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Losing My Footjob Virginity - True Stroy

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I have had a foot fetish for as long as I can remember. In fact, I can even remember around the time my foot fetish started, but that’s a story I’ll get into another time (if I build up enough courage to do so). I’m currently in my late 20s but funny enough, my fetish for feet was pretty strong as a k** and as I grew, so did my arousal for feet. I would find myself staring at them and at times would get caught looking.

Like most people with fetishes I was somewhat shy about it and didn’t mention it to most girls. Plus the fact that I use to wear glasses didn’t help either. It wasn’t until high school, when I lost my glasses, that things started to look up. It was like a gift from God when the optometrist told me that my vision had improved, which apparently is VERY rear. Girls started looking at me different, giving me complements; saying that I looked good without my glasses. Some even mentioning that they found me to be… sexy! Sexy?? Wow!! I felt reborn! This was all new to me. Thankfully, I had my older cousins to show me the ropes, and mold my new found confidence (those guys were chick magnets). With that, my confidence for exploring my foot fetish grew. I was still a little shy about it, but I at least had the balls to try and overcome that shyness.

Which brings me to the time I started online dating, one of the best things ever invented on the internet. Some of my friends have been raving about this site, which I’ll refer to as BP (some of you may know it). I was 20 years old at the time and thought why not. Wow… what a trip!! I met a few interesting females from that site, but one of the most intriguing was this girl who I’ll refer as Nelly (as this is a true story some names will remain discreet). Nelly was sexy, pretty in the face with dark brown eyes and a bright smile. She was the same age as me. Her background was Filipino and she had a dark caramel complexion with long black hair. She was a shorty, standing at around 5’0”, so naturally she had small hands and very cute small feet, which were size 5.5 to size 6 depending on the shoes. Despite her small stature, Nelly was a pretty bold girl, and had a sexual appetite that would turn a giant timid! I guess it was the Scorpio in her.

We began exchanging messages and quickly exchanged phone numbers, holding some long conversations. At the time Nelly claimed to be “just looking for friends” as she had a black boyfriend who she would boast about quite often. Fortunate for me I was black too (nothing against other races of course) as she admitted that she had a thing for black men. Not too long after that we met up for a bit, just to see each other face to face. After that we continued phone conversations. I began to see that Nelly was very straightforward as she openly told me about the things she loved to do like sucking cock and having her hair pulled while she’s sucking, her favourite positions and she even mentioned that she’d done footjobs. Footjobs?? I lit up, and started asking lots of questions about her experiences. Well, it didn’t take her long to figure out that I had a foot fetish. But what intrigued her the most was me telling her I had never had a footjob.

With that I said, “I guess you could say that I’m a virgin to busting my load on cute toes.” And she wittily replied, “Hmm, will be careful! I might be the one to take your virginity.” Instantaneously my dick shot up in my shorts giving me such a hard-on!! She began to question and explore the depths of my fetish and I held nothing back, leaving none of her questions unanswered. She admitted that she was very turned on, “Sounds like you have such a love for feet. You might even like feet more than my man,” she said. With a sly laugh I said, “Believe me, I don’t think ANYONE has got a fetish for feet like I do.” She replied, “Well, we’ll have to see about that. Maybe even this weekend. How does Saturday evening sound?” My heart skipped as I answered, “Uhh, yeah, sure. Saturday is cool.” She said, “Good! I’ll come to your place. And umm, I think it’s best if we don’t talk till Friday just to confirm. My boyfriend has been asking how come me and him have been talking less,” and she laughed. I said, “Sure,” as I had no problem with that at all!!

So, we confirmed on Friday, and Saturday came. I was making sure to fix up the place and that everything in my room was in order. Nelly called me when she was at my door. It was fall season and she was wearing a black pair of adidas kicks, jeans and a light jacket. Underneath that she wore a thin sweater which looked SO GOOD on her. Did I mention that her breast were HUGE!! OMG!!! Double Ds, kinda rear for an Asian chick, which suited me just fine. She took off her shoes and I brought her to my room. This was the first time I was chilling with Nelly while her shoes were off.

We sat on my bed (her on my left) and talked for a while. Well, Nelly really did most of the talking. I was too busy watching her toes wiggling in her cartoon designed socks. With a laugh she asked, “Have you even heard a word I said, or are you already mesmerized by toes?” Tripping on my words, before I could answer she swung her feet into my lap, demanding for a massage. I could already feel my dick starting to grow under her planted soles. Trying to keep in control, I grabbed her right foot and asked, “How does this feel?” as I worked my thumbs into her soles. With a giggle she replied, “Umm, it’s alright, but I think it will feel better once you take my sock off.” So, I pulled off her sock and revealed some of the cutest toes I’ve ever seen. She had a bright bubble gum pink polish on her toes, which were so soft I thought that they were going to melt in my hands! And the warmth of her feet from being in those socks… my God!! At this point there was no stopping my dick from reaching full strength and fighting against her sole that was still on my lap.

Wow!” Nelly said as she dug her foot into my crotch. “What am I feeling? Is this all it takes to get you hard? My foot in your face?” She didn’t even give me a chance to reply, and asked, “Hmm, what would happen if I put my toes in your mouth?” And with that, she giggled and said, “Open up!” and shoved them in. My dick just started jumping like crazy under her still-socked-foot as I sucked on her foot; licked on her sole and forced my tongue between her tiny toes. Nelly was loving it as she wiggled her toes in my mouth saying her boyfriend needs to take lessons from me. She then pulled off her sock on her left foot, pulled her right foot out my mouth, and plugged her left set of toes in. I began to treat that foot like cake; all the while she was rubbing her wet right toes all over my face!

I was wearing jeans and my dick was SO hard that it began to hurt! Like a mind reader she says, “That cock of yours must be hurting to get outta your pants. Why don’t you let it out?” With her toes still in my mouth I quickly unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down, revealing my boxers and my dick bouncing around in them. Her eyes bugged out and, almost simultaneously, she pulled her toes out of my mouth and sat up straight! “What’s wrong?” I rhetorically asked, as I could see that she was the one now mesmerized. She leaned over, reached down into my boxers and pulled my dick out! With her small hand on my cock she says, “Wow! I never thought I would meet someone with a bigger cock than my boyfriend’s!” Now, not to boast but I’ve gotten compliments about my dick before, but for some reason at the time when she said it I felt like a KING! Haha… Anyway, I humbly said, “Thanks, I’m glad you like it.” Just as I finished saying that, she started sucking my dick!! WOW!! Can shorty suck a DICK!!! I mean, she’s a small girl with a small mouth so but she didn’t fight to stuff it there. Instead, she would get my dick all slippery and wet stroking it like crazy, licking and suck my head!! It was plain to see that she LOVED sucking cock!! I was pulling her hair telling her to SUCK it!! And the more I pulled, the more intense she got. It got to the point that I thought I was gonna cum in her mouth, so I warned her. Well, she stopped right away and started fanning my dick saying “Cool down big boy, cool down. You ain’t cumming in my mouth tonight. Nope! I’m gonna take your footjob virginity and make you bust your nuts all over my toes.” OMG!! From her saying that alone I would of came if it wasn’t for her just fanning my dick.

When Nelly felt I was calm enough, the boss lady came out. “I want you on the floor!” she said pointing to the spot in front of her. I did not hesitate. “Spread em!” she demanded as she used her toes to pushed my inner tights apart. She then stood up to get the baby oil on my dresser and sat back on the edge of my bed. She slowly poured the oil on the head of my dick, making it run down my shaft, to my balls. I quickly said, “Dang, it’s going to get onto the carpet.” She laughed and said, “Don’t worry,” and slowly rubbed her toes up my inner calves, to my inner tights. And when she got to my balls… she used her toes to sandwich them, catching the remaining oil dripping off my balls as she slowly squeezed them between her toes. At first I jumped up in fear and she quickly reacted saying, “Shh, shh, shh, shh… Relax, I won’t hurt them. Well not too much.” Giggling she began to roll my balls around in between her toes, squeezing them at the same time. As she would do this my nuts kept slipping out from underneath he toes due to the oil. I was like, OMG!!! and fell back helplessly as my testicles were at the mercy of her toes. “This is what I love about giving footjobs. I have a big black man like you weak at my feet. I love it!” saying this as she laughed. She continued on saying, “I am just gonna swirl the cum around in your balls for a while till I’m ready to make your big cock gush cum!” She was such a dirty talker!

Relentlessly Nelly rubbed, pushed and pulled on my nuts with her toes. She would rub her toes on my shaft for a bit, showing off her skills of gripping my dick between her toes, rubbing them up and down, but than she would get back to my balls. Then she switched things up. She pulled her feet off my dick and planted them on my legs. Getting leverage, she leaned forward towards me, and looking down she asked, with such a devilish grin, “So umm, are you ready? Are you ready for me to make this dick cum?” And while she asked that she gripped my dick with her right hand and rubbed her thumb around my dick head. A shiver drove through me as I shook a little. She giggled saying, “Yeah, that’s what I wanna see. I wanna see you quiver. Quiver at my feet. Because I’m gonna make you twitch once you start cumming on my toes, my little foot virgin.” WoW!!! I k** you not, I felt like I was in a porno shoot. It was so intense I began to wonder if Nelly had a hidden camera on her or something?? I mean, where did this girl come from??? I felt like the luckiest man alive!!!

Nelly leaned back and poured more oil on my dick, making it slippery. She tossed me one of my pillows saying, “You’re gonna need this.” and giggled. Then she planted her soles on top of my dick and started to slowly rub back and forth. She began to speed it up, rubbing my shaft quickly and then she slowed it down. She slid her left foot down to my balls and pressed down with my nuts under the ball of her feet and her toes. At the same time she began to rub the underside of my cock head with her toes and the ball of her right foot. She was sending me through waves of sensations as I could not stop moaning.

Knowing I couldn’t speak she would playful ask, “Does this massage feel good?” Laughing she continued on, “You don’t need to answer. I know it does. I can tell by all this precum. I know your gonna cum soon. In fact, I think its time to get that sticky icky out of you and on to my toes.” And with that, she took both of her feet and gripped my shaft with her toes. While holding my dick, she slowly slid her toes up my shaft to my dick head without loosing grip of my cock. Then, as she squeezed my dick head with her toes she softly said, “I’m gonna make you cum SO hard my foot virgin. So hard.” and started rubbing up and down on my cock head. Right at that point, I let out a loud moan and said, “Oh My God!!” and fell back on my pillow (Good thing the pillow was there or I really would of hurt my head!). Her legs were small but strong as she started speeding it up a little, gripping and stroking my dick head. Her speed was not to fast, enabling her to keep a good hold on my dick. Relentlessly she kept pumping my dick head, not paying attention to my shaft at all. I could feel her toes and the balls of her feet rubbing away, squeezing me as I laid there, embracing her technique.

As I began feel the cum getting ready to rush out I started breathing heavier and my whole body started tingling. Right away Nelly noticed saying, “Yes! I can see that about to cum huh? Your dick just got a little harder.” I panted, “Ye - yeah… I’m gonna come if yo… if you keep rubbing it!” She quickly replied, “That’s exactly what I’m gonna do. I’m not gonna stop till I make you bust that gooey hot mess on my toes. And your gonna watch as I do it. Come on, cum!! Cum on my toes! Squirt it out!!” OMG!!!! If the way she was stroking it wasn’t enough, her dirty talking was!! As Nelly toes kept mercilessly rubbing my dick head, I let out a loud moan, panting out, “Oh Goddd!! I’m… I’m gonna CUM!!” And I gushed out a HUGE wave that, as I watch, shot so far up in the air, landing on top of her right foot. As cum continued to stream out, she stopped stroking, just leaving her toes to grip my dick head. And out gushed a second wave, not as high as the first, spilling over her toes. As she wiggled the cum into her toes Nelly said, “Ahh, that’s it baby, keep cumming. Make my toes all messy. I want it all out of you.” Then, with her toes all messy and more slippery from my cum, she tightly re-firmed the grip on my dick head with her toes and began to stroke it hard and fast; faster than how she was doing it before. My eyes rolled back as I started to feel my lower stomach contract. I let out such a loud moan as I felt more cum getting ready to gush out. Nelly keep talking to me saying, “I want it all out. I want to you to shoot everything outta your balls. Give me that sticky mess!! Squirt out that cum!!” And I did just that, shooting a third wave, and a forth wave of cum on her toes. In fact, after that forth wave I lost count!! With my head back, I continued to cum as I heard her exclaiming how much I was cumming.

Finally I stop cumming and I felt so weak. It was like a ran a race or something. I looked up to see that Nelly was rubbing her toes into my mess. Smiling at me she said, “Wow!! Look at the mess you made! When’s the last time you’ve bust a nut?? I knew I would make you cum hard but not this much!” I had cum on my stomach, my lower chest, the top of her feet, her toes and some even made it to the carpet. I looked back at her and said, “Well, it’s your fault.” She laughed and replied, “Yup, it is. And it makes me SO happy to know that I took your footjob virginity. I better clean my feet off.” As she said that, she lifted her right foot to her face and started licking and sucking my cum off her toes. “Mmm, your cum tastes good!” she murmured with her toes in her mouth. Shocked I said, “Holy shit!! Be honest with me, are you an undercover porn star, or looking to become a porn star? Because the way you talk and the things that you do are so intense!” She laughed and replied saying, “No, but I do LOVE watching porn.” In my head I thought, “that explains it!” Anyway, we cleaned up and she got on her way.

I’ll say this, outta all the girls that I’ve met, Nelly was the best at footjobs. In fact, she still is as we still keep in contact. I have so many stories about our encounters, and some that top this one! I’ll be telling those stories next time. Hopefully I’ll be able to tell my other stories in a shorter time as this one is pretty long. Anyway, I hope you liked it.

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