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Husband Told Me, I Could Have Sex With My Stepson

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I’ve been married to my husband nearly three years now, I’m 28 and he is 45, I was probably the cause of his marriage break up with being his secretary. He has a son and daughter 17 and 15 from his first marriage, which we often see, and I get along fine with.
Four months back my husband suffered a stroke; he was paralysed from the waist down and needs a lot of help all the time. Jake my stepson came and stopped with us to help look after his father. Jake is used to having girls stop over at his mom’s house all the time, but I found it a little hard to live with, listening to what they were doing. I had a very high sex drive before my husbands stroke, but it never crossed my mine, not until now, I thought I could wait until my husband was well again.
Jake is still at school in the last year and seems to be having sex with a different girl every time, I don’t know what their mothers are thinking, letting their daughters have sleepovers at their age.
This one night I got my husband in to bed with Jake’s help and he went back to his room, with in minutes we could hear them at it, she was moaning loudly and the bed was banging against the wall. I listened to her moans knowing the pleasure she must be getting and I could not help but quietly slip my hand down on to my pussy, oh, how I want some sex, I thought to myself.
I must have fallen asleep but was rudely awaking with her screaming aloud, I looked at the clock and it was two hours since we went to bed. They were doing it again and by the sound of it, fucking each other’s brains out.
“Are you awake” I said softy to my husband
“Yes, I am now”
It must have been loud to wake his father after the pills he takes to make him sle ep
“You’re going to have to have words with him and stop him having sex in this house,” I said
“He’s only young, let him get it when he can, look at me now”
“I know, but how do you think I feel listening to that racket, reminding me what we did, not so long ago”
“I couldn’t help my stroke, could I?”
“Sorry I didn’t mean it like that, I’m just tired and ratty I suppose”
“I’ll talk to him tomorrow”
“Thanks‘, I know we’ll be doing it again soon and I will be screaming like her again,” I said as I kissed him goodnight.
The next morning after the girlfriend had left, I left Jake and his dad alone to talk and went shopping. I was totally god smacked when I got back home and my husband told me what had been planned.
I was to have sex with Jake, Jake my stepson until his father was well enough to have sex again and Jake would not have girls stopping over anymore.
“No way” I said, “I’m not having sex with your son”
“He said, he did not mind”
“I bet he did, it’s not happening”
“I know you were thinking about it last night”
“I was not”
“I felt the bed move when you were playing with yourself”
“That was a one off” I said
“It needn’t be a one off this way, I would be happier knowing your were sexually content, especially the way I am fixed, we might never have sex again”
“I can’t do it,” I said
“Will you a least give it a try, we came up with some rules”
“And what are they” I asked
“Only do it when you wanted, he will wear a condom, no kissing or touching, no need to be naked, He’s only doing it because I asked him to”
I don’t know how the situation changed around so far and fast, all I wanted was for Jake to respect where he is living and not have sex all the time, I wasn’t stopping him having girlfriend’s around, but now his dad has asked him to have sex with me, because I‘m in need of it, according to my husband.
“Alright, I’ll see how we get on, but I’m doing it for you, to settle your mind as well as me and when you are better, it stops”
“I do love you, you know it’s just I can’t show it at the moment” he said
“I know, I love you too, we’ll soon have you better”
I cornered Jake later and told him I was only going through with this idea because of his dad, there was no way I would want sex with anyone else if his dad was well.
Jake and I got his dad to bed that night and he went back to his room
“Are you going to see him tonight?” my husband asked
“I don’t know, probably not”
“He’s probably waiting for you; he’ll be lonely, seeing his girlfriend is not here”
Now I feel guilty, I was the cause of Jake not having girls around anymore
“Ok then, I’ll go”
There’s no way Jake is going to see anything of me naked, I think to myself, he towers over me already. I am five foot five, slim build, size six to eight, long black hair and 32c tits, oh and a well hairy fanny with it not getting any attention recently, I have not trimmed it in a while.
I stripped down to my bra and put on a oversize nightshirt
“Will he have any condoms?” I asked my husband
“Yes he has some”
“I’ll see you shortly, I do love you,” I said as I kissed him
I knocked on Jake’s door and went in, he was under the bedclothes and I sat on the bed. I could see him eyeing me up, looking at my covered up tits.
“We don’t have to do this you know,” I said
“I know but I promise dad”
When has Jake ever stood by his promise, not until now I bet?
“I’ll let you get ready,” I said
He wiped back the bedclothes and lay there naked with his might hard cock standing proud; I felt a little flutter between my legs. I was a little take back how forthcoming he was, willing to let me see him naked. I suppose any teenage boy wants to boast about what they have, especially to an older woman.
I watched nervously as he unrolled the condom down his shaft, wondering which way would be the best to have sex. There was no way I was going to let him have control at fucking me, slamming that piece of meat in to my delicate, dry pussy until I am a little more used to it. Shit I’m thinking about the next time now.
“You lie there and remember no touching,” I said as I climbed on to the bed while holding the back of my shirt through my legs and sat on his chest facing his feet. At least he didn’t have any chance of seeing my bits that way. I took hold of his cock and lifted up on my knees, then rubbed his cock up and down my slit, even just the tip parting my lips made me quiver.
I licked my finger and smeared my saliva on to the tip of the condom, anything for lubrication to help it slid in. Spreading my fanny wide apart with one hand I guided his cock in with the other, it spread me wide, filling any space up full as I sank down slowly.
A little repositioning and I were taking my stepson’s cock deep inside me. Just the sheer joy and pleasure of feeling a cock inside was immense after four months without.
I couldn’t see his face and blanked out the fact it was my step son filling my pussy until his hands grouped my tits
“Hey no touching, we said”
I started to slide on his cock, it was uncomfortable with not having any foreplay beforehand to make me wet, but I needed have worried. His cock throbbed and pulsed as it fill the pouch of the condom and I hadn’t even started to ready myself for an orgasm.
He was done and I lifted off, his cock lay limp with the condom still attached and the end full of his seed,
“Sorry I sort of got excited,” he said
“It doesn’t matter,” I said as I left the room
It did matter, more than I was letting on, my fanny was craving for cock and as soon as I was out on the landing, I had to finger fuck myself till I came. I went back to my husband
“Well how was it?” he asked
“He has a lot to learn before he’s half as good as you”
This seemed to please him and I give him his pill to make him sle ep. I lay awake thinking about Jake coming so fast with me, he lasted a lot, lot longer with his girlfriend that night. I wonder if he has some obsession with his young step mom and got excited.
Nothing was said the next day but I got the feeling, if he could accidentally touch me or brush past me, he was. I was sure I felt his young hard cock pushing in to me when we were putting his father to bed that night.
I give my husband his pill and I lay awake thinking about Jake and how he was getting turned on in front of me, I need to have words with him tomorrow. An hour later and still not asleep with thinking about Jake, I got out of bed, grabbed my dressing gown and went to his bedroom.
Jake was still awake as I entered his room and smiled at me, he thought he knew what I was there for, his step mom wanted his cock again. He had the covers off the bed in a flash and was in his drawer finding a condom.
“Jake I’m not here for that, I‘m not in the mood”
“What do you want then” he said sitting with his cock sticking straight out
“You, going around the house all hard, it has to stop, your dad will see”
“But that’s what happens when I see you”
“Well, you will have to control yourself,” I said
“But I don’t have any girlfriends around to do that now”
I suppose that was partly my fault, getting his dad to have words with him about the noise.
“What about you playing with yourself to control it” I said
“What, have a wank, I need something to look at for that”
I could see him watching at my pussy as he talked and sort of knew what he was hinting at.
“Let’s get it over with then and I can go back to bed,” I said
I moved my leg so my dressing gown parted to show him my pussy and turned my head as in disgust, but I was curious at the same time and swivelled my eyes down to get a glimpse. His hand wrapped around his shaft, sliding up and down, while shiny pre cum glistened on his end and he started to massage it in with his thumb. I could feel myself getting turned on watching him play with his cock, then he stopped.
“Get a move on will you,” I said
“I thought you weren’t watching”
“I’m wasn’t, I was seeing if you were finished”
“Your getting turned on, aren’t you” Jake asked
“No, well, maybes a little”
“I don’t mind if you need to play with yourself,” Jake said
“I’m fine, you just get a move on”
I watched as he started pumping his hard cock again nice and slowly as to tease me and the more, I watched the more I wanted to finger myself.
“I would come faster if you were doing it as well,” Jake said
I knew when I was beat and slid my hand on to my pussy
“Don’t tell your dad,” I said
God it felt nice to rub my clit and I parted my legs wide apart showing him my hairy bush and slit. This seemed to encourage his wanking more and before I knew, I was coming too, after seeing him squirt a mighty load of cum in to his hand. Now I was ready for a cock in me and by the looks of it, I was out of luck.
“How long before it’s hard again”
“Not long”
“Will this help?” I said
I don’t know what got in to me but I undid the belt around my dressing gown and pulled it open, showing my stepson all my nakedness especially my hard nipples. The look on his face said it all as I let it slip off my hands and on to the floor. Jake reached for a condom
I lay on the bed legs apart and Jake climbed on from the bottom while having a good look at my pussy
“I’ve never see a real hairy pussy before, it beautiful”
“Thank you, now hurry up”
Jake loitered while looking at my pussy, he did say it was beautiful so I let him look a little longer,
“Can I lick it”
“We did say, no touching, remember”
Then I felt his tongue lick up my slit, I didn’t have time to resist or object before his hot tongue slipped up and down between my pussy lips again. I ran my fingers through his hair, pressing his head down on to my pussy to give his tongue a closer penetration. I knew my hairy pussy was starving for attention and it was finally getting it.
“I want you to run your tongue slowly up and down my lips and then suck between them.” I instructed.
My step son’s tongue was driving me wild, I loved having my pussy eating and wished he could eat my pussy like that for hours but I had to get back in case his dad woke up..
“I hope you’re happy now after eating your step mom’s pussy. Now get up here and fuck me,” I said.
After he sucked on my pussy lips a few more times, he sat up and rolled the condom down his shaft. He climbed on top of me and I guided his hard shaft into my pussy.
“Take it easy Jake, please, nice and slow”
I inhaled sharply as he entered me. His cock seemed bigger and harder than last night, but it slid in and out of my pussy so smoothly since he made me that wet with his mouth and tongue. My wet pussy gave out a squishing noise each time he moved his hard cock back in to my pussy and he was ever so gentle.
“Does dad eat your pussy before he fucks you?” He asked while slowly pumping on my pussy.
“No, your dad doesn’t like to eat my pussy. He hasn’t eaten my pussy for ages now”
“Dad doesn’t know what he’s missing, sucking on your big hairy bush and you taste so sweet”
“You say the nicest things Jake”
He was on his arms over me, looking in to my eyes, slowly pumping my pussy, it felt so nice to have a cock inside again. I could feel myself shifting and lifting about on the bed, gyrating my pussy against his body to get it to rub on my clit.
“Arrr Jake, I think I’m going to come”
I lifted my legs over his and made my pussy lift up in to him at the same time
“That’s it, nice and slow Jake, make it last”
He pushed in with force each time and I could feel my lips sucking and stretching around his cock as he pulled out
“We’ll have to be quiet, but fuck me a bit faster”
He did as I told him and started to breathe a little heavier in the process
“Is that alright?” he asked
“Jake that is good, very good” I said “Kiss me Jake so I don’t scream out”
I wrapped my legs around his waist, pressing down on his hips as he entered me and relaxing as he pulled away,. Now I was showing Jake how much of a slut his step mom is and how desperate I crave for sex.
When his lips touched mine, he set off a chain reaction deep inside my womb. I pushed his lips apart, forcing my tongue inside his mouth, then he kissed back with passion. I was screaming out as my orgasm flooded my pussy but Jake kept his lips tight on to mine.
My fanny rippled with contraction after contraction but I could still feel when his cock swell up in size as it squirted in to the condom. My legs were pulling him tight in to me, locking us tight together while my hand pulled his head in to my face. We had to break our kiss just to breath, panting rapidly as our bodies shook together with our orgasms.
My legs seemed locked around his waist, hardly able to move and Jake’s had collapsed on to the pillow breathing hot air on to my neck.
“That was great, can you teach me more,” Jake asked later
“Just if you promise not to go around the house with a hard on and act normal around me”
“I’ll try”
I moved my legs and Jake slid down me and had a good look at my pussy, I thought he was going to start on it again but he didn’t. I collected my dressing gown and give Jake a kiss on the cheek
“Don’t give any hint to your dad what we just did or I will stop it”
“I won’t”
I quietly went back to bed and my husband was still fast asleep. What a job getting off to sleep that night, my mind was like a tape on loop, thinking about Jake fucking me over and over again and how much of a dirty cow I was.
Next morning I sorted my husband out before Jake comes to give me a hand to get him out of bed and before going to school. I could hear Jake go in to the bathroom and I told my husband I was going down to the kitchen to start breakfast.
Music was coming from Jakes bedroom but I knew he was in the bathroom, I opened the door just as he was about to go in to the shower. His lean muscularly six-foot body was naked with his cock hanging at 45 degrees, I put my finger up to my lips signalling to be quite.
Pulling at my belt, the dressing gown fell open and I sunk to my knees, I wasted no time grabbing his cock and licking it. His pre cum mixed with my saliva along the length of his cock and around my lips, I was hungry for his cock, bobbing back and forth faster and faster. I held it tight in my circled fingers around the base wanking it in to my mouth, he held my head and I knew he would not be long. I got my other hand on to his bum pulling him hard in to my mouth, until I could feel his cock end playing with my tonsils. His cock jumped and twitched in my hand as the first spray of cum squirted in to my mouth, followed by another then another. I had just sucked my stepson off and he was filling my mouth with fresh warm cum for breakfast. I sucked and swallowed as fast as he was coming, then milked his cock in to my mouth of the last remaining bit he had.
I got on to my feet, tied my belt, kissed him on the mouth and left, that was the best three minutes spent sucking ever.
Fifteen minutes later Jake was helping me with his father to get him out of bed, he was doing as I asked, acting if nothing had happened between us.
It was tiring for my husband that day after having physio at the hospital and he wanted to go to bed by seven that night. I give him his pills and told him I was going for a long soak in the bath.
Jake went back to his room while I went to the bathroom and started to undress, I never think about locking the door and Jake walked in, fingers up to his mouth signalling to be quite like I did this morning.
My heart skipped a beat seeing him and by the reaction of his cock, he was pleased to see me. He reached around and undid my bra, I felt under his spell as I moved my arms out for him to remove it from me.
Jake bent down and kissed each nipple then started to suck on them, he cupped one of my 32c pert tits in his big hand so softly and tenderly. I held his head tight in to me, feeling my nipples getting harder by the second.
Then he started to kiss down my flat belly and sank on to his knees while hooking his thumbs in to the waist of my knickers. Inch by inch he moved them down my legs until I was lifting each foot to get them off.
I was naked in front of my stepson and I pulled his head in to my hairy pussy, my legs bowed out, giving him better access and I felt his tongue touch my lips.
He started munching on my pussy lips while sniffing and breathing hot air in to my hairy bush, I moaned quietly as he ate my pussy.
“I love the smell of your pussy ” was the first words to be spoken between us, then he got back to eating my pussy.
“Let me lie down, Jake” I said
I lay on the soft fluffy rug on the floor, parted my legs wide in front of my stepson knowing my fat swollen lips will be on full show to him.
“Eat me Jake”
His hot tongue licked up my lips, finding my swollen clit and he begin to suck, he seemed to know what he was doing when it came to eating pussy. I squirmed about on the rug thrusting my fanny in to his face as he made me come, but he didn’t stop.
Jake knew I had come and he slipped his tongue between my lips, licking my inside wall of my fanny juice and tasting my orgasm. I’d never had a man give my pussy so much attention and it made me even more horney. I had both hands on his head thrusting my fanny in to his face and on to his tongue. He had me wet and was about to make me even wetter, he probed every inch of my insides between giving it a good sucking.
“Jake, Jake” I wanted to shout out, but when I came, I just about lifted myself upright as I pulled his head in to my coming fanny.
I lay back down on the rug getting my breath back
“Where did you learn to do that Jake”
“Off the internet, first time I have tried it”
“Top marks for eating pussy then, now see how good at fucking me you are”
“I better get a condom”
“Have you had sex without one of them before”
“No never”
“Are you sure”
“I always wear one”
“Good lad, how would you like to squirt in me this time”
“Can I, but what about getting pregnant”
“I’m on the pill, the condom was your dad‘s rule”
I held out my arms, inviting him on top, he slipped his tracky bottoms off and his tee shirt. He was naked now and I could feel his missile shaped cock touch my leg as he lined it up with my love hole. I lay there waiting for the opening of my lips and the slight expected pain it would give me as he pushed in.
I was wet, horny and desperate for cock and he slipped in up to his balls with ease, filling and expanding my pussy. I wrapped my legs around his back, pulling us tight together while wrapping my arms around his neck. I pulled him down to kiss him and he responded while thrusting in to my wet pussy. I wanted him to fuck me hard, to give me the fucking I so wanted
“Fuck me from behind Jake” I said after some time
I loosed my grip on him and he lifted off, turning quickly on to my knees and elbows, I was nearly bent double as I reached for his cock through my legs, eager to guide him back in. I give a long deep grunt as he spread my pussy apart and filled me up, he was reaching parts in my pussy with his cock that hadn’t seen a cock in a long time.
“Hold my waist and fuck me hard”
He penetrated deep in to me and I was willing like some dog in heat to take him, our sweaty thighs clashed together making a slapping noise and my fanny made a wet sloppy noise with each inward thrust.
“Come on Jake squirt it in me, fuck me” now I did sound like a slut step mom
He pounded my pussy and tightens his grip around my waist, he was nearly there when I came for the third time
“Fill my pussy Jake,” I said with urgency but still trying to keep quite
I felt a hard thrust in to my fanny and he held me tight as his cock squirted in to its first woman, freely, he grunted with each new squirt of cum coming up his shaft while giving an extra push in. I could feel his cum spurting out, hitting my insides like a high-powered hose. We both were panting hard and shuddering with our climaxes, how nice it felt to have a young cock again, squirting many times over and extending my orgasm.
His hands relaxed and he slipped out from me, I collapsed forwards on to the fluffy rug before turning over on to my back. I was soaked in sweat, panting like a train and Jake sat in front of me staring at my open legs. I lifted and rested on my elbows, then I knew what he was looking at as I felt a puddle of love juice escaped my fanny and run down towards my bum. Bless him, he’s never seen his cum run out of a fucked fanny before, he ran his finger up my sopping lips and I smiled at him.
“Was that nice Jake”
“The best ever, I love your hairy pussy” he said
“Do you like watching you’re cum leak out”
“I’ve only seen pictures and they are nearly all shaven, your pussy is beautiful”
“Thanks’ Jake.
I stood up with a stream of love juice about to flood out from my pussy and sat on the toilet just as a blob of cum hit the water.
“Come here Jake I want to taste my juice on your cock”
He hung soft as I picked it up and started to lick him, I made a show of licking his cock, exaggerating the use of my tongue while softy moaning, Christ it was starting to come back to life so soon. I started to wank him harder, twisting and turning my hand and he started to breathe heavier again.
“Can I come over your tits?” he asked
“Cause you can”
I was bursting for a pee and let it flow out while wanking him, this seemed to encourage Jake and he clasped his hand around mine and we began wanking him together. I nipped my pussy making it stop and start and he started to thrust himself in to our hands.
I lifted my tit ready for him to squirt with my hard nipple making contact with his cock
end on every stroke. He grunted and his body stiffened as he shot his load, not as much this time and I rubbed his squirting cock around my tit, smearing his warm cum in to it.
Jake loosened his hand from mine but I kept a hold of his softening cock and kissed it. I was a mess, cum soaked hairy pussy and now my tit was covered in cum.
“Come on Jake in the shower” I said
We had a shower together, a very sexy loving shower, there was a lot of touching, kissing and feeling before we were washed. After we were dry, I looked in on my husband who was still asle ep and I went back in to Jake’s bed for a few hours.
From that night we acted around my husband as nothing had happened since that first night he knows about. I still go to bed with my husband at night, give him his pills and wait about an hour before going to my step son’s bed.
We set an alarm for four hours before going back to my husbands bed, some nights we just cuddle and kiss before falling asleep, other nights we make mad passionate love like new lovers craving for sex.
In the morning’s, I sort my husband out so he is ready for when Jake can give me a hand to get him out of bed, but in the meantime unknowing to my husband, I sneak in to the bathroom to see Jake. If we have had sex the night before I give him a quick blow job, enjoying the taste of my pussy juice still on his cock as I suck him dry. The other mornings when no sex happened the night before, Jake munches on my fanny, fetching me to a wonderful morning orgasm before he goes off to school for the day.

The end

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