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seducing game with a lonely rich housewife

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Hi I am karthick from Chennai. I am a great fan of this site, I get tempted on reading stories from this site

and always wanted to have such experiences, now I am going to post

my own real sex experience. I live in Chennai doing 2nd year engineering and always had an intense sexual desire for

aunties. I am 20 years old,5.9ft tall, with 9inch hard and strong dick, well built body, decent looking, well read and a friendly jovial person. Well, this story

is about me and hot and sexy rich aunty. Her name is Anita,32 years old, she works as a teacher in a school, she has a daughter

preeti, studying in first std in the same school where anita aunty works. her husband works in England and comes

to Chennai only once in a year and so anita aunty her daughter preeti both stay alone in Chennai. to tell about

anita aunty, she is 5.6ft tall, fair with black shiny hair, she a figure of 36 34 32.as she is a rich women, she looks very

decent and royal, her dressing sense and make-up sense would make any man fall for her. I saw anita aunty for the first

time in local railway station, my tool got big just by seeing her and I started imagining stories like having sex with

her. I decided to follow this women and so I found that she comes to the railway station everyday at the same time and also

found that she lives alone with her daughter. after few days decided to talk to her, she was sitting on the seat in railway

station with preeti, there was no one around, so I directly went to her said hi and she asked whether she knows me,

I wasn’t able to answer her and just said that I see her everyday and also said that we belonged to the same locality

and so asked for friendship by giving a chocolate to her daughter. she didn’t reply instead gave me a smile and it was

very good timing that the train arrived at the station and so she went and this was like a gave her time to think about

accepting my friendship. the same day evening, I was roaming near her house and was waiting for her to come out,

but she didn’t. for few days I couldn’t see her in the railway station and so I again went near her house. I waited for

long time and then she came out with preeti, I went near her casually and started to talk to her by giving a chocolate to

preeti and to her. she asked me about my presence near her house and I explained that I had my friend's house nearby and

so I came for that, she was smiling at me every time, so I asked her about her acceptance for friendship. and she without any

hesitance told me that she would love to have the company of me. I could see the glow and spark in her eyes while talking

to me and I knew that she too was attracted to me. the next thing I had to do was only to seduce her for having sex, so I

got more close with her, we exchanged our mobile numbers. I sent her indirect adult messages to which she too gave indirect

replies for that. I talked to her in the nights for hours and hours and once she asked my girlfrinds. the conversation was

like this:

anita aunty:do have girlfriends?

me:ya but no one is as nice as you.

anita aunty:as nice as me? ok now you tell me what is so much nice about me.

me:what not? you really look so hot and sexy and man would fall for you by seeing your beauty.

anita aunty:but Iam a married women.

me:so what now u are my friend and feel so lucky for that.

anita aunty:but I think I feel more lucky to have you as my friend because any girl or women will want to have a man like you.

these words were making me fly and I got an idea that seducing this women will not much hard.

once she asked me to come to her home to give her company and as my only point was to seduce her, I always wore a shorts

and a t-shirt to show my physic well. so when to her home for the first time, it was 9'o clock by the time and preeti had

already fallen asleep. she welcomed me giving a hug and complimented for my body. she had prepared dinner for me and

we had it, after that we sitting on the couch watching tv, suddenly tears came out from her eyes i went close to her held

her hands and asked for the reason. she started crying more and I consoled her, then she explained me how much she loved

her husband and how much she missed him, she said she so lonely and wanted to have her husband with her. then she asked

me for a favor, she asked me to her nice companionship and make her happy in every aspect. but this was my dream, i was

expecting these kind of words from her and so I readily accepted her request and assured her that she will never

feel lonely again. the next day I gave her surprise by buying movie tickets for us. she really surprised and we went to

movie theatre with preeti with us. as half the movie passed, preeti fell asleep so anita aunty made preeti lie on her,

now preeti was lying on anita aunty in such a way that preeti's head was pressing anita aunty's boobs. this scene was

making me crazy and tried to seduce her by touching her boobs partly in the name of adjusting preeti's position. after the

movie was over, we went for dinner to a hotel, in the hotel she caught my hand and told me that I was such nice guy and

thanked me for the surprise.

few days passed, I gave her hollywood movies in a pendrive on her request. I planned it in such a way that the movie

had lot of adult scenes in between, so she would get aroused. after watching those movies, she told that the movies

really nice and asked me more of that kind of movies. no day by day we became sexually attracted towards each other.

next day I went to her home and she feeing preeti, I made preeti sit on my lap and anity aunty was standing in front of

me in a bent position feeding preeti. anita aunty was wearing a low cut kurta and a jean,

I saw her huge cleavage and her boobs partly, she didn’t wear any bra and this scene

was making my tool big. she too noticed me watching her boobs but didn’t stop from bending instead allowed me to watch

her more. preeti was a little girl and loved me more than anita aunty,preeti was siting on lap and she really didn’t want

to have the food instead play with me. in the meanwhile anita aunty had planned to seduce, so she cleverly blackmailed

preeti that if she wouldn’t have food, anita aunty would sit on my lap. but preeti didn’t listen up and finally the

beauty women sat on my lap saying that if only preeti takes food she could sit on my lap. by this anita aunty was seducing

me and I was seducing her by keeping my hands on her waist and kept on pressing. she moved ass on my cock with the reason

of preeti not taking food. finally preeti got jealous and so anita anuty got up from me. when again she bent down, I could

sense a wicked feeling her, I got a clear idea that she too was trying to seduce me. next day when i went to her home, she

was cooking and preeti was watching tv, I went to the kitchen to help her. this time she had planned another smart game to

seduce me. she said that she had to shift all the cereals and spices in the boxes from upper cup-boards to lower ones, so

she asked me to help her. she was wearing a jean and a kurta, she bent down and told me to take the boxes from upper

cup-boards and give her, she would place them in the lower cup-boards. this was I standing straight and she was bent in

such a way that her ass was near my groin, this scene made my tool big. as I started to give her the cups, she slowly tried

to come close to me and within few attempts she completely touched her ass on my fully erect dick. she adjusted in such a

way that my dick was between her ass crack, I gave small jerks while taking cups and she too started giving slight moans.

suddenly a sound came and it was preeti coming to the kitchen, we both broke up and we didn’t even speak a single word,

I went to my home. I called her, the conversation was like this:

me:hello anita aunty.

anity aunty:i know that you want to have sex with and so me. I've been waiting for that for a long time. I can see the lust

in your eyes for. please stop all your games and I really want you to fuck me hard.

then she ended the call. next day I went to home and preeti had already fallen asleep, as I entered anita aunty came to door

and closed it. she was too aggressive but I wanted to make this women more wanting for me, I started to call her just anita,

I told her that I will have sex with her only if she accepts me as her husband, she was thinking and so I ended up by saying

bye, then I returned to my home. she called me and told her that birthday was coming after two days and she would accept me

as her husband on that special day. I was very happy to hear this but it was really hard to pass the next two days, in the

meanwhile I bought a gift of a costly nice bra and panty for her as birthday gift. then finally it was her birth day,

I bunked my college went to her home in the morning, she was wearing a silk saree and she really so beautiful like a sex

god. she was preparing preeti to school and I gave her my birthday gift and told her not to open in front of preeti.

I dropped preeti at her school and while returning a planned for nice foreplays so I bought a big ice cake and a bottle

of wine. when I returned, she took some time to open but when she open it was a great surprise for me. she was wearing only

the bra and panty which I gifted her without even her mangalsutra, she looked like a professional pornstar. as soon as I entered the house, I placed the

ice cake and wine in the refrigerator, then she came running towards me and jumped on me, since I was powerful I could hold

and lift her but she was in no mood to wait for me. she was too aggressive and vigorous in kissing me like a strong tigress,

she licked my lips, cheeks, ears and kissed me too aggressively. then somehow she got down but caught my erect dick on my pant

and pulled me to my bedroom and pushed me on the bed. she starting scolding me with bad words for making her wait for sex,

then she quickly removed her bra and panty and too quickly took off my shirt and lowered my pants, she didnt even give me

time to see her full naked body .she took my entire erect cock in her mouth and sucked it like a lollypop, that feeling was

mind blowing and she was doing it like a real professional. then she broke this and told me that she wants to be fucked off hard

by me and give her full satisfaction, then she on me, inserted my dick fully inside her pussy and started jumping with loud moans.

within few strores of her, I replaced her, I got on top of her and now it was time for me to show my a****l side. I held her

hands and took out dick out from her pussy hole, slapped her boobs hard, pinched her nipples and teased her by touching my

cock tip on her pussy entrance. she was crying and begged me to fuck her and so I ended the teasing and started giving hard

and fast powerful strokes. within few strokes she got her orgasm, I too felt that, her whole body started shivering and

particularly her thighs were shivering like hell. she was in full mood, she scratched my back with her nails, bitted my shoulders

and i too became even more hard by this and gave her more and more powerful strokes each time. she had multiple orgasms

during this session and after about 30 mins I started building up and she begged me no to cum inside her as she would become

pregnant and so I cummed in her mouth and she too drank all my juices. then we both lied side by side romantically in the way

that her boobs were partly on my chest and one leg on my legs. she started talking so many things, she praised me for my power

and physic that I have and told that I was a great expert in handling women both physically and mentally. she told that my

dick was much bigger, thicker and stronger than her husband's and told that she had never had such deep orgasms and thanked me

for giving her multiple orgasms. then we both went to bathroom, took shower together with lot of foreplay, we both were playing

sexually with water and soap. then after the we both were still nude sitting on the couch. Then I decided to have some more foreplay

and so I requested her to dance with me, first she refused as she didn’t know to dance and when I told that I would teach her, she

agreed to dance.

we both were still nude, I went near her, caught her waist and told her to put her one hand on my chest, I started to do slow movements

and so did she. she was a quick learner so learnt the moves and we both were dancing in the same rythm and by this time we

both became horny again. I caught ass with one hand and caressed it, she rolled her soft hands all over my chest, I planted a small

kiss on rosy lips, she than got intense and soon we both were engaged in a deep passionate kiss with our hands running over each

other. I then broke the kiss, brought the ice cake and wine and told her to cut the cake. she cut the cake and went inside her bedroom,

she returned with a new mangalsutra, I was surprised by this and she told me to tie that mangalsutra to her. without any thinking

I tied it to her and now she was my complete hot and sexy new wife, she told she was all mine and I was all for her. after this was

over we had a little wine and decide to do an interesting foreplay, so I poured some wine on boobs, pussy and her ass hole. then

applied a lot of fresh cake cream on the boobies, pussy hole and ass hole. she was excited by this and so was I. then I rolled my

tongue slowly from her neck to the her boobies, licked the cream shaked the apples and to tell the truth, her bare nipples

were more tastier than the cream. she had such a nice round and firm boobies. then I slowly went to her cunt, took some cream from there

and went near her mouth to exchange this cream, she was really very excited all this.

then I licked her pussy fully that she came and I drank all her juices, then the turn came for her ass hole. she was new to all

this but was interested too, I licked the ass hole completely. I wanted to fuck her in everyway possible so this time i told

her for couch fucking, I placed her on the couch and inserted my 9inch tool deep into her hole, gave her slow and full strokes

passionately. she was uttering words like luvvv uuuu kaarhtickkkk, fuckkkkk meee, you are my husband now make me feel like your

wife make me yours completely. these words were making me more lovable and really gave her a nice fuck, this time we were really enjoying

a lot fulfilling each others thrust. we tried every possible position, first with doggy

then spoony, then standing positions and finally ended with missionary position, after half an hour i started building, this time

too I came her mouth and she drank all

my juices. then again we had some foreplay with cream, this time she applied cream on my 9 inch dick and on my balls, then she

licked all the cream and gave me a great blowjob, this time I wanted to fuck her in the ass so she agreed, when I inserted my tool

in her ass hole it was little painful at first but soon became pleasuring. we both were doing ass fucking like a****ls do and

about half an hour I came in her ass itself, I dropped my juices in her ass hole and when i took my dick out the juices were flowing

out. then we cleaned ourselves by having a shower together, we had five times sex that day with lot of fun, foreplay, orgasms

and satisfaction and even after that much my 9inch dick dint fall its erectness and so anita praised me for my power and

long lasting stamina. that day was a great day for me and she too became a wife to me and after that I regularly fuck her in her home.

she stopped going to work and as she was a rich women that didn’t affect her, so we both had a lot of time together and a lot of

sex too. as I was a husband to her, she shared everything even her money, bank balance and everything, she really thinks me as

her husband and so spends a lot of many for me. so I feel very lucky to have anita aunty as my sex partner as she gives me

a lot of sex and a lot of money too. I hope you all enjoyed this story and would love to get feedbacks and I am also ready to share my

details, email me at: or for reading my story, wish you all have a

great sexual life.

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