positin n i was uppon her suckin her pussy in the knicker itself n also fuckin her mouth.suddenly she got up n went to toilet she had sudden rush of pee. She came peeing n took my dick in her mouth i was mouth fuckin her again n i was bout to cum n wen i told her she told to cum inside n my volcano erupted deep into her throat she told this is the first time i am takin the cock in my mouth n drinkin juice which is needed for creatin these cocks n pussies n i din know till now it would be this fun. Den i took her n made her sleep in the bed n jus kissed her pussy she moaned aahhhhaaaa!! Wait i jus kissed it i told. Then i opened her pussy lips slowly wid my finger n started suckin she was flowin wid her juices already i sucked her clit properly n she was ready for her orgasm n she shouted aaahaaahaah n exploded al over my face i drank almost of it. By now my dick stood up again n i gave it her mouth she sucked for bout 10 mins n den i made her sleep n i took her legs on my shoulders n inserted my big thick dick inside her n started slowly she was feeling pain but later she started enjoyin n so i started stroakin fast n faster she started moaning aahhaaha oooaahha oooohh aaaahhha fuck my baby fuck harder, harder n harder this s a memorable day. I was catchin her boobs on her big black nipples stroakin hard n she got her second orgasm in the mean while even i came inside her the cum was flowin from her pussy. Then i removed my dick from her pussy n she put her hand in the pussy n then put it into her mouth. But my main intention was yet to come that is her gorgeus ass. She told me this is the best fuck of my life i wasted my virginity simply to my husband i would hv given it to u.i love u my son fuck me always i want u always.

i told her ur still virgin aunty. She was confused n told wat?? I told u lost ya virginity from front but from behind u still s virgin.. She got scared n asked wat u goin to fuck my ass?? I said yes aunty i always fantasized ur ass always ur big ass i always wanted to fuck it suck it. No please it pains a lot!! Plz don want she said. But i told her wen u shit ur big n thick logs come from the same asshole even my dick is of the same size so there won be a problem n u wanted to give me your virginity so please allow me.after that she allowed me i started suckin her asshole but she din allow me coz she felt its bad but i convinced al the parts of your body r sweet n let me suck it n i started her nice round brown asshole. She had avery lovely asshole n virgin also. Wen i saw it i felt like eatin it al the way. I started suckin it nicely she was moaning.i put some saliva on it n den inserted one of my finger inside n was finger fuckin n meanwhile i asked her whether it was paining she said no,den i inserted my second finger n was fuckin her gorgeus asshole den again i put saliva on her asshole lubricated my dick n inserted inside her asshole i asked her was it painin she said no n den i started movin it up n down i started stroakin so fast she was shoutin n v din realise it was midnite. I took my dick 3 times n inserted it n by dis time her asshole was so open n i was enjoyin very much n even she was.after nice 20 mins action i shoted big load inside her ass n i fell on her she made me get up n i was in the bed n she sucked my dick cleanly even though it had some shit of hers in it.den v slept in the bed in the same way without coverin us.usually she wakes up at 7 in the mrng but dat day she din get up she had to much of previous day when i got up i saw her big ass i slapped it but still she din get up my dick was ready for mrng encounter but she wasnt ready so slowly i parted her legs n den started suckin her asshole again n den went n inserted one finger inside now she got up n was moaning she told me plz don want its paining i told il give a lip massage to her asshole.she started enjoyin it n den i inserted my dick into her asshole in doggy style n i fucked her hard in the mrng itself after i cummed in her asshole v went to bathroom to fresh she sat in the toilet n wat a scene her mrng rush of golden pee coming from her tunnel.then v had bath together n she dressed me n den i puther bra panty n dressed her den v had breakfast n she went to shop.

Well freinds dis is my first post i hope u people liked it.i want to tell u somethin. Friends ass is the very important part of human body.while havin sex also its very important part. Many ppl get aroused by ass.i kno most of the ppl don like ass fuckin the reason for girls may be its paining or its bad coz while fuckin the shit will come out o will be touchin their partners dick. But its very enjoyable if u do it properly.if u read this story then please try analsex atleast once then ul surely enjoy it.if any mature married woman having big ass want to have sex with me then plz mail me

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