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Mom’s pantyhose.

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It all started when I was younger, my mother always wore stockings or pantyhose, and I don’t remember a time when she didn’t. I used to sit on the floor watching T.V. & she sat on the sofa next to me, I would rest my head against her legs and occasionally rub my hands along her smooth and shiny calves, marvelling at the silky feeling. I believe this is where my lifelong fetish for hosiery and lingerie stems from.

After a while she didn’t allow me to continue this activity even though she continued to wear pantyhose and I became a very frustrated and horny young man seeing her shapely nylon encased legs and not being able to touch them.
This frustration led me to manifest my kinky desires in other ways. Being an only c***d and with both of my parents working full time I had a lot of opportunities to rifle through first the dirty clothes hamper and then mom’s lingerie draws.

I started off just rubbing stockings and pantyhose through my fingers and on my face and of course over my cock, proceeding to masturbating with a stocking over my hand.
After a while my fascination led to other items, such as bras, panties, corsets, high heels, etc.
It wasn’t long before I was wearing items that fit me and I was soon fully dressing up and walking around the house imitating my mother and finishing up wanking myself off in front of her full-length mirror.

I continued doing this for years supplementing my fetish with clothes I stole from girls I went out with, family friends and relatives. I had amassed quite a collection of things and hid it under my bed and under the bottom draw of my bureau, along with some porn magazines.

Once, when I was about 19 years old, I was going to my bedroom and as I passed my mothers room I noticed the door ajar and as I glanced I saw my mother in the gap between the door and the frame, she was getting undressed.
I froze when I saw her dressed only in high heels, pantyhose and a bra, as I watched she removed the bra and her breasts came free and I became weak at the knees, they were magnificent, not real big, just right, with the most beautiful nipples I had ever seen.
Even though she was over 40 years old at the time she had a good figure and I was mesmerised, looking at her rubbing her breasts and sides, stretching at the same time (the bra must have been pinching her) as she did her right hand dropped to her side and she started to rub her hand over her pantyhose covered hip and butt and I am sure I saw her rub her hand over her vulva.

I must have made a noise as she suddenly turned in my direction and looked directly at me, I immediately ran to my bedroom and as I closed the door I hoped she didn’t see me.
A few minutes later mom knocked on the door and asked if she could come in, I just sat on the end of my bed not saying a word.
She finally opened the door and told me she wanted to talk to me, I couldn’t bring myself to look at her and she asked me why I was looking at her getting undressed. I mumbled something about it being an accident and she said maybe at first it was but she knew I was there for some minutes before she looked at me.
She then asked me if I liked looking at her or did I like looking at her lingerie, she then told me that she knew I had been wearing her lingerie for years and she also knew about my stash under the bed and bureau.
I was horrified that she knew and I couldn’t speak, I just stared at the floor and when I didn’t answer her she started to ask me questions like,

What did I do when I wore her clothes?
Did I masturbate when I wore them?
Do you like girls?
Do you like looking at older women?
Are you gay?

I just sat there riveted to the spot, not saying anything; she left, closing the door behind her. I was petrified she was going to tell my father, who would not have taken this news well.
The next morning at breakfast it was just like normal and she never said another word about the incident and neither did I. Probably due to mutual embarrassment.

2 years later I met a lovely girl, fell in love, moved out of home and eventually married her. During my marriage I continued to dress up in my wife’s lingerie and she even brought me a wardrobe of stockings, garter belts, panties, pantyhose, bras and high heels of my own.
Our sex life was great and my wife was as kinky as me as we would both dress up and go at each other with incredible passion, she loved being fucked in the ass and giving head. She brought a strap on dildo and would make me ‘suck her off’ and she would fuck my asshole until I begged her to stop.

Unfortunately marriages are not just about sex and our other problems finally drove us apart after 9 years and we separated. My father had died a few years ago and mom was all alone and I asked her if I could move back in for a while, she eagerly agreed, I suspect she had been a bit lonely.
When I arrived she greeted me with a big hug and a kiss, I put my gear (along with my collection of lingerie) away in my old room and we sat in the living room to catch up and mom asked me what had happened between my wife and me, I told her some things, but not all.

Things were going along all right for a few weeks, when one night mom had made a great dinner, we had a few wines and were relaxing watching T.V.
Mom suggested I sit on the floor next to her, like when I was younger. I looked at her suspiciously, but she insisted and I thought O.K. I will see where this is going.
After I was seated for a couple of minutes she started to rub her pantyhose clad leg along my arm and I took the hint and started rubbing my hands up and down her silky legs.
She then said that this should bring back some memories and if I was a good boy she might let me wear her pantyhose later.
I asked her what this was all about and she said she had gotten a call from my wife that morning telling her all about my little fetishes and about my collection of clothes.


I just sat there with a stunned look on my face and mom reminded me of the time she caught me looking at her and how she knew I had been dressing up and then she told me why she didn’t tell anybody about it, not even my father, was because it excited her to think how turned on I was getting by her underwear.
I don’t know what came over me because I lent up to kiss her and as I felt her tongue enter my mouth I moved my hand further up her thigh until it rested on her mound, she was so wet she had soaked the crotch of her hose, I moved next to her on the sofa and we continued to passionately kiss and grope each other.
I needed to clear my head and offered to get us some more wine, as I was in the kitchen mom told me she often had fantasised about our making love, both of us dressed up in lingerie and it was only after my wife had told her about me that she realised that I just might be kinky enough to go along with it.
When I returned to the living room I almost dropped the glasses, mom was standing there dressed only in black stiletto pumps, tan hose and a black lace bra, she had something in her hand and as I put the glasses down she told me to get dressed. She had obviously been into my collection as she gave me my black garter belt, black hose, black pumps and the black lace bra, which I had only just brought before my wife and I split.

Mom sat back as she watched the show as I undressed and redressed in my lingerie, when I had finished she told me how great I looked and she indicated for me to stand in front of her, she started to rub her hands all over me whilst giving me little kisses from my garter belt to my neck, she then took hold of my engorged cock and slowly wanked me as we deeply kissed once again.
I lay on the sofa as ordered and mom straddled my face rubbing her pantyhose clad pussy all over my face, I was in heaven, I licked her for all I was worth and eventually she yelled for me to rip them and stick my tongue into her, proving that I am a ‘good boy’ that’s exactly what I did.
Whilst I busied myself in her glorious cunt and asshole, she was sucking my cock like her life depended on it, what she lacked in expertise she sure made up for in enthusiasm.
It didn’t take long before I thought I might blow the top of her head off if she keeps this up, I suggested we move to her bedroom, we continued to explore each others body, culminating in me blowing the biggest load inside her pussy. When I recovered I moved down and started to lick my cum from her pussy, as I lapped away mom asked me what else I liked to do and I told her I loved dirty talk and slight humiliation, mom was one of those women who never swore, so I didn’t know how this would pan out.

I almost laughed when she asked me if I would like her to use the rubber penis to have intercourse with me. I told her to strap that cock on and fuck my boy cunt as hard as she could and call me all of the sissy, bitch, cunt, asshole names she could think of.
After applying plenty of lube she tentatively began pushing the strap on in to my ass, I was watching her in the reflection of the mirror and I almost came from the sight of my 54 year old mother fucking me with a strap on dildo. Slowly she was getting the hang of it and she even called me a fucking whore and a slut as she gently fucked my ass.
We continued to delve deeper into each other learning each others likes and dislikes, who would have known that mom loved having her asshole licked, I was the first person to do it to her and eventually I may get to fuck her ass, but I was more than content to wait until she was ready.

It has been 6 months since that fateful night and things are still going strong, we fuck about 3 times a week, always dressed up, we often go out shopping together for new sex toys and lingerie and we are both extremely happy that we have each other

To think I had the shits with my now ex wife for telling mom about my kinks, she would hate to know that it was the best day of my life.

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