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The initial characters:
Grandpa: Dan is 68, a widower, very healthy and alone for several years.
Granddaughter: Jane, 18, a pretty, very beautiful teen, unmarried with a
new baby
Granddaughter's best friend: Misty, 16, petite but very pretty, Asian,

High school student

Misty's friend: Lisa, 18, cute, very petite and also Asian, High School


At first, when Dan found out about his Granddaughter's pregnancy, he was
shocked and a bit angry, especially when she moved out of her home to live
with her boyfriend, who supposedly was the father of the baby. But when
her boyfriend, an older man, left her alone and abandoned after the baby
was born, Dan felt sorry for the young girl. Then when her parents refused
to allow her to move back home, he decided to take pty on the young girl
and take her in to his own home.

Dan only made one condition for the move in. Jane would have to
complete her high school and he would share babysitting duties with her
girlfriends if she would keep attending school.

Jane was more than happy to comply with his wishes because, to be
honest, she wanted to get her HS diploma. And she had several friends who
offered to help babysitting when they didn't have classes themselves. And
she loved her Grandpa, so she would do anything for him.

Dan was actually happy to become Grandpa, Father, babysitter and
protector to his young granddaughter and great granddaughter. His house
had been lonely the last 10 years since his wife had passed away. His own
grown c***dren had been very seldom visitors all those years and his life
had not been particularly joyful. He was looking forward to the sounds of
c***dren around the house.

Initially, the move was a bit difficult because he had to help Jane with
the expenses of moving out of the apartment where the boyfriend had not
paid the last month's rent, but it wasn't much of a strain on his budget.
The physical moving was done with her girlfriends and their boyfriends'
assistance and a rented truck that Dan drove.

Jane, for her part, loved her Grandpa's house. It was spacious but cozy
and she had a bedroom for herself and also there was an extra bedroom that
could be used for guests, so she would not be cramped. She liked to clean
house and gladly took over the housecleaning duties immediately. Her
Grandpa was an excellent cook and enjoyed cooking most meals, which allowed
her time to care for the baby and study.

Dan found the baby was so cute and enjoyed caring for her, even the
smelly jobs.... It was just like reliving his younger years with two
babies at home. He quickly adapted to the job. His friends teased him
about the fact that he didn't go out "with the boys" very often anymore,
but he just laughed it off.

Jane kept her word and soon was taking the last of her High School
courses leading to her diploma, while Dan and her girlfriends took turns
babysitting. She actually was excelling and got almost straight A's with
her Grandpa's help and tutoring.

Jane breast fed her baby as much as possible, and when she wasn't home,
she left milk pumped from her large breasts for the baby. Most of the
time, she breast fed the baby in her own room, but one day her friends were
visiting and talking with her in the living room while Dan was reading his
newspaper. Jane dropped her blouse and fed her breast to the baby who
quickly started suckling the milk out of her. Her other breast leaked
because it was so full of milk, so she had to keep switching the baby from
breast to breast.

Dan tried to be unaffected by the sight, but he kept peeking at his
granddaughter's beautiful milky breasts over his newspaper as discretely as
possible. Jane's breasts were not only large, but very firm and fully
rounded and milky white. He had always thought that a woman breast feeding
a baby was one of the most erotic sights there were.. He couldn't help
getting a raging hard-on, and crossed his legs to hide it.

Jane noticed Dan's interest, but didn't say anything until later when
Misty whispered in her ear as she was leaving, "Your Grandpa got a huge
hard-on watching you breast feed the baby... hehehe! It looks like he has
a big one! Have you ever seen it?" Jane shook her head no, but actually
she had seen her Grandpa naked by accident once through a partially open
bathroom door when he didn't know. He DID have a huge cock and balls!
Nothing like her boyfriend's puny genitals.

After all her friends had left and she was alone with Dan and the baby
was asleep, Jane sat down next to him and asked, "Grandpa? Did you get
turned on by watching me breast feed the baby? Don't be embarrassed, I
didn't know that that would turn a man on..."

Dan got quite red in the face and sheepishly said, "Jane, I'm sorry, I
couldn't help it. You are so pretty!............ And you know it's been a
long time for me...... "

Jane grinned from ear to ear and said, "Do you really think I'm pretty,
Grandpa? Honestly? You don't look so bad yourself Grandpa! You know I
love you dearly!"

"Oh, Jane, to me you are one of the prettiest girls on earth. And your
Grandpa will always love you, too! Don't ever forget it. I just hope I
didn't embarrass you with your friends and all......" Dan said earnestly.

"Grandpa, you are the sweetest man I know! I'm happy you think I'm
pretty. I was thinking that no man would ever look at me that way
again........ and I can see you still have a hard-on. You couldn't hide
it from us. Misty teased me and said she thought you looked like you have
a big one......Do you? Can I see it?" And with that she reached down and
quickly unzipped Dan's pants and pulled them down. She grabbed his cock in
her soft hand before he could object saying, "Oh Grandpa!!! You are huge!"
She stared in wonder at the heavily veined, thick tube of flesh she held in
her hand and the big ball sack hanging behind it. Without hesitation, she
knelt in front of him and began licking his manhood like an ice cream cone.

Dan's mind was reeling as he watched the pretty young girl lick and suck
on his raging hard-on. After only a few stokes of his cock inside the warm
mouth of the teenaged girl, he started shooting years of pent-up cum down
her throat.

Jane took as much of his huge cock in her mouth as possible and was soon
rewarded by thick streams of cum splashing against her mouth and down her
throat. She drank as much as she could, swallowing load after load of the
delicious man-milk.

Dan moaned, "Oh Jane, we shouldn't have done that.... It's not right."

"But Grandpa, I love you and I don't want to see you hurting. My
boyfriend used to tell me that men's balls hurt if their hard-ons aren't
relieved. You are so special to me I don't want to do anything to cause
you discomfort..... But let me ask you something......... Does watching
me breast feed the baby actually turn you on? Buddy wouldn't watch because
he thought it was dirty....."

Dan got red and said, "No Jane, it isn't dirty, but it is a HUGE turn-on
to me."

"Then would you enjoy it if I did it in front of you again? Would you
like to taste my milk? I heard that some men like that...."

"Would you let me? I will tell you a secret... I often taste the
bottled milk from when you pump yourself....... I like it!" Hearing Dan
say that, she pulled her blouse down and unhooked her bra, freeing the
beautiful breasts to his eyes. She made him sit in his chair, and leaning
down, she cupped her left breast and fed it to his mouth.

Dan suckled eagerly, but didn't get much milk until Jane started
expressing the milk out of her breast. Soon squirts of delicious milk
filled his mouth. Then Jane pushed her right breast into his mouth next,
but this time Sam had caught on and was suckling the milk out of her

"That felt so good, Grandpa! My breasts hurt if they are full and
sometimes the baby doesn't drink all of it.... I hate to waste it, so will
you empty me from now on, please?"

Dan surprised himself by eagerly assenting, "Oh, yes, Jane! You taste
so good!!!! I've never tasted anything so delicious!"

Jane squealed with delight and hugged her grandpa, snuggling his face
between her large breasts.

Jane squirmed on his lap and felt his hard cock pressing up against her.
. She was so turned on from his milking her and she just pulled her
panties aside and plunged down, burying his massive cock deep inside her
wet pussy. Jane's eyes bulged wide as the massive cock filled her deeply
and spread her wider than she had ever been before except during the birth
of her baby. "Uhmmp! Ahhhhh, so big!" she moaned. She closed her eyes
and pumped up and down, his big breasts bouncing in front of Dan's face.

Dan couldn't believe how good it felt to be inside his pretty
granddaughter and it didn't tale long before he was pumping huge spurts of
cum deep into her pussy over and over again. They both collapsed after
mutual climaxes with him still buried deep inside of her. Sighing with
pleasure and satisfaction, Dan said, "I know this is wrong, but I really
enjoyed fucking you, little girl!!" He grinned at her and kissed her full
on the lips. "Come to my bed and rest for a while."

He finished undressing her and gently laid her on his bed, sliding his
still hard cock into her dripping pussy and they curled up together to

Later that night, Jane awoke to find her Grandfather still buried in her
even though his cock had softened somewhat. The baby was crying and she
quietly slid out from under him to go get the baby.

She came back into his bedroom and sat on the bed as she breast fed the
cute little girl on her left breast. Dan watched in envy as the baby
suckled and said, "Can I have the other breast?" soon h was suckling on
Jane's right breast while the baby milked her mother on the left. It
didn't take long before Jane was completely empty in both breasts.

"Oh Grandpa, that was wonderful! I never felt so pleasant before! I
had the two most important people in my life milking me!!" she said with a
big grin.

She laid the baby on the bed and then said, " Grandpa, Stand up so I can
milk you now. I love the taste of your cum!" She knelt on her knees in
front of him and started sucking on him. "I'm going to try to deep throat
you, but I'm not sure I can... you're so big. But I want to try."

Slowly, Jane took his big cock down her mouth, inch by inch until the
head of it was pushing at the entrance to her throat. She took a deep
breath and suddenly she pushed her head down all until she was down to his
pubic hairs. She was amazed that she could do it, but he was so big it
almost hurt. He was truly deeper in her throat than she could imagine.
She could feel her throat bulging from the flesh lodged in her. She felt
his balls tightened as she held them in her hands and soon his was shooting
cum down her throat. She pulled back and sucked the last few drops out of

Dan had never been deep-throated before. He was amazed at the sight of
his huge cock stretching his granddaughter's mouth obscenely wide and then
he felt it push pass an obstruction as he went deep inside her throat.
What a feeling! His cum pulsed out of him in torrents soon after he buried
himself in her throat.

"Mmmmmm! You taste good, Grandpa. I love milking you. And it wasn't
that bad having you in my throat........... I kind of liked it!"

From that day on, they shared his bedroom and walked around the house
nude most of the time. They settled in to the life of a couple discreetly.
Jane never told any of her friends, and her bedroom still looked as if it
was being used.

Her grades in school improved dramatically and she was now on the honor

CHAPTER TWO ...... soon to cum
Misty and Lisa stay over one weekend and find out about their i****tuous
relationship. Lisa introduces Grandpa to anal sex with her while Misty and
Jane eat each other out. Jane's friends learn to deepthroat Grandpa and

they have group sex orgies in his pool.

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