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Fucking my mums bestfriend on holiday !

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Hi I'm Kyle 18 m uk

This is my story of how I shagged my mums bestfriend on holiday !

Not long ago my mum met a guy at the gym and they have been together now for about 6 months and has started to feel abit normal now.

My Mum is 48 and her boyfriend Jack is 28 so you can understand why it took me a little while to get used to.
Jacks a decent guy he has a laugh now and again and he's never really crossed the line with me .
I got a little mad at first when I caught them shagging because of the age difference but at the end of the day they are both adults and he makes my mum happy so I just went along with it .

My Mums friend Janet proposed we all went on holiday with them because her husband could get a cheap deal through work .
There was 4 of us, My Mum, Jack, Me and my younger brother who was 13.
And there was 3 of them Janet, her husband mike and son Sam who was the same age as my brother .

We ended up going to Gran Canaria in a Nice 5 star hotel for 10 nights .
Because Mikes company had a deal with he hotel chain we only payed a Quarter of the price we would normally have to pay it was great !

I never really got on with Janets husband mike he was very quite and secluded and right from the airport he looked asif he didn't want to be there .

Anyway we arrived at the hotel and it was amazing, we checked in and was shown to our rooms .
My mum and jack had their own room, so did mike and Janet and I got stuck in a room with my little brother and Janets son Sam . GREAT !
I now had to put up with 2 hyperactive teenagers !

The first couple of days we spent at the hotel just relaxing by the pool while the lads fooled around in the pool !
I actually started to get to like Jack abit we would just rela at the pool drinking beer and chatting asif he was one of my mates !
Janet and Mike on the other hand wouldn't stop arguing, Janet kept telling him to cheer up the miserable old bastard !
Janet was not bad looking for her age, she didn't really have a bad figure to be honest, a little chubby and the odd wrinkle but she was 49 and although her tits were saggy they looked great in her bikini top.
She had short blondish hair and had a pretty dark tan .

Jack kept telling me to try and find some girls but there wasn't to many around it was more older couples and foreign family's .

My mum and Jack were making me sick always kissing and laughing like they were teenagers at first love .
I kept saying " do you Mind and get a room jokingly " my mum just kept winding me up doing it and I just laughed it off .

That night after alot of drinks between us we all went up to our rooms .
Mike was moaning about something again and him and Janet was arguing in the lift upto the room he went into his room as did my mum and jack and Janet came into our room to see Sam was ok .

Me and Janet got on quite well an she would always have a laugh and a joke with me .
I was lay on my bed chatting to Janet and she bent down facing away from me getting some things out of Sams case .
I looked Down and saw a pink thong Riding right up her arse, I bit my lip getting a little aroused,

" check you with wearing thongs I laughed "
She stood up pulled up her pants with a cheeky grin
" cheeky " she said
" you shouldn't be looking anyway you little pervert she giggled "

She give Sam his cream and told me to make sure they get some sleep and she went back to her own room .
Just as she was leaving she gave me a little cheeky smile and said right see you'se in the morning make sure your awake for breakfast .

Once they were both a sleep I started to get hard thinking about fucking janet and started wanking off abit under the sheets, after a little while I could hear noises coming from next door .
I got out of bed and put my ear to the thin wall .

I could hear my mum and jack shagging hard, it was abit weird but I was already hard so I began to wank off hard listening to my mums moans until I cummed shortly after .
That's when It felt a little wrong and I had to get back in bed and endure another 45 mins of moaning .

The next morning we was all at the same table eating breakfast and Janet asked me
" how was they last night did they get to sleep ? "

I replied " yh they was long gone after half an hour shame I can't say that about myself because SOMEONE kept me awake most of the night .

They both went a little red and giggled
Janet said softly " it's lucky for some and glared at mike "

We spent the day by the pool and all got dressed into out evening wear and went for dinner
Afterwards we watched the entertainment and sat at the outside bar drinking while the lads played on the park just next to it .

It got late and mike an Janet were moaning again it was getting boring now after a while as it started to get late I gave mike my room key and he took the lads up to bed and went to bed himself .
The bar was open till 2 so we carried on drinking and chatting away.
My mum and Janet were both dressed up quite nice my mum had a black dress on and her big platform heels and Janet had a loose White dress with heels on aswell they must have had 200 pair of heels between them .
It got to about 1.30 and my mum and jack said they were going up to the room I got upto to follow them and Janet said
" you're all leaving me are you ? "
I said I'll stay for another if you want, my mum and jack left and I sat down with Janet and got us another drink .

We started chatting,

" so Kyle have you not got a girlfriend back home then "
" no I replied not at the minute anyway"

She said what I good looking lad like you, you should have them chasing after you we both giggled .

She wasn't wearing a bra and I could just about see her hot saggy tits through her White dress .

She said " so how do you feel your mum and Jack then ?"

I said " i don't really Mind now it was a little wierd at first but I'm ok with it now "

Janet said " shes a right lucky cow I wish I had nice young man like her but instead I've got to put up with moaning mike and his little willy haha she laughed

I said " how do you know jacks not got a little one ? "
Janet said " trust me it's at from small your mums told me all about him, no wonder they kept you awake lastnight she laughed

I laughed sarcastically " thanks I really wanted to know that "

She laughed " oh chear up they're only having abit of fun it's a part of life "

The bar man said he was closing so we stood up and got a last drink

Janet said " do you fancy having a quick walk down to the beach it's ment to be lovely at night all lit up
I said yh why not lets go, not even 500 yards down the path she had to take her heels off because they were killing her,
Her heels in one hand and a drink in her other we set off to the beach
5 mins later we arrived and went and sat on some loungers near the bottom of the beach

She light up a ciggerette and offered me one so I also lit one up we lay back relaxing drinking our drinks .
She lay back with her legs propped up a little making her dress slide down a little revealing her tanned thighs .
" it's lovely the beach at night isn't it Kyle "
" if only I could get a foot massage now I'd be in heaven " ( HINT HINT)

I said " I could give you one if you want I don't really know what to do but I could give it a try "

Janet said " be my guest "

I sat up to the side and faced her, she lay back and give me her foot I began trying to massage her feet .
I was trying to not look but I could clearly see up her dress and see her White thong .

I couldn't help it my cock started growing bigger and bigger in my pants an she started grinning
With her other foot she put it on my bulge in my shorts and started rubbing up and down .

I didn't know what to say I just let her carry on, she moved her hand down and slid it down her knickers and began rubbing herself lightly moaning as he looked at me rubbing my cock with my foot .
She sat up and pulled my shorts down straight away and out popped my rock hard 8.5 inch uncut cock .
" fucking hell Kyle she said "
She began sucking me off, quite deep aswell getting just past half way it was amazing .
She began fingering her self as she took my cock in her mouth,
I pulled the straps down off her dress and revealed her sexy drooping tits .
As good as the blowjob was I stood her up and began sucking her tots as she wanked me hard as her bracelets rattled, we began kissing and rubbing each other

She pushed me and said sit down, I pulled my legs out of my shorts and lay back
She spat in her hand and rubbed her cunt, she pulled her thong to the side showing her hairy pussy and put one leg over me and the sunbed she grabbed my cock and aimed it into her wet willing cunt, it slid in with some ease, she began riding me har and deep and propped her legs up on the sunbe am grabbed it above my head and just went wild I had never felt pleasure like it .

After a good few minutes I had to tell her to slow down before I cummed
I was so horny, I needed to taste her I I lay flat and she hovered above me dangling her open pussy in my mouth it was soaking wet but tasted so good .

I stood up and she bent over on the dumbed holding onto he propped up bit I got behind her and drove it hard back inside her, I started giving her everything I had hard and fast a she moaned and rubbed her clit from underneath and squeeze her dangling tits hard as I pumped her .

She was loving it and moaning I think she cummed when I was goin really fast
I carrie on and he said tell me when your gonna cum Kyle

I pounded her hard an I felt asif I was gonna blow I pulled out and she turned over and said " let me taste you "
I cummed like never before a huge load all over her face and in her mouth she loved it
I had to sit down I was exhausted and my forehead was drippin with sweat

Janet was the same, we sat beside eachother and had a cig

I said " Janet oh my god that was amazing "

She said " you got that right I never knew you had it in you "

We walked back upto the hotel shortly after

On our corridor she Said let's keep this our little secret and you never know you might get lucky again, I bit my lip and slapped her peachy ass, and we went into our rooms

I snook in so I didnt wake my brother and Sam up and got in bed and couldn't stop thinking about her .

The next day ............................

Thanks for reading I will post part 2 when I get a little time thanks for reading let me know what you think ! ;)

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