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Thunder in Hell - A Dirty Western

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Thunder in Hell - A Dirty Western
Thunder in Hell – A Dirty Western
Copyright 2012
Illustrations by Marcos Zenfold

Chapter 1 - Lou Robs the Stage

Lou looked both ways down the narrow road that the stage would be traveling. He checked the tree again, for the twentieth time, and made sure the rope was ready. There had been only a few passers by during the two days he had been here and he wasn’t too worried about being noticed.

The large tree he had cut three quarters of the way through was not noticeable because of the mud he had caked onto the freshly hacked wood. The rope supporting it was high enough that a person would have to look up to see it, and he was convinced no one would. The only thing he had left to do was wait.

Lou had worked as a cowhand for the Pierce Ranch near Matagorda Texas for the last few years and he had finally had enough. Pierce was a hard man and he expected more than a day’s work from all his hands and paid them little for it.

This spring had been the end of it for Lou. He was fed up with the coastal area, tired of the mosquitoes, the sweltering heat, and the poisonous snakes that seemed to be around every turn. He finally lucked out when he overheard Pierce tell one of his hands to meet with John Randall at Wheelock. The part of the conversation that got Lou’s attention was the mention that Randall would be coming to buy one hundred head of cattle.

Lou had slipped away that night and made a beeline for Wheelock. He spent the next few days scouting the area and getting ready to rob Randall of the cash he knew he would be carrying, since Pierce did not deal in credit.

He looked up at the sky to find dark clouds forming. It seemed like another stroke of luck for the cowboy. If the rain hit today, all trace of his escape route would be erased and he would soon be back east. This time it would be different, because he would have money and the ability to buy his way into the hometown elite.

He lay back, gazing at the sky as it darkened, and daydreaming about all the whores and whiskey he would soon be celebrating with. All he had to do was stop the stage, grab the money, and get down the road. The spring storm would take care of anyone that pursued him, and he would be home within a week.

The creak of wagon wheels roused him from his thoughts and he looked down the road to see the stage. It gently rocked and rolled with the terrain as it approached, the horses moving at a fast walk along the trail.

Lou took his position as planned, waiting until the stage was only fifty feet away before tugging on the rope that was keeping the tree in place. The knot gave way and the tree, now unsupported, creaked and groaned as it lazily began to list to one side, picking up speed as it fell. It crashed to the ground with a heavy thud as the driver pulled the wagon to a stop.

“Get your hands up,” Lou shouted at the driver from behind his makeshift mask as he stepped out into the open. The man had other ideas and was already fumbling with the shotgun he had next to him. He swung it around in Lou’s direction and was cocking the hammer when a bullet slammed into his chest.

Lou stood shocked at what had just happened. He saw the man lying back against the driver’s seat, and the blood coming from his chest before he realized the fatal bullet had been delivered from his gun. He was frozen in place for a few seconds, trying to comprehend what he had just done. Movement in the coach caught his attention and he quickly stepped to the stage.

“Everyone out,” he growled as he popped the door open. A man and woman, obviously together, were first to exit. The only other passenger was an older man with a cowboy hat. “John Randall?” Lou asked as the man stepped down. Randall looked surprised to be called by his name and suddenly realized that he was the target of this holdup.

Randall grabbed at the gun in his belt even as Lou pointed the smoking revolver at him. John had been a bull of a man all his life and, had this happened ten years earlier, the out come might have been different. He tried to sidestep from the robbers line of fire and get off his own shot at the same time, but he was a second too slow and Lou’s bullet tore into his side, spinning him around. The next bullet hit him in the middle of the back and he crumpled into a heap.

“Damn it!” Lou exclaimed, “What is wrong with you people?! All you had to do was just give me the money and go on your way.” As he chastised the dead men he realized there would have to be a new plan. He turned quickly to face the remaining passengers to make sure they were not pulling guns on him as well. They stood in obvious fear and clutched at each other for support.

“Give me all your money,” he said gruffly as he stepped over Randall’s dead body and searched for the money belt under his shirt. He found it and undid the buckle to pull it free while keeping a wary eye on the couple.

“We don’t have any money,” the man said feebly. He wrung his hands and the woman tried to comfort him. “We are going to Marlin to stay with my folks since things got bad for us.” Lou shook his head and was about to leave when he saw the ring on the woman’s finger.

“Give me the ring,” he told her. The woman turned pale and the small man, frightened as he was, stepped in front of her.

“That ring belonged to my grandmother,” he said with more authority than he felt, “I can’t let it be stolen the day before I am to see my family.” The woman was visible shaking now and Lou shrugged.

“In for a penny, in for a pound,” he quipped as he cocked the pistol that had already killed two men.

“Wait,” the woman said, stepping in front of her companion, “Don’t shoot him. I...I will do anything you want if you will just leave us be.”

“Tanya, NO! You’re my wife” the man cried, “I can’t let this happen.” Lou cocked his head and smiled at the offer. She wasn’t bad to look at and they couldn’t hang him twice. He nodded to the woman and she turned to her husband.

“Don’t be stupid Robert,” she said in attempt to calm him, “Better I get fucked than you getting a bullet. I will do this and then we will never talk about it again.” She turned back to the gunman, “I assume you will want to tie him before we go somewhere to do this.”

Lou nodded again and stepped over to the small man as she moved out of the way. After her husband was secured and made to sit next to the large wagon wheel, the outlaw stopped for a second to take in his prize. She was average height but her breasts seem to be much too big for the dress she was wearing since they spilled out the top.

“Take off your clothes,” Lou said flatly.

“Here?” she seemed mortified, “In front of him?”

“Right here, right now,” he said, “Unless you want to go back on our deal.” He nonchalantly pointed the pistol in his hand at her husband’s head.

“No, wait.” She slowly began to undo the buttons that held the dress together in the front. It took a few minutes to get through all the layers of clothing she was wearing, but eventually she stood stark naked in front of the two men.

Very nice,” Lou said with lust dripping off his voice, “Get over here and down on your knees.” He pointed to a spot directly between her husband’s legs and she hesitated for just a moment before complying. She knelt between his legs and Lou moved so his crotch was directly in front of her face… and her husband’s.

“Take out my cock and start sucking,” he said menacingly. She fumbled with the buttons of his pants for a few seconds before reaching in and pulling his dick out. The half erect penis almost hit her in the face and both she and Robert gasp at the size of it.

Tanya took a deep breath and began sucking on the tip. Lou, quickly tiring of her half hearted attempt, grabbed the back of her head and shoved his cock down her throat in one quick movement. She gagged and choked as her air was cut off but Lou didn’t seem to notice. He began fucking her throat roughly and his shaft rapidly swelled to full size.

It only took a few minutes of this before Lou was ready to burst. Still wanting more, he pulled his cock from her mouth with a pop and she gasped for breath now that her airway was clear.

“Stand up and bend over,” Lou told her. Tanya stood up but didn’t know where he wanted her until he pointed at the wagon wheel behind Robert. She sighed, and then resigned herself to her task, straddling her husband and bending over so the outlaw could fuck her.

Lou stepped behind Tanya and began working his massive dick into her dry pussy. Had her saliva not be coating his erection it would have been much worse as he pushed forward, driving his cock into her unprepared hole. She screamed as the head forced its way in and then Lou leaned heavily against her, pushing the rest of his member home.

Without waiting for her to adjust to his size, he began to ruthlessly pound into her as her husband sat mere inches away, watching as the giant phallus slammed into his wife over and over again. To make matters worse, Tanya was beginning to respond to being overfilled as very unladylike words began to spill from her lips.

“Ohhhhh,” she groaned, “Oh, fuck me hard! Fuck me with that big cock!” She swayed her back to give Lou a better angle and her tits dangled just a few inches above Robert’s face. She was sweating from her efforts and several beads dripped onto her husband as he sat sullen beneath her.

“Oh shit!” Lou exclaimed, “I’m going to cum!” His movements became more frantic and he pace almost doubled as his balls tightened. He renewed his grip on Tanya’s hips and as he began to cum, she was practically lifted off the ground with the force of his last few thrusts. She responded with an orgasm of her own that left her shuddering as his semen shot into her. Finished, Lou backed away and his spent cock dropped from her pussy. She stood up and much to her dismay, a large amount of cum spilled onto Robert’s shirt as he sat dejectedly against the wagon wheel.

“Nice doing business with you,” Lou said mockingly as he refastened his pants, “If you ever get down to Galveston, look me up.” He turned to leave but then stopped and looked up at the driver’s area. Pulling himself up to the seat, he found a metal box with the words Well’s Fargo painted on the side. He hopped down with his bounty and made a beeline for the area he had hidden his horse, only to return a few minutes later.

Tanya was working on getting the knot loose that bound her husband when Lou rode up. He smirked at her and without a word, turned and walked his horse down the road toward the south.


Tanya and Robert stood surrounded by no less than twenty people in the small town of Wheelock. They had managed to unhook one of the horses from the stage and rode the rest of the way to get help. The sheriff was listening intently to their edited version of what had happened.

“What did his horse look like?” the sheriff asked.

“It was a big dun mare,” Tanya said, “And it had a brand on it like the letter ‘P’ with some other markings.”

“The letter ‘P’?” A man standing in the crowd suddenly spoke up. He pushed his way to the front and stopped next to the sheriff. Kneeling down he drew a symbol in the dirt and looked up at her. “Is this it?”

“That’s it exactly,” Tanya replied. The man stood up and faced the sheriff.

“I know who did this,” he said, “Lou Stous was a hand at our ranch until a few days ago when he just disappeared. He must have found out Mr. Randall would be coming to town to buy cattle and decided to rob him.” The sheriff nodded in agreement.

“Did he say anything else that might help us find him?” The sheriff asked Tanya.

“He said something about Galveston,” Robert blurted out, finally joining the conversation. The sheriff turned to him and nodded again.

“Then he rode toward the south,” Tanya added. The men began rapidly talking at once and the sheriff had to yell to get their attention.

“You men mount up,” he said, taking charge, “It’s not raining yet but we better get on the trail soon or we’ll lose him.” He walked abruptly to the other side of the street and untied a small horse before stepping into the saddle and moving to the middle of the road. When all the men had joined him, he turned and headed out of town in the direction of the abandoned stage.

Tanya and Robert stood for a moment, watching the posse as it disappeared around a bend. They turned to walk toward the boarding house, almost running into the chest of a massive grey gelding. Looking up, they saw a large man in dusty clothes staring back at them.

“Can I help you?” Tanya asked, startled at his sudden appearance. The big man’s gaze settled on her ring and she quickly covered it with her other hand. He looked from Tanya to the dejected Robert and back again. Tanya blushed brightly as she realized he had figured out what had happened, and she felt utterly humiliated.

“No ma’am,” the man said, “I have what I need.” He pulled the horse around and rode out of town, in the opposite direction from the posse.


Waco Texas was alive and hopping at 9 pm the next evening when Lou arrived. The rain had stopped and the cow town was full of cowboys ending their drives. That was a good thing if you were trying to hide. He thought of signing on as a hand and riding out the next morning, but he wasn’t in a hurry. No one would be able to find him this quickly.

Stous had doubled back as soon as the rain had started and headed north. If a posse had managed to get together they would certainly be fooled. He was sure the couple would have told them he was headed south and he had left obvious signs to make sure they believed it. As soon as he had changed direction, he had done his best to stop leaving any trace and the rain had helped as it poured buckets throughout the night.

He hadn’t been in the saloon for more than ten minutes before heading upstairs with two whores. Both were sloppy drunk and he had to help them up the stairs to the room he rented.

“Take off the clothes,” he told them anxiously. The women began giggling and then started to undress for him, one on either side of the bed.

“Get closer together,” he told them, “So I can see you both.” They laughed drunkenly and the blond moved to join the dark haired woman before continuing to undress.

“Now,” Lou said, “kiss each other.” Both the women’s head snapped up at the order and stepped back.

“Mister, you’re sick!” Spat the blond. “We don’t do perverted stuff, just a straight lay.”

Lou pulled his gun from the holster and tipped up his hat with the barrel. “I don’t think you understand,” he told them firmly, “I’m the paying customer and you do what I want.” He let the gun barrel dip down to point at the women.

“But... but mister,” the black haired whore was completely sober now and beginning to tremble in fear, “We’ve never done anything like that before.”

“Seems like a good night to try something new,” he grinned. The pistol was still aimed at the two and he slowly pulled back the hammer. The ominous click filled the room and the girls both gasped in horror.

“Do like I ask and nothing will happen to you.” He laughed suddenly, “Nothing much different than any other night!” The blond moved closer to her friend and pulled her face toward her.

“Sissy,” she snapped, “Just do like he asks and we’ll be done shortly.” Sissy was on the verge of tears but nodded.

“Ok June,” she mumbled. She let June pull her close and then they kissed. It was a long, passionate, deep kiss that made the outlaw’s cock rock hard.

“Perfect,” he said, “Finish getting out of those clothes and then I want you on the bed.” The women rushed to comply rather than argue. They had seen the results of girls who had tried to fight with drunken cowboys. The thought of yelling for help had crossed June’s mind, but there was no way anyone would hear them above the piano that was blaring downstairs.

“You,” he pointed to June as he was pulling off the last of his clothing, “On your back, and have your friend get on top of you.” The women moved into position and soon Sissy’s breasts were hanging down and almost touching June’s as she held herself up with only her arms.

“Kiss her again,” Lou told her. Sissy hesitated and Lou stepped to the side of the bed, pulling the belt out of his discarded pants as he moved and swung it in one motion. It whistled through the air and landed with a crack, making Sissy yelp. It was all the motivation she needed to lock lips with June. Sissy kissed her feverishly in an effort to ward off further punishment and June responded in kind.

Lou climbed onto the bed, belt still in hand, and lined up his hard cock with Sissy’s pussy. In one thrust he was in to the hilt and began pumping into her. Sissy stopped kissing June for a moment to catch her breath, only to hear the whoosh of the belt and feel the leather as it slapped across her back.

“Oooowwwww!” She screamed. She quickly began kissing June again to save herself from another blow.

Lou slammed his cock into her faster as the excitement of having two whores at his whim was causing his dick to throb like never before. He felt invincible at that moment, and he knew it wouldn’t be much longer before he came.

Stous’ attention was suddenly pulled to footsteps out in the hall. They moved forward steadily and then stopped at his door. Lou listened for a second, assuming it was one of the other cowhands or another whore, but the person didn’t move on.

KABAM! The door slammed open and a large man stepped into the room. Lou pushed off Sissy and leapt for his gun on the small table but the intruder already had it in his hand. Too late to stop his forward momentum, Lou flew off the bed and crashed into the wall, landing in a heap at the stranger’s feet.

“What the hell is going on?” Lou bellowed. He looked up to find an army pistol pointed at his face.

“You robbed a stage,” the big man said, “I’m here to take you back.”

“Robbed the sta…” Lou looked at the man incredulously, “You tracked me here?” His mind tried to come up with a reasonable explanation.

“Sort of,” came the stoic reply.

“But, the storm,” Lou was frantic now. What kind of man could track him through a storm like that? Not only track him, but gain time as well!

“Who are you?” Lou finally asked.

“Name’s Taggert.”

“Oh shit! I thought you were dead!” Lou exclaimed.

“Not hardly,” Taggert replied. “Now stand up slow and lean up against that wall.” The outlaw warily complied and Taggert tied his hands behind his back.

“Sheriff,” June finally spoke up from the other side of the bed, “That man made us do perverted things!” Taggert turned to see June standing naked with her hands on her hips and Sissy cringing on the floor with a blanket pulled up to her eyes.

“Really,” Taggert smiled, “What type of perverted things?”

“He, he made us kiss,” she finally spat out.

“Oh?” Taggert feigned concern before turning to Lou, “Did you make them do that?” Lou hung his head and nodded.

“Was that all you were going to make them do?” Taggert asked.

“No,” Lou said, “I was going to… I was going to make them lick each other.” Sissy gasped again from behind the protection of her blanket.

“Did you pay them for the whole night?” Taggert asked.

“Yes,” the outlaw said with a puzzled look.

“Is that true?” Taggert asked June.

She shifted nervously. “Yes,” she said, “he paid for the whole night.”

“Did you cum?” Taggert directed the question to Lou.

He continued to look sheepishly at the ground. “No, I was about to when you showed up.”

“Well,” Taggert pretended to be perplexed. “We got ourselves a situation. You girls got paid and didn’t finish the job. I’m responsible for getting any unspent money back to the stage depot.”

“You can’t take our money!” snapped June.

“Hmmm,” said the big man thoughtfully, “Maybe not. But he paid for all night and you didn’t work all night, so we have an issue. Maybe I have a solution.”

“What do you mean?” June wasn’t following his train of thought.

“I’ve been riding hard for a few days,” he said, “I’ll let you keep the money but I think you should do the work you got paid for. I’ll make sure you earn it.”

Realization finally dawned on June and she turned red. The lawman was going to fuck her and Sissy.

“That ain’t decent!” She accused.

“I certainly hope not,” retorted Taggert. “Get back on the bed while I finish with your friend here.” He made Lou sit in the arm chair and tied his ankles tightly. A loop around the chest made sure he wouldn’t be moving.

“Ain’t you going to take him to the jail?” Questioned Sissy. “You gonna let him stay and watch?”

“He paid for it,” said Taggert as he shut the door and barred it with the table. June was obviously mad but she was used to being abused by men. She would do whatever he wanted and then sneak down and tell the owner while the lawman was sleeping. She would make sure he got his.

Taggert undressed as the women waited on the bed. He was over 6 foot 2 inches tall and there wasn’t a once of fat on his body. His skin was riddled with scars of past battles and the muscles of his arms bulged as he climbed onto the bed. Still on his knees, his large cock hung down and Sissy gulped at the size. “Suck it,” he said, “Both of you.”

Both of the women moved into position on either side of him and began working on his massive cock. June sucked the end into her mouth and Sissy licked the sensitive underside in tandem. This was something they were used to doing and they performed the task to practiced perfection. Within minutes, Taggert’s impressive cock stood at full mast and even June was intimidated by it.

Glancing over his shoulder, Taggert could see by the naked man’s erection that he was obviously enjoying the show. “What were you going to have them do next?” He asked.

Lou sat stunned for a few seconds before answering, “I was going to have them lick each other,” he tried to nod his head to make Taggert understand, “Like, flip flop, and then I was going to fuck the one on top.”

“You heard him,” Taggert said. He guided the women into the ‘69’ position and then pushed his cock into June’s waiting pussy. Pressing on the back of her head made her mouth drop straight between Sissy’s legs, and he held her there until she stopped objecting and began licking at the pussy in her mouth.

Slowly working his cock into June, he could feel his balls graze over Sissy’s nose. They landed on her lips and he waited until she opened her mouth and licked at them before moving again. Taggert stayed in this position for almost ten minutes as he stroked in and out of June while Sissy struggled to lap at his balls.

“What’s next?” He asked Lou as he continued to fuck June.

Lou had caught on to the game now and was more than willing to play. “I was going to switch them out and fuck Sissy in the ass.” Sissy moaned her objections with a mouthful of balls and June jumped up.

“Fuck this!” She yelled, “We’re leaving!” she moved to get off the bed but Taggert’s massive hand closed around her throat.

“You look familiar to me,” he said quietly as if contemplating, “Maybe a wanted poster from Texarkana? I think I saw one with a couple of women about your age. If I remember correctly, it was for stealing from an older gentleman and then beating him half to death.”

June quit moving and sank back onto the bed. If he knew about their crime, he could take them both to jail and they would never get out. She had been wrong in thinking no one would recognize them here.

“It’s not me,” she said weakly.

“Oh,” Taggert smiled, “I guess if you stay, I won’t have to go check.” June’s shoulders slumped and she nodded but shot a dirty look at Lou.

”You sick pervert!” She spat at him. Lou turned red but then a smile crept across his face.

“I was going to have June get her friend ready by licking her ass,” Lou said to Taggert. June opened her mouth to say something but then closed it.

Sissy was pulled into position on her knees and it only took a menacing look from Taggert to get June behind her. Before long she was licking at Sissy’s anus, making the bent over woman moan with pleasure.

Taggert tweaked June’s nipple while she worked. “You can do better,” he said. June redoubled her exertions by pushing her tongue all the way into her friend’s ass. Sissy groaned loudly and bucked against June’s face.

“That’s enough,” said Taggert, “Get under her and lick her pussy while I fuck her.” June moved onto her back and slid under Sissy while Taggert lined up his cock with her now lubricated hole. He pushed the head against her until it finally yielded enough to allow his shaft to pop in.

Sissy hissed loudly and then moaned as the big man’s cock slowly disappeared into her. June’s pussy was now in front of her and she licked at it with wild abandon. The over stimulated Sissy had June on the brink of orgasm as Taggert pumped into her at an increasing pace.

His large balls slapped June’s face as he stroked into the kneeling woman’s asshole and she swiped at it with her tongue when it was close enough. Taggert began to fuck Sissy in earnest and his cock swelled as he got closer to cumming. June was shuddering from her own climax as Sissy relentlessly licked her and pushed back against Taggert at the same time. He felt his own climax coming and hammered in and out of Sissy with blinding speed before finally cumming in her ass as she shuddered from her own orgasm.

All three were breathing hard as Taggert pulled his cock slowly from Sissy’s ass, allowing a large amount of cum to escape and drip into June’s face. She remained quiet without moving and let the warm liquid spill onto her. The three untangled themselves and sat up on the bed.

“Oh shit,” June said. She was looking in the direction of Lou as he sat tied to the chair with cum splattered all over his stomach. “You are a fucking pervert.”

Lou looked at her with hatred in his eyes. “I was going to have her lick all my cum up when I was done,” he told Taggert. June looked pleadingly to the big man.

“Get to it,” he told June. She groaned before moving to her knees in front of Lou and began lapping up the cum from his stomach.

“Then,” Lou said with a wicked grin, “I was going to fuck June in the ass and make her suck my cock when I was done.” June groaned at this but didn’t object. It was going to be a long night.

I hope enjoyed the first Chapter! You can find the complete illustrated book online at RebelmanWrites.com
Don't want the illustrated version, just the story? Email me and I'll try to find you a copy. :)

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