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filthy smoking mother

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((story is ALMOST true account))

i am a locksmith engineer
& the great thing about my job is i get to meet all sorts of housewifes/milfs
i was called to an address in kent ((the south of england))
a straight forward job ...but i was really early on this particular call !!
so i sat in my van & read my paper & glanced at my private stash of porn pics & confession storys from milfs !!!
i was staring at this fantastic picture of a bird giving a guy a smokey bj ..i have a massive smoking fetish ...although i dont smoke or have ever beenout with a smoker !!
so over the past say 25 years ive collected a fair bit & thanks to the internet its become even better ((although these days smoking has almost become taboo !!))
anyway im sitting there with a huge hard on looking at my pics ((placed in the centre pages of the news paper & i notice a bit of activity at the address im going to be working at !!
two young lads, i would say 16/17 year olds i suppose, they were standing chatting at the door, i noticed a rather sexy looking woman smiling at the lads & looking over there shoulders & she invited them in !! before she closed the door she took another peak out & around !!i could now see a bit more of her & noticed straight away that she was not fully clothed !! ((i meen not dressed for work or socializing as such)) she had a towling robe on & what looked like a see thru nightie on underneath !! BINGO ..i thought ...im gonna see a bit of housewife flesh this morning ....(( i fantasised LOL))..then i thought about those young lads ..who the fuck were they & AGAIN ..i thought she is not really dressed to accept visitors ..then i thought ahhhhh perhaps she has a son & they are his mates !!
right about 10 mins went by then another 10...& i thought fuck it, ive got to knock now if im going to see her in any sort of glory !!
so i grabbed a tool box & causualy walked to the front door !!
took a deep breath & rang the bell !!
no reply ...mmm i thought thats odd ...i know she is in & there are at least two others in as ive seen them !! ..so i wrang the bell ..another two times !!
finally there was a reply ....the door opened & there she was ...fucking hell (( i almost blerted out )) she was gorgeous !! a real stunner !!
erm ...hello ....erm mrs armstrong !!
yes darling she replied ...im the lock engineer !!
yes i can see, pointing to my van & sweatshirt displaying who & what i was !! she winked & said your a bit early darling !!
yes ...im sorry ive so much work on today & was hoping to start early !!
((she was standing slightly behind the door & she was still waring her white robe that was completly open i could see by now up close that it was indeed a short see thu nightie underneath ...my mouth dry & eyes fixed on her right tit & erect nipple that was pointing at me through the nylon nightie !!
she smiled & said well thats no problem darling, you can just carry on !! im just out in the concervatory through the kitchen & she pointed down the hall !! im just having a fag & chat with my sons friends !!
oh do you want & tea or coffee she asked !!!
erm ..yeah coffee would be great !!
& off she walked !!!
FUCK ME !!!!!
what i would do to sit & have my coffee with her in that concervatory ..while she puffed away !!thouse lucky boys ....fuck it !!
so i started to go about my work on the said door !!!
a few mins later she re apeared with my coffee ...ciggie in hand ...she said i will but it down there darling & she leant down & i could see those two babies through the top of that nightie !! im sure she was aware of what i could see & she gave me a cheeky grin ...ohh babe ..how long is this going to take ?
i replied ..well not that long ...half hour tops !!
ahh right ok ..
then of she went again !!
by now im thinking ...this is not happening ...is she giving me the green light !!why would she not be covering herself up more !! & as for her sons friends ..what must they be thinking ...
must have been about 15 mins into the job & this young lad turned up again about 16/17 ..he passed me on the doorstep & said alright mate & just strolled in straight down the hall way !! i though ..who the fucks that !! ..then i thought must be her son !!
anyway i finished the job & went to put back my tools on the van !!
i picked up my cup & walked down the hall towards the kitchen door, i by now had resigned to the fact that now her son was home i would stand no chance of a crack at this lovely milf !! i tapped on the door & gently opened it ....
there was a smokey arouma in the air & i could see the back of her son standing in the doorway leading into the main concervatory ...i noticed that he was wanking !! i thought what the fuck !!
he looked round & i said ...woops sorry mate ..is mrs armstrong about !!
he smiled & said yeah mate she is in there ((nodding towards the concervatory )) i walked over & what i saw made me almost spunk in my pants !! she was sat in a comfy chair legs either side of the arm, a rubber dildo in being thrust in a soaking pussy by one lad wanking the other one off !!
she had her ciggie in the other & was smoking it so sexualy !!! she looked up & said ..ohh i have a bit more of an audiance !!....her son was just standing there stroing his full 8 inches while his mother wanks his mate ...i was totally dum struck !! the lad she was wanking bucked his arse like a fucking motion & mrs armstrong just took a drag looked over at me & son !!! you gonna get that cock out of yours then lockey ..she hissed !! yeah go on mate her son said ...she loves a good cock show !! the other lad on his knees wanking her swollen pussy with the rubber dildo ..asked ...no begged when can i have a bj miss armstrong ...he sounded pathetic ...but i knew how he felt !! the lad she was wanking started to groan & mrs A was just drawing in a mouthul of smoke when he sprayed his spunk !! it hit her in the side of her face & on her nightie ...he had a good load & she was not pissed of at all ..in fact she laughed & blew the smoke up towards the ceiling !! he son said ...fuck im gonna cum soon too ...the lad with the dildo was given the nod & up he poped !! see if the lock man wants to lick my cunt juice from that dildo while i gobble you off mark !! he looked & offered me the dildo ...al glistining with cunt juice !! yesplease & i grabbed it off ..him i found a seat dropped my trousers & got my cock out & started wanking slowly as mrs A went to town on the lads cock !! ..her head bobbed up& down she stoped only to take the last couple of drags on her ciggie, then allowing smoke to engulf his purple helmet & back down deep ...
the dildo tasted as good as it smelt !!
her son droped to his knees & started to lick out his mothers moist pussy ..this was to much for me ...i thought it wrong ..but so fucking horny ...i spunked a huge load all over my fist & arm ...mrs A almost looked disopointed as she watched ..then the poor lad himself at the brink ..stood back & asked if he could spunk on her tits !! mrs A was well up for it & encouraged him to wank it ...go on mark WANK that cock for me !! go on ...go on you dirty fucker !!! mark did ..straight in her face ...i wish i had my camara or had a decent phone ...she looked a dirty slut ...now you she said to her son ..& make it quick darling ..dads home for lunch soon ...her son seeing his mom with his mates spunk on her face & clothes did not take much encouragement !!! she grabbed his cock whipped his mates still warm spunk on the shaft & wanked him into her mouth !! ...on hearing that the old man was home soon i was on my way out the kitchen door as i herd him moan & his mom say ...mmmm thats a good boy !!
what a morning ...
i sent an invoice via the post & obviously did not charge !!
i however
when i got back to my van i had to phone in & close the job down ...
i called in & said .....mrs armstongs job is void !!

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