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I Watched My Young Niece Masturbate

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I Watched My Young Niece Masturbate

By billy69boy

As usual, our two teenage nieces came to stay with us for a few weeks during their summer vacation. It was so hot and humid during their visit, that even the skimpiest clothes were deemed appropriate to wear.

For several days, Rachel and Hailey pranced around and displayed their charms to the delight of their appreciative uncle. Whether they were lounging around on our pool deck in their string bikinis, or hanging out in the air conditioning in their half tops and short shorts, just their vibrant youth and beauty was enough to take my breath away. Rachel was already quite well developed for her age. She had a terrific shape, and her ass was perfect. (And she knew it!) She had long brown hair with a hint of red coloring that suited her fiery nature. She was good natured and wholesome, and even though she knew she was very attractive, it didn't seem to go to her head. But, she did enjoy the attention she got wherever she went, and she loved to pose in front of the camera. Hailey was thinner than, and not as curvy as Rachel, at least not yet. She did have quite a skinny waist, which made her hips and ass stand out, firm and proud. She wasn't as attention-seeking as her bigger s*ister, but she was equally as beautiful.

Both girls had perky tits that weren't real big, but they bounced nicely in their flimsy bras and bikini tops. And it seemed that their nipples were perpetually hard and they proudly displayed them through their tops. Hailey was the understated one of the two. She had piercing blue eyes, straight, shoulder length dark brown hair, and perfect lips. She was usually quiet, except when she was around her s*ister and cousins or friends. Then, she would come alive, and she could be funny and animated around her peers. Around adults, it was hard to get a handle on her. It seemed painful or awkward for her to have to engage in conversation with adults around the dining room table: "So, Hailey, how's school going?" "Good." "Oh, so what grade are you going into next year?" "Tenth." ...and that was pretty much it…

Rachel made arrangements to visit her cousin for a couple of days. At 15, she was older than Hailey by two years, and she seemed like she was anxious to get away from her younger sibling for a bit. As my wife was busy working, and I was newly retired, it fell on me to provide the transportation. Hailey decided to go along for the ride. With my wife at work, she would have been alone at the house, so she came with us.

As we entered the car, I was excited to see that (my favorite) niece Rachel elected to sit up front with me. She wore the shortest tiny white shorts possible, along with a skimpy pink lace top over her sexy black bra. She also had her bed pillow with her, and proceeded to place it on her lap, nullifying any chance I had of staring at her long, firm teenage legs. I was sure this was by design. I was disappointed even before we backed out of the driveway, except that I caught a glimpse of Hailey settling into the middle of the back seat. I figured she chose that middle seat so she could look out the windshield easier.

Instinctively, I adjusted the rear view mirror down, so that it was focused on Hailey's lap. (I had the two side mirrors available for driving). As I began our drive, I stole several quick glances into the mirror. I noticed that Hailey's black shorts were rather longish, and quite loose…really nowhere near as sexy as Beth's short shorts, which were now covered up completely by her pillow. Even though Hailey's shorts were not particularly arousing, she did wear a bright yellow half shirt, and I couldn't see any bra straps underneath, so I amused myself by picturing her naked under that thin yellow top.

We weren't even out of town before I caught a glimpse of Hailey's hand disappearing up the hem of her baggy shorts. I couldn't believe my luck! I watched as she dug in deeper between her legs. She slid down in the seat and spread her legs slightly, totally oblivious to my prying eyes in the mirror. I doubted she was aware of my bold voyeurism.

The ride took 45 minutes, through rural areas, and a section of woods that was part of a state park, whose roads were little traveled. I took my time driving, and watching as my sexy young niece continued to play with herself the entire time. I'd like to think that she knew I was watching her all along, and that she was entertaining me openly and willingly. But, reality told me that I was just lucky enough to have set the stage for a great show, just by adjusting that rear view mirror when I did. The sweet irony is that Rachel sat next to me and made sure she didn't give me an inch of skin to fantasize about, and unbeknownst to her, Hailey regaled me with her silent and subtle performance. I had to give the younger girl credit: even though she kept at her mission with steady vigilance, she never got out of control, nor did she blatantly give herself away. She did turn this way and that from time to time, but she revealed little. I wondered if there was a way to find out just how many orgasms she gave herself on that ride.

When we finally arrived at our destination, I got out and fetched Rachel's overnight bag from the trunk as she busied herself gathering up her personal belongings from the front. She gave me a quick hug, grabbed her bag out of my hand, and was gone in a flash. I did take the time to watch her sexy body sashay down the path to her cousin's front door. Her tight round ass moving so fluidly in those tiny white shorts was enough to jump my pulse up several points. When I got hold of myself, I broke off my stare and I reluctantly made my way back to my SUV.

When I climbed in, I was surprised to see that Hailey hadn't budged out of her seat in the back. She had never even undone her seat belt. I turned around and told her she was welcome to sit up front with me, but she declined. "I'm fine," she responded quietly and seemingly with great effort. I had been around teenagers enough to know that adults were seen as inconsequential nuisances: people to dismiss as quickly as possible. So, her curtness wasn't taken personally. Hailey was always the introverted one, shy and mysterious, unlike Rachel who was open and loud and gregarious. So, I just shrugged my shoulders in response: "Suit yourself", and off we went.

After a few minutes passed, it dawned on me why she didn't want to move up front with me: her busy fingers were at it again, only she was even more brazen. She had pulled one leg up so her foot rested on the seat, giving her better leverage to get at her intended target, while also giving me an unimpeded view of her activity. I wanted so much to adjust the mirror so I could see the expression on her face, but I dared not, lest I give up my secret. But, I wondered more and more if she was indeed giving me a show intentionally. After all, she certainly wasn't trying to hide what she was doing. Even if I didn't have the mirror pointed at her crotch, I could have easily turned around to say something to her, and I would have seen it all. So I reasoned that it wasn't too farfetched to believe she was masturbating for me to enjoy. I decided I had to take a chance and find out one way or the other.

I thought about what I could say that would seem like I was joking innocently with her. I dreaded the possibility of her freaking out and threatening me with telling her mother, or worse. But I was also intrigued with the idea that she might just tell me what I wanted to hear. I mulled it over in my mind, even as I continued to enjoy watching her go at it. One thing was clear; she sure did like masturbating…

By now, we were driving back through the thick woods. There was almost no traffic, as it was early afternoon. If I was going to make my bold move, however risky it was, I had to say something soon before we got back to the main road. I took a deep breath, turned my head slightly in her direction, and said:

"So, could you use some help back there?" I made sure I chuckled loud enough for me to have an escape, in case she screamed or responded in some other mortifying manner: (Oh, sweetheart, I was just messing with you! Ha Ha!)

Instead I got something I didn't anticipate, and in some ways, it was the worst possible answer: silence! Now I didn't know what to do. I saw that she had immediately pulled her hand out of her shorts after I had turned to ask my million dollar question. So, I knew that she knew what I was referring to. There was no pretending otherwise, and I found my hands shaking as I gripped the steering wheel harder. I'm sure it was just a few seconds, but it felt like hours of silence. I could see her hands absentmindedly running up and down her legs, like she was deep in thought. Finally, I watched her fold both legs up towards her chest, and wrap her arms tightly around them. It looked like she was getting ready to bury her face, and then I heard her quietly but clearly:

"If you want to, I guess."

Wow, I could barely keep my composure. I was sure I heard what she said, although it seemed too good to be true. I resolved to take it a step further. I would still give her a chance to change her mind, but I wanted her to know I was serious: no more chuckling to save face. I was all in.

Looking back at her, she did, in fact, bury her face, covering her eyes with her legs that she held so close to her body. I couldn't tell if she was just being shy, or if she was already regretting her answer to my question. I vowed to find out: I turned off the small road that wound its way through the woods, and onto a one lane dirt road that was little more than two dirt tracks with grass growing in between the ruts. I drove slowly and cautiously, paying particular attention not to veer off the path. By now, we were deep enough into the woods as to be invisible from the road. I saw the remnants of a sign pointing to an old abandoned campsite. I turned right, and drove for several minutes over a narrow overgrown path that led to a clearance where, long ago, campers pitched their tents and tended their campfires. I came to a stop, and turned off the engine.

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