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Cap D'Agde

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A few years ago we went on holiday to Cap D'Agde in the South of France. In case you don't know it is a huge Naturist / Nudist Resort. What is really exciting is that there are a number of clubs that are orientated towards swingers.

We arrived there and once we'd got to our apartment we stripped off and went to investigate the resort. At first if felt quite strange being totally nude going to a bar for a drink, ging into a supermarket and even getting an icecream at Baskin Robbins!

Late in the afternoon we went back to the apartment and enjoyed a great "fuck session" - both us were turned on by seeing so many naked people and also being naked ourselves.

We dressed for dinner and went to one of the restaurants - afterwards we went into one of the bars for a few drinks. We'd already had a couple of bottles of wine during our meal and as a result weren't feeling too much pain.

We met up and shared a few drinks with another two couples. They asked if it was our first trip there - it was. It turned out that they had been there a few times. As the drinks flowed they asked us if we had been down to the beach to watch some of the shows. We explained that it was our first night and didn't really know what they were talking about.

We finished off our drinks and followed their suggestions to go for a walk down the beach and see what was happening.

As we all strolled down the beach we could make out the outlines of bodies. As we neared them we could see that a couple were having sex on a sunlounger. A crowd had gathered around them to watch. The six of us moved closer and got into a spot where we could watch them having sex. The girl was on her hands and knees - the guy was behind her pumping his cock in and out of her pussy. As we looked around the crownd of observers (about twenty people - equallay split between guys and girls) we could see that some of the couples were maturbating each other. Indeed there were a couple of girls on their knees sucking off their partners cocks.

I reached over and rubed my hand over my husbands crotch - I could feel he was hard and I knew that my pussy was dripping wet. This was the first time that I had watched another couple having sex. They certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves! I could see his cock was wet from the girls sex juices. His cock looked huge and her lips were puffed up and red and her juice was dripping from her. Some of the people watching had torches to illuminate the couples activities.

We continued to watch them and as his strokes grew faster he pulled his cock out of her pussy and shot his cum over her arse. He grabbed his cock and pump all of his cum into the crack of her arse. She reached through between her legs and rubbed his cum into her pussy. As her stood and and moved away, she rolled over and spread her legs wide. She had a foot planted on either side of the sunlounger. With one hand she puled her pussy lips apart and with the other she started to rub her clitty really hard. The more she rubbed, the more she bucked. As she neared her orgasm she plunged at first, two fingers inside her pussy. Finally, she had four fingers jammed inside her cunt and used the other hand to rub her clit furiously. She screamed as her orgasm hit her. Once she had slouched back on the sunlounger the crowd burst into applause. I was so wet after watching their display. My knickers were soaking from my love juices.

The crowd broke up and headed off back to their apartments or else to one of the bars for another drink.

The other two couples asked what we thought of the little show. Both my husband and I were pretty much speachless and didn't really know what to say. I just wanted to get him into our apartment and feel his cock deep inside my pussy. I longed to get fucked good and hard - I wanted to feel an orgasm shuddering through my body!

As the six of us approached a bar, I told my husband that I wanted to go back to the apartment and that I didn't really feel like another drink. He agreed - he must have known that I was desperate to have his cock buried inside me.

We opened the door to our aprtment and as soon as the door was shut I stripped off my clothes and underwear. I positioned myself on the edge of the bed. I was on all fours with my arse presented towards my husband. I looked over my shoulder and told him that I wanted to feel his cock inside my pussy.

I continued to look over my shoulder and watched him take off his clothes. His cock was really hard it was pointing towards the ceiling. I reched under and rubbed my pussy lips - the juice was running out of me. I used my fingers to part my pussy lips. I wanted to show him my pinkness and how ready I was for him to penetrate me.

He moved forward and rubbed the head of his cock against my wet opening. I was still looking over my shoulder as he rubbed himself up and down my slit. I told him I wanted his cock inside me. In one thrust he sunk his whole cock deep inside me. I moaned with pleasure as his cock stretched me! As he pumped in and out of me he asked how come I was so horny. I told him that watching the couple on the sunlounger had got me really horny. He asked if that is why I had positioned myself on the bed in exactly the same way as she had been on the sunlounger. I had to admit that it was probably the case. He continued to pump my pussy and before long I could tell he was ready to cum. He pulled his cock out of me and shot his cum over my pussy and my arse. I reached around and scooped up his cum. I then rolled over and like the girl on the beach I started to mastubate in front of him. I took the handful of his cum and rubbed it all over my swollen pussy lips. I could feel that my clitty was really poking out and I was so wet from the mixture of my juice and his cum. It didn't take very long for me to feel my orgasm building up inside me. I screamed as it swept over me.

I was laid out on the bed flat on my back - my arms and legs where spread-eagled - I was exhausted. My husband was laid out beside me. Both of us were covered in sweat and clearly satisfied.

He asked how come I was so horny. I had to admit that watching the other couple fucking on the beach had made me really desperate for a cock inside my pussy. I had to admit that I had pretty much acted out what she had done as a bit of a fantasy type thing. While my husband had been fucking me I had been fantasising in my mind that I was the girl on the beach. He staight out asked me if that was what I had been thinking. He knows me too well!!!! I had to tell him the truth. I told him that watching the couple on the beach had been an incredible turn-on and in my inebriated state I would have probably been persuaded to do the same thing. I told him that I would love to be watched while his plunged his cock into my pussy. We talked some more about my fantasy and eventually fell asleep.

We spent the next day enjoying ourselves in the nude. I was begining to become totally relaxed at being nude in front of so many people - but then again they were as equally naked as I was. In the afternoon we met the two couples that we had had a drink with the previous evening and then later had gone down to the beach to watch the fun and games. They asked us if we had enjoyed the "show" the night before. By this time I had already had a few glasses of wine and was pretty relaxed. I told them that I had really enjoyed it and my hubby had given me a good seeing to when we had got back to our apartment. All of us had had a good few drinks by this time and it was Bovb - one of the other couples husbands who said that it was pretty obvious that I'd had a good shagging. I asked how did he know. He said that my pussy certainly looked like I'd gotten a "damn good rodgering"! We were all sat around a table and as he made the comment about my pussy I have to admit I looked down at it and spread my legs apart and asked "What did he mean?". My inhibitions were pretty low and I have to admit I didn't mind exposing my prominent pussy lips to the group gathered around our table - or anybody else who could see for that matter. I had to admit - my pussy did look like it had been well serviced!

Everyone kind of laughed it all off and continued our small talk. We all agreed to meet up later for a drink in the same bar that we had been in the night before. We went our seperate ways to our apartments before figuring out what to do for dinner berfore meeting in the bar.

When we got back to the apartment my hubby was all hot and bothered. He was desperate to sink his cock inside my pussy. I asked why he was so horny and he said that he had been incredibly turned on by my "little display" of my "fucked pussy" to the group earlier on. I decide to tease him at this point. I told him he couldn't fuck me yet - he'd have to wait until later. He asked if I wanted him to take me down to the beach and shag me on a sunlounger in front of a bunch of people. I answered that maybe I did. Secretly, he had just made a suggestion that at that point I would never have dared to mention. I truly did want him to do that to me. I imagined him shafting me while a group of strangers looked on. I went for a shower and had to frig myself off when I was in there. I thought it would relieve the tension. It didn't - I wanted to be fucked on the beach in front of those other people watching even more than I had before.

I put on my make-up and got dressed when my hubby was having his shower. I just couldn't get the thought out of my head - I did want him to "do" me on the beach - I wanted to let any inhibitions I had go and just do it.

All through dinner my mind was in turmoil - yes I really wanted to do it. Later we met up with the other couples for a few drinks. As time rolled on somebody suggested going down to the beach to see who was putting on a show tonight. My heart began to beat faster as soon as it was mentioned and my pantyless pussy was becoming wet at the thought.

All six of wandered down the beach and sure enough the was a couple having sex on one of the sunloungers. There was already a group around them but not too many. We were all able to get "ringside seats". The couple were having sex in the missionary position. To be honest we couldn't really see too much of the action. Finally, the guy got up on his knees and pulled his cock out just as he was about to cum. He then shot his load over his partners tummy. They got their round of appaluse and started to get dressed. Looking around at the other five plus the other people who had been watching I could tell that they had been disappointed by the session that they had watched.

I decided at that point that if I was ever going to do it - it was now. I leaned over towards my husband and told him I wanted him to fuck me. I was wearing a wrap-around dress with nothing on underneath. I undid the ties and peeled the dress off my body. I casually threw it over the back of the sunlounger that the other couple had vacated.

I got on all fours and presented my pussy to my still clothed husband. I looked over my shoulder and saw that he was taking off his shirt and trousers. When he got down to his underwear I could see that his cock was really hard. When he puled off his underpants his cock sprang up to an angle that I doubt he hadn't reached for a few years - probably when he first fucked me!

I spread my legs apart to give him easier access. I felt him rub his bell-end up and down my wet slit. I told him to stick it inside me. In one thrust he buried himself all the way inside me - I could feel his balls against my pussy lips. I was in heaven - he started to pound away at my pussy - I could hear my juices slurping each time he stroked in and out of me.

I knew that at least twenty people were watching my pussy getting fucked - I didn't care I was enjoying the sensations in my pussy as well as the sensations in my mind. It was making my pussy even wetter because I knew that my most intimate parts were on display to the people who were watching. My husband gabbed my hips and started to fuck me hard. I pushed back each time he was thrusting forward. I wanted my pussy to be well and truly fucked and I wanted everyone to see it happening!

I have to be honest and admit that I lost track of time and I know that at least two orgasms swept my body. I felt my husband tense up and I knew that he was about to empty his balls. He plunged his cock deep inside me and held my hips tight. I could feel his cock pulse as his cum spurted inside me. It felt so good. When he puled his cock out of my pussy I heard it "pop". I knew that everybody behind me was able to see my fucked pussy and that my husband's cum was probably starting to drip out of it. I wanted them to see it - I was in heat.

After my husband had pulled out and stood up, I rolled over onto my back. I remembered the girl from the night before and I put one foot either side of the sunlounger. I was now positioned with my legs wide apart with my newly fucked pussy on display.

I looked at the peple crowded around watching. Bob and Sam (the husband from the other couple who we had been dinking in the bar with) were right at the front with their wives. Both of them had their cocks out. Bob was stroking his own and Sam was getting a wank fron his wife Alison. Bob's wife Carole had her dress pulled up - one hand was holding it and the other was rubbing her pussy. I slowly ran my fingers over my cum filled pussy. I looked straight at them - they continued with their activities. I took one hand and used it to spread my pussy lips and then slowly slipped a finger inside my pussy. As I watched them and they watched me I went from one to two fingers and then up to three fingers. I looked down and could see that my fingers were coated in a mixture of cum and pussy juice.

I looked over and saw my husband who was also watching me. He was still naked and his cock was hanging limp in front of him. He did have a big smile on his face - he was obviously enjoying my little show as well.

The more I looked at Bob stroking his own cock and Sam getting wanked off by Alison - the more I wanted to be fucked again. I sat up and reached out towards Bob. He stopped stroking his cock and let me grab it. I pulled him closer and wrapped my lips around it. I took the head in my mouth and continued to sroke it. I decided to see how much of it I could take in my mouth (it was longer than my hubby's but thinner). I grabbed his buttocks with both hands and pulled him closer. I slowly worked his cock back and forward between my lips - eventually I managed to get all 8" down my throat. In my mind, I knew that I had to feel his cock inside my pussy.

I pulled back from him and laid back. My legs were still spread and my feet on the ground. I took his hand and pulled him down on top of me. I didn't want any foreplay - I just wanted a cock inside me. Bob must have read my mind. I held my pussy lips apart and looked down at my pussy. He had a hold of his cock and guided it into my well lubricated entrance. In one slow movement he had eased his entire length into me. He reached down and pulled my legs up. I rested my legs over his shoulders and he then started to work his cock in and out of my pussy. Here I was on my back with a pussy full of my husband's cum and now another man was fucking me right after - just the thought of it drove me to another orgasm.

As my pussy spasmed I could feel that Bob had started to shoot his cum inside me. In the space of ten minutes I had two lots of cum deposited in me from two different men.

Bob climbed off me and I just lay there trying to catch my breath. Alison was still stroking Sam's cock. As I looked at it I could see that it was only 5" long but it was as thick as a beer can.

Alison asked me if I wanted to try Sam's cock. I told her that I did. I rolled over onto all fours again. I looked between my legs to see that SAm was moving himself into position. As I looked between my legs I could see that my pussy was dripping a mixture of my pussy juice, my husband's cum and Bob's cum. I knew that Sam was also going to shoot his cum inside me in a short while.

Sam got between my legs - I looked over my shoulder to see that it was Alison who was guiding his cock towards my pussy. She rubbed his cockhead against my already well fucked lips. As he pushed it inside me I could feel it stretching me - Sam's was the fattest cock that I had ever had inside me. I moaned loudly as he forced all of it into me. I have to say that for me lenght isn't of too much importance - I would much rather have a really fat cock to stretch my pussy - it gives me the most pleasure - for sure.

I clenched as hard as I could with my pussy muscles to heighten the experience for both of us - yet another orgasm took over my body. Eventually, Sam shot his load into my pussy. I looked between my legs as he puled out - after the stretching that he had given me I could see cum and juice strating to run out of me. I tipped my pelvis up to stop it.

I then felt two hands on my bum cheeks. It was Alison - he then buried her face into my pussy and proceeded to lick me clean. I had never had another woman lick my pusst before - it was incredible. I was on my hands and knees with my bum in the air and Alison was licking me from my clitty to my bumhole. Needless to say she brought me to another orgasm. Alison then flipped over onto her back but still underneath me. I got up onto my knees and pushed my pussy down onto her mouth. I could feel her pushing her tongue deep inside my pussy. She licked me clean - three loads of cum and my own juice and they all went down her throat.

I got up off her face and was greeted by a round of applause and a few whistles - I took a bow and felt totally liberated. I had just been fucked by three diffenent cocks and then licked clean by another woman. My legs felt like rubber.

I reached over and threw my dress over my shoulder. I took my husband by the hand and started to walk down the beach with him. I didn't care that I was totally naked. After all I was at a resort where nudity was acceptable and indeed during the day it was obligatary.

I walked naked with my dress over my shoulder all the way back to our apartment. When we got inside I laid out on the bed. I deliberatelt spread my legas so that my husband could se my well fucked pussy. Even though Alison had licked it clean my own juices had made me moist again. I enjoyed the look on his face as he stared at my pussy.

He asked me if I had enjoyed myself. I old him that I had. I asked him the same question and his answer was the same. Both of us were tired out and fell asleep quickly.

We has only been there for two nights - we had twelve to go!

Do you want to hear about the rest of the holiday?

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