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A Sri Lankan maid...

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hey all, my name is Terence (/ 23 yr old bisexual male from Sri Lanka, thought I will share one of my sexual experiences with all of you... please do leave your thoughts in the comments :)....Also this my first time posting a story,hope i did a good job :)

Around 9 years ago, with both my parents running full time jobs we had employed a live-in maid to take care of the daily chores around the house. Her name was Seetha and was in her mid 30's. She was relatively short around 5'0" but she had quite attractive attributes, 34D breasts, a large and rather bubbly butt and her skin tone was quite tan. She generally dressed in loose long skirts, little below her knee and bright colored tops. She generally favored two items in particular, one green and white silky skirt with a matching top as well as a purple skirt and top that was a little worn out. Now around this time, I had a girl-friend with whom I have had quite some experiences (perhaps I will share some of them if you guys want :) ), however much to my dismay we were confined to third base all the bloody time. And when school break was on it wasnt helpful, yes we did sexted and wanked off on skype alot but given that age the raging hormones and the distance to commute between our houses the "kinky" times were far too less.
Hence I was generally stuck at home, all day with nothing much to do except wank off to porn on Slutload etc. It was on one of these days that I was wanking off but was abruptly interrupted by the doorbell ringing contiously, I answered grudgingly and was wondering why Seetha had not come to answer the door instead. I went over to her room behind the kitchen to see that she taking her regular afternoon nap. Only this time I noticed that her purple skirt was lifted all the way above her waist and had her legs spread a little but wide enough to notice that she had no panties on! Her pussy was dark and was a little hairy. I came closer to the doorway and noticed that her blouse had also come undone and skin coloured bra veiling her luscious tan boobs which were moving up and down with her breathing. Also next to the door was her dirty laundry in a basket with a few clothes including a couple of cotton panties. I stood their for while, but what happened next I did not ever think I was capable of such an act. I picked up a pale orangish panty, dropped my pants took my cock in to my hand and started wanking off, watching seetha's pussy, sniffing her panty imagining the smell of her pussy and my cock in her tight wet vagina while sucking on her nipples. mmmm, how wonderful those breasts would be to touch, to squeeze, to lick...I wondered what colour her nipples were, as kept stroking my cock faster and faster until i spluttered a load on her room floor. It was quite big load and nearly extended a good 3 feet, almost to her bed post. Then i realised in horror that, when she woke up she would see the mess on the floor, I panicked and ran to my room, along with her panty.

For the next 2 days or so, I was panicking about the whole scenario but Seetha seemed not to have realised what I had done while she was sleeping. Although, every night since that afternoon I was wanking off thinking about her. How I could forced my myself onto her, and how she would resist at first but gradually start to liking it and letting pound her pussy. It was such a thought that one evening I was in my room wanking off, saying her name over and over again, aloud (no one was in the house, since my parents werent coming back till 7 and Seetha was out to get the groceries). I had my eyes closed and was naked, apart from Seetha's panty which i was wearing, on my bed and unleashed a huge load. Then I heard my door opening, with Seetha coming in, asking me if alright cause she heard me call her. I froze, HOW HAVE I FORGOTTEN TO LOCK THE DOOR!, she walked in and froze, her eyes grew wide but then looked away and grinned while asking if I was alright...I stammered, "Yes...", I mean thats all I could get out, she then left the room. The next day while I was watching tv, really I was just trying avoid her, she approached me and said "Babba(an affectionate term to address k**s), were you in my room a few days ago" she had a very solemn look on her face. I slowly replied, "Yes..I was there". "Did you take a panty of mine?", Seetha asked. beads of sweat started to roll down my forehead as i nodded, "I need it back, where did you keep it?" she asked very sternly, "In my drawer upstairs". I said as she promptly disappeared to my room. I did not know how long she had gone, but it felt like an age! she came back, then stopped and went to my parents room before coming back out. I did not understand why, but at tht moment I couldnt care less. She came to me and said, "I need to wash these" holding out her pale orange panties, then she looked down at me "Do you like panties" she asked, grinning at me. I was taken back by what she had said, but replied saying, that I do..I mean i adored her sweaty pussy juice stained panties!
She then lifted her skirt and swiftly slid off a pink panty she was wearing, and gave it to me, "Show me what you did with it" she smiled, I immediately grapped it and started to sniff it and rub my cock in it under my shorts. She started to laugh, "Wow, you really are perverted babba" she then sat down next to me started to take my pants off, she then took my shirt off. She then whispered "wear my panty like you did in the room, I will also give you my bra" I shook my head, I was really nervous and had no idea my maid was this freaky. She then looked me dead in the eye and said "If you do this, I will let you fuck me", she said holding out a Durex sachet, then i understood why she went to my parents room!, she continued "if you still refuse, I will have to tell nona (lady of the house aka my mom) what you did in my room with my panty and how you stained my floor with with your cum, plus I knw abt the dirty pictures your girlfriend has sent you". I really didnt care about what she said, she already had me at the "I will let you fuck me part", i agreed, she got up and pulled off her blouse and unhooked her bra, her slightly saggy yet firm breasts with dark erect nipples where now free, i immediately grasped her left breast, and started to caress it, she smiled and then slipped her skirt off. As she came around me to put the bra on, i slid down to suck on her nippled, she just stood their gasping for little while before giggling and saying, "my, my, arent you an eager one" she put her bra on me, which never really fit me and then slid her panties up my legs.

"There we go!!! A pretty girl you are", she grinned, "Hayio, you have mage the panty wet already! chee! chee!" She told me to lay down as she rubbed my cock over the panty then slipping it down to let my cock out and started to stroke me, "mmm its hard, she said", she slid her finger down my scrotum and then to my clear surprise, started to prod my asshole...AND OMG THAT FELT SO GOOD that i started to moan,"Like that do you!, yes, girls do like fingers in their holes"."pervy fucker!" she laughed and continued to finger my asshole and then moving on to sucking my cock. She started to work the shaft slowly with her tongue doing circles right under the head of my cock. and then gradually picked up the pace, moving it up and down deep into her throat. "You are very...good..at this" I said gasping. She pulled away, and smiled "why? you like babba?" "yes, Yes i do.." i the got up and laid down on the floor and started to suck on her boobs, her nipples were really hard, and the boobs were soft and I could taste the sweat of her body. I slowly slid my cock into her pussy, she gasped "No...no...you need to put the condom on!" i pushed it deeper, in to her wet tight pussy,.. "MMMMMM" she bit her upper lip, "fine...have it your way then pervert" I started to move slowly and then pound her deep and hard, I was pretty surprised that I was doing this well for my first time...Seetha kept moving beneath me, holding my hair and moaning loudly, i started pound faster and faster and faster until I blew my load in to her wet cunt!! We lay on top of each other till she rolled me over and put her finger, in her pussy and pulled it out, and then thrust it in my mouth, "eat some cum, girl...girls like cum" she said with a sly face. We got up and got dressed, while we were getting dressed she was telling me how she was fucked the garden boy of our neighbors the day i wanked off in her room. She said, next time I could join...and I did but thats a story for another time :)...

I would appreciate Your comments below :) plus hit me up on :

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