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Watching My Wife With Her Ex (True Story)

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Watching My Wife With Her Ex (True Story)

This is a true story of my wife Amy fucking her ex husband Mike while I watched.

I met my wife Amy who is twenty five at work who at the time was still married to her husband Mike who is thirty. Amy and I hit it off and shortly after she divorced Mike and would tell me all of the horror stories of her marriage. She would tell me how much of an asshole he was and how after awhile she didn't even have sex with him anymore because he liked it super rough and would call her a "Slut" and a "Fucking Bitch" while he was fucking her. She would tell me how she would wake up with Mike smacking his cock against her face while she slept and how Mike always was pushing her to try anal but she didn't want too. Amy is absolutely gorgeous with long blonde hair, green eyes and the face of an angel and a little chubby. She loves having sex but especially loves giving blow jobs. I have gotten head many times in my life but she does it the best by far. One thing I will admit is that my cock is about six and a half inches which is average and she always tells me how much bigger I am than Mike. As much as I knew Amy hated him some day's she would go to the store and run into him and come home telling me how he would ask her if she missed fucking him and if she wanted to sleep with him again.

After awhile in our marriage I began having fantasies of watching Amy with another man and after hearing all of the stories of Mike and her having sex it became a huge fantasy of mine to watch her fuck him. I always hinted to Amy about wanting to watch her suck some guy good like she does me and listen to him groan as she does it but she always seemed so shy about it. Mike didn't like me don't get me wrong but when I ran into him in public we always talked and acted friendly. Well one day I ran into him at the store and when he began asking me how I enjoyed her sucking my dick because he always really enjoyed it I broke down and told him about the fantasies I had been having about watching her and him which put a grin on his face. I told him Amy would never go for it as he smirked and said maybe and we parted ways. When I got home Amy told me that Mike had texted her and told her how I wanted to watch them have sex. Amy asked me if I was serious and why it was so important to me to want to watch her with another guy but all I could say is that it was a huge turn on to me. Amy hesitantly said that she would do it but it would only be one time just to get it out of the way and I was never to bring it up again.

Amy texted Mike and the next night while I was sitting watching T.V sitting in the recliner next to the couch while Amy laid on the couch. Amy was wearing white shorts and a pink top when there was a knock at the door. Amy answered it as Mike walked in saying Hi to Amy and looking over to me and nodded. I felt butterfly's in my stomach as Mike walked over and sat down on the couch with Amy sitting next to him. They wasted no time as Amy took a hair tie off her wrist and tied her hair back in a pony tail as Mike stood up unbuttoning his jeans and kicked them off and quickly sat back on the couch in his boxers. Amy got onto her knees between his legs and began rubbing his cock over his boxers as they looked at each other smirking until Amy grabbed onto them pulling them down and tossed them aside exposing Mike's large cock. It was very thick and about eight or nine inches which was much bigger then mine. It hung between his legs as Amy grabbed a hold of it and began stroking it gently until Mike moaned "Suck my cock baby". I watched Amy lower her head until the large head of his cock disappeared into her mouth. Mike groaned as Amy wrapped her lips around his cock and began slowly sucking it. Mike placed his hand on her head while groaning "Damm that feels good baby"

My cock was as hard as it had ever been in my life as I watched him groaning while Amy sucked him. "You miss sucking my cock baby?" he whispered as Amy moaned yes. Amy began moaning loudly as Mike began pushing her head down onto his cock as he muttered "All the way down baby". He pushed her head almost all the way down his shaft until her arm began tapping on his leg and her head shot back gagging and coughing. Mike stood up holding Amy's pony tail in his hand and began fucking her face hard. "You like it when I fuck your little mouth baby?" Amy moaned yes loudly. Mike grabbed onto the back of her head and pushed it all the way down his cock and plugged her nose as he groaned loudly as she began trying to push her head off until Mike let her go. She gagged and coughed as her saliva dripped from his cock. "That's a good little slut" he said as he quickly began face fucking her again. He pulled her up and we walked to the bedroom where he sat at the bed with back against the headboard as Amy pulled all her cloths off and laid on her stomach between his legs and sucked his cock. (That's where I took the pic I attached to the story and is on my profile)

I sat in the corner watching as Mike got up laying Amy on her back as he positioned himself between her legs. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down against her pussy making her moan "You want my cock in you?" he smirked. "Yes" she whimpered as he grabbed onto his shaft placing the tip against her wet hole and began shoving until I watched Amy's mouth open wide and yell "Oh Fuck". Mike slid every inch into her slowly bending down to suck her tits as she grabbed onto his arms and moaned loudly. Her legs kicked downward as he drove his cock into her pussy until she began panting "I'm gonna cum!" He placed his hand on her forehead pushing it down and began fucking her hard and deep "You wanna cum you little fucking bitch?" he growled as she screamed "Yes!" Amy began screaming and shaking as her pussy began squirting all over Mike and the bed. Her body shook violently as Mike quickly turned her over laying her on her stomach facing me and got behind her shoving his cock back into her dripping pussy. He began slamming his cock into her pussy as his body slapped against hers loudly. He pulled her hair back as he fucked her as she looked at me with mascara running down her cheeks. "Are you my little slut?" he growled as she moaned "Yes" as he quickly snapped "Say it" she looked right at me as she whimpered "I'm your little slut"

To me it seemed like Mike was taking his anger out on her for divorcing him as he fucked her. Mike reached around grabbing onto her neck gently as he drove his cock into her until she came again. Mike pulled his cock out and slapped it against her ass hard as he grinned "You want my big cock in your ass?" "I don't know" she panted as he reached over grabbing the lube off the nightstand and slathered his cock with it. He placed the tip of his cock against her asshole and began shoving as I watched Amy's eyes clinch as she grabbed onto the mattress tightly. Suddenly her eyes and mouth opened wide and she screamed louder than I had ever heard before. She reached back placing her hand on his chest but he grabbed them and held them at her sides as he slid his cock inch by inch into her ass as she screamed. He grinned as he leaned forward whispering something into her ear. Amy looked up at me with with her eyes watering "Watch him fuck my ass baby" I got up and walked to her side and watched as Mike's massive shaft slammed into her ass. He pulled out showing me her gaping asshole and quickly shoved it back in. Amy moaned and screamed loudly as Mike grunted "You like that don't you?" as she quickly screamed "Yes"

I sat back down as he leaned forward "Who fucks you better baby?" as she whimpered "You do" He pulled his cock out and put her on her hands and knees on the bed as he stood on the floor and began fucking her doggie style. Mike looked over at me smirking "Come watch me tear her pussy up" I sat on the edge of the bed watching his long shaft driving into her over and over as he leaned forward again whispering something into her ear. Amy looked back at me with her eyes watering "I want you to suck his cock baby" Mike pulled out shaking his cock while grinning as I leaned forward and began sucking it tasting her pussy cum. Mike placed his hand on my head and began pushing it down on it as he groaned "Yeah suck her fucking cum off my cock" "Do you like it?" he groaned as I muttered yes. Mike pulled his cock out and slid it back into her pussy and began fucking her as fast and hard as he could until he began grunting "You want my cum baby?" "Yes" she moaned loudly as Mike made three long thrusts into her and on the third held his cock deep in her filling her pussy with his massive load. Mike pulled out and got dressed and left without saying a word as I looked at Amy laying on the bed moaning and panting. That was the last time she ever fucked Mike again and I will never forget it.

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