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A locker room fetish story.

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It's safe to say I was a pretty well known k** at my high school. Every teacher knew me, k**s I didn't know said hey to me as I walked by, girls stopped and stared, whispered in each others' ears, the usual stuff you could expect of a varsity football player.. Even though everybody may have thought they knew me, they really didn't have the slightest clue about who I was...or what it was that turned me on the most.

Nearly everyday I'd stay late after school in the weightroom, keeping up the jock persona, and nobody ever questioned my motives. They just thought I wanted to lift, when really I was just biding my time, waiting until everybody was gone from the school besides the janitors. My high school had three stories, and the janitors always started by cleaning the top floor. I usually had about 45 minutes to an hour alone in the bottom floor of the school....which just so happened to be where the girls' locker rooms were..and I just so happened to have a copy of every combination of every lock in the school.

Being a well known football player had its perks. My coaches frequently let me into their office to watch game film, look through workouts, work on plays, etc. After getting bored of the daily football routine, I decided to browse through the coach's desk, and boy did I find the jackpot. A folder full of every pad-lock number and combination in the high school. I didn't want to leave a trace, so I photo-copied every single page in that folder, and put it back. I knew then, it was time for the fun to begin... ;].

Our high school had three locker rooms for girls. One attached to the pool for swimmers and gym class, one in the weight room for the dance team, and one for the volleyball and girls basketball players. I first began exploring in the locker room close to the pool. I stayed after hours like usual, and when the coast was clear, I snuck in carefully with my folder full of combinations. I was so nervous about being caught I was shaking. After a few minutes of being in there alone, I finally relaxed enough to start checking out lockers. The smell of that locker room would've been enough for me to masturbate too, but I had a different motive..

I love feet, shoes, socks, anything a girl's sweaty foot has touched, I go crazy for.. and what better place than a locker room? The first time I snuck in, I'll never forget. I was looking for somebody specific's locker. We were friends, not great friends but decent enough that we'd talked a few times, had class together, etc. She had the most perfect feet I'd ever seen in my life..and I knew I had to have them somehow. I couldn't tell her, or anybody, it would've trashed my reputation.. So I set out to find her locker first. After a few minutes of searching, I saw it. My fingers were shaking, my hands sweaty as I put in the combination to her lock. After carefully putting it in and hearing that distinct "click" of the lock opening, I knew I was in the clear. I carefully opened the locker, and inhaled the scent that was trapped inside.. Perfection. I searched through a pile of her clothes, and found her shoes, still filled with a sweaty pair of gym socks. I shoved the shoes to my nose and took a huge whiff..and my cock immediately swelled in my pants. The smell was perfect, sweet and pungent and delicious. I stuffed her sock in my mouth and pulled out my cock. I began stroking, softly at first and then faster and faster, the smell of her delicious feet filling my nose. It felt so damn good, I came within a minute. I cleaned up my load, stuffed her socks in my pocket, closed up her locker and ran out of the locker room.

This tradition carried on nearly every day for years. I branched out, began exploring new girl's shoes, and was pleased every time. I began paying attention to every girl's feet in the school, seeing whose were the best and then finding their locker, and masturbating to the sweet smell of their sweaty feet and toes. For every girl's feet I masturbated to, I stole something out of her locker, be it a single sock, a pair of socks, underwear occasionally, and even several pairs of shoes. II never got caught by the administration..but one day, a girl walked in on me..and what happened next is a memory I'll cherish forever.

This particular time I snuck into the girls' volleyball locker room. There was a volleyball player named Shannon, who I'd always admired at a distance. We knew each other, but not personally. Picture this: dirty blonde, about 5'6, those famous perfect volleyball player legs and big ass, good sized tits, gorgeous face, and perfect feet to top it all off. She was literally the definition of perfection in my eyes, and I masturbated about her every day. I've never had a problem talking to girls, but if I ever tried to talk to her I choked up, my sentences wouldn't come out right.. So I eventually decided masturbating about her with her sweaty volleyball shoes in my face was enough. So that's exactly what I was doing, when everything changed.

The girl's volleyball locker room had two sets of doors, and I heard the first one open. My heart sank, and I knew I had to act fast. I put her shoes back in her locker, pulled up my pants and hid around a corner, hoping nobody would check behind the shower wall.. The second set of doors opened, but I didn't hear anything...then I heard her voice. "Why the hell is my locker open..?..Hello?" I didn't say anything. "Is somebody in here..?" I didn't say anything. I heard footsteps walking around the locker room, and I knew I had two choices. Run, or stay and hope she didn't catch me. I ran..but wow was my timing bad. Right as she turned around, I was making my break for it. "What the hell?" She asked, obviously surprised.. "Uh...Hey..." I said, scared, nervous, and embarrassed. "What were you doing?" She demanded of me. "Well...umm... I was...uh..."....I didn't know what to say, but somehow, she did. "Were you...my...were you in my locker..?" She asked. I nodded. "I didn't leave my shoes like that after practice...were you..?" She stopped. I nodded. "Interesting.." she said. I was semi shocked. I didn't know where this was going to go at all...and then a smile crept over her face. "You were smelling my shoes, weren't you?" I nodded. "That's kind of sexy.." she winked at me. I was shocked. My mouth fell open..and my cock throbbed in my pants. She noticed, and slowly walked up to me. She had been working out by the looks of her.. probably up in our seldom used cardio room. She was glistening with sweat, wearing a sports bra and spandex shorts. My cock kept growing. She came closer..closer..and then she was on me.. pressed close..my cock was pressed up tight against her perfect legs. She felt it and smiled. "Why didn't you just tell me?..Because I've been thinking about you for a long time. I've seen the way you watch me. I was always waiting for you to make the first move.." she said, as her hand slid down to my pants..I somehow managed to splurt out.. "I thought you wouldn't like me.." and then her mouth was on mine. The sweet taste of her tongue moving against mine. I pulled her closer..then pressed her up against a locker. My hands moved to her ass, hers moved up and down my cock. She was sweaty and I loved it. I moved to pull her shirt off and she let me. She unbuttoned my pants, and I let them fall. I couldn't believe what was happening. We ended up on the floor. Kissing. Touching. Rubbing. I was kissing up and down her neck as she moaned and kissed my ear. The next thing I knew she was whispering "fuck me...fuck me"..then screaming "fuck me!" I pulled my shirt off, and she slid her spandex over her perfect legs.. and without me even having to ask, unlaced her shoes. I pulled her feet to my face. I breathed in deep and my cock grew even more. God they were amazing. Sweet and sweaty and perfect. She moaned in pleasure, obviously enjoying it..I slid into her wet pussy..in and out, in and out. She moaned loudly, and her toes curled in pleasure. I pulled her socks off and inhaled her feet. I almost came right then..I don't know how I didn't..I just wanted to keep giving it to her and giving it to her. I pumped in and out and she arched her back, her fingers dug into my hips. I moved my tongue all around her feet, through her toes, up and down her soles. She screamed out "I'm coming!" and I let myself go. I've never had a bigger orgasm in my life. I pulled her as close as I could and came deep inside of her to the smell of her feet and the sound of her moans of pleasure....and when we both finished coming..we laid there together, our bodies as one. I let her legs go and I put my head on her chest, and she wrapped her legs around my waist.... We were both in shock, but both still so turned on that even though I had just come, I felt myself growing hard inside of her again. We fucked again.. slowly, intimately, savoring each others' bodies.. We had sex three different times in the course of one night...until we both had nothing left..then we just laid there together, embracing, kissing. It was late by that point, and we knew we had to leave even though we both wanted to stay. We threw our clothes back on, and walked out of the locker room. We went down to the parking lot, both still surprised about what had happened.. She looked at me and asked.."so, is this gonna happen again..?" I looked at her and smiled. "As long as the foot fetish part stays between us." She giggled and said "If you keep fucking me like that, I won't tell a soul." I smiled, and we kissed, long and hard.

We've been having sex ever since, and she hasn't told anybody about my fetish.. Can't get much better than that ;].

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