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My Motherly Neighbour

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She’s not my real mom but looks after me like I was her son, I moved next door to her three years ago and we hit it off straight away. She is widowed and now retired from being a nurse and is nearly 64, 30 years older than me and has two daughters that live abroad so all her mothering skills are lavished on me.
Susan is a big woman, tall as well as a little plump but looks amazing how she dresses. She has short mousy hair and is well stacked on top, with being a nurse nothing embarrasses her and our sexual banter can be quite risqué sometimes.
She is here now, at my house finishing my ironing for me, I do the man jobs at her house and she doses the woman’s jobs for. Susan say’s I cannot iron for love or money and she is no good at diy so it works out perfect for each other.
We settle down with a coffee and I quiz her about her coming birthday tomorrow, I ask want she wants
“A nice young fit man for the night” She jokingly says while laughing out aloud
“That rules me out” I say
“You wouldn’t want to be seen with me any way, would you,” She says, “I’m way past my prime, big and old, I could be your mother”
“There’s nothing old about you and I would happily be seen out with you, there’s plenty of good tunes played on an old fiddle,” I said
“One night out with an old fuddy-duddy like me and you will be lusting after all those young skinny girls again,” Susan said
“Maybes not, that might be where I’ve gone wrong all these years, I want a more mature, knowledgeably person than them airheads I seen to go for”
“Tread carefully for what you wish for, sunny Jim”
“Right I’ll take you out for your birthday and we see which type I like best,” I said
“Ok then, you can take me out if I can use your computer”
“You know where it is,” I said
Susan has just started a computer course at the local collage and comes around here to use my computer for practice, she wants to sent emails to her grandc***dren abroad and
I have told her how much she can save by shopping online.
I’m busy tidying up the house when I hear Susan shout
“Quick, Quick something funny is happening”
When I go in to the back room, all I can hear is
“Oh baby, yes baby, fuck me in all my holes baby, fuck me hard baby, make me come baby”
“I was trying to find some prices and this came on”
Thankfully, the screen to go with the sound was hid but a quick run of the mouse along the bar showed Susan was on a Live Video Chat Site
“What do you think it is, have I broken it?” She asked
“No it’s fine; another web site must have started when you opened the page you wanted”
“How do we get rid of it?”
“We have to click on here and open the page, but it might be a little naughty, if you know what I mean”
“I can imagine that by what she is saying”
The screen is full of a larger naked woman with a dildo slipping in and out of her shaven pussy
“Who’s she talking to?” Susan asks
“Just other people watching and talking to her”
“Do people actual want to watch her, she’s on the large side”
“Some one must watch or she would not be on here. Now press top right corner and she should go”
“Thank god for that, I thought I had broken it”
“Can I help with what you were looking for?”
“I was after some prices for some ladies under garments but it doesn’t matter”
“I’m here now so start again and we see where you went wrong, unless you feel to embarrassed showing me what you were looking for”
“No not me, it was you I thought would get embarrassed”
Susan typed in girdle then crotchless and I realised how she managed to get the live chat site after her search results came up. Free girdle pictures, big women in girdles, girdle hotties, and such like, and then there was pictures of crotchless girdles with their pussy lips squeezing out
“Then I pressed this one” Susan said
“Hold on, are you sure you want crotchless girdles”
“Oh yes, A woman of my age requires a little help around the tummy, and I can not stand messing about with the hooks when I want the toilet.
The image of Susan in girdle and stocking started to fill my mind and a little movement was felt in my trousers.
“These ones look rather uncomfortably to wear all day, don’t you think” Susan said
as she hovered over a picture of something like a panty girdle with a big set of lips squeezing out the crotchless hole “I can imagine the circulation being cut off to your parts down there, wearing them all day”
I struggled to clear the thought of Susan’s pussy lips squeezing through that tight slit
“Try open bottom girdle instead” I said
As a set of new search results flashed on the screen with pictures, Susan said
“That’s more like it”
She quickly open a site but I knew what was coming as I sometimes visit it myself, picture after picture of mature women in girdles and corsets flashed on the screen with everything on show.
“What a strange way of selling something” Susan said “That’s what I want”
She hovered over a picture of a mature woman with the hairiest fanny, wearing a girdle with suspenders.
“That’s how I like them, higher than my fan ann so I am able to wear my knickers on the outside, where can I find the price”
“You won’t on this site; it’s a porn site you are looking at”
“Oh shit, will I get in to trouble being on here?”
“No, it‘s only soft porn, now shut it down and go to the search again”
“I thought porn sites would be full of skinny models not fat old women like me”
“There are all sorts on the internet even men if you want a look”
“No, not today” said Susan
“Try that site; it looks more of a shop”
“No I’ll stop there; I think I have had enough excitement for one day” Susan said “Anyway, you seemed very knowledgeable on types of girdles”
“Not really, I do think they look nice”
“Are you one of them men who like stocking as well?” Susan asked
“Sort of”
“Skinny or well built”
“Well built,” I said
“Young or older”
“So you like older well built women wearing stockings and girdles”
“I suppose so”
“What a lot I have found out about you today, wished I could stop and quiz you some more but I have to go now”
“Remember I am taking you out tomorrow night, be ready for seven” I said as Susan left
When I went to picked her up the next night I was greeted with a kiss on the cheek
“Thank you for taking me out” she said
“It’s your birthday, now enjoy yourself”
Susan was looking amazing tonight, red flowery floaty skirt, red jacket and black top. It was when we were seated in the restaurant she took off her jacket and I was blowing away. The black top was of a lacy pattern, dense enough not to be tarty but see through enough for me to see glimpses of her black bra. The drink flowed freely and Susan was enjoying herself so I started to quiz her, as she did with me, between courses
“Tights or stockings” I asked
“Stockings, tights made you all sweaty when I was a nurse”
“Hold ups or suspenders”
“Got to be suspenders, I like the reassurance they are going to stop up”
“Girdles or corsets”
“That’s a hard one, I like both,” Susan said
Just then, the waiter came with dessert and that ended the quizzing of Susan for the time being. We had a few more drinks and more chat in the lounge and sat together on a sofa, Susan kept rubbing the back of my hand softly that was on my thigh then gently she lifted it on to her thigh, right on top of her suspender clip.
“Thank you for taking me out” she said and moved my hand so my fingers were rubbing the inside of her thigh. “I know you like stockings”
Her leg felt amazing through the thin material of her skirt, not big and fat that I was expecting but toned and slender. Susan squeezed my fingers in to her soft flesh a little harder and I heard a little moan.
“I think we better be going” Susan said
We headed back home in a taxi and Susan invited me in for a coffee, an uneasy feeling between us had developed since I felt her thigh but I still went in. She sat opposite me and that see through top was having an arousing affect on me, I needed to get home and play with myself long and hard.
“Well I better be going,” I said after finishing my coffee and stood up
“If that’s what you want,” Susan said, “I hope I wasn’t to much of an embarrassment tonight”
“Why would you be that?”
“Someone your age being seen out with someone old like me, old enough to be your mother and slightly tipsy”
“I would happily do it again, especially with you, it has been very enjoyably”
Susan moved in closer and kissed my cheek
“Thank you” she said, “I thought I had spoilt our friendship when I made you feel my leg”
“Far from it, my imagination has ran riot thinking what I was touching ever since
“I haven’t put you off older women, then
“Just the opposite”
Susan’s moved closer again and her mouth made contact with mine this time, her hands pulled at my buttock, pulling us closer as my cock pushed in to her tummy. My hands wandered over her bum cheeks, feeling her suspenders through her skirt before she broke off kissing.
“Must you go so soon?”
“No, not especially”
“Sit back down”
Susan disappeared in to the kitchen with the cups then shout
“Shut your eyes and keep them shut”
I shut my eye then seconds later I felt Susan’s hand grip around mine and move it, I could feel my hand touching her skirt and it was moving up her leg. My brain went in to overdrive and my cock began to lift in my trousers, then I felt the welt around her stocking top and her suspender
“No need for imagination now, now opens your eyes” Susan said, “Do you want to see what you are touching”
I nodded my head and Susan’s hands went behind her back, I heard the zip be pulled and I moved my hand from her leg. The floaty skirt slipped down her nylons in a flash and I was left staring straight in to Susan’s crotch. Big black lacy knickers stretched over her black open girdle with wide suspenders down to he stockings, which had a red pattern around the top of them, god she looked hot and sexy.
I felt all my birthdays had came at once and it wasn’t my birthday, she had the most amazing slender legs but it was that slightly round tummy stretching her knickers that I could not take my eyes off.
“Susan you look amazing”
“Touch me if you want”
I ran my hand up her stocking, but when I touched the naked pale flesh for the first time of a mature woman in stocking, I was smiting. Susan started to pull the bottom of her top up, my eyes followed as it stretch over her bra and the flowery lacy pattern of it came in to view. Her bra was big and strong looking with extra material added at the bottom, making it sit over her girdle and the straps were wide to take the weight it had to hold up in place.
She stood, towering over me in only her bra, girdle, knickers and stockings, all in black and there was my hand resting on her leg.
“Am I what you expected” Susan asked
“More than expected”
“Would you like to stop a bit longer or do you need to get home”
“I can stop”
“Good, come with me”
Susan grabbed my hand and led me upstairs, my eyes fixed on her rear as I followed her up the stairs and in to her bedroom. She pulled the curtains and switched on the light.
“I was never a one for having the light on, but I want you to see me”
“And I want you to see the pleasure on my face, Susan” I said
I cupped her big heaving breast in my hand and kissed her, my other hand darted over her bun cheek feeling her big black lacy knickers, her tongue invaded my mouth, fighting with vigour as I slid my hand under her knickers and suspender and grabbed her naked bum cheek.
In all my years of dating this has to be the most sex up I have ever felt, the palm of my hand circled her bra covered tit and I could feel a hardness forming under the lacy material.
“Let me get them out for you” Susan said
My hands were around her back in seconds, pushing together the extra wide bra fastenings and unhooked it. As I pulled each loose end around, I stepped back and Susan outstretch her arms downwards for her breasts to fall free. Their looked magnificent, big melon size tits hanging down. Susan lifted one in her hand as offering it to me and I gladly bent down and sucked on her erect nipple. I had one hand on her backside and the other resting on her stocking covered leg to steady me.
Susan pushed herself in to my face and held my head firmly on her nipple as I sucked. My hand on her leg gently groped at the soft flesh hanging from her stocking top and I could feel her legs begin to part.
My once in a life time opportunity had arrived and I rubbed a finger along the gusset of her knickers. Susan responded and squeezed her tit in to my mouth as she let out a little whimpering sound. I rubbed my finger back and forth with a little more pressure each time, feeling the soft bulge of her lips.
I felt it was time to go further and slid my finger in to her knickers, pushing the soft gusset to one side and felt her hairy bush for the first time. There poking out from her fanny hair was her lips, big long warm hanging lips, ready and willing to surround my finger. Her lips pulled on my finger as I tried to enter her and I quickly slid my finger between my mouth and her tit to cover it in saliva for moisture. It felt much easer this time, sliding it between her pussy lips, a little lubrication and I was able to slip my finger inside her and she give a moan.
Susan squashed and held me firmly on to her breast as my finger found her insides and I could feel her moving to accommodate my finger more. She give a little whimper then I felt her hand brush against my hand as she pulled the crotch of her knickers more to one side. I felt she was giving me full-unrestricted access to her pussy and pushed another finger inside her. Her warm chubby lips sucked around my fingers and I was eager to have a look, kissing my way downwards over her girdle and on to her knickers and there was her mighty hairy bush sticking out as I knelt in front of her.
I felt Susan back off from me and my fingers fell from her fanny
“Let me lie down for you”
Susan lay on the bed where she was stood and raised her legs and parted them, her hand still pulling at her knickers and exposing her fanny to me. I quickly replaced my fingers in to her long partly open slit and kissed her stocking covered leg. Susan wriggled about on the bed pushing herself on to my slowly thrusting fingers, then I felt her pussy lube start to moisten my fingers and a moan.
My kissing was now on her bare leg spilling out from her stocking and my intentions was to move on to her pussy which was slightly crowded with my hand and Susan’s hand still holding her knickers to one side.
“Take them off, if you want” Susan whispered
Susan dug her feet in to the bed and lifted her backside up as I pulled her knickers down off her girdle and over her bum, before lowering herself back down. Her knickers were around her knees when she said “It’s alright, take them off” as she lifted her feet off the bed.
Rid of her knickers she slowly started to part her legs in front of me, exposing herself fully. I was mesmerized with the sight, how big and hairy her bush was with lips the size of fat cigars causing a bare hairless strip up the middle of her bush.
I laid my hands on her bush just under her girdle and it was wider then my splayed out fingers. It felt all soft and podgy sticking out before the girdle took control of her round tummy that she talks about.
I ran my finger over her wobbly lips, how inviting they looked as I slid my fingers along her long slit.
“Jeff said I had a lovely pussy to kiss,” said Susan
I took this information as something she wanted doing and dropped my face in to her warm snatch, probably just like her husband used too. My tongue pushed her lips apart and I entered her, making sure I wobbled and vibrated my tongue against her fanny walls as much as I could. Her whole fanny lips wobbled and I could hear her moan and she held my head on to herself with both hands. She wriggled and bucked on the bed pushing her big hairy fanny up in to my face
“Arr yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssss, yeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss” she repeated over and over again
It was lovely and warm, her moist insides as I started to move on to her clit, it felt more like a thumb I was sucking by the size of it and she pulled me hard on to it. All I could do was suck and hope she would come soon before I ran out of air.
Susan began panting before thrusting herself up off the bed and froze. All I could hear was muffled whimpering as her hands clamped on to my ears and her legs nipped my head. A warm wetness and aroma started to leak out from her pussy before collapsing back down on to the bed and releasing her grip on me.
“Let me see you”
I lifted my head as she began to sit up and she grabbed to undo the belt on my trousers, within seconds I felt her hand slip inside my boxers and down my much worked up cock. She twisted and turned her hand on my shaft and I felt myself leaving a trail of pre cum against her wrist.
“I want you standing up”
I obliged and as I stood, she held the waist of my boxers out over my cock and slid them down my legs. My cock did my proud, sticking straight out in front of me and I noticed Susan licking at her wrist, the one that was covered by my pre cum before taking hold of my cock. Watching this older shorthaired granny take my cock in her mouth just about had me coming straight away. No hesitation what’s so ever, she gobbled on the first three inches and her tongue flicked over my cock end many times.
“Susan, Susan” I said trying to give her warning and I saw her look up before her other hand gripped my bum and held me firmly in to her mouth. I came with an all mighty throb in my cock, exploding like nothing like it before. It jumped and twitched in her mouth with every new squirt of creamy cum I had. Susan sucked and licked and swallowed all I had to offer, keeping my sex organ hard and squirting longer than any other woman had in the past.
She slipped off my cock eventually, licking and kissing my red swollen end as she looked up at me with her sultry sexy come to bed eyes. Susan slipped my trousers and boxers off, a sign she wanted more hopefully, before standing up. She kissed me with passion as she undid the buttons on my shirt before stripping me of it. Her tits squashed in to my chest as we held each other closely and my hands felt all over her girdle and stockings.
We fell on to the bed slowly, still attached with kissing and passion and I wasn’t long before I felt her hand on my cock, gently stroking it back and forth to hardness again.
It just naturally accrued, me moving and positioning myself on top of Susan and her legs raised up and trapping me in.
Out stretched on my arms over Susan I gently prodded my cock against her hairy fanny, until I was opening and stretching her fat lips apart as I started to slip in. We just stared at each other, our sex parts doing all the talking needed.
I could see her face tighten as I swelled her pussy with every new inch of my cock and stopped, and then I felt her moving under me, positioning herself more comfortably with my rod of steel inside her. The lick of her lips started me pushing once again in to her tight unused fanny hole, until our pubic hair made contact. It was just long slow seductive strokes for the next few minutes, giving time for her pussy lube to lubricate parts not used for some time.
Her stocking covered legs knotted over mine as she became accustomed to my cock and her eyes shut while her breathing increased. I took a look between us seeing her smooth black girdle and her tits hanging down both sides and started to get excited. My thrusting had slowly increased to a stage I was pounding and fucking her hard and her feet had come on to my bum, banging me back in with each stroke.
Susan moaned and whimpered while thrusting herself up off the bed before grunting with every new thrust that filled her fanny full. She wriggled and twisted under me, gyrating her pussy on to my cock
“Susan, I nearly there” I said unsure where to come
“Arrrrrrr yeeeeeeeeeesss pump it in me, come in me, Arrrrr fuck me hard” she cried out
I banged that old granny in to the bed, fucking her hard like someone half her age and she screamed out to fuck her harder. I thrust my cock deep inside, knowing that would be the final time and came, squirting long and hard, deep inside her love cavern.
Susan squealed and bucked, presumably as her orgasm hit her and tightened her legs on to my bum to hold me as far inside as I could. Squirt after squirt sprayed her inner fanny walls, encouraged by her pulsating fanny muscles. She was panting, I was panting, our sex part was working overtime nipping, squeezing and squirting a new load every few seconds. The seal of her fanny lips could not hold the pressure inside any longer and a fanny burp escaped.
Susan pulled me down on top of her and rammed her tongue inside my mouth and we kissed long and hard after my cock ran dry. Her legs relaxed and I knelt up, there in front of me was her wide apart legs, stretching her girdle and with her love hole still partly open and our love juices on the move out.
I just had to play with her hole, pushing my finger inside and watched as my thumb rubbed her visible clit. My finger made a wet sloppy noise with each thrust as the finger fucking speeded up. Susan was heavy breathing again then I watched her body tense again as another orgasm took control of her body. She grabbed my wrist and pulled it to her mouth, kissing and sucking on my finger that had just came from her pussy while looking at me.
We then laid side by side in her bed facing each other, my hand rubbing over her girdle, feeling her suspenders and anything else she had to offer before falling asleep. I woke the next morning, wondering where I was, cuddled in to the back of Susan who was still in her girdle and stockings. I kissed her back before slipping my arm around her and felt her large tits. Susan responded and pushed her bum in to my hard erect cock. It was only a matter of time before I was fucking Susan again, long and slow this time and able to feel the pleasure of an alcohol free fuck. We fucked several times more that day, hardly getting out of bed and my mind was made up, older, plumper matures were for me and Susan was happy to oblige.

The End

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