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i ever one this is Kishor. The story is about how I fucked my mom and sister. My Father died when my sister was 3 years. We are very poor family because of that one person said my mom that he will take me with him and educate me so my mom
agreed. I want with him and I studied with him still 10 and I was very fast learner so I learned my things and also about sex from my friend.
My friend used to bring story, Book and I used read that books even. And one day he bought the book which, Consists of sex between mom and son and read the story and I felt good from that day I used to read those type of stories only which consist of sex between mom son daughter and sister. And the person how educated me died and if was moved to my mom and sister place. From here the really story start.
My mom is only 32 year old with big boobs and ass and my sister is 18 year old she is same as my mom with medium boobs and perfect. Ass and she is very sexy any one sees her will really wanted fuck them both. After his. Death cercamony I was moved my home. I saw my mom and sister after 6 year and me was very happy.
Our place is 2 kms inside from the village and no one come there frequently and so went to my home saw my mom and she was very happy and she ran and hugged me and i was happy and same time my started to rise was my mom.
Boobs were touching my chest I was able to feel her soft tits. Then I was moved inside, the home as it was late evening my mom said that have dinner and sleep. My mom was not wearing any bra because they cannot afford for those even my sister did not have any bra. They were wearing see through dress and I was able to see my mom nipple though there blouses. And my dick was at its fully erect and then we all ate food and slept.
Due to very small house we all sleep in same hall tighter and I slept middle of my mom and sister. I slept with lungi without any thing top and even under my lungi. And my mom removed her sari and slept beside me.
I have habit of putting my legs beside anyone how sleep with me so I thought to use this thing to fuck my mom. After 3 hours of all slept, I kept my leg on her and there was no reaction from my mom so I started to move my leg on her.
Then I kept my hand on her thighs and started to feel her bare legs it was so soft and then moved still her pussy from where I have come to this world then I touched her pussy hair and I cummed without touching my dick and I removed my hand slept.
Then morning my mom woke up at 4 clock and go to do house works near my home. At that time my lungi was to at its position it was at my feet leave me fully naked I thought to see what will my mom will do seeing me in this condition. She was seeing my fully erected dick standing like a pole and she.
Moved her hand near my dick I thought she will touch but no then she covered me with the bed sheet and moved to her work and I woke up and 8 am that time my mom had come from her work and my sister also had woke up and started to do her house work. Then I woke up did my morning thing and my mom said to have a bath so I said ok then after having bath I wore again the lungi and came near my mom and sister.
And I wantedly made my lungi feel down and my sister and mom saw seeing my dick and I did not cover my dick fast I gave them time to see my dick.
Then my sister said to my mom that the banana is very big and I did not understand but then I covered my dick and again went to field to do some field work with my mom and sister and again I wantedly made my lungi fall and I repeated this thing again and again for few times. Then my mom said to me that to remove and be naked as they saw my Lund. And I thought my first plan is successfully and I removed my lungi and was walking naked with my mom and sister in the field.
That time my mom and sister were kept on looking my dick and it was standing like pole all the time. Then we did some work in field and went home I was busy with playing pool and after having dinner we slept and I was naked and I started my work were I felt yesterday and again I moved my hand on my mom pussy and then inserted my two finger inside my mom pussy and then started to finger fuck my mom and my mom cummed but still her did not oppose or opened her eyes.
So I removed her petticoat and her blouse and made her naked and started to suck her boobs and play with her pussy and moan was escaping from her mouth but still no reaction from mom side and I stared to masturbate playing with my mom then I chummed within few minutes. And after that I slept but I did not cover my mom blouse or petticoat and morning I woke late because of late work at night and I was afraid what my mom will say but it was positive reaction from my mom side she asked why so late you woke up yesterday tried due to work she asked indirectly.
I said yes and saw some change in my mom dressing style she had wore her petticoat below her navel and her blouse top 2 button is open her tits is fully seen.
And seeing that my dick stood up then my mom saw and said to get ready from breakfast and I while serving her bend in front in such a way that her whole boobs were visible to me her nipple was standing with tip of a pen. Then I thought it’s time to fuck my mom today and to my luck my sister went her friend’s marriage she will come after 2 day only.
So I made up my mind that I will fuck my mom today only in the field and after my sister went to her friend home. Me and my mom went to field that time my mom was walking front and I was back and her ass was shaking from left to right and I was awesome to see. Then my mom saw me what I am seeing and asked what are you seeing I said nothing she asked then my your Lund is standing like that.
Then I said sorry she said ok but it should not leave like that it should me taken care of your Lund saying that she caught my dick and started move front and back and I was in heaven then I made my mom naked and started to lick her pussy it was wet and I put my finger in her ass and my mom was to moan loudly and then she cummed and I my mom said she cannot wait more and asked fuck her but I said I will not she was shocked and asked why.
I said I wanted even my sister also to be fucked by me and she should help me fucking her she thought and said ok and said to fuck her fast.
Then I placed my dick on my mom pussy and pushed inside it was very tight as it is not used from very long time. Then again I pushed and I went half and I stopped for a while and pushed again and it went fully it was heaven to feel. My mom was moaning with pleasure and pain and I started to fuck her fast and she started scolds me in bad word like motherfucker fuck me u sister fucker and I also started to scold her u bitch slut how many dick did you take in your pussy while saying it was very awesome and we both cummed at same time and was sleeping in each other arm and I was sucking my mom boobs.
I will say how we had 2 more fucking session in the field and I will say you how I fucked my sister and more about it if very comment about my story and mail me your review about it please my e mail id is I am waiting for your feedback.


In this third part I would let you all know how I fucked my friend’s mom sharadha. I did in the previous post, have included some dialogues on my own to increase the eroticness when fucking happens.
These happened after I fuck my mom. It happened to be that my mom has to go out for a project launch at a north Indian branch. She told me that she will be out for a week. So, I and my younger brother should do our own stuff properly. And to me she told that she and I will have to wait a week to experience our heavens. For the first 2 days I had managed some how without getting a pussy.
I had even tried for some prostitutes at that time. But I couldn’t make up any. When I was getting restless, I had an idea that I can travel to my grand parent’s house so that I will be able to see sharadha and ranjan making up. If I am lucky maybe I will also get a chance to fuck her.
I informed my mom about my trip to village. I travelled to my village and met my grandparents. I waited till afternoon and had my lunch. After that, I just told my grandma that I am going to see ranjan and she told me that he is out of town for his studies. I felt like disappointed. But an excitement came over me as I can try Sharadha aunty at this time.
So I said my grandama that I would go and visit sharadha aunty. I went to ranjan’s home. As on the day I saw ranjan and his mom fucking, the house was very calm. I thought that someone must be in there fucking her. I called ranjan. To disappoint me, sharadha aunty came out. she was very happy to see me.
Sharadha: Hi swaroop, how are you?
Me: Good aunty. Where is ranjan?
Sharadha: He is studying diploma in the town polytechnic he will be coming only on weekends.
Me: Ohh. I thought of seeing him.
Sharadha: Don’t worry come he will come this weekend also come in.
Me: No aunty. I’ll go see the fields and go home. I have to take some rest to get rid of the journey tiredness.
Sharadha: Why you are not interested in speaking with me?
Now that I got a slight suspicion that whether she is in mood without getting the treatment from her son. May be she is seducing me. I thought that I should not miss the opportunity. So I said
Me: It is not like that aunty, you may be having your house hold works, so thought of not disturbing you.
Sharadha: Don’t say like that swaroop. You are like my son, I will do anything for ranjan right same is the case with you. I remembered the way she was in with ranjan that day. I thought that she is mentioning the incident.
Me: I’m happy that you are treating me as your son as my mom does to me.
Sharadha: Come have a cup of tea.
Me: Ok, aunty but I don’t want tea you just give me some milk.
Sharadha: You want only milk?
Me: Yes aunty, your milk would be tastier.
Sharadha: What?
Me: Yes aunty, ranjan had provided me your house milk. It has the right ingredients to make it sweeter.
Sharadha: Ohh, I thought you couldn’t have tasted that. Wait I’ll give you.
I was waiting for her to come with the milk. She did come with the milk with some awesome view for me. Her pallu was in the middle of her boobs strangled like a rope. Her breasts were pointing me like a cone placed. She had worn a cream coloured saree [old white color saree which has yellow stains all over it seems like a cream coloured saree] and red colour blouse. The dress that she had worn accentuated her beautiness and colour. This made the scene more erotic.
She asked about my mom, brother and all. I was also responding to her by enjoying the view of her boobs. After some time, I bid her good bye and returned to my home. The only thing I did after that was to masturbate 3 times thinking of fucking her. I was waiting for ranjan to come back from town.
On Saturday morning, I was greeted by the familiar voice of Ranjan to wake up. I was very happy to hear his voice. He said that he came last night itself and came to see me once his mom told about my arrival. I finished my morning chores, had my breakfast and quickly left home with him to go for his farm lands where we talk about all the things for hours together. During the walk I was planning on how to start with him.
Once we reach his farms, we went to sit by the well. People were working on removing the weeds in the paddy field. I started asking him about his studies. With the girls in the town and teachers in the Polytechnic. After that I turned my conversation towards my thing.
Me: Do you still see the lady bathing?
Ranjan: What are you asking for?
Me: do you still see the lady bathing that you did some years back?
Ranjan: Ohh that lady, yeah I still do watch when I come to home. How can I miss that?
Me: Have you seen today?
Ranjan: Not yet. Have to see.
Me: Will you take me with you when you see her. I too want to see a female body nude.
Ranjan: I don’t think so. This I will reserve for me only.
Me: Please man just once. I will never ever ask you again.
Ranjan: Sorry swaroop.
Me: I think I know the lady that you are watching for this long time.
Ranjan: You do? Can you tell me?
I wanted to end this conversation real quick. So I hit the point directly.
Me: There are only 3 women in the village who has the best assets to attract people of any age.
Ranjan: So tell me the person that you think it is.
Me: One is my mom….
Ranjan: Hey what are you talking about. She is like my mom too.
Me: I know you cannot even get a peek at her. The other 2 are your mom and sister.
To this he got a little shock and slapped me.
Ranjan: Don’t ever talk like that to me. You have such a perverted mind. How can you think my mom and sister like that? Don’t you feel ashamed of it?
Me: Sorry ranjan. I shouldn’t have told this. But, it is a fact that you fuck both of them and I have seen you fuck your mom in your house after her bath.
He was speechless and was seeing me like a deer caught in the headlights of a speeding vehicle. He protested saying that I lie. But his voice was too low that even I couldn’t hear him properly.
Ranjan: Don’t tell lie. I’m not like that. My mom and sister are not like that.
Me: Ranjan. Don’t try to cover it. I know this happens a lot and for years together now. [I was so soft on him]
Ranjan: Don’t tell anyone man. My family’s respect will be gone.
Me: Are you a fool. I’m your friend for so long and you still don’t understand me completely. I will never ever tell anyone about this.
Ranjan: Thanks man. I believe you.
Me: But one thing yaar. Don’t take this in a wrong way. I want to fuck aunty once.
To this he slapped me once again.
Ranjan: You bastard. How can you think of fucking your friend’s mom? Besides you are trying to blackmail me.
Me: No…No…I’m not black mailing you.
Ranjan: Then what the fuck is this?
Me: Ranjan listen to me. From the day I saw you both, I developed the lust within me to touch and fuck aunty. Please help me. I’m not black mailing you. If that is the case I would talk to you in a different manner. But this is my request.
Ranjan: How could I possibly do that? She is my mom and she will definitely kill me.
Me: See these things happened in last time when I met aunty [I described the happenings]. May be she is also willing. Just try once. If she is not willing, I will be happy with only seeing you both fucking. I will never ever ask.
Ranjan: You want to see me fucking my mom again?
Me: Not again. I want to see you two fucking all the time. But don’t worry, I will never let her know my presence.
Ranjan: I will think over it and let you know. But I don’t think it would happen.
Me: Thanks man. You try once. Where is your sister?
Ranjan: She has gone to my elder sister’s house for a week to help her that she is not well.
Me: Ohh. Ok. I even know that you fuck her too. But don’t think I would want to fuck her too. I have no interest on her. I only want to fuck aunty.
Ranjan: Thank god. Atleast you left her.
With that we talked other things and parted our ways to home. I had my lunch and thought of taking a nap, but then the idea came to me to go and see what ranjan is doing. I had the thing in the back of my mind, that he may still be watching her bath and fucking her. I directly went to the back of his house hiding my self.
My suspicion was correct. He was watching her taking bath. I stood there and gave him a signal that I’m there. He saw me and told me to hide myself as she is going to come out. I hid myself behind the stray heap. She came with the petticoat lifted to cover her boobs which show her lower thighs and complete back. I felt like she has accentuated her color in these years. My dick was upright.
Ranjan saw me seeing his mom. He told me to come some time after. I said yes. All these conversation through gestures. I went in after 5 minutes searching for them. I could hear light moans coming out of their bedroom. I went near it and watched the mirror. There they were, ranjan kneading her boobs with both hands and kissing her full on her lips. I hold my cock with my hand and and was lightly wagging it.
He lowered one hand and completely removed her petticoat. There was aunty completely nude and he also removed his lungi. Seeing the naked bodies made me feel very horny. The thought that nobody will come to home made me a little bolder. I also made myself nude completely. He touched her pussy with his right hand and aunty was squirming inside his arm. I felt like I was touching her there.
He started finger fucking her all in standing position. He saw me in the corner of his eye. I told him to let me in. He said after sometime. He chewed her lips, kneaded her boobs and finger fucked her pussy. She must be in great in mood. Her hand was holding his dick very hardly and shacking it. Suddenly she left him and lie on the bed with her spread legs. This time I was able to see her pussy, which was rose in colour.
I thought that I was fucking her and ejaculated in my hands. I licked my cum and still my penis was erect and good to go. Ranjan kneeled down near her pussy and was ready to fuck her. All of a sudden he inserted his dick into her pussy. She made a big O with her mouth and the fucking sounds of ooohhhh and aahhhh came out of her mouth. He started pounding her vigorously.
After sometime he withdrew his dick and ejaculated in her mouth, which she accepted happily. He then chewed her lips for sometime and she sucked his penis for sometime. I ejaculated another time in this. He signalled me to come in.
I went into the room without making any noise and he told me to make her feel my presence. I slowly touched her back calling her aunty. She felt a shock. She turned and saw me and was trying to cover herself with some cloth that was there in the floor.
Me: Aunty please doesn’t cover yourself and deny me the beautiful view.
Sharadha: You go away. How did you come inside? Why are you naked? Ranjan, what are you doing? Beat this dog and send him home.
Ranjan: Mom, he knows everything. I also tried to downplay it. But he had watched us long back when he was in the village.
Me: Aunty, please don’t get angry on me. I’m just an admirer of your beauty. I had no intentions on you until I saw you with ranjan.
Sharadha: So what?
Ranjan: He just want to fuck you once mom. She slapped ranjan hardly and shouted at him.
Sharadha: You are my son not my pimp to send me to everyone. I shouldn’t have allowed you to even touch me in the first. Now you are saying me to fuck with him.
Ranjan: Mom. Please understand. What if he tells everyone in the village about us?
Me: Aunty, no. don’t ever think like that. I will not tell it to anyone. I just wanted to feel you once. I will be lucky if you allow me to worship your beauty. If not just allow me to see you both fucking. I will not interfere and I will never ever ask again about this. Just once aunty please.
Ranjan: Mom, he is my best friend you know this. Besides he was also turned on due to your behaviour on that day.
Sharadha: I was just casual. Nothing in my mind. I should have sensed it when he said about drinking my milk. It is my fault I shouldn’t be that much careless before others.
Me: Aunty, Please just once aunty.
Ranjan: Mom. It will be more fun to have another person. You know it. We three as a family enjoyed very much. Just that we are going to include swaroop with us for only once.
Me: Please aunty, you told me that I’m no different than ranjan. Then why? Partiality with this. I too have the rights to feel you.
After this long argument she was somewhat relaxed and told us that she will allow me to fuck her only once.
Sharadha: Ok. I will allow swaroop to fuck me but it would be only once. I cannot allow you fuck me time and again.
Me: Thanks aunty. I will obey you. I have a long lasting lust to lick and suck your pussy. Drill my dick into your pussy and make you squirm with pleasure. Make you feel the heaven with lots of orgasms in a single fuck.
Sharadha: My! My…I thought you are a small boy and you talk so much of female genitals and fucking.
Me: actually aunty, ranjan is my teacher in such things. He had taught me so much in this.
Ranjan: Yes mom. I had to tell some one that I know about female anatomy and he seems to be a correct person.
Me: Aunty, Can I ask you one thing?
Sharadha: Yeah. Ask me.
Me: Now that you have agreed to allow me fuck you. Can I hug you?
Sharadha: Ohh my sweet little bastard Come hug me.
Saying this she opened her arms. The cloth that she was holding dropped on the floor. Her big round boobs were there for me to chew and suck. Her structure was very similar with my mom’s structure. But she has a big boob and her butt is also bigger than my mom’s. I took a step closer to her and hugged her.
The very first contact of skin to skin with the goddess by complete nude bodies sent electric shock to me. Her height also matches my height making my dick to correctly lie between her thighs. This was the time that I have been waiting for a very long time. I just started kissing her madly. I kissed her on her eyes, neck, forehead, cheeks, chin, lips. I literally bathed her with my saliva. Even a dog would have got defeated by me if we had a game of licking.
Ranjan: Hey swaroop. My mom has lots of more beauty other than her face.
Me: Yes man. I would go one by one.
Sharadha: I don’t think so. You are very much excited as I do.I felt like you are not going to leave me till next day.
Me: No aunty. If I were to stay this for my life time I would be happy to do that.
Saying this I lowered and chew her lips. I darted my tongue insdie her mouth and licked all over her inner walls of mouth. She was very much enjoying this. May be ranjan would have not shown her this kissing. I slowly cupped her boobs with my hands. They were so soft. I couldn’t distinguish the softness between my mom’s and aunty. I kneaded them with both my hands. Meanwhile ranjan stood behind aunty and hugged her from behind. He slowly lowered his hand and touched and kneaded aunty’s pussy.
I released her lips and lowered my head to suckher boobs. I saw it was red due to the handling by ranjan before and by me now. Her aeroles were stiff and telling us that she is ready for whatever we have planned. I just suck on her boobs making little circles with my tongue around her aeroles. I liked and sucked and bit her many times on her boobs. She was enjoying all this. suddenly I knealed down and started sucking her pussy by removing ranjan’s hand. This made her surprised and she enjoyed that very much.
Sharadha: Swaroop, I couldn’t stand. My knees are getting weak.can we sit and do this?
Me: Mmmmphhh…Yes…aunty…. [saying this I lifted by her buttocks and lay down her on the bed at the edge.]…Aunty you taste so good. I didn’t feel like sucking a hole where pee comes. This is just like some fruit which has a little soar taste. I would love to suck on it for years together.
Ranjan: Hey you bastard. Leave my mom a little for me too. Her pussy is mine first.
Sharadha: Don’t get jealousy ranjan. I will be available for you all time.
I started biting her clit, finger fucking her and sucking all at the same time on her pussy. This made her go wild. All of a sudden, she closed her thighs around my head. I felt like I was caught in between 2 elephants. such are her meaty thighs. Though it suffocated me and made me think of gettingsome air to breath, I loved that feeling. Her juices were flowing freely. I drank all of them evenin that suffocation. She let me go after some time. I got someair to breath.
Sharadha: Swaroop….ahhhhh….you made…..ahhh…me……orgasm a lot……ahhhh without even fucking me. you are great. Just like my son. Had he taught you this also?
Me: Yes aunty he is a master in all these things.
For all these times ranjan was sitting by the side of aunty and sucking her boobs. I stood up and positioned myself at the entrance of her pussy. I slowly inserted it in her pussy. I was thick red now from all the treatment that she got from us. Very slowly she was able to take me completely inside. I started my to and fro motion and gainde momentem. Her boobs were dancing due to the fucking.
During the course, I lifted her off the bed and kept her on air. i punded her vigorously. The previous 2 ejaculations made my orgasm prolong. I was in nowhere to orgasm. But I felt that she had orgasmed much time, which later she confirmed as 3 times. After a good 10 minutes or so, I had an orgasm. Her reactions such as biting her lips and controlling herself for not shouting and moaning made my nerves very pumped up. This made me fuckher more vigorously after that we lay on the bed panting.
Me: How was that aunty? Did I do well to you?
Sharadha: Yes, it was very nice. Only ranjan was able to hold this much time and make me orgasm these many times that too once in a while. Have to see whether you are good at it all the time.
Me: Aunty, does that mean I’m allowed to fuck you whenever I want to?
Ranjan: That is what she is saying man. but mom, you said only once right.
Sharadha: Yes son, but he is your good friend, looks a lot more like you. he is like my son and he fucks good like my son.
Ranjan: Swaroop you are a lucky bastard man.
Me: Not lucky as you are bastard.
Sharadha: Hey boys don’t use that word again.
Me: Sorry aunty, I will not use it.
Ranjan: Sorry mom. I won’t.
Me: Aunty please comes we will go one more time.
Saying this I started to insert my dick in her pussy. Ranjan didn’t wait for any time. He came lay down beside aunty and started inserting his dick in her ass. I could feel his dick in my dick. The scene was electric and erotic. This must be the first time aunty is experiencing this pleasure of having 2 dicks at the same time.
We could say this by the expressions of her face and the little moans that escaped her mouth. Me and ranjan had a challenge of reaching the orgasm in which I won making my fucking period more that 15 minutes this time. We 3 were tired after that. After sometime I got ready went to my house. Told grandma that I’m going to stay with ranjan and came back to aunty. I fucked her for more that 10 times in those 2 days.
Literally we 3 were nude at home for those 2 days. For a matter of fact I forgot that I’m fucking my mom at home. Such is her sex with me. After ranjan had left for his studies on monday morning, I told grandma that I’m going to help sharadha aunty with somehouse hold works and fucked her for another 4 times on monday. I had fucked her in the ass before I had broken the cherry of my mom’s ass.
So guys, how do you like this post. Send your comments and suggestions to If anyone wants to see my mom or sharadha aunty, let me know. Send me a mail with your mom’s or aunty’s picture. I will reply for that. Good bye for now. I’ll write the experince, when I first broke my mom’s ass cherry by fucking in the next post.


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