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Kaley Cuoco Photo Shoot Fuck With Pictures

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"mmmmm, that's great Kaley, you look great"

Kaley Cuoco Photo Shoot Fuck With Pictures

Kaley Cuoco is doing a new shoot for FHM Magazine with a photographer she's never worked with before.

"Sexy, now maybe lift the dress a little Kaley, tease them a bit"
Kaley giggles and raises the bottom of her dress up a little with one hand.

Kaley Cuoco Photo Shoot Fuck With Pictures 2

"yeah that's really great, maybe just a little higher"
More giggling from Kaley "mmm, like this Mike?". Kaley pulls the bottom of her dress a little higher revealing more of her silky smooth thighs. Kaley strares straight into the lens, imagining the magazine readers jerking off to these pictures, the idea of it arouses her and her hands begin to slide a little further up her legs pulling the bottom of her dress higher.

Kaley Cuoco Photo Shoot Fuck With Pictures 3

The camera shutter snaps Kaley out of her daydream and back to reality.

Mike, the photographer gulps and mumbles

"uh...Yeah that's great really, uh... really sexy. Maybe we should break for lunch now.".

He can feel himself getting harder and is sure Kaley is going to notice the bulge.
"Uh Yeah, sounds good"

Kaley quickly replies pulling the dress back down, acutely aware of her moist pussy. They both head for the door to the studio arriving at the same time.

"After you Kaley"

Says mike, smiling and beckoning her through the door politely hoping to get a good look at her tight firm ass.

"Oh, what a gentleman"
Said Kaley smiling and giggling. She moves to go through the door, quickly glancing down and seeing, for the first time Mikes bulge. Realizing that she wasn't the only one getting turned on by this shoot, she has an idea. Kaley stops in the doorway and, facing away from Mike, glances quickly over her shoulder. Mikes head snaps up quickly.

"Hey! Are you looking at me ass Mike"

Exclaims Kaley feigning shock and anger.


Mike's voice quivers in response, knowing he'd been caught. He hoped Kaley wouldn't walk out on the shoot, he needed the money.

"Of...of..of course not i was just..."

Mike didn't get to finish, he was cut off by Kaley wheeling round, reaching out and grabbing his hand and pulling him roughly to a sofa in the lunch room.


Kaley shouted at the two coordinators sat eating there lunch at a table on the far side of the room. Taken by surprise they jumped and scrambled out of the room leaving their food on the table. Kaley laughed and strolled over to their food, picking up an apple and taking a bite.

"Now, you. Were you checking out my ass back there an.."

"No, no i was just looking for a new angle for a photo" replied Mike, having had time to think of an explanation.

"Oh, OK then. So you didn't get hard on looking at my ass then" Kaley said seductively wrapping her lips round the apple taking a big, slow bite staring straight at Mike.

“Uh, no, I was just looking...for the er, angle”

Mike replied weakly knowing things weren't going well.

“That's a shame” Kaley said nonchalantly as she turned round and bent double at the waist straight in front of Mike “because I was hoping we could” raising her head up and arching her back so she was bent over at a right angle, perfect tight ass protruding out towards Mike “make this photo shoot a little more interesting” Kaley finished

“uh, well uh yeah I would, er, what do you mean by er that Kaley...wow”

Mike stumbled over his words, overcome by a mixture of excitement and shock at this sudden turn of events.

“Mike, do you like apple?” Kaley asked bluntley as she reached her hand back slowly and teased the thin material of the dress up and over her ass cheeks exposing her cute little round ass

“mmm oh yeah.” Mike groaned in pleasure as he watched the dress slowly lift to reveal Kaley's ass “Wait what? Apple?”

“Ha ha, yes Mike apple” Kaley giggled as she brought her other hand back and placed her half eaten apple apple between her toned ass cheeks. “want a bite of my apple”

Unable to formulate a sentence in response Mike simply lunged forward and took firm hold of Kaley's slim hips and took a bite of the apple, Kaley laughed. Mike then gripped the apple in his mouth and spat it aside then set about removing Kaley's little black thong which was buried deep in between her cheeks. He plunged his face in trying to get a hold of it with his teeth sniffing deeply soaking in Kaley's sweet aroma. Suddenly Kaley straightened up and turned round, standing over Mike with her dress round her stomach and a huge grin on her face. She grasped Mikes hair and raised him to his feet slowly dragging his face up very slowly over her pussy, letting him feel the warmth radiate through her panties, over her flat, tight stomach, up into her ample cleavage until she kissed him on the lips and whispered sexily in his ear.

“Not yet mike, we've got photos to take. Now, be a good boy and go find me some real sexy clothes to wear” grinding onto his hard cock gently breathing into his ear “We're at FHM Mike, find me the sexiest clothes you can” Taking one finger and sliding it inside her panties, placing it slowly into her mouth, and giving Mike a quick peck on the lips before pushing him towards the door.

Mike ran hurriedly off to find all the clothes he could. Kaley watched him disappear round the corner and sucked on her finger. She wandered back into the studio to see what different sets were around, as she walked she slowly stripped off her red dress and underwear.

“Kaley.....Kaley” Mike shouted around the studio, “Kaley”

“I'm over here Miiiiike” Mike heard Kaley call from the other side of the studio

“Kaley, we aren't allowed to use the other sets! Get back here!”

“No, you come here mike I like this one”

Mike sighed and walked towards the sound of Kaleys voice, following the trail of clothes strewn on the floor, getting more excited the closer he got, seeing the black thong and and bra on the floor. He rounded the corner with the pile of clothes he's stolen from the wardrobe and what he was made him stop dead. His jaw dropped, as did the clothes. Kaley was naked on a bed, staring with her beautiful brown eyes over her shoulder.

Kaley Cuoco Photo Shoot Fuck With Pictures 4

Kaley got up from the bed and strutted over to Mike, her blonde hair bouncing in time with her tits as she walked. She smiled at Mike and bent over to reach down to the pile of clothes. Mikes cock was now fully hard, staring at Kaleys bare ass. Kaley straightened up holding a pair of boots, she was staring at the obvious bulge in Mikes pants.

“Where are my manners” Kaley joked as she, without hesitation dropped to her knees, unbuttoned and dropped Mikes pants and began to suck on his throbbing cock. Mikes knees went weak, he almost fell at the feeling of his cock inside Kaley Cuoco's Warm wet mouth. Her sexy eyes stared up at him and as she saw the expression of ecstasy on his face her lips formed a huge smile tightening around his cock. Moving her head back from his cock.
“Is that nice?” Kaley smiles sweetly as she looks up into Mike's eyes, taking her hands and placing them delicately on his ass, then, without warning Kaley dives her head onto his cock, using her hands on his ass to pull herself in, taking Mikes full length all the way down her throat, holding it there for a few seconds and then smoothly removes the cock from her mouth, no gagging, no gasping, her make up still perfect. Leaving Mike's cock dripping with saliva she stands up. Picking up the boots and slipping them on.

“I was thinking the first shot should be of my ass, what do you think?” asks Kaley as if nothing just happened. Mike stands silently still taken aback by the deepthroat.

“MIKE!” Kaley shouts as she stands in front of him, Kaley grabs his cock, still dripping her saliva, and rubs the head very gently on the lips of her warm, wet pussy.
“Yes definitely, Kaley” Mike says kissing her and grabbing a handfull of her ass.

Kaley turns her back and walks to the centre of the set where she bends over sticking her perfect ass out towards Mike.

“OK, now look back at me” directs mike

Kaley Cuoco Photo Shoot Fuck With Pictures 5

“Oh fuck yes Kaley” Mike approaches Kaley, still bent over and slides his cock in between Kaleys ass cheeks, letting it sit there while he considers his next move.

“Twerk bitch” He says roughly

“What!?” Kaley exclaims slightly surprised

Mike spanks Kaley, hard. “I said, twerk bitch”

Kaley squeals in delight at the spank and begins to gyrate and grind her ass onto mikes drool covered cock.

“Good, good Kaley” Mike says as he sinks into the shear pleasure of the moment. Kaley stops after a minute and walks over to the clothes pile, searching though she finds a pink vibrator. Turning round smiling at Mike

“I got the next shot” she says naughtily

She gets down on her hands and knees and starts to take the vibrator in her pussy. Mike approaches her.

“I think this might be better” hes says pushing Kaley flat on her front before grabbing her hips and raising her ass into the air. Whipping the vibrator out of Kaleys wet pussy he slides it slowly into her tight asshole instead. Mike watches as it slides in slowly and Kaleys perfect little ass hole expands and stretches to take it. Kaley's only response is a mixture of giggles and moaning in pleasure. With his cock throbbing to be inside Kaley Mike quickly snaps a picture.

Kaley Cuoco Photo Shoot Fuck With Pictures 6

Mike, unable to control himself pulls out the vibrator and tosses it aside. He plunges his throbbing slobber covered cock into Kaleys hot pussy. The feeling of Kaleys pussy clamping around his cock, warm and slippery nearly caused Mike to blow his load immediately. He controls himself.

“Mike as that..mmmmm oh fuck....camera got a...ooohhhh...timer” Kaley manages to ask between moans of pleasure of her pussy being pounded.

Pulling his cock out Mike sets the camera up and lies down on the bed, “hop on then”. Kaley guides his thick cock into her pussy and rides up and down on it, glancing back at the camera she asks, “how long before the camera takes the pict...”

Kaley Cuoco Photo Shoot Fuck With Pictures 7

Laughing and turning back to Mike who has now upped the pace. Kaley begins to breathe more heavily, Mike's balls slap against Kaley's pussy and she begins to moan. Mike reaches a hand up and slaps one of Kaley's big, bouncing tits then grabs her by the throat. Kaley's deep brown eyes widen and roll back as a hige orgasm shudders through her body, cumming all over Mike's cock. He knows he cannot last much longer and releases his grip on Kaley's throat.

“Oh fuck, give it to me Mike, give me that cum” Kaley gasps and begs

She hops off his cock and grasps it, covered in her juices “you got a big load in there for me Mike?”
Mike graps his camera quickly

Kaley Cuoco Photo Shoot Fuck With Pictures 8

Kaley smiles and once again dives onto the cock deepthroating, takign his cock balls deep in her mouth. Mike lifts her head off and stands up.

“On your knees” he says hurridly
Kaley barely has time to get in position before Mike is blasting cum all over her face. Kaley manages to drink some down but the rest is splashed across her chin and is dripping down onto her tits.

Kaley Cuoco Photo Shoot Fuck With Pictures 9

“mmmmm thank you Mike, I think this is the best shoot i've ever done” says Kaley excitedly “now we kinda skipped lunch. Could you go get me some Chinese for me please babe” Kaley asked politely as she crawled over to the pile of clothes and grabbed a hat which she began to use to wipe the cum off her face.

When Mike returned Kaley was knelt on the bed wearing the hat. She excitedly took the food and began to eat it.

Kaley Cuoco Photo Shoot Fuck With Pictures 10

“Oh and Mike” she said with a full mouth. “I took this, you know, to be safe” Kaley held up the memory card from the camera smiling “we wouldn't want these getting out. Sorry”

“Of course Kaley” Mike replied “I'll leave you to eat now” Mike smiled as he walked away and picked up his laptop that all the pictures had already been sent to.

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