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Correction house, for naughty girls

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Hi my name is Jillion, I am 5' 7" tall. I have natural blond hair that always wear in long pig tails. I have bright deep green eyes. Body wise I am slim and gym toned.

I am here to tell you the story of what happens to naughty girls like myself and how they can be molded and shaped to be obedient polite,,contrite and submissive as I now am.

From an early age I found I attracted men so used this to my advantage. I committed many lewd sexual acts for money. I stole, set fire to a pensioners house and lots more.

Eventually I was sent to an approved home for girls. There I was spanked and strapped, a lot in the end I could take a good strapping almost without making a sound.
Just before my release both my step parents were killed in a car crash. So on release I was sent to an orphanage.

In the orphanage they were fairly strict but this did not deter me as much as it did with the other girls. As I could take the hardest strapping or caning,( almost without a whisper.)

It was a Saturday we had a lot of free time I had just finished doing a couple of laps around the playing field.
When I was approached by a girl called Amanda, whom I knew well as we had been at the orphanage for some time, we were both around the same age.
We were both like minded rebellious and sex mad.
I had just turned eighteen. Amanda. Had turned eighteen about a week before me.

We had talked about running away before but this time we decided on the spot to run away. Our thinking was now that we were both eighteen that they would not bother to look for us.
So without further ado we slipped away climbing over the wall of the playing field.

Soon we had a lift in fact the guy who gave us a lift put us up for a couple of nights. On the second night we stole some money from our benefactor whom we viewed as old as he was about forty.
Unfortunately we were caught soon after, apart from the theft they now knew we were on the run from the orphanage. So we were taken back.
I thought we would get the usual lecture, spanking and 12 stokes of the cane, but this time it was not to be.
We were told that we were too unruly and did not respond to normal domestic corporal punishment, arrangements had been made to take us to a special corrective center.

Surprisingly at the time I was not that bothered I had escaped a caning which stings and I was bored with the orphanage anyway.
Next morning a car came to pick us up. I was a small car don’t know what make but once we were seated in the back I noticed that there were no door handles.
Our stern faced lady driver was dressed in a dark grey suit.

She did not talk much, but pointing to two folders one for each of us. Indicated that, we should use the time while in transit to, study the reception procedure and rules of the center to which we were being taken.
We did just that starting with the reception procedure which seemed normal enough the usual shower inspection, issue of clothes etc. Then meeting with the governor after which we would be shown to our rooms. The document also contain a plan of the building showing numbered rooms dining hall etc.
What was rather onymous on the plan were other numbered rooms but also named.
For instance rooms one to four were called sexual correction rooms.
I wondered why so many such rooms, I found out later.
Then room number five was called the leather room, five caning room.
.Room six kicker and paddle room,

Room seven birch, switch .single tail room, there was even a porn room

The document continued stating that talking at all times was only to be engaged in when needed for essential communication.
That inmates would manly get written instructions such as we were now reading.

Times of dining and recreation were now shown it seemed that weekends were free.
However at all other times during the week intensive reeducation would take place.

It went on to explain that the expected stay would be six to eight months possibly one year depending on progress.

Then came the list of penalties for misdemeanors. At the very top was the penalty for running away.
This consisted of very severe corporal punishments including the birch. On top of this escapees could expect an automatic extra 2 years added to sentence.
According to the information only one girl had ever ran away and due to microwaves in clothing had been caught very soon after absconding.

The rest of the list was so long I skipped though it. As I got the message that no matter what we did our assess were going to be made red.

The document continued that as a specialist center there were no more than six girls at the center at any given time.

Now came a brief description of when the center opened of how successful it was with no failures over 10 years. That all staff were female.

Then a list of sponsors and associates, quite a long list mostly male.
As the list named some prominent people it could be seen that they were all wealthy and old mature to say the least.
Then a thank you to the sponsors whose generous donations allowed the center to buy the equipment needed.
It went on to explain that the center was also government sanctioned and approved etc.

The document pretty well explained it all. I now knew without exception that I was going to get my bare bottom smacked hard almost every day during my stay at this center. What I could not understand was the reference to sexual correction, and the reason for four rooms seemed strange perhaps they were storage rooms.

For the first time I was worried this place was different and only six girls in residence would mean constant attention, except for weekends.

I looked across at Amanda she is a faster reader than me, she did not look to happy ether.
About this time we arrived at our destination. As expected way out in a rural area it was mainly a large stone house on a few acres.

Reception was fast and efficient, mainly shower examination by a matron etc.
Then new clothes .It was a Monday so basic white blouse thigh high black stockings black under wear and a short tight grey skirt.
This was the basic issue but we were later to learn that clothe played an important in the
systems administration.
.We were to find that there were clothes for different punishments. Clothes for sexual corrections including on occasions make up eye lashes false nails, even strong heady expensive perfumes.
Special clothes for caning such as very short white shorts harness shorts ect

Whether clothes equipment it was always the most expensive no expense was too much
Only later did we find out the reasons for this. This is how it went down the center was run by the female staff.
However behind the scenes literally the elderly sponsors, would request that a certain girl be punished in authentic school uniform or if it was a sexual correction they might require the girl to be full made up stockings high heels etc.

These people also dictated the severity of each correction they quite often liked to hear a girl scream . Or if it was sexual the deep groaning sounds of a girls deep groaning from anal administrations.
There were never any soft corrections all were severe some more than others depending on what they required.
These people were seldom seen, but at all times they were there behind huge two way glass panels more or less a glass panel. That from our side just looked like a huge wall mirror.
From time to time during any given correction a small buzzer might sound from an internal phone the mistress answering this would receive instructions to satisfy the whims of these people.
Of course to begin with we knew none of this, but it did account for the strangeness severity and intentness of the corrections.

A woman wearing a short grey business suit ushered myself and Amanda into the Governors office. She was quite a large imposing woman.
She was wearing a black suit white blouse and a very short tight black dress her black stockings seemed to shimmer in the light
I am the governess she announced, from now on you will only talk when spoken to.
By now you will have read our rules and regulations you must keep studying them till you know them automatically

I of course have been reading your files they don’t make pleasant reading two thieves absconders arsonists, and sexual perverts. whom the orphanage could not control.

Fortunately in here we have the methods and means to cure you of this domestic and urban cancer before it is to late.

If fact in here we specialize/ cater to girls such as yourselves. We administer real corporal punishment . We also administer strict arduous sexual corrections. You wont get off lightly

. Now Jillion will wait her, and you Amanda will come with me into the Governesses reception room.
With that she firmly took Amanda’s arm and marched her into an adjoining room closing the door.
This was when I first noticed a mirrored wall, I did not have time to dwell on that as the talking from behind the door seemed to stop.
Suddenly in fact it was so loud even from behind the door. A series of very loud smacks that continued without pause it just went on and on after at least ten minuets.
I heard Amanda start to cry. She was then crying how sorry she was but it just continued smack after smack. Eventually after at least half an hour as I had looked at the clock.,it stopped.

Amanda came out crying profusely. Go to your room and wait for the dinner bell your bottom is to be bare at all times till morning breakfast call.

Still crying and holding her bottom Amanda without so much as a glance in my direction hurried away. I remember thinking she’s broken already.

Now it was my turn, The governess simply sat down on the high backed chair pointed to her lap and said over girl. This I did in seconds she had pulled the short skirt up and my black knickers right down.

Then it began her hand from years of spanking was like a flexible leather paddle.
These were very hard brisk smacks very loud there was no pause it took my breath away in fact afer five minutes I called out please miss I am sorry.
Of course she did not answer in fact she smacked even harder started humping a little on her lap then arched my back looking in to a large wall mirror just a couple of feet away.

.I thought I had imagined it at the time but I thought heard a gasp or noise, Whispering lovely from behind the mirror, then again
I was now gasping after around twenty minuets of this very hard non stop spanking i began to plead and beg for it to stop.
It then got even harder than I could have ever imagined. I burst into tears promising to be a good girl that I would not do it again as it continued without pause.
I wailed and sobbed profusely it was the spanking of a life time. Eventually it stopped after around 45 minuets non stop very hard spanking.

Like Amanda before me I crying loudly holding my bottom left for my room.

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