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Hollywood Coke Whore: Ch. 1 (with Lena Headey)

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Hollywood Coke Whore: Ch. 1
with Lena Headey
by DarkTemplar
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Hollywood Coke Whore: Ch. 1 (with Lena Headey)

"Breathe. Just act natural, Lena. You can do this.." the Hollywood starlet kept assuring herself the entire ride, as if through simple repetition she might finally strike up the nerve to actually get off the bus at her designated stop. At any rate, her stomach was in knots and she couldn't stop fumbling with her pocketbook.

This was her third time riding the metro bus into the worst ghetto of South Central, Los Angeles, having bailed the first two times she attempted the trip, and she had just used her last few dollars for the fare. The rumors in the tabloids were true, unfortunately - Lena Headey, famous actress, was broke, with not even ten dollars in her bank account.

What the tabloids didn't report, however, was that Lena suffered from a voracious addiction to cocaine. It was the reason her bank account was drained, and the sole reason she sat nervously on a ghetto-bound bus with a scarf wrapped around her head and a giant pair of designer shades as a last minute, improvised disguise.

"Ayo white bitch - I got what u need, but u gon' hafta work fo' it, seein' as yo ass said u ain't got no money. It's my mission 2 turn out broke white bitches like u and make u all slaves to my Big Black Cock. Come 2 dis address if u think u ready and we will do bizness" was the response she read on craigslist a week ago to her anonymous plea for a dealer who accepted things other than money for d**gs, included with it: a clear address and a photo of several unopened kilos of cocaine on an end-table. Beneath that, though, was what really intrigued her.

The man had also attached an image of what had to be his cock in it's fully erect, veiny state. The sheer girth, length and dark, shiny color sending shivers down her spine. It was monstrous and Black. She had never been with an African man before, always putting forth the image of a bitchy, stuck-up WASP. It was something forbidden to her since she was a young girl in England. Now, she was desperate for d**gs and couldn't deny that itch that had always scratched at the back of her mind - what would it be like to suck, fuck and worship the forbidden dark meat? She stared at that image timidly for an hour when it was first sent to her, not taking her eyes off it as she studied every vein and contour of that beautiful penis.

Hollywood Coke Whore: Ch. 1 (with Lena Headey) 2

It was only natural that she found herself on that bus, venturing into unfamiliar territory for the promise of cocaine at the expense of her dignity, though she nervously backed out and fled home to her c***d on the first two outings. Now, she had left her son with a friend and was determined to get what she needed.

The bus, as it had done twice before, approached her stop, and she quickly rang the bell and stood up as the vehicle screeched to a halt. She didn't even think about it, refusing to let the doubt get to her this time. Lena stepped forward nervously, walking down the aisle before nodding and smiling politely at the overweight driver as she stepped off the bus into a scorching hot, concrete jungle.

All around her she saw crowds of young, tattooed Black men eyeing her curiously, some shaking their heads and shouting out to her. This was clearly something they were familiar with. Some hadn't even bothered to acknowledge her presence.

"You lost white girl!?" one gentleman bellowed.

"Another cracka bitch hooked on the black dick!" said a clearly unimpressed girl sitting on the hood of a car.

"She here for that powda, who wanna bet me?" shouted one particularly colorful character holding a large amount of money. All of their catcalls were of course met with a chorus of laughter as they hooted and hollered in unison, clearly approving of their friends' teasing.

Lena just kept her head down and walked quickly down the destroyed sidewalk, blushing profusely and pulling a slip of paper from her purse and following the directions down a series of darkened, run-down streets until she reached a stoop with a red door, assigned the number "102". This was it. She was grateful, it was the middle of Summer and she couldn't stand being in the heat, her pussy and ass were drenched in sweat, as well as her highly praised feet. She needed the air conditioning that was cranking in the man's window, and her fix, even if it was in a depressing place like this. And....that other thing. She couldn't go ten seconds without the image of that monster dick flashing before her eyes. When it happened, she just shook her head and shut her eyes.

She hesitantly knocked at the door, barely putting any effort into it, though before her bony knuckles could strike a third time, the door was yanked open and a deep, masculine voice shouted from the dark interior "Get yo white ass in here, and close da door" boomed the voice inside.

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She took a deep breath and quickly crossed the threshold into the run-down apartment, removing the scarf and glasses before closing the door gently behind her. The first thing that hit her was the overwhelming stench of marijuana smoke. She wasn't much into that, preferring to indulge in her precious white powder instead. She barely made it three steps into the apartment before coming face-to-face with the table from the photos, covered in even more unopened bricks of cocaine than before, as well as a pistol and a large combat knife next to them. To her surprise, she was greatly relieved - this was real. He was real.

All of the sudden, she felt the unmistakable, squishy-yet-firm hardness of a man's erect penis pressed against the crack of her ass. She left her apartment in a simple pair of black spandex booty shorts and matching tank-top with no underwear, as well as a cute little pair of sandals showing off her perfectly pedicured toes. His fat cockhead slipped easily between the moist fabric and her sweaty cheeks, still damp from her long walk over here in 90 degree weather.

She gasped and abruptly turned around "Oooh, yeah, I was waitin' on a white girl like you..sheeyit...wait a minute, don't I know you from Game of Thrones? Yeah, yeah you that white bitch Cersei!" he cackled, so amused with himself and her eyes nearly bugged out of her skull as she observed the nearly seven foot tall, hulking Black Adonis standing before her. He was covered in tattoos and had an articulately chiseled 8-pack with a large, slash-shaped scar stretched diagonally over his taut muscles. She swallowed hard; nervousness, intrigue, and trepidation flooding through her. She was almost afraid to look down. To confirm her deepest curiosities. She couldn't resist.

"Oh....my fucking....gawd..." she shakily exclaimed in that sexy, bitchy English accent as she got an eye full of his raging prick. The picture he sent did it no justice. It was doubtlessly the biggest, fattest cock she had ever laid eyes on, and it was in this moment that her inner size queen finally awakened. Something in her wanted to submit to this man, a mysterious force that compelled her to service and pay respect to the might of his superior Black cock. This need to submit to large cock laid dormant in her all of her life, always preferring to present herself as the proud, collected and professional man-eater. She didn't want to admit what was happening....add in the coke and she was suddenly frightened of what this man might get away with. Damnit, she was his to control.

"No...." she hissed, shaking her head, brow furrowing angrily as she broke out of her Black cock-fixated trance. She couldn't let this happen to her. This d**g peddling thug couldn't just simply own Lena Headey, worth millions on paper, out of pure lust for his meat. She wouldn't let him believe it, her insufferable pride shining through even in this moment; though it took everything in her power not to drop to her knees and serve this Black god with her d**g starved mouth.

Hollywood Coke Whore: Ch. 1 (with Lena Headey) 3

The man was completely naked, save for a backwards ball cap, his body oiled down thoroughly and shining like bronze, his thirteen-inch Black penis standing proudly at full attention and throbbing in front of him, rubbing against Lena's stomach. He laughed to himself and strutted around her, toned ass cheeks mooning her and she blushed, looking down like a shy schoolgirl as he sat down on the couch, his big boner flopping almost violently up and down as he scooted forward, picking up the combat knife and slicing open the cellophane wrap of the cocaine.

Lena's eyes widened as a very generous amount of powder carefully spilled from the bag onto the glass table, her stomach tying itself in more knots.

"You want some? Well get ova here den..." He held up the knife, presenting it to her, the flat portion of the blade coated in a layer of the slightly yellow-tinged cocaine. She could tell from where she stood that this was the good stuff. Unable to resist, she crept forward slowly, hands laced together on her stomach like a nervous young girl.

"Get on yo' knees hoe, and lose that top...I wanna see them famous white titties while you work for yo' pay." Lena couldn't believe she was letting someone speak to her this way, especially an individual as shady and low on society's totem pole as this. A d**g dealer. A gang-banger. She might try to deny it to him - betray the appearance of someone who wasn't totally under a Black cock spell - but she couldn't lie to herself - that big nigga dick held power over her. She'd probably do what he told her to do for nothing. God, what had she gotten herself into?

Lena reached down, her fingers hooking underneath the fabric of her tank-top and lifting it over her head, tossing it to the side. All thoughts of resistance fled her mind. She tried correcting her tussled hair, ruffling her fingers through it and straightening her raven locks as best she could. Her pale, slender upper-body was now bared and the man certainly seemed to like it, grabbing his monstrous dick and stroking the head rhythmically as he studied her little brown nipples and supple breasts. Goosebumps prickled up all over her natural titties.

She knelt down obediently before him on the floor next to the table and the sofa he sat upon, her round, white ass sticking out as she arched her back and leaned in, she was desperate for her fix.

"Hahaha, here you go bitch.." her desperation seemed to amuse him as he held out the knife and Lena hungrily leaned in, her nose positioned carefully above the blade - she'd done coke like this plenty of times - and she pinched her right nostril shut, sniffing up the powder in a reserved fashion at first, not wanting to seem too thirsty for it, though it turned into a starved cokewhore's snort by the end as she sniffed the blade clean. She leaned back on her haunches, the coke doing a number on her body as her stomach clenched and un-clenched several times, eyes rolling back, coughing from the sudden intense tickle in her throat, shuddering and shivering as her body was taken to a new orgasmic plateau of pleasure. She was in her zone now, on fire, and the man's presence wasn't helping her any as the euphoric pleasure of coke washed over her like a warm blanket.

Hollywood Coke Whore: Ch. 1 (with Lena Headey) 4

"Now...yo' ass is mine. Drop 'dem shorts, then get over here and start suckin' this big nigga dick. You got a lotta work to do Miss. Hollywood." She hadn't even realized it; her eyes were locked on his impressive cock for the better part of a minute. Time was flying by. His words finally made her catch herself. Snapping out of the trance, she smiled warmly, her eyes vacant and glazed over as she moved toward him on her hands and knees, ass perked up in the air in a cat-like crawl, complete with the purring and playful 'reeeow' that Lena liked to get into when she was feeling frisky. Once she was nestled between the man's muscled legs, she placed a hand on each of his thighs, lifting herself up and turning her backside to him, grinding her tight ass up against his considerable cock-length.

She used his cock like a stripper pole for a good thirty seconds, getting the shaft wedged snugly between the cheeks of her not-quite-ghetto-booty, yet still a damned hot ass that even this brotha couldn't resist keeping his hands off of. She was truly acting the slut, letting herself go in the presence of his almighty dong, twerking her ass up against him like a bitch in heat, genuinely having no shame as she did what she knew Black guys liked, obnoxiously throwing her ass all over his throbbing, oiled meat in what turned out to be quite the steamy little striptease.

"Mmmm, yeah, work that fine white ass on Daddy's big dick baby.." her hands were on her knees as she squatted there in front of him, back arched, bent over completely with her rump perched on his cock. The man had finally had enough and reached forward, grabbing his knife and cutting the fabric of Lena's shorts in one swift motion, tearing them off and throwing them aside. She was scared to death for half a second, but the man knew what he was doing as he gently put the knife back down and Lena shook her cute little bare asscrack on his oily dick a bit more before getting back down on her knees to service this dark man's giant cock.

It was absurd to her how big it was as she knelt there for a moment, studying every vein in his shaft before moving down and deciding to start with his balls. She licked at his shaved, shiny, hanging nuts hungrily - like a true slut. Her mouth was curled up in a raunchy "fuck me, i'm a slut" face as she tongued and licked the sweat off his big, musky black balls. After several minutes of licking his sac generously, coating them in her saliva, she sucked his heavy right nut into her mouth with a 'plop' and massaged it tenderly between her lips, her eyes locked on the giant cockslab towering over her.

Ten minutes later she plopped his right nut from her mouth and moved on to the other, giving it the same treatment. The man certainly seemed to be loving it, throwing his head back and moaning as he jerked his cock, but what Lena didn't know was that four hidden HD cameras were positioned in the room to capture all angles and aspects of Lena Headey's Black cock worship. Right now they had almost a half-hour of Lena just sucking and licking a Black d**g dealers balls. Several more minutes of sweaty, passionate ball licking went on as Lena completely bathed this thug's testicles with her mouth. Something about the musk and sweat of this man's crotch turned her on to no end, her cunt dripping thick, heavy amounts of her stringy goo onto the floor as she rubbed her snatch.

The man grabbed the base of his cock, slapping it's girthy meat off Lena's face and debasing her with each heavy thud of his Black snake against her demure, Hollywood face. She couldn't pretend she didn't love it though as she sucked lustfully on his sac, moaning and gasping heavily as the weight and power of his forbidden Black bone humbled and dominated her to her core. She had never been in the presence of such raw masculinity, to be owned and degraded by such an impressive alpha male was truly an honor that she was glad to receive.

"Sheeeyit, you a nasty white hoe. I bet those Hollywood friends of yours wouldn't believe dis shit. I'ma make you put on a blonde wig next time and call me yo Lord, hoe!" he said in a humored tone as Lena got down to the base of his cock, licking it like such a fucking horny slut. She was frenzied, licking and breathing heavily as she trailed her tongue and sucked up the shaft of his enormous cock. She sucked loudly, leaving wet suck marks along the shaft until she reached his bulging, fat cockhead. The tip was oozing and slick with pre-cum. Lena bit her lip, nervous for a moment and hesitating to lick up his cum.

"You betta lick up dat nigga nut, bitch." he thrust his glistening cock at her face, and Lena couldn't resist. She licked at his piss slit eagerly, tonguing and slurping up his salty, sticky slick pre-cum. The man was groaning loudly, talking dirty as Lena jerked his cock while sucking him between her lips. She could barely fit the head of that fat meat-missile into her mouth, but somehow managed to accommodate him just enough. Her pussy was on fire as she moaned against him, her mouth stuffed and filled in a way that she could never have imagined. She felt like her jaw would have to come unhinged for this. It was like a small goldfish nipping at the end of a person's finger, she simply looked so out-classed and out of her league with this Black man's massive dong violating her face.

She had to get down under it, it's girth and weight too much for her to keep up a consistent suck-pace. His cock was pointing straight down at the floor while she sucked up at him, his cock sinking deep into her hungry Hollywood mouth. The cocaine was really in full effect now, she didn't even notice as the head of his cock rammed against her throat several times, gagging and moaning against it, making her quack. Once again, as if she was in a trance, her sunken, glazed eyes were looking up at him as he violated her mouth with no remorse, just so she could get high. Though, in truth, she was afraid she'd end up more addicted to this horse cock than the coke.

The man leaned forward, driving his cock even further into her numbed throat as Lena simply shifted her head lower to give him easier access to her warm, wet gutter mouth. He reached down behind her back and grabbed a handful of each of Lena's ass cheeks, slapping her ass hard and she yelped against his cock. Lena was truly in a d**g-fueled, sexual bliss as this black Adonis dominated her mind and body. He slid a hand up and down her rump, caressing her butt and rubbing his middle finger against Lena's regal, puckered little asshole.

"You gon' give me 'dis..." his finger tapped her butthole lightly and Lena's eyes widened. She never let ANYONE near her asshole, and now this Black man was touching and rubbing her sweaty, stinky little puckered anus. He brought that very same finger up to his mouth, sniffing it before sucking on it "Mmm-mm, damn, that's that Hollywood booty stink I been missing out on.." said the Black Adonis as he brought that hand back down, rubbing his spit-covered middle finger against her brown-eye once again, curling and massaging the tip into her little stinker. Lena wanted to stop him, to pull his cock from her mouth and run frightened into the night from the inevitable anal assault, but something kept her there, told her to stay, to let him do what he wanted. She knew she would need another fix soon and couldn't risk displeasing the dealer and losing her connection.

Lena whimpered and plead against his cock, but he was so deep in her throat, fucking her face like a fleshlight with his baseball bat cock, that it just sounded like frenzied moaning. The man finally nudged the tip of his middle finger in and, to Lena's surprise, her pussy squirted all over the carpet as the new sensation flooded her shitpipe.

"Unnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggghhhh!!!!!." she screamed against his cock as she came through her asshole on cocaine. Her shithole began sucking him in and before long his lengthy Black finger was buried up to the third knuckle in her tight, snobby pooper. The man was finger fucking her ass hard and fast while he cock fucked her face. The spit was beginning to dry, so he withdrew his finger from her ass canal once again, her hole making a wet sucking sound as if it were begging him to put something back in it. He sucked the flavor of her naughty ass from his finger once again, moaning as his cock flexed and drooled more pre-cum into her gullet.

He reached over and dipped the same finger into the open bag of coke, the wetness of his saliva gathering up a generous amount of powder. He brought it back down and pressed his coke-covered finger to her wrinkled butthole, rubbing it in and inserting his slick finger back into her. The membranes of Lena's anus quickly absorbed the coke into her bloodstream, getting her even higher and numbering her asshole, and after fingering her for a few more minutes he unsheathed his cock from her starlet throatsleeve.

He bent over, grabbing Lena by the hips, lifting her easily into the air and setting her down on her knees onto his leather sofa. She had plenty of room to stretch out and perk that little Hollywood slut butt up for him.

"Arch the back hoe, get that face down." he commanded, and Lena obeyed, her face pressed to the cool, leather surface of the couch as she lifted her horny pussy and ass into the air, wiggling it back and forth. There was a deep nervousness in her right now, scared out of her mind at the thought of him shoving that obscenely huge dong up her dumper, but she needed the coke. She had to give him what he wanted. She winced as she heard the thug hock a wet, gooey loogie and spit it directly onto her brown starfish. Her body shuddered as she felt the thick, phlegmy spit sink into her yawning ass maw.

The thug who was making her question everything she ever thought of herself lined up the head of his meat, still dripping wet with Lena's spit, with her shitter and wasted no time in slowly forcing it in, keeping his hand tight around the base so his cock didn't bend from the tightness. The screaming that occurred next should have been enough for the police to show up at the door. Then, she remembered what part of town she was in.

She was screaming at the top of her lungs, thrashing and clawing at the leather couch as this man forced his thirteen inch, fat meatpole between Lena's demure white cheeks, stretching and gaping her asshole wider than a soda can. She went from never having any kind of anal penetration to roughly taking the biggest cock of her life up the shitter, with a lone, spit-covered finger as her only preparation.

Tears streamed down Lena's face as she screamed hoarsely against the couch, somewhat muffling her screams. She reached behind her and grabbed the open bag of coke from the nearby table, accidentally spilling its contents all over the seat that she was being mercilessly fucked on. She buried her face in it and just sniffed away, snorting more coke than the thug intended for her. That was when he got rough, really digging his fingers into her hips as he drove his cock all the way home into her sweaty bowels. Lena didn't care anymore, she just ground her teeth and took the assfucking, rocking back and forth violently, her eyes fixed on some far-away dreamland that she wanted to be in. She never stopped grunting, however.

All the while the man was having his way with her butt, moaning and groaning as her tight, warm asshole choked and strangled his bone, milking out so much precum inside of her.

Hollywood Coke Whore: Ch. 1 (with Lena Headey) 5

He spent what felt like an eternity probing her ass with no condom, placing his foot on the back of her head as he really got creative with his positioning and fucked her from a comical angle. He began to wince, his eyes squeezing shut as the endless pleasure of her warm, tight shitter overwhelmed his big, sensitive cock - he was moaning louder and louder, really losing himself and before long was doing that over-the-top moaning you often heard from Black guys in porno movie when they're having an intense orgasm.

She knew what was happening, yet did nothing to move away. Her eyes rolled back in her head as the thug squirted rope after rope of his steamy hot nut into her colon, pushing her down into the couch as he rode her ass and milked every last drop into her. He looked up at the camera and winked, then looked down at his cock. He was balls deep in thee Lena Headey's famous, tight white ass, and it felt like it took an eternity for him to slowly withdraw all 13 inches from her violated rectum. It looked like she was birthing an anaconda with her slutty asshole. The entire time, the slow sucking of her asshole on his cock was driving his cum-spent sensitive meat crazy. His head continued spilling hot creamy spunk into her hole as he withdrew from her.

Lena was caked in sweat and flushed red, her hair soaked and clinging to her back and chest, her body used and violated as the man slapped her ass hard and walked to the bathroom to clean himself up. Her gaped asshole winked and throbbed, yawning as the scent of her insides permeated the room. Lena wasn't sure what to do with herself, her asshole gaped open and raw. She simply collapsed onto her stomach from her bent over position and laid down, her face in the lake of cocaine splayed beneath her as she lost herself in the d**g euphoria, trying to forget what she just traded for the pleasure.

"Yo bitch, my dick stinkier than a muh'fucka! You left a real mess on it. Get in here and suck dis dick clean hoe, you workin' overtime for that powda." It was true, a woman like Lena, not versed in anal sex would obviously not be using enemas regularly, and therefore have a few treasures hidden up there that a deep anal fucking might dredge up.

Her eyes flashed open, and she whimpered to herself. Not only an anal coke whore, but an ass-to-mouth cokewhore. She got up and walked to the bathroom.


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