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Trisha and Shriya Short Sweet Fucking

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Dec 5 2003:

famous theatre in chennai screened Trisha and Shriya Starrer Tamil film "Enakku 20 Unaku 18"..the crew members of the film came to see the response of the audience..theatre owner alloted a special box to them..many youngsters came to the film and most of them were Trisha fans..on the introduction scene of Trisha everyone started shouting loudly..when the camera shows her ass in close-up shot there was a huge response in theatre..

The producer and director were so proud of their movie..Shriya appreciated Trisha on seeing response of the fans..few minutes later another scene came..trisha unbutton her shirt and displays her navel..that also got a huge response..Shriya said "unbelivable di you got many fans for your physic" and she slowly rubbed Trisha's waist..Trisha smiled and replied "Thanks di..but don't do anything now" and pull shriya's hand out from her waist..then at the end of the movie there was a small press meet..in that Trisha introduced Shriya as her close friend and also said shriya is going to rock the Kollywood town from now..

Dec.5.2003-7pm-Trisha's Residence:Trisha Stopped the car in the shed and They both get down..Trisha was wearing a white jeans and black tops and shriya fitted her body in blue churidar...they both went to the garden..trisha called one of her servant and ask her to bring some oil..she came with oil in few minutes..then Trisha asked her servant to undress Shriya..servant askd shriya"can i?"..shriya replid"sure"..shriya put her shall away and lifted her hands up..servant removed the chudi top first..shriya was wearing a black bra..then servant unties the chudi pant..shriya's pant fell down..now she was standing with black bra and panty..now trisha askd the servant"now come and undress me"..she removd trisha's top..she was not wearing anything inside..

she was standing topless..then she removed Trisha's white jeans..shriya said to trisha"your servant is very lucky as she is touching the most wanted ass in kollywood" trisha laughed and servant smiled..trisha was standing with a flowered pink panty..then she asked the servant to go..trisha made shriya to lie down and applied some oil on her waist with her soft hands...then she removed shriya's bra and panty and applied on oil on shriya's secret parts..then shriya gave nude oil massage to Trisha..then they both jumped into swimming pool together nude..resting her nude body on water Trisha askd shriya "dear did u remember the day we startd having our first experience..actually your first experience"..shriya laughed and replied "ofcourse dear i remember...idiot u spoiled my virginity" and spankd trisha's nude ass inside Water..they both startd sinking in memories..

Few months back...
A.m.Ratnam's Residence:
A.m.Ratnam:hey how is our new project going.?
Jyoti Krishna:25% of the movie and one song completed..Trisha is doing great..this movie will be hot treat for her fans..i ropped in a telugu actress in this movie..her name is "Shriya saran"..these are her photos..
A.m.Ratnam:oh my god..wat a sexy bitch..i wanna fuck on all of her holes..very hot structure..i want her..
Jyoti Krishna:but sir she is not experienced actress like Trisha..also she is a virgin
A.m.Ratnam:i don't want to hear all these stories..i want her...
Suddenly a young boy enters the room..
Jyothi krishna:hey karthick..wats up..
Karthick:today is my b'day sir..(gives chocolate)
JK:oh happy b'day..ratnam sir he is one of my assistant..trisha's close friend..
AMR:oh happy b'day..r u going to Trisha's home..
Karthick:ofcourse sir she invited me for dinner..
AMR:convey my msg to trisha..
A.M.Ratnam said something to Karthick and karthick agreed.

On the same day:

Trisha's Residence:
Watchman opened the gate and Karthick parked his two wheeler and went into Trisha's home..
Karthick:mam..Trisha mam..
Trisha:karthick come upstairs..
Karthick responded to Trisha's voice and went up..Trisha asked him to come in..karthick opened the door and shockd on seeing trisha..she was wearing a red turkey towel..i covers her body from boobs to thighs..she was lying down on the bed and her servant applied some oil on her back neck..
Trisha:y karthick u are very excited?
Karthick:sorry mam i came in wrong time..
Trisha:no problem karthick..don't call me as mam..its better if u call me using my name..we r very good friends na?k wait on the next hall..take a look on magazines there..i will be right back after taking shower..
Karthick:sure mam..
Trisha:hey y again calling mam
karthick:sorry mam..
Trisha:gonna kill u..
Karthick:ha ha ok ok come soon

Few minutes later...
Karthick was starring the magazine..some good fragnance attracts karthick's nose..karthick felt someone coming in..he lifted his head up..yeah its Sexy cute Trisha..she was standing with just a towel..

Trisha:my costumes r here..
Karthick:hmm what soap u r using?
Karthick:it smells good
Trisha:u seems to be placing a heavy icecube in my head lolz..today is your birthday na..tell me which colour you like?
Karthick told his favorite colour...

Trisha went to the cupboard and searchd the clothes for selecting the colour prefered by karthick..karthick keeps starring at Trisha's ass covered by towel..unexpectedly trisha bend down for searching in the lower shelf..her towel slightly raised up and her back thighs r visible clearly..karthick got erection..
karthick:i want to tell u something important..
Trisha stands up and turn to karthick's side and said "yes"
karthick:tommorow u got photoshoot with newcomer right?
Trisha:are u talking about that girl Shriya?
Karthick:yeah..producer A.M.Ratnam needs her badly..he is just crazy about her..
Trisha:u mean he wants to fuck shriya?
Trisha:damn it she is a virgin da..i don't even know her..
Karthick:yeah u should convince her and make her agree..if u do so,producer will offer u anything u want..
Trisha:ok i will try..

Karthick:may i ask u a question if u don't mind..
Karthick:whats your rate per hour?
Trisha:do u mean rate for fucking me?
Trisha:well 50,000 only for known people..
Karthick:oh i c..
Trisha:why u askd this now?
Karthick:i am not having that much money..i am crazy about your cute ass..can i see it nude?only your ass please please..

Trisha:hey..what nonsense?u r my friend right..
Trisha:i promised u to give a dinner today as today is your birthday..thats all..
Karthick:sorry..don't mistake me..i've gone crazy..sorry again..
Trisha:i can understand..its ok..just go and wait down..let me dress myself
karthick went down..few minutes later Trisha came down with a white t shirt and blue jeans..she was very simple and cute without make up..
Karthick:wow gorgeous..
Trisha:Thanks da..come with me..
Karthick followed Trisha..her fragnance attracts him..karthick keeps staring on her jeans hugged ass..he want to touch it,smell it,lick it and even spank it..Karthick controlled himself..they reached the dining room..trisha pulls the chair and asked karthick to sit and she sat on opposite chair..
Karthick:lucky chair..i am jealous about that chair..
Trisha:ha ha ha..r u crazy about me or my ass?
Karthick:i don't know
Trisha:anyhow it is better if u control yourself..
Trisha's servants serves the variety of food items to both..

Both started eating their food..after few minutes trisha asked her servants to go out..
Trisha:i know u only for last 6 months..you've been very true friend for me..so i know you very well..do you want to fuck me?
Karthick:ha ha ha..i am not that much rich to spend 50,000rs for 3 to 5minutes pleasure..but i am mad about u..you r damn hot..thats y i want to see your ass nude atleast..but i m not that much qualified..sorry again..
Trisha:its ok no problem..
Trisha rotates that dining table and the hot Sambar container fell on karthick's stomach and it spread all over his bottom...karthick cannot resist the heat of Sambar..he screamed loudly..Trisha suddenly stood up and asked sorry
karthick:its ok..where is the wash room...sssh..its burning..
Trisha:come with me..
Trisha called her servants and asked them to clean the room..Trisha take karthick to the wash room..karthick opened the tap and used his hand to apply water on his body..
Trisha:idiot what are you doing?remove your clothes..
Trisha:u remove them or i will tear those..
Karthick removed his pant and shirt and gave that to Trisha..trisha got them and asked him to remove his vests..he removed that too..now karthick is standing with only Jockey..Trisha kneel down and puts karthick clothes in washing machine..Karthick saw trisha's ass crack and Tong..he got errection..Trisha stares at karthick..his cock is mounted on his jockey..Trisha laughed at him..

Trisha laughed at karthick..karthick felt very shy and ashamed..

Karthick:can u please stop laughing..please it hurts..
Trisha:ok ok i am sorry..its all my mistake..let this machine wash your clothes..u come with me..
Karthick:but how?with this jockey huh?
Trisha:no problem..come..this is my home and i am boss here,no one dares to laugh at you..
Karthick followed Trisha..Trisha takes karthick to the garden and she called her servants and asked them to switch on all the lights..suddenly many lights glown there simultaneously..karthick wondered on seeing a huge swimming pool..
Trisha:a strange smell is coming from your body..please take a bath in this..
Karthick:in this night?the water will be very cool..why can't i prefer shower in the bathroom..
Trisha:there also cool water will be coming idiot..
Karthick:oh..ok i agree the truth..i don't know swimming..
Trisha:u don't know swimming?what the fuck?i am shamed to be your friend..i am a girl man..just 2 or 3 years elder than you..i can swim like a proffessional swimmer..shit..i am damn shame on you..
Karthick:what r u expecting me to do now?

Trisha:just learn swimming..its one of the necessary thing in your life and also keeps your body fit..
Karthick:ok i will learn it soon..
Trisha:what do you mean by soon?don't postpond good things..began today..
Trisha called her servants..three women came..karthick seems to be uncomfortable..
Trisha:what's your problem karthick?
Karthick:don't you understand that i am standing with jockey in front of 4 girls..i don't wanna learn swimming from them..

Karthick:they are girls and also strangers to me..i will be feeling safeless and uncomfortable..i cannot learn properly..
Trisha asked her servants to go in and hold the hands of karthick..karthick felt like a heat wave spreading all over his body..takes him to the swimming pool..they slowly walked inside the water..they stopped walking when the water level reaches their head..
Trisha:now slowly take your legs from the ground
Trisha:don't be afraid like a bitch..i am there na..take your legs..
Karthick slowly takes his leg..he feels like drowning inside water..he was tensed and afraid..and at the particular moment he is not able to balance himself on the water..he started shouting "help me!pls help me"..all the servants came out

Trisha felt shy and embrassed..she don't know what to do..suddenly she got an idea..she gives her one hand to karthick's chest and balanced him and with other hand she hold karthick's cock..karthick felt like he was in heaven..this is the first time ever a girl touching his cock..he slowly balance himself on the pool..then trisha took her hands away..her servants quitely watching them..suddenly trisha removed karthick's jockey and throwed it away..it happend within few seconds..karthick was shocked and excited..

Trisha:follow my instructions properly else you will lose your prestige..
Karthick agreed and trisha teached him few basics of swimming for 20minutes..eventhough karthick was nude trisha didn't do anything to arose his sexual feeling..she behaved like if karthick is fully clothed and she is his swimming teacher..then
Trisha:its enough for today..lets go out..
Karthick:do u forgot that i am nude..get my jockey
Trisha:your cock is hair filled..its unhealthy for a virgin teen guy like u..u have to shave it.shut your mouth and come with me..
Trisha holds karthick's hand and walked out of water..all servants were seeing them..while coming out karthick slowly got erection..he was actually embrassed for that and felt uncomfortable..
Trisha:don't worry..this is human nature..here no one will laugh at u..
Then she called 2 of her servants and ask them to shave karthick's cock..the two servants were in green saree..there age may be 32 or something like that..they made karthick to sit on the chair..one servant massages karthick's shoulder and the other servant shaved karthick's cock slowly and carefully as it is fully erected..trisha waited till servant complete shaving..

After shaving Trisha and Karthick went in to the home from garden..karthick is still nude..trisha went upstairs and opened the cupboard in her guest room..
Trisha:shit i am all wet..i've to change..
Karthick:hey r u k**ding..wer r my clothes..
Trisha:wait..just sit on the sofa over there..
Karthick sat..trisha removed her t-shirt..karthick was very excited..he is watching a live striptease of his angel..she was standing with black bra..her hip and cute navel invited karthick..trisha ignored karthick and removed her jeans..pink panty..very very wet and hot..karthick slowly rubbed his cock..trisha removed her bra..small but perfect boobs and sharp nipples..then she turned that side and removed her panty..now trisha is also nude and her cute ass is in front of karthick..
Trisha:r u hungry da?if show fuck my ass..
Karthick:r u sure?
Trisha:yes dear..i m your birthday gift

Karthick stood up and went near nude trisha..he grabbed her hips and turned her..he saw her cute pussy with little hairs..trisha felt little embrassed.."i don't want anyone to intimate my pussy..i want to maintain my virginity till i am getting married..hope u understand"said trisha..

Karthick:i am actually gifted to see u nude and standing nude in front of u..this is enough for me my angel..
Trisha hugged karthick tightly and said "i love to know that you are addicted to my beauty..i hav to show my courtesy"..she kissed karthick's lip..karthick grabbed her ass and hugged her more tightly..then karthick sat on his knees and kissed her pussy..he licked it and inserts his tounge..trisha felt like she was in heaven..she enjoyed every second..finally her pussy juice wetted karthick's face..trisha grabbed karthick's hair and made him stood back..she licked his face with tounge..then she went down.."mam please i don't want your cute lips to suck my dick..pls understand"said karthick..

Trisha:u gave me pleasure i wanna give u the same..wat else i can do?
Karthick:do me handjob then
trisha:no..mmmm..can we have anal.?
Karthick:mam but i am afraid that..
Trisha:look this is my order..lie down u idiot..
Karthick can't violate her words..he lied..trisha applied oil on his cock..karthick enjoyed her massage..she slowly sat on his cock..karthick felt little pain but enjoyable pain..she finally made karthick's cock inserted on her ass hole..karthick grabbed her hip and shook her whole body..actually trisha pumped karthick's cock with her ass..finally karthick sheds cum on her ass..trisha stood up,licked and cleaned karthick's cock

Then Trisha took karthick to her room and they had stream bath together..then trisha asked karthick to sleep with her nude..he agreed and they went to bed..

5hours later...

next day..

6AM:alarm rings..trisha pressed it top and turned off..she is so tired to wake up from bed..
15minutes later..

one of trisha's servant came in..she was shocked on seeing karthick and trisha sleeping nude together..karthick rested his head on trisha's right boob..his hand covered her left boob..his leg was on her thighs..servant slowly came near trisha and wake her up..trisha woke up she slowly released her body away from karthick..then she spanks karthick ass and woke him up..servant laughed out loudly on karthick..

Trisha:"hey bitch..why r u laughing?"
servant:sorry mam but look at his ....
trisha starred at karthick's bottom..his cock is very small like a k**'s cock..karthick felt embrassed and said
"mam..this is what my problem is..my cock seems to be too short while i m not in mood"
Trisha:whats to be so shy about it..u know how to satisfy a girl and your thing is getting ususal erection while f***ing..i actually enjoyed last night..
trisha hold karthick's cock with sympathy..it suddenly got erected..

"come dear lets go to bathroom and finish our morning duties.."said trisha..they both went to bathroom and servant went to kitchen for preparing breakfast..

karthick pissed on western toilet and flushed it..then she sat on toilet for going shit..karthick watched the whole show without blinking his eyes..when trisha opens the portable tap to wash her shit karthick stopped her and he sat on her back and lick her ass and cleaned the shit..trisha was shocked..she slapped karthick and asked "what the hell u think of yourself..dont u feel shy to lick my shit like dog"..karthick replied "i love ur ass that much dear".."wash your mouth first" said trisha..then trisha and karthick went into bathtub..karthick kissed trisha lips in bathtub..then he gave her soapy treatment and fingered her soapy pussy till she attain organsm..then finally karthick dressed himself and said thanks to trisha..trisha also dressed herself with a pink churidar..they both had breakfast..karthick left trisha home at 8.30am..trisha drives her car to the shooting spot..

At 9am trisha reached the shooting spot..director jyothi krishna and his crew members were actively rolling on the spot..director asked assistant director karthick to explain the scene to trisha..karthick went to trisha and offered her a tight sleeveless and white tiny shorts..

Trisha:so what's the scene?
Karthick:mam you have to wear this costumes and do skipping..
Trisha:does the camera gonna reveal my ass in this tiny shorts?
Karthick:no mam..just your juggling boobs and thighs while skipping..that too only for fraction of seconds..
Trisha:then ok..i will do it for free..no special salary needed..but u have to pay me if my ass is revealed as it is most wanted in kollywood
Karthick:no mam i am sure..

Trisha went into caravan and fits her body in that sleeveless and shorts..she came out..all eyes were on her and her sexy ass in shorts..karthick provided trisha a skipping rope..trisha okayed the scene in one take and satisfied the director..

trisha went back to caravan to change her clothes..jyothi krishna drives his car to airport for recieving Shriya..

At 10:30am in chennai airport bangalore flight arrived..jyothi krishna saw shriya coming out in a blue churidar..she seems to be confused,afraid and little excited..she even hesitates to bend down to took her luggages as her cleavage will be displayed in her low neck churidar..so she holds her shall close to her boobs and took the luggages and avoided her cleavage display..

jyothi krishna gave her a warm welcome..he took her to his car..he asked her to get in..she entered in by back door..jyothi krishna wondered on her shyness and started talking to her while driving..

Jyothi krishna:welcome to chennai
Shriya:thank u sir..why did you came sir?you can send any of your assistants na?
Krishna:yeah but i don't wanna confuse you..you already saw my photo on mail na? So i thought you are familiar with my face
Shriya:ofcourse sir you made me more comfortable..thank you..
Krishna:do you know tamil?
Shriya:no sir..will learn it soon..
Krishna:ha ha no need..you seems to be too shy..you have to learn more things other than tamil for entering tamil cinema..so i will give you one week time for learning those
Shriya:i can't get you sir..what to learn? where? And from whom?
Krishna:i will tell you more after reaching the shooting spot..


car reaches the shooting spot..the crew members were in tea break..jyothi krishna introduces shriya to his crew members and trisha ofcourse..trisha and shriya shooked hands just for formality..jyothi krishna asked shriya to roam around and observe the spot..he asked trisha to come into her caravan and went..five minutes later trisha went in her caravan and locked the door..jyothi krishna was sitting on the chair in front of mirror..he spread his hands widely and invited trisha..trisha hugged him and sat in his lap..her cute ass kissed jyothikrishna's cock..jyothikrishna pressed her boobs and said "did you see her?"..

Trisha:yeah sir..she seems to be a shy type

Krishna:you are right..so i gonna give you one week holiday..you have to train her,vanish her shyness and should make her ready for a fuck..our producer badly needs her..he will alot a seperate salary for you for doing this help..
Trisha:ok sir..its my responsible to make her a bitch..i'll take care..
Krishna:thats good dear..so i can't see you for a week..

Krishna rubbed trisha's pussy over her pant while talking..trisha stood up and stripped herself..after attaining nudity she unzipped krishna's pant and pulled down his jockey..his dirty old cock came out erected..trisha sucked it hard eventhough she don't like it..jyothi stopped her when he was about to cum..he asked her to bent down and he shooked his cock with his hand and leaked his cum on her milky ass..he licked his own cum and cleaned her ass..trisha thanked god for escaping from drinking that dirty old man's cum...everything happened within 15 minutes..

Jyothikrishna zipped his pant..

Krishna:thanks babe..how much you want for this?
Trisha:no need sir..i just done it for a courtesy..
Krisha:don't worry will give you a big amount as salary for all your helps
Trisha:thank you sir
Krishna:just pick shriya to your home and train her for a week..
Trisha:sir i need some help for that..
Krishna:ask frankly dear..
Trisha:i need a guy as a moderator for you and me..he have to come to my home often..i feel your assistant Karthick will be better for that..he is young and innocent..
Krishna:ok dear..you dress yourself..i will sent him in..

Krishna came out of caravan..karthick was talking with the editor..krishna shouted "karthick"..karthick came running towards him..

Krishna:go lucky dog..your angel is calling you in..
Karthick:sir you mean?
Krishna:go into trisha's caravan you idiot..she wanna meet you..

Karthick accepted his order and went near the caravan and askd "mam may i?"..on hearing karthick's voice trisha asked him to come in..he went in and locked the door..trisha was standing with panty..she was wearing her bra..she asked karthick to sit..karthick sat on a chair behind trisha..he starred at her back and sexy ass..trisha started combing her hair by seeing mirror

Trisha:karthick..you gonna help me for making that shriya a bitch..all you have to do is act as per my plan for a week..
Karthick:sure mam..
Trisha:eventhough i am elder than you don't call me as mam..i like you a lot..so don't do it again..
Karthick:sorry..what i have to do now?

Trisha explained her plan outline for 5 minutes..

Karthick:ok mam..will do for you sure..
Trisha:thats good karthick..do you wanna have a ride now?
Karthick:no,no need..may be later if possible..thank you..
Trisha:but you got erection right?

Karthick was quite..he actually felt embrassed as his angel was talking about his cock..

Trisha:ok ok u can go..
Karthick:may i touch your...
Trisha:go on dear..

Karthick slowly rubbed trisha's ass over her panty..then he adjusted his pant to hide his erected cock and went away..trisha smiled on karthick's innocence and started dressing herself..


eventhough Jyothikrishna,Trisha and Karthick joint together and planned for making Shriya a kollywood bitch they had to play a drama to excecute it..
Trisha dressed herself and came out of caravan..she was so simple and cute in churidar..jyothikrishna called trisha while shriya is standing near him..

Krishna:meet trisha..heroine of U 18 Me 20..
Shriya:yeah i know..i am gifted to meet her..really a cute and most wanted actress of south..
Krishna:hey trisha,this shriya from Andhra..new entry to kollywood..
Trisha: (shooked hands with shriya) hey please don't talk formally..i am your friend from now..you also gonna glow like me in kollywood..you are more hotter than me..
Shriya:hey don't lie to make me happy

Krishna:no shriya,she is right..you are also deserves to be an actress..all you need to know is some tricks to survive..trisha will train you and she will take care of you for a week..trisha take shriya to your home and i will give you one week time to train her..i will try to compose some tracks with help of ARR and complete some solo comedy tracks of Vivek sir..so just you are free..show her our city,teach her some tamil and acting tricks..teach her everything..

Trisha:i will take care sir..
Shriya:mam..sure you don't mind..
Trisha:hey don't call me mam..come with me..
Trisha took shriya to her car..she drives the car to her home..
["U 20 Me 18" gonna miss this hot angel for a week..but the angel is gonna share her body with another angel with the help of an innocent boy..]

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