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I fucked my girlfriends mom :)

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ad a really good day today its about 12:45am and im exhausted from fucking my girlfriend 30 minutes ago but now that shes sleeping ima tell you what happened today.My day started from 6am it was hot and I work as a Welder.We work to 12 to 14 hour shifts but did 12 got outta at 6pm and thought I call one of my girlfriends name Gina (Oh and just so you know I have 3 girlfriends but shes my # 1 ) anyways I wanted to see if she wanted to get together hangout at her pad she told me great idea baby just go to my house right aftet work and wait for me till 8pm theres leftover in the fridge case you get hungry love you! My girlfriend is the greatest outta all the girls Ive been with plus she wanted me there cause she wants to rest and cuddle and of course sex.I was like Awesome see you in a few I drive to her house and I let myself in with the spare key she gave me no one was home she only lived with her mom.I thought since I have the house to myself I jump in the shower I was sweaty under my clothes I felt nasty as HELL.I browse around the house and I see my girlfriend's mom room door open I was curious to see what was it like and it really nice this woman had class huge king size bed with silk sheets awesome scented candles on her night stand and a huge collection of highly expensive perfume and clothes and shoes this woman is Hella weathly as I'm just tripping out on every she has I see a beautiful picture of her in her wall I swear she looked like model shes a White mixed cuban woman thats 5'4 weighs about 145 green eyes dark brown hair with perfect juicy lips nice double D's with nice thick legs and a perfect round ass.Shes the ideal MILF any guy would dream for I must of stayed looking at her pic for at least 3 minutes after that I was gunna leave her room than Inotice a door in her room and it was her restroom I opened the door walked in and I swear it was huge! the shower was big enough to fit 10 people plus a bath tub I was amazed never seen a rich bathroom in person.Suddenly Ihad the idea to take a shower in there I said fuck it who many times you get a opportunity like this.I stripped my clothes and took a cool shower it was awesome and refreshing 15 minutes passed and I hear a door close from the front door of the house thinking its my girlfriend I turn off the shower and ran to the house bathroom NAKED acting I took a shower there.I heard foot steps in the otherside of the door and I heard high heels I thought to myself she probally in lunch break or something oh yea ima fuck her in her work clothes lol (My girlfriend Gina is a secretary in her moms business I dont know exaclly what she does but I heard shes makes BANK $$$$) I open the door with a towl wrapped around me nothing under and it was my girlfriend's mom! I froze I didnt know what to say Susan tells me Adrian! WHA THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE!? I still didnt know what to say but I took a breather and processed my mind for at least almost 10 seconds.Well what are you doing here!? says Susan with a look like she wanted to know WHA THE FUCK IS GOING ON! Did I mention she looked sexy in her work clothes with a white button up and black skirt DANM shes gave me a hard on another 10 seconds passed didnt give her a answer she knew I was nervous she notices my towel had a in a life time experience I said.She looks at me with a look like she wants to say you SOB! I was ready for her to scream at me but than something weird happened she laughed I felt low and embarrassed I said I think I'll just leave I turn around and Susan stops me and says that is the cutest thing I ever heard.I didnt know what to say than Susan says something to me can you keep a secret? I said yea sure.Have you ever had sex in a rich persons shower room with a rich woman? I respond never I would love to though.Susan walks towards me in the most sexist way while unbuttoning the top of her shirt to show her cleavage and whispers in my ear do you want to? I look at her grab her by her face and kissed her we were kissing licking everything she takes off my towel and grabs my dick with a nice grip and starts stroking it while I unbutton her shirt once I got to the last button I take off her shirt like unwrapped a presents in Christmas morning her HOOTERS are AMAZING big natural titties they were beautiful I rip her bweather and it was sweaty too but it smelled so good made my mouth wartery.I take my tough out and dipped it up and down fucking her with my tongue to her pussy it taste so good she grabbed my hair hard like if a cock was fucking her I knew I was doing a great job shes yelling all kinds of shit FUCK ME WITH THAT TOUNGE!,FUCK ME!,OMG PAPi! after a few minutes I was munching away nibbling that clit I had this woman toes curling,grabbing twisting the bed sheets,taking hard deep breathes I was proud of myself almost making a cougar go into a seizure with orgazims suddenly she cums and squirts all over my mouth of course I drank it was'nt a great taste but its a nice thing to do after her swallowing all my cum.I get up and she was Amazed how good I did just wit my mouth she said not even guys older than me can do a job like how I did.I tell her i'm not done with you yet I get on top of her and slide my big dick to her soaked pussy I was fucking her so hard her titties were bouncing up and down she was moaning hard like minutes it was nice while cuddling we both agreed that we wouldn't say a word about this and we can still fuck around right after that I say what about that shower?She says I cant gotta go back to work she does her makeup and freshen's up gave me a big kiss and left.It was crazy to think I fucked the mom and daughter I took another shower.After I go to my girlfriends room to put on clean boxers my girlfriend had in her droor from other times I spent the weekends there I lay in her bed and KO.Its 8:30pm and my girlfriend comes home she wakes me up with a kiss and the smell f her perfume.Oh im sorry baby I didnt mean to wake you up I smile while im stretching telling her its ok babygirl I reach for a hug and she lays her head on my chest and asks me did you have a good day babe? I smile and say the best! END

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