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My Landlady

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My Landlady

I had been having a bit of a problem, uncontrollable erections around my landlady!
I am in my thirties and found myself needing to work in London though I live out in the country, so I got a Monday to Friday room let in a nice place with a family. I am in the attic so get left to myself and all was fine. I miss my wife through the week and get a bit horny so my eyes wandered a little. At first it was the landlady’s daughter but then it became the landlady.

She is in her early fifties, plumpish, ok looking but the years hang on her a bit. The plumpishness gives her a few curves and I do like curves. She wears leggings a lot and her bum is a little big and stretches them thin so her pants show through, I find this quite exciting. Whenever I am in the kitchen and she walks in I find myself staring and imagine myself kneeling behind her groping that bum. This kicks off the little buzz in my trousers and bang, erection time!

Just even thinking about it at work made my trousers get tight, oh I wanna grab that ass.
Then it got worse. It is a family house so that means family things like washing and ironing and clothes drying. Clothes on the radiator, drying. Underpants drying. Women’s underpants, my landlady’s underpants drying on the radiator. Big black M&S knickers. I notice them and bang, up pops mr sausage. It started when I would accidentally brush them while reaching for the dishcloth. But then when nobody was around I would stroke them, imagning her bum was still in them. The temptation grew and I knew I had to jack off into a pair. I thought I could do it, get them washed and back on the radiator then nobody would know. The perfect crime, and then when I would see her I would imagine she had them on, my man juice rubbing into her bum.

Today was the day, I left work early knowing nobody would be in. Got to the front door, cock already throbbing. Down the hall and into the kitchen, I heard nothing. There on the radiator a pair of black cotton knickers. Not the sexiest any woman would own but to me they were mesmerising. I picked them up and put them to my face, wiped them against my cheek, gently over my mouth and to the other cheek. Then across to my nose where I took a deep inhale through my nostrils. Clean, clean and wash powder smelling but that didn’t matter, every image of what they usually held flashed into my mind. My hand had undone my zip and pulled out my aching cock in seconds. I stroked as I sniffed and wiped the knickers across my face. I was gently pumping my tool and lowered the knickers and wrapped them around it – it was heaven but I was imaging being inside her knickers for real when I heard a gentle cough…

Excuse me? She said. I froze.

What the hell do you think you’re doing? Her voice sounded mad, which to be honest would be fair enough – you walk in to find your lodger wanking into your knickers you are probably entitled to be a little mad. I turned, wondering how I would get out of this, I hadn’t removed my cock from its tangled cotton overcoat. And as I looked at her, she smiled. A smile. Eh! I looked confused.
After a pause she said, don’t go dirtying my clean ones when there are dirty ones that you’d enjoy more. And with that she gave a cheeky snap of the elastic on her leggings. I took a step closer.

Really? I asked.

Oh shit, yes. She replied. I have been trying to tempt you into action since I saw you looking at me. Why do I think I leave those on the radiator when we have a clothes horse in the laundry room? I took another step and she reached out and removed the cotton wrapping from my twitching member. She gently closed her hand around my shaft and stroked lightly.

I dropped to my knees and ran my hands over her thighs. The black leggings felt incredible. I kissed her thigh, and moved my face in front of her mound. I could feel the heat when I got within three inches and held my head there savouring the moment. I leaned in close and flicked a tongue over the fabric, and then again. I moved my hands up her thighs and then round the back and grasped her buttocks. Fabricy flesh, I squeezed and stroked. Her bum was like a giant stress ball, and I had some pent up stress to let out.

I abandoned my licking and pushed my face into her clothed pussy and she grabbed my hair pulling me in closer. Massaging her buttocks I kissed and licked at the material covering her snatch, I wanted her. I turned her round and she obligingly lent forward and grabbed the kitchen worktop. I buried my face into her but pushing hard, trying to climb through those leggings. A hand in each side of the waste band I grand legging and knickers and slowly pulled down, delighting in every second that more milky skinned flesh came into view. I kissed the small of the her back and slid my tongue down the canyon between those buttocks. Pulling the clothes down more her bum seemed to expand, happy to be free from the elasticated prison until finally they were free from the grip of the ass and falling gracefully down her legs to the floor. She may have kicked them off, I have no idea I was mesmerised by that bum – I buried my face. Pulling on her hips and pushing my tongue into the crevice I wanted to fully climb inside her. I licked. I had never done that before but I was all lust now. I pulled her cheeks apart and licked for all I was worth. From the small of the back under as far as I could go until I reached warm damp pubes covering the lips of her cunt. I tongued her asshole and pushed my tongue deep between her fleshy pussy lips. I buried my nose and squeezed her ass. She was moaning with delight. I had to enter her before I lost my load.

I stood and quickly dropped my trousers round my ankles, guided my cock up and swiftly buried it deep in her pussy in one motion. She squealed. I groaned. It was amazing. I started pumping long deep thrusts, sliding my hand up her body and held her breasts. Big soft and loose, they were the breasts of a woman who had raised three k**s. Sensing I wanted access she let go of the counter and pulled the top over her head, unhooking her bra she released the two jellied orbs. I cupped them and gently squeezed her giant nipples.

This was too much and I knew I would blow soon but I had to have her on all fours, I wanted to hear that sound that drives all men mad – I had to feel her ass slap my pelvis. I coaxed down onto all fours and started to pound. The sound of that slapping I can still hear when I close my eyes. The feel of a large warm fleshy buttock slapping against the curve of lower stomach and hip bone. The feel of her warm pussy gripping my cock. These are the moments we live for. I placed one hand on an arse check and the other I placed on the small of her back and slid down so my thumb was teasing the edges of her brown hole. She was bucking hard, thrusting her body back trying to gobble up as much of my throbbing meat as possible.

Her breasts were slapping back and forth, she was moaning louder about to orgasm, I was groaning about to empty my load. I pushed my thumb into her ass and she exploded, her pussy spasming, drenching my cock with responded with equal v******e shooting hot jets of warm cream deep into her cunt. After the fourth spurt we collapsed to the floor. I was half on her and half on the floor, still buried deep in her my cock twitching for fifth, sixth and seventh time. My arm found a breast and I cupped it, rubbing the nipple with my thumb.

We lay there. My cock softening inside her. Juices and cum mixed together sliding down my shaft out of her pussy and coating the inside of my thigh. I felt the dying twitched of orgasm and it felt like it was trying to massage my cock back to life. It worked a little and the little fellah started to twitch again.

Mmm, seconds she groaned.

The words yes please filled the room before my mouth could form them. We both started and turned to see her husband stood in the kitchen doorway. He was gripping the front of his trousers, a smile on his face…

To be continued.

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