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Daddy's Little Whore

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Daddy had asked me what one of my fantasies was in the beginning of our relationship. I responded, without hesitation, that I would like to be in a gang bang with five to six other guys. I had three "rules" for my gang bang. Daddy asked me what those three rules were. I simply said that my Daddy had to be in complete control, all participants but Daddy have to wear a condom, and I must end with just my Daddy and no one else. Daddy agreed to all of those "rules" and I left the rest to Him. Daddy seemed excited at the opportunity to watch his baby girl get used like a dirty little whore and a cum dump for all of those guys. I did not know when this would happen, but Daddy assured me it would. He did say He needed me to be prepared for that night.

Daddy tells me we are going on a little trip. I like it when Daddy takes me places. He often just tells me how to dress and when to be ready. Wherever Daddy goes, His baby girl goes with Him, when He wants her to. I was told to put on my baby girl outfit. I did what I was told, made sure my hair looked cute, no panties, matching bra, and the shoes Daddy picked out for me. Lastly, I applied my makeup just the way Daddy likes it.

We get in Daddy's car and I make sure to buckle my seat belt. Safety first, always with Daddy. As we are driving down the road, Daddy puts His hand on my upper thigh and lightly caresses my smooth skin. He moves his hand up further and starts playing with His cunt. His cunt is already wet from just His touch. His fingers slowly stroke my fat, smooth pussy lips, spreading the wetness around. Then He sinks two fingers deep into His cunt. Daddy says we are going to put my mouth to the test today and see how much cock I can handle without my mouth getting too tired. I got a little excited. I think I might have an idea of what Daddy has in mind and I am a little excited at the thought of it. I am also going to get to practice at being a dirty little whore. I am almost positive we are going to have some glory hole fun. I will only be sucking on cocks and Daddy will be fucking me in His cunt and His ass while I suck strangers cocks. My whole body is warm, the electricity is flowing through me. I am almost positive that His cunt just got wetter. Daddy removes His fingers from His cunt and licks them clean.

We've arrived at a hole in the wall, dirty adult bookstore. I can only imagine what it is like on the inside. We go inside and Daddy lets me browse around for a little bit. I always like looking for new toys. I get excited when I'm looking for toys that Daddy can use on me. Then Daddy takes me by the hand and leads me into a small little room. It is a good thing I like being so close to Daddy because this room is so small. This is my first time in a glory hole room. There is a hole in the side of the wall perfect for cocks to be put into. It is not very clean at all. I am glad I will just be sitting in Daddy's lap! Daddy just lifts my skirt and has me stand in front of Him, facing Him. He takes His fingers to see if His cunt is still wet and He instructs me as to what He expects of me this afternoon. Daddy expects me to suck whatever cock is put through that glory whole and to do it like I mean it. I am not allowed to half-ass it or not give it my all. I am a cock hungry little girl and I need to show Daddy that I can handle however many cocks get put in that glory hole. Daddy spins me around and sits me down on His big thick cock, stretching and filling His tight wet cunt. The first cock makes it's appearance in the glory hole. I lean forward and lick the cock in front of me from the base to the tip. Daddy is slowly sliding in and out of His cunt. I can feel every pull of His cock as He goes deeper into His cunt. The cock in front of me twitches with the contact from my tongue. This stranger's cock is not as big as Daddy's cock. I suck this stranger's cock hard and deep. I wrap my lips tight and glide my mouth up and down. I take the stranger's cock deep down my throat until I gag. My spit is covering this stranger's cock and I can hear him moaning on the other side of the wall. I wish I could suck on this stranger's balls too. My tongue is swirling all around his shaft as I suck his cock with my dirty lil mouth. I feel his cock getting harder and I know he's getting ready to unload his hot, sticky load into my mouth. I grab his shaft with my hand and stroke him as I suck the head of his cock, moaning with him in my mouth. I'm anticipating his load going into my mouth and what he's going to taste like. I hear cussing on the other side of the wall an feel a hot load hit the back of my throat. I stand up and face Daddy, holding the cum in my mouth. I want Daddy to see His little cum slut's mouth full of cum. I show Him and He tells me to swallow it. I do as He says. He spins me back around and slowly enters His ass. Daddy loves His ass. I think He's happy just being inside me. He doesn't even have to move sometimes.

Daddy is slowly fucking me as we wait for the next cock to be poked through the glory hole. The next cock is bigger. I don't know how much of this cock I can get into my mouth. I know I must give it my very best. I spit on this cock first before anything else. I use my hand to coat his cock in my spit. I stroke his big cock with my little hands, base to tip and back down again. Daddy feels so good inside of me, I am almost getting lost in Daddy and not my task. Daddy spanks my ass, hard, and it brings me back to the present. I lick the cock from tip to the base and down to his balls. This man put his cock and balls into the glory hole. I am glad, I enjoy the balls too. I suck and tug gently on this man's balls, as I stroke his big cock. I slowly lick from the base of his cock to the tip, then I slip the head of his cock into my mouth. I wrap my lips tight and suck the head. I continue to stroke his cock with one hand and massage his balls with the other hand, as my tongue swirls around on his head as I suck. I finally move my mouth down his cock. I'm sucking hard, deep and fast on this big cock. I shove his cock down my throat and hold him there for a few minutes. My mouth and throat full and my ass full of Daddy's cock. I imagine Daddy's cunt being full too and I almost cum, but I shut that off. As I continue to suck on this man's cock, I can feel it getting harder and his balls are getting so full. I know he is close to blowing his load and I pull him out of my mouth so he can shoot his hot load all over my face. Daddy is fucking me harder now. Daddy loves seeing his little cum dump covered in cum.

It is a lot of the same for the next hour or two. Daddy continues to fuck me and watch me suck on every cock that is stuck into the glory hole. It did not matter the size or the color, I had to do it. I lost count of how many cocks I had sucked, hoping Daddy had kept up with it. I'm covered in cum. It is dripping down my face onto my chest and into my cleavage of Daddy's boobies. Daddy takes me by the hand and He leads me out of this dirty place. I do not have much to say at this point and my mouth is a little tired and sore. I am trying to rest it because I know once we get home and Daddy has his baby girl all clean, Daddy will want to be taken care of. Daddy deserves the absolute best and I want to be prepared for Him. We are in the car and Daddy looks at me. He says, "Good girl." We start the drive to Daddy's house and Daddy doesn't touch me all the way there. I steal a few glances His way trying to make sure He is happy and not upset with me. I do not say a word. I decide that I am really dirty right now and while Daddy likes it, He doesn't want to touch me at this time. He wants all of those other men's cum off of me and He wants to mark me. That is definitely okay by me. I always need my Daddy, that never changes.

We pull up at Daddy's house and He comes around to let me out of His car. Once inside Daddy's house, He leads me to the bathroom. He fills the bathtub with hot water and He undresses me. His eyes are locked on mine and I can see that He is proud of me. I just smile and wait for Him to tell me to get into the bath. He says that my bath is ready and I climb it. The hot water feels so good on my body. Daddy sits in His chair to watch me. I wash my face first. It is covered in dried cum from all of the cocks I have sucked. I scrub it really good and use my face wash a few times to make sure I am all clean. Then I move onto my hair. I wet my hair and wash it thoroughly like Daddy prefers. I know He is watching to make sure that I clean myself to His standards. Next, I wash my body. I close my eyes and enjoy the way my hands feel gliding over my wet, slick body. I do not touch Daddy's cunt, except to clean it the way He likes it. Daddy asks if I am finished. And I respond yes Sir. I stand and He grabs the towel. He hands me His hand and I step out of the tub. He dries me off and has me sit in His chair. I comb my hair and He blow dries it. Daddy does not want me to get sick. I like it when He takes such good care of me. I am all dried off and I stand and face Him, waiting for direction. Daddy just throws me over His shoulder, smacks His ass, and carries me into His bedroom. I cannot wait to have Him his hands all over me, His lips on mine, and just to be with my Daddy and no one else. He is all I really want, but I always want Him to be pleased with me and be happy.

I know that I have pleased Him and He will be planning my fateful day of my gang bang. I am excited, nervous, anxious, and a bunch of other feelings mixed into one. I know we will talk about this and discuss. He always makes sure I know what is expected and what is going to go on. It makes us work. Daddy is going to have His baby girl used like a fuck toy and protect me while it is happening. I have never had a fantasy like this one even have a chance of coming true, but Daddy is making it happen just for me. I hope he finds some pleasure in it also. I know at the end of my gang bang I am going to want Daddy. Nobody can make me feel the way He makes me feel.

At this moment, I am lost in all things Daddy. Daddy's words, His cock, His hands, His lips, everything that has to do with Daddy, I am entwined with it at this moment. This is what I live for, this attention from Daddy. It is just him and I, nothing else matters. The way Daddy looks at me, the way Daddy smells, the way He touches me and the way He talks to me. Daddy makes my whole body come alive and His touch sends surges of electricity straight to His cunt. The wetness just pools there waiting for His cock to penetrate and claim what belongs to Him. Every time Daddy claims me, it just gets better and better. I never tire of Daddy taking what belongs to Him; whenever, however, and wherever He wants. Daddy takes his time with me and when He is finished, I fall asleep in Daddy's arms. His arms is where I belong, it is where I am the safest.

A few weeks later...

Daddy tells me to make the necessary arrangements to spend the weekend with Him. I am so excited to get a weekend with Him alone, just the two of us. I am sure he has some plans for us. I pack my bags and I have everyone situated where they need to be. I arrive at Daddy's house and let myself in. Daddy is not home from work yet. I make sure I am ready for Daddy when he comes home. I decide to just go with my collar and cute shoes Daddy likes. I want to start the weekend off right, and a smile on His face when He walks through the door is a good way to do that. He should be close to getting home. I am in position on my knees, head down. I always get excited when I am waiting for Him. I do not know when he will be walking through the door and I am full of anticipation. I hear the door click and fight to look up. I want to see Daddy's eyes when He sees me, but I hold my position and keep my breathing steady and even. It is all I can do not to get up and run into Daddy's arms. He walks up to me and places His hand on my head and says hi baby girl. Then He tells me to stand up. Once standing, He lifts my chin so I am looking Him in the eye. He said that was the way He likes to come home and he gently kissed me. I melt. He leads me to couch and pulls me onto His lap. Sitting in Daddy's lap is always calming to me, just his touch can calm me in a moment.

Daddy starts to talk and tells me that this is the weekend I am been waiting for. I am going to have my gang bang tomorrow afternoon. Daddy tells me the whole plan for the weekend so I know what to expect. Tonight and Sunday, Daddy is just going to love on me and be gentle and caring with me. Saturday, it is game day. I do not thing there will be any gentle coming near Saturday. Saturday I am a dirty lil whore, cum dump, slut, and Daddy's bitch. I know at the end of the day, I will be claimed, in every hole by Daddy. That is part of the deal for me. What I do not know, and do not have to worry about, is how many men will be here. I also do not have to worry about not being safe. Daddy will make sure that happens. I do wonder if He will just be watching and taking pictures or if he will join in., maybe do a little of both. Oh the anticipation of this gang bang. I know I can do it, but it's a little scary and intimidating to think about. It is a good thing I do not really have to think about it or the details, that is what Daddy is for.

I get myself ready. Daddy instructed me to do my makeup like a dirty little slut and wear my collar. He said not to worry about anything else, no need for it today. Daddy goes over my responsibilities and what He expects from me. He tells me He will always be in the room and I will never be in danger. I know it is going to be rough most of the time, but I will not be hurt. If anyone hurts me, it is Daddy's job, not theirs. I am sure Daddy has given them rules and told them their guidelines. Daddy reminds me I am His and kisses me. It is almost time for everyone to arrive. My instructions were to be on the floor, face down, ass up in the air, with my knees underneath me and my eyes down. I am not to make eye contact with anyone unless it is demanded. I should always do as they tell me. If anyone oversteps the boundaries, Daddy will step in. The point is for me to not have any control, so I do not know what is allowed and what is not. That means I simply do what is asked of me.

I hear the other mean arrive. I start listening for different voices to see if I can figure out how many different men their are. I think I hear at least five different voices, but there might be more. They walk into the room where I am and I can feel all their eyes on me. I am very still and I try to keep my breathing steady. Daddy's cunt is wet already from anticipation of this gang bang.

All the men surround me now. They all have their cocks out and are stroking them slowly. I am on my knees looking up at each of them. I am biting my bottom lip. I am so turned on with this buffet of cock in front of me. I am not supposed to touch their cocks with my hands. I can only suck on them. They can grab my head and face fuck me, but I cannot touch their cocks. One of them grabs my hair and says, "Your Daddy says you are a dirty little cock sucking slut that is going to be our cum dump today." I just moan in response. Daddy is taking pictures and watching. I know that I am safe in this moment, this moment of me being a dirty little bitch. One of the men grab my titties and start to pinch and twist them with his fingers. I hear someone say, "Look at that dirty little mouth." I lick my lips and go for the first cock to put it in my mouth. I spend a few minutes sucking on each of these cocks. Each one tastes different and fits differently in my mouth, but none of them feel like my Daddy. He is the right fit and the one that belongs. These cocks I am sucking on are just cocks. Some of the men grabbed my head and face fucked me, others just made sure they went deep down my throat a few times, and the rest of them just let me suck on their cocks how I wanted to. I was a slobbery mess. I made sure all of their cocks were nice and hard. They also had plenty of my spit and slobber on their cocks. As I was sucking on their cocks, they were touching any and every part of me they could get their hands on. I was on my knees, but I made sure my knees were apart so they could have access to Daddy's cunt. Daddy's cunt is so wet right now with all of this cock around me. Right now I am an attention seeking whore and this is a lot of attention at one time. My body is responding as I thought it would. Daddy's cunt is wet and I am ready to be used. I am beginning to get lost in the moment. Daddy told me that they are all aware of the rules and that I am to just do my thing and enjoy myself. He will be watching and if one of them gets out of line, He will take care of it. My Daddy is so good to me. I know that He is turned on and is going to love the cum dripping from my face when this is all over.

The blindfold has now been removed, with all the grabbing of my head as I was sucking on their cocks. There are six men. Daddy picked men with all different sized cocks, but they are all big. They tell me to get on my hands and knees. I do as I am told as quickly as possible. I have three cocks up by my mouth in a semi circle around my head. The other three men are around me as well. One of them is on his back under me sucking on my titties and playing with them, while my cunt is being slowly fucked by one. He is going so deep inside me and sliding in and out of me so slow I can feel every inch of him. I don't know where the other guy is. While Daddy's cunt and titties are being attended to, the three up by my mouth continue getting sucked. At this point I am mostly getting face fucked by these three men. It seems as though they are trying to see who can get the deepest down my throat. A little friendly competition at the expense of my dirty little mouth. It is very very hot. I hope Daddy likes what he is seeing. A new cock enters my pussy hard and deep. I let a squeak as the cock that was just in my pussy is plunged into my mouth and I get to clean myself off of his cock. I taste good on him. The man pounding Daddy's cunt now is spanking my ass hard and pounding me hard. He spits on my ass and starts to play with my asshole as well. Daddy does not know that I decided I did not want to give these men my orgasm or my cum. They do not know it either. So this part is all in my control. If it happens, I am the only one who will be disappointed. But I am pretty sure I can keep my orgasms for my Daddy later. They are all for him, I do not want to give them to anyone else.

They each take a turn with me on my knees and I keep sucking cock. I have tasted myself on each one of them. I have to say, having so many different cocks in me at the same time is weird. They each feel different. Some stretch me more than others, some go deeper than others. Daddy's cunt is getting worked over very good. As the fucking continues, the men seem to be getting more comfortable in their role and are taking more control. Throwing me around a little bit, being demanding and forceful. It is all so very hot and it is keeping Daddy's cunt nice and wet. I know there is some lube in the room, in case we need it, but so far, Daddy's cunt has been able to stay nice and wet.

I am now on top, facing towards the man underneath me. He is gripping my ass and holding on to me so hard as he pounds his cock into me. He is going so hard and so fast I am squealing. He tells the other men to get a cock into my mouth to shut me up, I am getting too loud. I cannot help it. A cock is rammed into my mouth and I start to suck on it like my life depended on it. The man that is currently fucking me is biting and sucking on my titties while he fucks me. Someone has started to play with Daddy's ass. Someone else is rubbing their cock in my hair and I my mouth is just sucking on cock, after cock, after cock. One of the men tap in. At this point I am surprised that none of these men have tried to double penetrate me. I know it is coming, but I thought it would have already happened. I am passed to the next guy and I am on top of him the same way I was on top of the previous man. He slowly enters me and fucks me hard for a minute. I feel a cock on my ass spreading lube and my juices all around my asshole. This is it, the double penetration. I am moaning and I can feel Daddy watching us. I can faintly here camera clicks. The man slowly enters my ass, all the way in, nice and deep. He holds himself there for just a few seconds, before he starts to pump my ass. I have a cock in my mouth and I am stroking another one. I had to ask Daddy for permission to stroke their cocks. I needed to occupy them and my hands were empty. Daddy said it was okay. I am getting pumped and I am so full of cock, it is the best feeling in the world. I am sealed air tight by big hard cocks. There is a lot of sweat and dirty words being said from everyone. They are fucking me hard and deep. Now that they have Daddy's ass and His cunt, they have gotten even harder. At this moment, I realize I really am just their cum dump. They do not give two shits about me and I do not really care that it is that way. It is what I wanted in my gang bang. I did not want to be connected. Sometimes it is amazing to me how a****l like men can become. They take turns in Daddy's cunt and Daddy's ass, there is nothing soft about it. It is so hard and deep, everywhere; Daddy's cunt, ass and mouth. My body is shaking from the pleasure and the lack of release I have denied myself. I've been so close, but now I have just blocked it out.

My arms are pinned behind my back and my head is held in place. I am a fuck doll that is getting used. My mind is now on autopilot and I am having a hard time processing what is happening to me. I cannot feel anything right now and I am just moaning and going through the motions I feel like a doll. I know we are getting close to the end and I want them all to finish on my face. I am trying to hold enough strength so sit on my knees and take all their cum on my face. I can feel Daddy close watching. I cannot see Him, but I feel Him. It just assures me that I am safe. He will not let me be harmed.

I am now on my knees, how I started, with my mouth open and them all standing around me. They are all stroking their cocks and I start to beg for their cum. I want to be dripping in their cum for Daddy. They each take their turn shooting their loads all over my face and it is dripping down to my tits. After they are done, they each dress, speak to Daddy, and leave. After the last one is finished, I collapse onto the floor. I know Daddy wants pictures of me covered in their cum, but I did not have the strength to keep myself in an upright position. I am laying on my back on the cold floor, shivering.

Daddy approaches me and snaps a few pictures before He even speaks. He looks down at me and just says, "Come baby girl." I slowly get up. My legs are really weak and I have to stand there for a few minutes to keep from falling. Daddy comes to hold me up. I try to be strong and stand on my own. Daddy sees me stumble and He just throws me over His shoulder. He leads me to the bathroom in His room. He sits me on the edge of the bathtub as he fills it with hot bubble bath. I have not come back yet. My mind is still far away. I am barely aware of what is going on around me. All I am positive of is Daddy is here. That is what I am holding onto right now. He puts me in the bathtub and begins to clean me. He is speaking very quietly and I find it to be very soothing. He is telling me that He is so proud of me and that I did everything that He asked. I look into my Daddy's eyes and I start to come back. He has cleaned my face from all of the other men and He kisses my forehead, my cheeks and my lips. He whispers in my ear, "You are mine."

"Up you get," Daddy says. He helps me step out of the bathtub and he dries me off. He combs my hair and has me sit down so He can blow dry my hair. He does not want me to get sick. I love it when Daddy takes care of me. I am still processing everything that happened in the gang bang. Right now, I just want Daddy.

He takes my hand and leads me to the bed. There are no need for clothes, I need to feel Daddy skin on skin and be close to Him right now. I cuddle into His chest and arms. I take three deep breaths and let Daddy's scent sooth me. Daddy is caressing my back and being gentle and loving with me. My face in buried into Daddy's neck and I find myself kissing his neck with little kisses as I breath Him in. I know that even though my body is weak and tired, I need Daddy. I need to feel him every where. I need and want to be reminded that I am completely His and that He still wants me. Daddy lifts my chin so I can look Him in the eye. He asks me if I am okay. I just nod yes and tell Daddy I need Him. He kisses my lips and says again, "Mine."

One of my rules was that I ended with Daddy after my gang bang, just Him and I. No one else. I always thought it would be rough and hard, Daddy showing and reminding me that am His. But that is not what is happening and not what I need. Daddy knows that that is not what I need to. I can tell. Daddy is going to gently remind me and take me. His cunt is already wet for Him, which is surprising to me, but my body has always been His. It responds to Him at any given moment.

Daddy lays me on my back and starts kissing me from head to toe. My whole body is on fire from his kisses and I am almost begging Daddy to be inside me. That is where I need him most. At this point, I realize I never allowed myself to cum during the gang bang and I know Daddy does not know of the decision I made. "Daddy," I say. "I just want you to know that I did not let any of them have my cum or my orgasm. I decided to save them all for you. I came close many times, but I did not do it. I want those to be all yours." Daddy is very quietly sucking on my nipples and taking his time. He just looks up at me and smiles. I do not know what that means and I do not know if I have the strength to cum multiple times, but as long as I am with Him, I can do anything.

He positions himself over me and between my legs. I feel Daddy's cock at the entrance of His cunt and it is all I can do to not impale myself onto Him. I just want Him inside me. He does not even have to move inside me. I just need Him there, where he belongs, where we are one with each other and nothing can separate us. Daddy's head slowly enters me and my eyes lock onto His. I do not blink or break the eye contact. I am connecting with Him and I need this moment. I think Daddy needs this moment too. He just holds Himself still and we are speaking to each other through our eyes. Now Daddy is all the way inside me and He is starting to pump into me slowly and tenderly. I am very sore down there, but Daddy feels so good. He is taking away all those other people. It is just me and Daddy again. He starts to move a little faster and as He is pumping into me, He starts to play with my clit and running circles over it. Still looking at me, He commands me to cum. My body automatically responds and I cum all over my Daddy's cock. That was what I needed. It was hard and seem like it lasted forever. Daddy just let me ride it out. He staying deep inside me and kept saying, "That is it baby girl, give it to Daddy." I am breathing heavy and I am having aftershocks from that orgasm. I am so happy I saved it for Daddy.

He is moving more forcefully now, hitting all those spots that only Daddy knows how to hit. I grab onto him and get lost in Daddy. I am His, now and forever. Daddy explodes deep inside me and I am whole again. Daddy collapses on top of me and I just hold Him. Daddy and I cuddle and kiss a lot the rest of the day. I know a discussion is in the near future, but for now, it is just us. Us being together and being lost in each other. There is no place on earth I would rather be.

Daddy owns me. Every part of me. He even has my heart, it took us a long time to get here and I will never look back! I am His.

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