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Wife Fucker

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Wife Fucker!
by astrel©

My 35 year old wife had started to take classes in belly dancing. It is perfect for her, as she is very dark, has nice round breasts, broad hips and a beautiful full, rounded belly delightfully centred with a deep dark navel. I had been looking for a present for her for our wedding anniversary and came across an oriental goods shop. I went inside the dark and actually, quite dirty little shop to find an old man of middle eastern style sitting behind the counter. The man wore a knitted cap, the kind muslim men wear and he had a long grey beard. He was actually quite unfriendly at first and asked me what I was looking for so I explained about my wife's belly dancing at which the rather crude and ugly old man became quite interested and started to grin and show me lots of clothes, belly-chains and such like. He took a small box and showed that it was full of small silver coins. He took one and gave it to me...

"Very rare" he grunted..."For you wife's lovely little navel"

I thanked him rather gingerly for the coin at which he laughed and informed me that it was a very rare and expensive coin and that I could only have it if I brought my wife to the shop in person so that she could see his wares for herself.

When I got home I told my wife Anita about the shop and suggested that we went to have a look around. So it was that the very next day, my wife and I opened the door and entered the dirty little shop to the delight of the fat old man...

There sat the same ugly old man at the same dirty little desk, yet this time his eyes lit up when he saw that my wife was with me.

My wife Anita was wearing a short green pullover and a long, loose-fitting gypsy skirt, leaving her navel bare...

The old man stood up and came around to us, shook my hand and put his arm around my wife, his grubby fingers pressing and feeling the soft brown flesh of my wife's exposed waist.

"What can I do fo this pretty lady?" asked the man.

"I want a dance costume" replied my wife.

"What kind of dance?" questioned the man.

"Oriental dance..." answered my wife, at which the man grinned.

"What kind of dance?" he pressed.

"Belly dance..." said Anita shyly to the delight of the dirty old man.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, of course" said the man, "...belly, belly, belly!" he laughed.

He showed her to a changing room and pushed her inside, handing her a cheap looking costume to start with. When she came out, he looked at her very seriously.

She had the oriental dancing costume on - she looked beautiful...her large, heavy breasts pushed up and thrust out and the belt on the bottom of the costume two inches below her navel.

"No...no...no!" grumbled the man, "This will not do at all...not at all..."

He walked over to us, roughly pushing me aside, and proceeded to push the bottom part of Anita's costume much, much lower....so low that the top tendrils of her bushy black forest of pubic hair almost peeked out!

"You must show the whole of your belly, you silly girl!" he snapped gruffly, adjusting her belt and getting his hands on the soft brown belly in the performance of this duty....the belly that was, until that moment, just there for my pleasure.

"Go on girl...." he grunted, "roll your nice little...belly...for me...show how you can dance!"

With that, my shy wife Anita began to undulate her fine brown abdomen right there in the dimly lit shop, clashing the small cymbals on her fingers together to some eastern rhythm . She shook her breasts and danced the way her instructor had taught her.

"Very good! Very good...you have learned well my girl!" he said to my wife, slapping her playfully and lecherously on the bare abdomen almost as if I were not there in the room...."but you are not truly relaxed. Put your hands behind you head and let me massage your belly for you!"

My wife followed the man's instructions and stood there with her hands behind her pretty head, breasts thrust out...soft belly curving in, then out, then in again beneath them. The old man began kneading and rubbing my wife's warm brown belly right in front of my eyes!

"Hmmmmmmmmm! What a nice soft belly you have my girl...and such a deep navel too!" he groaned, his grubby fat fingers playing with Anita's deep, dark, belly-button hole.

The man kept on rubbing and kneading the different sections of my wife's bare belly...he noticed a couple of stray hairs peeking out of the costume and tickled them! The impudent old man actually pulled the bottom of my wife's costume out and took a quick peek done at her thick, bushy forest of black pubic hair.

After a couple of minutes, the man stopped rubbing my wife's soft warm flesh and stared at her large breasts.

"Nice titties you have my girl...like big soft melons!" said the rude old man, "and fine fat nipples too, I'll be bound! You must have a different top with your costume...one with coins to jingle when you shake....Take of your top now!"

My wife stared at him, open mouthed and then looked at me.

"Don't look at him, you silly girl!" he snapped, "do as you are told and take of that top so that I can see your titties!"

"Go on..." I said, hardly able to speak, "do as the man says now..."

My wife reached around behind her and undid the strap there, letting the bra fall to the floor. She straightened up and stood there, topless in the dimly lit shop...bare breasted and bare bellied in front of this horrible fat man...

"Ohhhhhhhhhh!" he grunted, his hand seeming to rub a huge bulge in the front of his long white shirt. That couldn't be his penis, I thought, it reached up almost half way to his chest...

My wife stood there, her breasts thrust out. Her breasts are large and heavy, yet stand out quite a way from the ribcage. Her nipples are big and fat, with surrounding brown saucers that are four inches across.

"Shake your titties for me so I can see what type of bra you will need!" he said.

My wife began to shake her shoulders, making her soft brown breasts wobble and bounce about like a pair of round jelly melons. I noticed a dark wet spot on his long white shirt, way up above his paunch...right about at the point where the huge bulge ended.

He took a coin-sown bra and walked over to my wife. He put the bra down for a second and took her breasts in his hands, rubbing, kneading and weighing the soft fleshy melons as if they were some tropical fruit and he was testing the ripeness.

"What nice melons you have my girl!" he said, "I bet they make a lot of milk for your c***dren don't they...fine sucking nipples"

There she stood, half naked in the dimly lit shop with this strange old fat man crushing her breasts in his hands. Suddenly, the man lifted his shirt and hugged my wife to him. I was behind him, so I couldn't quite see what he was doing, but there was a look of wide-eyed amazement on Anita's face. The man seemed to be undulating his big fat arse, as if his was dry fucking my wife...

After a few seconds, he stopped and turned around and what I saw amazed me to this very day. In front of his fat, hairy stomach was a long fat cock that looked more at home on a horse! It was fat and ugly and dribbling pre-seed in a long thick rope-like trail, dangling from the end. I looked at my wife and saw the same slimy clear wetness all over her sexy belly.

"I'm so sorry darling..." she said, "I couldn't stop him...he was..."

"What was he doing darling?" I asked.

"He was...just... fucking my belly!"

My own smaller penis was rock hard in my pants by now as the man grew more dominant.

"Bend over my girl! he ordered "I am going to fuck you! I will plough your fertile field and make a baby in your nice soft married belly!

To my amazement, Anita dropped the costume to the floor and stood there naked. She looked so erotic standing there naked before this ugly man. I have never loved her so much as I did at just that moment...knowing inside that she was about to take the seed of this horrible stranger. Anita looked at me...smiled...mouthed the words "I love you" and then went over to a table, her breasts and arse jiggling and her belly quivering, sucked in for the man.

"My my...what a nice hairy bush you have my girl!" he exclaimed.

She leaned over on the table and he went over to her.

The old man looked at me, then commenced to rub and massage all over my wife's naked body....breasts...belly...bottom...and the thick thatch of her beautiful pubic bush. He really reveled in the pleasure of her hairy slit. My wife has a very thick, very soft and bushy pelt between her thighs...

"Now watch as I fuck your wife!" he snapped at me leering at me.

His big fat cock was well over a foot in length and as thick as a beer can and he was having trouble getting it into my wife's hairy slit.

"Come here and help me, you bloody impotent cuckold!" he taunted.

I walked over and took his cock in my hand...I could feel its blood-filled heat...I opened the lips of my wife's lovely little pussy and pushed about four inches of the monster cock into her...

"Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh!" she groaned, "It's too big!"

The old man put his hands under her, on her belly, and suddenly thrust about four or five inches more into her!

"OOOOOOOOOOOOohhhhhhhhhhhhhh....no...no...please stop it!" she cried.

The she stood, bent over, the man's hands kneading her soft belly and hanging breasts, with about eight inches of cock in her tight pussy and at least another six inches yet remaining outside!

Three times, the man did the same thing, lifting Anita by the belly and grunting a couple of inches into her until...it all went in with no trouble.

The man stood there embedded in my shy wife...his tongue hanging out like an a****l...and he began to fuck her in ernest like the b**st he was!

The sound of fucking filled the shop, his fat, hairy stomach slapping against my wife's full round bottom...his long hairy ball sack swinging and bouncing with the effort...I took a moment to look at his scrotum...huge and heavy and swollen with his muslim seed.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh...floppy titties...nice soft belly...hairy little cunt!" he moaned as he fucked Anita. She was moaning and crying out in pleasure too.

I took out my hard penis and began to rub it for all I was worth. The sound of fucking, and groaning and swearing filled the air! The man was kneading my wifes hanging breasts like bread dough as he fucked her. Suddenly, he started to feel his ejacluation on its way.

"Where to you want me to seed your silly little girl?" he grunted at me. I didn't want him to cum inside her, as she was not on the pill and I didn't want her to have this man's baby.

"Please don't shoot inside her...please..." I pleaded, but he just laughed. It was Anita herself who answered...

"Cum inside me...please cum in my belly...give me you seed...make a baby in my womb for me!"

"Yes!" grunted the man, "it is as it should be...I will fuck you and fill your belly with my blessed seed!"

The man held my wife my the waist and grunted in extasy again and again as he poured his into her fertile womb...there was so much thick slimy semen being pumped into her that it squirted out a few times, landing in thick white puddles on the dirty floor of his shop.

I was masturbating by this time and my own semen spurted out onto the floor of his dirty shop...a pathetic few drops compared to his deluge

The old man stopped thrusting and pulled back, his long fat slippery cock flopping softly down as it left my wife's hairy slit with an audible "plop", a long string of sperm hanging from the huge hole in the fat head of his massive cock.

Sperm was running out of my wife, and the old man told her to lay down and raise her knees so as not to lose any of his blessing.

The man put his monster cock away and took me to the cash register, where he took an inflated price for the belly dancing costume...considering that he had just had the pleasure of fucking my wife!

That was it! She thanked the man who said that his name was Iqbal and we left the shop.

"Wait just a minute!" he shouted, "you forgot..."

The man ran up to us and showed me the small silver coin he had showed me the last time I was there...for my wife's little navel...

He took her to a chair and told her to stand on it, as he would not go on his knees in front of a woman...she did so.

The man took the small coin...looked for a second at Anita's expose navel...and thrust his tongue all the way into her deep belly-button causing her to let out a gasp. He took the coin and pressed it into her saliva-wet navel where it stayed.

My wife thanked him again and we left the shop with a look of satisfaction on both his and my wife's faces and the small silver coin....glittering in the sunlight...in the centre of her firm brown belly!

Nine months late, I watched as my wife gave birth to little baby boy...a son. The baby was much darker than our two sons. The nurses smiled when they saw the baby's skin colour. He was a fine young man, they said, and even at birth, the nurse said that he was a lucky boy to have such an abnormally large penis!

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