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VACATION with Bridgit Mendler

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VACATION with Bridgit Mendler
by jerojerome

VACATION with Bridgit Mendler

'Finally....I'm home', i thought to myself as I arrived at my mom's house.
I couldn't believe that my first year on college was already over. My mother wanted to know everything about it and I certainly told her everything about it..except for my encounters with some college girls. After dinner I headed straight up to my old room because after the long drive home I was very tired.

It was very hot on the next day and my mother certainly wanted me to work in the garden. I wasn't very happy about it, but when I noticed the blonde girl who was sunbathing in a bikini, I was happy about it. 'My mother didn't tell me that we've got a new neighbour', I said to myself as I took my shirt off. Fortunately I caught her attention and from the corner of my eye I noticed that she raised herself up to get a clearer look. I don't look like a bodybuilder, but I'm in a good shape and I train regulary. When I was almost finished with my work the stunning blonde girl walked over to the fence which separated our properties.

'Hi', she greeted me as she bent over the fence what made her big tits (c-cups i guess) almost spring free. 'I'm Bridgit', she continued.

'Hi..I'm..', I answered as I tried not to look at her tits.

'I know who you are', she cut me off and smiled.

'Really?', I asked her stunned.

'Yeah...your mom told me about you.'

'And what did she tell you about me?'

'Well...she told me that you are a handsome guy and that she is soo proud of you because you are going to college...but..'


'Actually... I expected a nerdy guy...fortunately you don't look like a nerd.'

'Thanks..but sometimes I can be very nerdy', I said jokingly what made her laugh and that caused her tits to jiggle.

Our little flirt went on for about 20 minutes until my mom called me for dinner and reminded me to finish my work (what was very embarrassing)
'Well...would you like to take care of my garden too..I promise you won't regret it!'

'Sure..why not.', I answered. 'Is tomorrow ok?'

'Yeah..tomorrow is ok and thanks...see you tomorrow', she said as she turned around and walked with swaying hips back to her house. That was when I realized who she really is...

'Hey...aren't you the Bridgit Mendler from 'Good luck Charlie'?!'

She just looked back at me and smiled before she entered her house...

I was a bit nervous when I rung her doorbell on the next day, but I tried to be cool what was in fact very hard when she opened the door in nothing more than a bikini and on top of that the bikini looked even tighter than the bikini she wore the day before.

'Hi there.', she finally greeted me and smiled.

'Hi..so what can I do for you?', I asked her.

She guided me through her house into her backyard and showed me what I should take care about. Immediately I started to work while Bridgit was sunbathing. After about half an hour I took my shirt off (what Bridgit liked) since it was even hotter than the day before. An hour later Bridgit suddenly walked into her house and a few minutes later I followed her because I was very thursty.
In the kitchen Bridgit handled me a glass of water.

'Are you already finished?', she asked me.

'Almost',I quickly answered.

'You can finish it whenever you want...I mean it's too hot today and you've been working for almost 2 hours..', she said as she took a few steps back.

'Uhmm sure...I will finish it as soon as possible.'

'Good...and here is your reward..', she said as she unravelled the knot of her bikini and let it fall down to the floor.

My eyes were firlmy locked on her bare tits as she just stood there with arms akimbo and smiled. Her tits were definitely the biggest and best formed tits that I've ever seen. 

'Do you just want to stand there and watch?', she asked me as she took a few steps forward what made her tits jiggle until we were facing each other.
Immediately we started to make out. I cupped one of her big and beautifully formed tits in each hand to squezze and massage them as I kissed her neck. A little moan escaped from her mouth when I kissed my way down to her right boob and sucked on it. I swirled my tongue around her nip before I lightly bite on it what she obviously liked because she threw her head back and moaned a little bit more. Her moans got louder when I slipped my hand down into her bikini bottoms and stuck a finger into her wet pussy while I used my thumb to rubb her clit.
After I gave her other tit the same treatment she grabbed my hand and sucked my fingers clean as she dropped down to her knees.

'Now it's my turn to pleasure you..', she said in a seductive tone before she opened my pants and yanked them down together with my boxers.

'Mmm..not bad..', she whispered as she grabbed my semi erected cock and slowly stroked it. Before I could say something Bridgit closed her mouth around one of my balls and gently sucked on it. The same she did with my other ball. After that she slowly licked several times from my balls to the very tip of my cock. At this time my cock was fully erected.

A few licks later she jerked my cock again, but this time she teased my pisshole with her tongue before she swirled her tongue around the head and finally wrapped her lips around it.Not long after this she boobed her head up and down my cock taking more and more in her mouth while she was still jerking my cock. On top of that she managed to lick the underside of my cock too.
As soon as my cock was completely soaked with her saliva she stopped her actions.

'I need you inside me..', she said as she unravelled the knote of her bikini bottoms and threw it away.

With that said I lifted her up on the kitchen table and laid her on her back. Immediately I placed her legs on my shoulders and aimed my cock to her already dripping wet entrance.

A cry of pleasure escaped from her mouth as I buried half of my cock into her. I felt like I was in heaven as I felt her pussy lips parting and engulfing my cock.It took a few seconds until I started to work my hips. At first I just fucked her with the half of my cock, but with each thrust I buried my cock deeper and deeper into her. It didn't take long until I was balls deep in the 'Good luck Charlie' star.

'Oh..fuck you're so big..', Bridgit moaned as I hold still in her.

'Don't worry..after a few times your pussy will be stretched enough..'

Again I started to fuck her with slow and deep thrusts, but with each thrust I increased my pace, so that I was fucking her like a jackhammer after a few moments.

'Oh..gawd..yessss...don't stop...', Bridgit moaned as she groped her own tits, but I immediately took her hands away because I wanted to see how her big boobs were jiggling to the rythm of my thrusts.

Watching how her tits were jiggling cheered me up to increase my pace again and by this time I was fucking her as hard and fast I could.
In addition to that I started to rubb her clit what made her moan even louder than before.

'Ohhhh...mmmm...yessssss.....right there....gawd..yessss...'

Suddenly she arched her back and I could feel her pussy muscles spasm around my dick as she reached her orgasm.

'That...was..awesome', Bridgit said as she calmed down and I pulled out.

'Hey..you didn't cum yet?!

With that said, Bridgit jumped off the table and took me by my hand and before I could say anything I was lying on my back on her bed.

'This time..let me do all the work..', she said as she climbed on top of me and took hold of my cock.

Bridgit locked eyes with me as she was slowly sinking down my cock inch by inch. Right after she placed her hands on my chest I grabbed two handfuls of her ass before she started to raise and lower herselfon my cock.

'That's right...ride my cock..', I moaned and slapped her ass several times what cheered her up to increase the tempo of her hips.

By this time we were both coated in sweat and all you could hear were our moans and the sound of flesh slapping against flesh everytime when her ass hit my tights. On top of that her big boobs were bouncing up and down right over my face. I couldn't helped it and groped her tits. Fortunately Bridgit bend forward so that I could lick and suck on her tits again.

'I'm close...', I said after Bridgit raised herself up again.

Suddenly Bridgit rolled herself off of me.

'Have you ever fucked tits before? Well...here is your chance! I want you to fuck my tits!'

Immedately I got on top of her and placed my cock between her soft boobs as she pressed them together. 

'Mmm..thats right fuck my big tits with your big cock..I bet you wanted to do this since the first time you saw me...'

Surprised by her dirty talk I increased my pace.

'I love getting tit fucked...'

'Oh fuck...', I hissed as Bridgit spat on my cock and pressed her tits harder together.

In additon to that she opened her mouth to take the head of my cock in her mouth with each forward thrust and after a few more thrusts I felt my balls tighten.

'I'm cumming!'

'Yes...cum for me..cum all over my tits and face..'

'Here it comes....!', I almost screamed out as I shot spurt after spurt of my warm cum all over her face and tits.

Totally excausted I got off of her and laid down next to her.

'Wow..that was much cum...I've never saw a guy cumming like that', she said as she whipped the cum off her face to taste it.

'And you taste good too!', she said in glee.

This is going to be the best vacation ever....

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