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My Wife's Subway Groping

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I found this online thought it was interesting so here you are.

My wife often takes the subway when attending seminars in the city. She says that fondling of women takes place constantly, but unless it gets out of hand or if there's no police around, then most women simply endure it and chock it up to everyday life and let it go.
I have told my wife that the thought of strange men touching her legs and *** and even her **** without her permission is wrong, yet I tell her that the thought of her being touched like that excites me. My wife has told me of many instances on the subway at rush hour, where she is standing holding the overhead rail, and feeling men rubbing her leg and even feeling the hands slide under her skirt until it reaches her ***** area. Sometimes she stares at the offending man, hoping to frighten the groping man into removing his hands. Most times, my wife tells me that she does not look at the man since she does not want to see his face. When she does this, she says it is freightening realizing that this total stranger, whether young or old, regarless of race or cleanliness, is feeling her *** and up her skirt, and often groping her chest, and she is silently enduring it all, hoping only that other passengers aren't watching as these men freely grab at her **** and ***, all without one word of protest on her part. My wife has told me that as she looks around the immediate area in the subway car, she has seen other passengers, both men and women, watching her stand still as her body is groped by strange men. Needless to say, these passengers remain silent and,make no effort to stop the groping. It is at this time that my wife feels the most embarassment since other men and especially other women are watching as her skirt is hiked up to her waist level, displaying her panties to not only the man groping her, but also to anyone who is watching. During this time, my wife tells me how she holds her hands above her head holding unto the railing to prevent her from falling. In this position, her chest is totally open to the mens pawing, and often she has had men begin to unbuttom her blouse and slide their hands inside her blouse cupping her ****.
When I asked my wife as to why she doesn't say anything to the men groping her, she replies that she already knows that no other passenger is likely to come to her aid in the event of a violent reaction from the man feeling her **** or legs. Secondly, she really doesn't want to cause a commotion in the subway car fearing that the man will merely say that he is sorry for accidentally brushing up against her. As a result, she tells me that not only her, but many women simply endure the grabbing at her chest or her ***, hoping that it will end soon when either she or the man leaves the train. I have honestly told my wife that for some reason, I find her adventures to be very stimulating, knowing that strange men are attracted to my wife's body enough to want to touch as much of it as possible. When I tell my wife of this, she says,"no wonder women don't make a scene on the train, men think it's a great sight". At this, she laughs and says that getting felt up in the subway is unfortunely a part of working in the city, no big deal.
My wife has also told me of many instances when a man who has been rubbing her *** with no strong objection from her has actually taken her hand and placed it on the outside of his pants over his ****. She tells me that normally when she pulls her hand away, that ends it, however, she tells me that more than once, when a man has placed her hand over his crotch, and she begins to pull away, that the men have actually held her hand over their ****, and have kept it held there for several minutes. My wife says that although the thought of her hand being held in place over the man's **** sounds horrible, the reality is that it prevents the man from using his hand to touch her chest or ***, and that it usually is done very secretively, keeping out of sight of other passengers.
My wife confessed to me that on one occassion while riding the subway home late at night, she found herself surrounded by a small group of teenagers, numbering about 4. The ages, she tells me, was about 15-16 yrs of each of them. The boys started talking with her while she stood with them very close to her. At first, she was friendly to the boys, hoping to keep a nice safe distance from them. Gradually, the boys got closer to her and suddendly she began to feel their bodies rubbing against her. At first she tried to ignore the contact, until she felt a hand on her *** as it grabbed unto her. There was no mistake about this contact, this boy had her *** in his hand. My wife immediately removed it and started to move away. From there, she felt several more hands on her *** and on her sides, very close to her chest. As she tried to move from side to side, she noticed that the hands were everywhere on her. She felt a hand on her legs sliding up as far as they could go. When she used her hands to pry the hands from under her dress, she felt other hands covering her **** and forcefully mauling her chest. When she removed the boys hands from her chest, others moved to her *** and back up under her dress. At one point, when my wife was trying to pull the boys hands from under her dress in back of her, she felt them hold unto her two arms, thereby pinning her arms behind her. When she was held in this position, the felt two of the boys starting to unzip the back of her dress and began lowering it off her shoulders. It was then that my wife realized that she could no longer use her hands to stop the boys from pulling her dress from her, and this allowed her dress to be pulled from her shoulders down to when it stopped at her waist. My wife was now covered on top only by a sheer bra. Right away, the boys began their remarks about the size of her **** and how great she looked. She heard the remarks such as great hooters, jugs and great *******.
She then felt the boys begin to reach under her dress and grab at her crotch area. Again, with her hands pinned behind her, she was unable to stop the boys from feeling between her legs and touching her ***** area as they desired. She felt at least one set of hands reach under her panties, and begin to rub her *****. She tried to move, but with her arms held behind her, she had no defense against the onslaught of hands. When she heard one on the boys say out loud that he wanted to **** her, she froze. She couldn't endure that, regardless the cost. Despite her pleading with the boys, she felt her panties being pulled off her legs. Her legs were pulled off the floor as each leg was held tightly as the panties were removed completely My wife was surrounded by the group, late at night, and my wife knew help was no where in sight. When she heard all the boys saying how they wanted a piece of her, and how they were going to **** her, she pleaded with them and offered a plea as her only hope. She cried as she offered to the group that they could feel her any way they wanted for as long as they wanted and she wouldn't try to stop them. When one of the boys, probably only 15 years old spoke up and asked " we can grab your **** and suck them, for as long as we want, and you won't stop us?" My wife answered the only way she knew to avoid a gang ****. "yes, go ahead, touch me all you want, anywhere I swear, my ****, my *** it's OK, just don't **** me. " When the boy asked her again,"all of us right? all of us can suck your ****?"
My wife was near hysterics now as she answered that "yes, all of you".
At that, my wife stood motionless as she felt her bra being unclasped in back of her. When she realized that the boys were totally unfamiliar with the claps of bras, she said" please, don't rip it, I'll take it off for you" Slowly my wife reached behind her and unhitched her bra and pulled it off She longer cared about covering her **** from the boys view. She felt hand all over her b reasts and nipples as the boys feasted on her ****. She felt all of then try to get her *** in each of their mouths at the same time. Finally she said" wait, please one at a time, I said I'm not running away, you'll all get your chance" So, true to her word, my wife told me how she stood and allowed each of the young boys to grab and maul her **** and how she stood as each boys clamped their mouths over her naked breasts, never trying to escape or force them away. She said she felt the boys slide their hand over her *** and in between her legs. When she gave up trying to stop them, the boys felt all around her ***** area. She noticed how the boys removed their **** from their pants, and for a few lucky boys, she let her hands fold around the naked ****. She kept reminding them," please, you promised, you wouldn't **** me, I'm keeping my end of the bargain, you can touch all you want." The boys answered her that they wouldn't **** her.
After about ten minutes, the group said they had to get off and began putting their ***** back into their pants. My wife pulled up the zipper of her dress and covered her exposed ****. She looked at the pair of panties and bra, and decided to just leave them and get away. As the boys walked off the subway, they thanked her and laughed. Despite many times of her telling me this tory, she always tells me that a little groping from the older men is far easier to endure than the night with teenage boys.

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