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Margaret The Church Lady

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It was Sunday morning again, and the day before Pat and I were to leave Margaret's to return home. I awoke to the smell of coffee and bacon, and heard Pat and Margaret talking downstairs in the kitchen. I pulled on a t-shirt and sweatpants, and headed downstairs. "Well, good morning sleepyhead", Margaret said as I walked in. Pat was finishing his meal, and was dressed and ready to head to church. I sat down at the table, and Margaret made up a plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast for me. I was still groggy from sleep, but certainly noticed how she looked. She had her hair and makeup done, and was wearing a pink knee-length nylon wrap robe. There was no bra under it, and her large firm breasts swayed provacatively with each move she made. The robe wasn't very sheer, but I could see her large nipples poking against the fabric, and just a shadow of her very dark aereolas under it. She was wearing a full panty under it, and when she turned her back, the panty lines showed nicely. A pair of white open-toe mules were on her bare feet. She stood against the counter drinking her coffee and chatted with us, and the morning sun coming through the window made her robe almost see-through at times. I tried to focus on my breakfast, but my penis was focusing on Margaret.

Pat finished and said he had to help clean the church after service, and would be home a bit later than usual. Margaret said she had a "Ladies Group" coffee meeting, so I could have the house to myself until they got home. Pat gave her a peck on the cheek, and headed to church. Margaret poured another cup of coffee, and sat down in the chair opposite mine. She crossed her legs as she sat down, and her robe parted enough to give me a great view of her curvy left leg and thigh. It was a very cool day compared to the last couple of weeks, and she commented that she was looking forward to dressing up for services and not worrying about the heat. As we talked, I saw her nipples appeared to be getting hard under the robe, which made my penis stiffen even more. As she finished her coffee, she said, "I have a new outfit to wear today...I'd like your opinion of it." I nodded and said, "Okay...for whatever it's worth." She laughed, rose from her chair, and bent over to give me a kiss on the cheek. As she did, her left breast touched my arm, and I became fully erect inside my sweatpants. "Oh, knowing you, I think you can give me an educated opinion," she laughed. She walked out of the room saying, "I'll get dressed."

I sat at the table with my penis throbbing until it deflated enough to get up, then went up to my room. As I passed her room, I saw the door was closed, which disappointed me. I laid on my bed trying to get my mind to focus on something non-sexual with Margaret, but the way she looked in her robe prevented that, and I became hard again. After a while, I heard her door open, and she walked into my room. I crossed my legs to hide my erection as she walked in. "Well...what do you think?", she asked. She was stunning - wearing a yellow polyester to-the-knee dress which buttoned up the front, and had a wide patent leather belt at the waist. It had a wide white sailor collar, and was fairly low-cut, but tasteful. She had bright yellow earrings, bracelets, and necklace on, and a pair of matching yellow open-toe high heels. Dark brown hosiery completed the look. She spun around to show me all the views, and I said, "That looks very nice Margaret." She faced me and said, "I went all out on this outfit...even my lingerie is new." I could feel my face getting redder by the second. "Here...I'll show you," she said.

She pulled the top of her dress aside slightly to reveal a beautiful pale yellow smooth nylon bra. "Like it?, she asked. I nodded, and she pulled up the skirt and showed me a matching pale yellow nylon slip which had a wide band of lace at the bottom. It looked very soft and shiny, and I could see there was something else under it. I must have been staring because she said, "Oh...I told you I'd show you my girdles...this is one of them." she pulled the slip and dress up to her waist, and I saw a lightweight beige panty girdle. It was holding up her dark stockings with bands of lace around the middle of her thighs. "I've got several more of these, but it's been to damn hot to wear them before today," she said. She stood in that pose for what seemed to be a long time, and I decided I'd give her a "visual" of my opinion, so I uncrossed my legs, and pulled the waist band of my sweatpants down. My erection burst out into daylight, and she quietly said, "Mmmm...you do like my outfit, don't you." I began to masturbate as she watched me, ans she began to walk and turn to model again. "Some body wants to cum, eh?" she asked. I nodded, but she said, "I can't let you mess me up right now...I have to get to church." I kept masturbating slowly, and after a few seconds, she said, "Damn it Trev...I'm horny too!" She undid her belt, and unbuttoned her dress. While she did, I pulled off my t-shirt and sweatpants, and she sat on the bed next to me. "A good hand job will have to suffice," she said as she wrapped her hand around my purple throbbing penis. The bra was supported her breasts well, but the movement of her arm caused them to sway. "Oh my," she whispered, "You are leaking all over my hand." Suddenly, she bent down and took me fully into her red lipstick-framed mouth. She stopped long enough to tellme try try not to mess up her hair, then quickly resumed.

I asked her to take off her bra, and she said, "Do you want to cum on my boobs?" I told her I wanted to cum on her new slip, her stockings, and her girdle as well. "I want that too, but I don't have time to clean up and change dear," she said. She unhooked her bra, and placed it over my thighs. She pushed her breasts together around my penis and moved up and down. My precum lubricated her cleavage as she masturbated me with her big breasts, and every time the head of my penis popped out under her chin, she licked it with her tongue. "bloody hell," she growled, "I am soaking wet under my girdle." We kept it up for a bit longer, and she said, "Oh, fuck it...go ahead and cum on my slip if you wish...I'll wear a different one." She asked me how I wanted her to position herself, and I asked her to lay flat on the bed with her legs together. I straddled her legs, and began rubbing my penis on her new yellow slip, and could feel how it slid over her girdle and stockings. She was pinching her nipples and squeezing her breasts as I shot streams of semen onto her lap. "Do you like my girdle and new slip, dear?" she asked. While catching my breath, I told her I did very much. She got up, and said, "I need to change out of this, and pulled it off, laying it on the bed. She left the room, and returned wearing the white nylon half slip I had masturbated with when I first arrived at her home. "You remember this one, don't you?" she asked. I nodded, and she said, "Please hand me my bra." She put her bra back on, but leaned down and took my semi-hard penis into her mouth again. "You come to my bed tonight, and we will finish this properly", she whispered. She put her dress back on, abd said, "I need to hurry..see you later." As she turned to walk out, I said, "Don't you want to take your yellow slip?" She looked at me and replied, "No...I'll leave it with you...you might want to inspect it again..just put it in the hamper when you're finished with it." With that, she left for services.

Taking her suggestion, I masturbated with her slip two more times after she left, but decided I would save myself for the promise of the coming night in bed with her. I placed the slip in the hamper and wondered what she had planned.

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