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Mommy was coming home from the hospital! She had my new baby sister
with her, too! I was home from my stay with Grandma for three days while
Daddy and Mommy picked my new sister up from the hospital (I think they
have a machine in there that takes they baby out of Mommy's tummy, and it
takes three days), and I was just waiting for Mommy to come in from the
kitchen. We'd always had the same routine at nights, after supper. Mommy
would start the dishwasher and come in and sit down to watch television
with me and Daddy. I would get up in her lap and sit with her and she'd
hold me. Even while my new sister was growing in her belly, I would sit up
next to Mommy and she'd have her arm around me. Now that my baby sister was
out of Mommy's tummy, I expected to be able to sit in Mommy's lap again,
just like before.
I had missed being in Mommy's lap so much. Being held in her lap was
the high point of my day, as you can imagine. I would get home from school
and she'd have a snack waiting for me, then it was go out and play until
she called me in for supper, and then after supper, it was Mommy's lap and
then up to my bed for a good night's sleep. I hadn't slept too good those
days Mommy was in the hospital.
So after supper, I went to the living room and sat eagerly, watching
the television with Daddy sitting in his chair nearby, and waited for Mommy
to come in.
Only she didn't. She came in and kissed Daddy and then kissed me, and
I waited for her to sit down, but she passed on by and started on out
"Mommy!" I called after her.
"What is it, hon?"
"Aren't you going to stay here?" I said.
"No, honey, I have to check on Rachel."
"But you're coming right back?" I asked.
"No, honey." Mom said. She came back and kissed me again, on the
forehead. "I have to rock Rachel to sleep."
"But, Mo-om!" I said. "What about you watching television with me and
"Hon." Mom said to Daddy.
"It's okay, sport." Daddy said to me. "You and me will watch
television together."
"But I always sit on Mommy's lap to watch television." I protested.
"But you're a big boy now." Daddy said. "Getting too old to sit on
Mommy's lap any longer."
"No more?" I whined.
"Now, now, you're a big boy now." Daddy said.
"But I want to sit in Mommy's lap!" I whined.
"Well, you can't, any more." Daddy said.
"It's that baby's fault!" I said, my self-sympathy turning to anger.
"No, not really." Daddy said. "Even if Rachel hadn't come along, you
would have had to give up sitting in her lap sooner or later. You're
getting too big for her lap."
"Mmm." I said. That's the sound you make when you accept something
someone's telling you, but you don't like it. I sat on the couch, all
alone, "I'm going to miss sitting in Mommy's lap." I said after a
time. "It's not fair."
"Hey." Daddy said. "You're not the only one who has to get used to
things being different around here. I felt the same way when you came
along, you know."
"You used to sit in Mommy's lap?" I asked, intrigued.
"No, but we did a lot of other things a lot like sitting in her lap."
Daddy said. "That all ended when you came along. Now it's Rachel's turn to
be Mommy's special pet."
"Oh." I said.
"Looks like you and me are out in the cold now." Daddy said, and I
could feel the same sort of bitterness in his voice I'd had in mine when I
had said "It's not fair."
It didn't seem right, Mommy leaving Daddy alone to let me sit in her
lap. And now she was doing the same thing to me. I knew Daddy had started
sleeping on the couch downstairs (it made out into a bed) the last few
months. I guess with both me and Rachel, Daddy got squeezed right out of
being cuddled by Mommy.
I had an idea. "Daddy?"
"Yeah, son?"
"Could I sit in your lap?" I asked. "I mean, since Mommy won't let me
sit in her lap anymore, and you're all alone, and stuff."
"Sure, son." Daddy said. "You can sit in my lap. You and me will watch
television. But your bedtime is still eight o'clock like always, okay?"
"Okay." I said.
Daddy was bigger than Mommy, by quite a lot. His body was shaped
different, too. Mom had these breasts that were soft, and my head would
rest on them just like on a pillow. But Daddy had these larger, softer pads
of his chest, and I nestled my head on them. Daddy's arms were around me
and he was a lot stronger than Mom, I could feel the big hams of his hands
as they rested, one on my mid-back and one on my leg. I put my arm around
his neck.
"How does it feel, sitting in my lap?" Daddy asked me.
"Feels good." I admitted. "Almost as good as Mommy's."
"Almost?" Daddy said. "What am I doing wrong?"
"Mommy would stroke my hair and arms and stuff." I mentioned. "Felt
"Okay." Daddy reached up and ran his huge fingers through my hair and
down my neck. "Like this?"
"Uh-huh." I agreed. His other hand was running up and down my
leg. Actually, it didn't feel at all the way Mommy did it, but Daddy was
trying. And what Daddy was doing felt in its own way a lot better.
I reached up with my free hand and I felt Daddy's chest, running my
hand over it. Giggled, because it felt kind of funny, and kind of good at
the same time. My stomach was tingling kind of weird-like.
Daddy chuckled too and I reached up and Daddy kissed me. Just a
regular sort of kiss, but it was different in how it made me feel. All kind
of special and warm and that tingle in my stomach went right down into my
wienie and it got all hard at once.
I squirmed because of my wienie getting hard and I felt it,
then. Daddy's wienie was hard, too. "Daddy." I giggled. "Your wienie is all
"It is?" Daddy said. Then, he noticed, because I was only wearing my
briefs and t-shirt, like I wear to bed. "Yours is stiff, too."
"Yeah." I giggled. "Feels funny."
Daddy's hand came up and cupped my crotch. "Funny how?" He asked me.
"Kind of tingles." I said. "Like it's alive."
Daddy's fingers began to gently knead my briefs, his fingers feeling
out and rubbing over my tiny little stiff dick. "It does feel like it's
alive." he said.
"Uh-huh." I said. "That feels even better, you touching it."
Daddy's fingers were making my wienie feel like it was going to bust!
"You want me to make it feel even better?" He asked me.
"Uh-huh." I said.
Daddy's fingers went up and he lifted the elastic of my waistband of
my briefs and slid his hand down inside. I felt his fingers find and touch
and grab hold of my little wienie and I just groaned. "Oooh, Daddy!" I
sighed. "That does feel better."
"I haven't even started yet." Daddy said. "It gets better."
"Better?" I almost whimpered.
"Yeah." Daddy said. "All I have to do is this." And Daddy's fingers
began to gently pull the skin of my wienie back and forth, making it wiggle
over the tip and back. The feeling was like nothing I'd ever felt before,
my dick was sending such pleasure up through it into my body, and it was
all due to Daddy's wonderful fingers, moving up and down on my dick.
I moaned and laid my head on Daddy's shoulder, looked up at him,
smiling down at me, and I said, "Oh, Daddy, that feels so good!" I
said. "Faster, Daddy, faster."
"Need to get this down off you for that." Daddy said as his hand let
go of me, but only to grab hold of my briefs. His other hand worked from
behind, and I lifted up to let him slip my briefs down onto my thighs, a
red ring of material now, and my bare buttock rested on Daddy's jeans and
my dick was again enveloped in his hand, only now he got his entire hand
into it, his fingers wrapped around my wienie and his palm making a full
"Now we can really get it moving for you, son." Daddy said.
His hand began to move up and down now, his hand holding tightly onto
my little wiener, and I could only gasp as my Daddy pumped on my
willy. Daddy's hand was under my back and I just lay back on it and let my
head hang down and my legs went up and my toes curled as my Daddy's hand
pleasured my dick with his rapid strokes up and down.
"Oh, oh, Daddy, oh!" I gasped. "Oh, Daddy, that's so good, that's so
good, oh, OH, OH, OH, OH-OH-OH-OHHHH!" I groaned as my body stiffened, for
my wienie was feeling so-so-good, and I trembled with the amazing feeling
of it, just quivering as the sensations ended, and I was panting like I'd
been running a lot, only I hadn't.
I looked up with my eyes all kind of scrambled, looking at my Daddy
and he was smiling down at me in a sort of way like he had pulled a joke on
me, and I guess he had, for it was the best joke ever, and I grinned back,
and I put a trembling hand up and touching his face and said, "Thank you,
Daddy. That felt so good."
Daddy kind of nuzzled my hand and I realized then that he still had
his own stiff wienie and I said, "Can I do yours now, Daddy?"
Daddy's mouth kind of puckered on one side as he considered it, and
said, "Not sitting in my lap, you can't."
"Silly." I said and he laughed and I slid out of his lap and onto the
floor. That put me between Daddy's legs, and he splayed them out wider and
his fingers came up and undid his buttons on his jeans.
I helped pull them down and then I saw Daddy's big wiener, and I said,
"Golly! It's huge!" in wonder.
"Yours will get this big some day." Daddy said. "When you're older."
I reached up and touched it like it was magical or something. Daddy
moaned when I got hold of his wienie and it was hot as it could be. "I do
it like this?" I said as I wrapped my fingers around it and began to pump
up and down on the huge shaft.
"Ooh, yeah, Son, just like that, baby, just like that!" Daddy moaned
as I pumped on his dick. "Oh, baby, I'm so hot, I'm not going to last too
long, baby, I'm going to shoot."
"Shoot what?" I wanted to know.
"My cream." Daddy said. "White stuff, it comes out when you're older,
baby, it's going to shoot soon."
"Wow!" I marvled at that. "Can I see it?"
"Keep pumping my cock, baby, and you will." Daddy promised.
"Oh, I will." I said. "I can pump it really hard." And I moved my hand
and arm just as fast as I could.
Sure enough, Daddy groaned in no time, just like me, only he sort of
went, "Nn-nnn-nnn-NNN-NNNNNHUH-GUHHHHHH!" when he felt as good as I had.
And it shot out all right, that white stuff. Boy, there was a lot of
it, and it just blasted up in the air like a fountain and it landed all
over his legs and all over me, getting on my hair and my face a little, but
most of it hit my t-shirt. Daddy kept on groaning for as long as it shot
out or dribbled out over my flailing hand, and then he was down to gasping
the way I had gasped when I was done, and I held on, and I said, "Are you
done now, Daddy?"
"Oh, oohh, oh, yeah, Son." Daddy panted. "You did it just right, baby,
oh, yeah!"
"That was cool!" I said as I looked at the thick white stuff on my
hand. "You shot a lot of that white stuff all over me." I lifted it up
closer to my face to look at it.
"Yeah, it's called come or sperm or jism." Daddy explained. "A
grown-up like me can shoot it when we pump our cocks like you pumped it for
me. It's all kind of salty tasting if you were to taste it."
Taste it? I lifted my hand to my mouth and my tongue reached out and
touched it, and Daddy groaned. "Oh, yeah, baby, taste that come, taste it
for Daddy."
"Tastes funny." I said. "But it's good."
"Yeah, it's good." Daddy said all husky in his voice. "Real good."
I put my mouth on it and got all the come on my hand into my mouth and
ran it around on my tongue, swallowed. "Yeah, it's good." I agreed.
Daddy and I heard the upstairs door shut, and Mom's steps on the
hallway. "Mommy's coming back." I said.
"Quick, son." Daddy said as his hands fought his pants closed. "Get
your shorts up and back on my lap, fast."
I did and Daddy couldn't fasten his jeans before Mom arrived as I
climbed back into his lap. I felt Daddy's jism on his jeans, all wet and
"Well, Rachel's asleep." Mom announced. "For now, anyway."
"That's good." Dad agreed as Mom sat down.
"All right, Max." Mom said to me as she sat down. "You can come sit by
me, but not in my lap. I'm still sore from the hospital."
"It's okay." I said. "I can sit in Daddy's lap now."
Mom just smiled a sigh of relief. "Well, if you're sure you don't
mind." she said. "I don't want you to think I don't love the two most
important men in my life."
She meant Daddy and me and I giggled. "That's okay." I said. "You have
to take care of my baby sister now. I'll take care of Daddy and he'll take
care of me."
"We sure will, Tiger." Daddy said to me.
"All right." Mom agreed. "You can just sit in Daddy's lap every night
instead of mine, while I'm upstairs tending to Rachel. I know it'll be a
relief to me."
"Me, too." Daddy whispered to me and I giggled, snuggled up even more
and Daddy gave me a hug.
I like sitting in Daddy's lap!

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